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文献出处: Sharpley, Richard. The research on sustainable development of tourism [J]Journal o f Sustainable tourism 2013,8(01) : 9-21 原文 The research on sustainable development of tourism Sharpley, Richard Abstract Sustainable development of the ecological environment is closely related to the social and economic development. A good ecological environment is the foundation for survival of the human beings and development, and the objective environment for development of tourism. At present, development of the tourist resources in all places catches equal importance to the economic, social and environmental benefits. With the rapid economic development of our country, however, its conflict against the ecological environment gets aggravated and in some areas, the ecological environment even continues to deteriorate. For many years, tourism has been regarded as the smoke-free industry. But the negative effect upon the tourist places due to development of tourism has been an indisputable fact. Vigorous advocation of the Central Committee for building a conservation-minded society and developing the cyclic economy symbolizes that China's strategy of sustainable development has ushered in a new stage and sustainable development of the tourist places will surely become an important issue. Travel agencies (tourist team-forming agency) are tourist enterprises comparatively far from the tourist places but most closely linked in economy and information. They exert broad and profound influences directly or indirectly on the tourist places. The influences may be active, including efforts taken to organize the nation-wide ecological tourist activities to attract and guide the market environment of the source visitors, and promote the sustainable development of the tourist places. The influences may be negative, too, if the design of the short-term tourist lines or unhealthy tourist activities to attract large numbers of tourists, which can produce negative effects on the tourist places. This thesis proceeds from the day-to-day businesses of travel agencies to the probe of its active role in sustainable development of the tourist spots and means of controlling the negative influences. Keywords : tourism area, sustainable development, protection of the environment 1 Introduction Sustainable development of tourism is a global issue within the tourist circle today. The sustainable development of tourism has been proposed and accepted quickly and widely in time of the rapid

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