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武汉市部分重点高中 2013~2014 学年度上学期高二期末测试
第二部分:词汇知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:多项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. However, meeting the challenge of is not all that simple,especially to those who are addicted to sweets and snacks. A. possession B. symptom C. obesity D. prejudice 22. Keep his remarks to the and let other people have chances to present their views, which has been stressed by the president for many times. A. minimum B. appendix C. commitment D. evaluation 23. The Iranian government is accused of ______ some terror organizations in the Middle East by the United States, which can’t not produce firm evidence to prove it. A.appointing B.sponsoring C.consuming D.supplying 24. The Jade Rabbit is also ______ with special heater units, allowing it to function during the cold lunar nights when temperatures drop as low as -180° C (-292° F). A.subscribed B.equipped C.accustomed D.arranged 25.Susan sees the bar as a starting point and______ plans to run her own chain of country inns, which satisfied both his husband and parents very much. A.cautiously B.automatically C.personally D.eventually 26. It’s universally accepted that polar explorers have to be extremely______ to bear the climate and other hardships. A.awkward B.rough C.tough D.concrete 27. At the conference, the vice-secretary of the Security Council delivered a speech, promising to try their best to keep world peace ______ all the United Nations members. A. in memory of B. in place of C. in honor of D. on behalf of 28. Having ____ the disabled twins for years, the medical team had given out and had to ask the local government for help. A. adapted to B. attended to C. applied to D. appealed to 29. When thinking of the set of coming exams, the newcomer couldn’t help ____ a stressful sigh. A. letting out B. trying out C. working out D. making out 30.On the Double Eleven Day, almost all the online shoppers selected their favorite goods ____, even if some goods they bought will be forgotten in their cupboards after the crazy shopping. A. in a panic B. in a hurry C. at a loss D. at a discount 第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Childhood curiosity can last a lifetime and I learned this from my son, Bill. When he was very young, I often took him to the 31 . He loved to read and often needed to 32 the books he’d read in order to borrow more books. One unintended 33 of his nonstop reading habits was that he even 34 at the dinner table. His mother, Mary, and I did our best to 35 him that, on certain social 36 , reading while dining with others was not a good thing. Every summer the teachers at his school 37 give the students a reading list, and there was a contest to see who could read the most books. He was so 38 , and he always wanted to win. And he often 39 . But the main reason why he read so obsessively (着迷地) was that he

was so 40 . He didn’t just want to learn about 41 things. He wanted to learn about everything. We helped 42 his curiosity in every way. 43 an unfamiliar word came up in conversation, we’d turn to the 44 , looking up the word, and reading the definition aloud. Thus my son came to realize that if you have a question, the 45 exists somewhere. All you have to do is 46 it. Bill remains as much of a 47 today as when he was a child, and he seems to 48 everything he reads. He’s often 49 to share what he’s learned with the next person he meets. He 50 reads at the dinner table, though — which is a good thing because the books he’s attracted to now are increasingly unappetizing (引不起食欲的): The Eradication of Infectious Diseases, Mosquitoes, Malaria & Man, and Rats, Lice, and History. 31. A. school B. library C. office D. museum 32. A. pick B. store C. talk D. return 33. A. advantage B. explanation C. discovery D. consequence 34. A. play B. laugh C. read D. study 35. A. advise B. promise C. warn D. convince 36. A. issues B. occasions C. services D. duties 37. A. could B. should C. would D. might 38. A. sincere B. crazy C. competitive D. positive 39. A. went B. did C. failed D. proved 40. A. confident B. curious C. diligent D. excellent 41. A. simple B. past C. some D. any 42. A. develop B. protect C. examine D. follow 43. A. If B. Until C. Though D. Because 44. A. teacher B. newspaper C. dictionary D. partner 45. A. person B. answer C. book D. matter 46. A. use B. find C. tell D. ask 47. A. reader B. speaker C. maker D. user 48. A. imagine B. believe C. remember D. create 49. A. afraid B. eager C. careful D. sure 50. A. now and again B. at all time C. just now D. no longer 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题:每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每篇短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A We once had a poster competition in our fifth grade art class. “You could win prizes, ”our teacher told us as she wrote the poster information on the blackboard. She passed out sheets of construction paper while continuing, “The first prize is ten dollars. You just have to make sure that the words on the blackboard appear somewhere on your poster. ” We studied the board critically. Some of us looked with one eye and held up certain colors against the blackboard, rocking the sheets to the right or left while we conjured up our designs. Others twisted their hair around their fingers or chewed their erasers while deep in thought. We had plans for that ten-dollar grand prize, each and every one of us. I’m going to spend mine on

candies, one hopeful would announce, while another practiced looking serious, wise and rich. Everyone in the class made a poster. Some of us used parts of those fancy paper napkins, while others used nothing but colored construction paper. Some of us used big designs, and some of us preferred to gather our art tidily down in one corner of our poster and let the space draw the viewer’s attention to it. Some of us would wander past the good students’ desks and then return to our own projects with a growing sense of hopelessness. It was yet another grown-up trick of the sort they seemed especially fond of, making all of us believe we had a fair chance, and then always—always—rewarding the same old winners. I believe I drew a sailboat, but I can’t say that with any certainty. I made it. I admired it. I determined it to be the very best of all of the posters I had seen, and then I turned it in. Minutes passed. No one came along to give me the grand prize, and then someone distracted me, and I probably never would have thought about that poster again. I was still sitting at my desk, thinking, What poster? when the teacher gave me an envelope with a ten-dollar bill in it and everyone in the class applauded for me. 51. What was the teacher’s requirement for the poster? A. It must appear in time. B. It must be done in class. C. It must be done on a construction sheet. D. It must include the words on the blackboard. 52. The underlined phrase in Paragraph 3 most probably means“ ”. A. formed an idea for B. made an outline for C. made some space for D. chose some colors for 53. After seeing the good students’ designs, some students . A. loved their own designs more B. thought they had a fair chance C. put their own designs in a corner D. thought they would not win the prize 54. We can infer from the passage that the author . A. enjoyed grown-up tricks very much B. loved poster competitions very much C. felt surprised to win the competition D. became wise and rich after the competition B Sure, it’s good to get along with your teacher because it makes the time you spend in the classroom more pleasant. And yes, it’s good to get along with your teacher because, in general, it’s smart to learn how to understand the different types of people you’ll meet throughout your life. “But really, there’s one super-important reason why you should get along with your teacher. When you do, learning bursts right open,” says Evelyn Vuko, a longtime teacher who writes an education column called “Teacher Says” for the Washington Post newspaper. In fact, kids who get along with their teachers not only learn more, but they’re more comfortable asking questions and getting extra help. This makes it easier to understand new material and do your best on tests. When you have this kind of relationship with a teacher, he or she can be someone to turn to with problems, such as problems with learning or school life, such

as bullying. As a kid in a primary or middle school, you’re at a wonderful stage in your life. You’re like a sponge (海绵), able to absorb lots of new and exciting information. On top of that, you’re able to think about all this information in new ways. Your teacher knows that, in most cases, is very excited to be the person who’s giving you all that material and helping you make it. Remember, teachers are people, too, and they feel great if you’re open to what they’re teaching you. That’s why they wanted to be teachers in the first place—to teach! Some kids may be able to learn in any situation, whether they like the teacher or not. But most kids are sensitive to the way they get along with the teacher, and if things aren’t going well, they won’t learn as well and won’t enjoy being in class. 551.In the passage, the author mainly talks about _______. A. how to get along well with others B. how much the students are expected of to get along with teachers C. the importance of a good relation with teachers D. how to make the time in the classroom more pleasant 56.“Learning bursts right open” in the third paragraph really means _______. A. there’ll be more problems with learning B. you find an opening to learning C. learning becomes easier for you at once D. there’ll be no problems at all with learning 57.According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. If you get on well with your teachers, you must have a good result in exams. B. The more questions you ask, the higher marks you will get. C. Many kids can do well without a good relationship with teachers. D. If you have a good relationship with your teacher, you can turn to him when in trouble. 58.Which of the comments is FALSE on teachers and their work according to the passage? A. Teachers sometimes have the same feelings as students do. B. Teachers are excited even if you wouldn’t like to accept their teaching. C. Though few, there are still some students who can learn even if they don’t like the teacher. D. Having a bad relationship with your teachers does more or less harm to your studies. C Cooks at the Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop in west Beijing can’t make the pork and scallion baozi (buns) fast enough since Xi Jinping visited for some traditional workers’ food and ate it among the workers. The Chinese president’s visit late last month went down a treat, while web commentators were enthusiastic in their praise for Xi’s easy populism, after he left the government headquarters in nearby Zhongnanhai and ordered six steamed buns filled with pork and scallions, a bowl of stewed pig liver and a plate of green vegetables. The bill came to 21 yuan, about 2.50, and he sat and finished it at one of the restaurant tables, just like any other working Joe. While Xi is known as “President Xi” abroad, in China he is known as “Chairman Xi”, in the same way as the country’s late founding father Mao Zedong is known as “chairman Mao”. The Chinese government is keen for its leaders to have the president title abroad, as it

sounds, well, more presidential. But in Qingfeng, it’s all about the chairman. “Since Chairman Xi came here, the restaurant has had queues like this every day. We didn’t know the chairman was coming beforehand. We only recognised him when he was at the window picking up his food because he also waited in the line,” says a waitress. Xi is building up a reputation as a more approachable kind of leader, a man of the people – something people in Ireland got a taste of when they saw how he handled a hurley in Croke Park during his visit. There were rumours last year that Xi even took a taxi to ask the driver what was really going on in Beijing, although that may have been a hoax. While his predecessor Hu Jintao was seen as a theorist, Xi’s public profile is high. 59. The cooks in Qingfeng Restaurant are very busy because . A. Xi’s visit made this restaurant extreme popular among consumers. B. the restaurant is shorthanded at present. C. the foods in the restaurant have to be updated. D. the food Mr. Xi ate was specially made. 60. According to the passage, President Xi is building up a reputation of . A. toughness. B. plain work style. C. frankness. D. openness. 61. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. “President” and “chairman” are the same titles overseas. B. Xi’s arrival was arranged ahead of time. C. Chairman Mao queued in the same restaurant. D. Present Xi was good at food in Ireland during his visit. 62. What does the underlined word hoax mean in the last paragraph? A. Feature story. B. Conversation. C. Interview. D. Joke. D While many probably remember using their childhood imaginations to turn the Moon’s dark markings into a picture of a rabbit on the Moon, just recently China put a different sort of rabbit on the Moon: a lunar probe dubbed “Jade Rabbit.” Now, they have followed up by releasing pictures of the probe in action. Last weekend, China’s National Space Administration made China the first nation to make a soft landing on the Moon since 37 years ago. The Soviet Union’s probe, Luna 2, was the first on September 14, 1959, followed by the United States, who eventually caught up with and surpassed the Soviet Union by putting the first human on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, on July 20, 1969. Jade Rabbit was launched on December 1 with the mission of exploring the Moon’s surface in an attempt to locate natural resources. It will be deployed on this mission for a period of three months. The probe reportedly shut down its explorations on December 16 due to high temperatures with plans to leave it inactive until December 23, but it was started up again on December 20 in order to gain more research time. The country has aspirations of putting a human on the Moon by 2025, an area which has up until now been dominated by the United States, who last landed a man on the Moon in 1972 with astronaut Eugene Cernan. China’s recent attention to the Moon appears to have once again stirred up American

interest in space exploration. In the December issue of New Space magazine, Christopher McKay makes an argument that the U.S. should consider setting up a lunar research base, citing among his reasons the fact that it is important to maintain U.S. influence on the Moon. 63.When did the humans make a soft landing on the moon next to China’s? A. 1976. B. 1972. C. 1969. D. 1959. 64.The mission of the lunar probe will end ______? A. after 37 years exploration. B. after three months research. C. till 2025. D. till 2017. 65.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A. China will put a human on the Moon twelve years later. B. Two countries have put humans on the moon- The USA and the former USSR. C. Christopher McKay stated that the USA is interested in returning to the moon. D. The probe shut down its explorations because it is extremely hot on the moon. 66.What does the underlined word mean in the first paragraph? A. Launched. B. Named. C. Made. D. Explored. E Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, has issued smog warnings for three days since Monday because of serious air pollution. The lingering smog forced construction sites to stop work and primary and middle schools to suspend outdoor activities. From Monday through Wednesday, the city's air quality index reading remained high, with the highest reading at 323, with PM2.5, or particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns, as the main pollutant, according to the city's meteorological bureau. Any reading over 300 is considered "seriously polluted". The city experienced at least eight heavily polluted days in the first two weeks of December, with the air quality index reading reaching a high of 440, China News Service reported. Among those affected was a square dancing team in Jiang'an district, which had to stop daily practices after several members fell ill. Square dancing is a common open-air fitness practice across China, with most of the participants middle-aged or elderly women. Media reported the leader of one dancing team had to go to a hospital after she had an asthma attack on Dec 11. Identified only as Fang, 65, the dance team leader said she decided to suspend the practices after she learned her illness was caused by smog, and after several other members also fell ill, the report said. The city plans to invest 28 billion yuan ($4.61 billion) in air pollution control by 2017. The plan says the city will boost the development of clean energy vehicles for public transportation and remove all of the current 140,000 heavy-polluting vehicles from Wuhan's roads by the end of 2016. 67. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. Wuhan decided to remove most construction sites. B. Wuhan issued smog warnings for three days because of smog. C. The city is reportedly unfit for physical training. D. Outdoor exercise can decrease the influence of smog. 68. The air quality index reading of the city once reached to an extreme of ____.



B. 323

C. 440

D. 140,000 B. environmentally friendly energy D. transport network

69. The city authorities will firstly develop_____ in the future. A. green transportation C. heavy vehicles A. put off B. take off

70. “suspend” in the second paragraph from the bottom means _______ C. put up D. take up

第四部分:书面表达(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节 完成句子(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 71. There are various reasons ______________. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. (write) 人们有各种不同的写诗理由。 有些是为了叙事, 或者以给读者强烈印象的方式来描述事物。 72. I have just returned from a long bike ride to an old castle. _________________that at my age I am still feel enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon. (seem) 我刚回来,骑自行车跑了很长一段路,一直到了古城堡。令人惊奇的是,像我这样的年纪, 身体健康,而且能在一个下午骑车跑 20 公里。 73. You have to listen to detailed facts. Meanwhile you have to prepare the next question _______________ . (depend) 你得听清事实的细节。同时,你还要根据面试者所说的话准备提下一个问题。 74. __________________ from the observatory, we put them on before we went any close. (collect). 在观测站收集了一些特别的安全服后,我们穿上它们再走近火山口。 75.Under no circumstances to move to a new place far away from her workplace,because it isn’t convenient for her family and herself.(agree) 无论如何 Karen 将决不同意搬到离她工作地很远的新地方,因为这对她和她的家庭都不方 便。 76. Had David invited me,I , even if it was raining heavily then.(glad) 如果 David 邀请我,我定会欣然前往,尽管那时天下着瓢泼大雨。 77.It was not until the baby girl was fast asleep personal affairs. (have) to deal with their

只有当那个小女孩睡着以后,她的父母才有时间处理他们的个人事务。 78.In the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China got nearly gold medals as Japan. (many) 在广州亚运会,中国获得的金牌是日本的四倍。 79. was the friendliness and warmth of the local people. (impress) 给游客印象最深的是当地人的友好和热情。 80. The young guy __________________ to drugs for years managed to be admitted to Qinghua University by himself. (addict) 那个年轻人通过努力被清华大学录取了,他的父母多年来一直沉溺于吸食毒品。 第二节 短文写作(满分 30 分) 请根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。 Living an aimless life is just like walking in the darkness without a destination. Those who

achieved great success had set steady life goals when they were young or became independent. 注意: ①无须写标题, 不得照抄英语提示语;


武汉市部分重点高中 2013-2014 学年度上学期高二期末测试英语试卷答案 第一部分 听力 1-20 CBBCB, BACCA, CABBB, AAACA 第二部分:词汇知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:多项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 21—25 CABBD 26—30 CDBAD 第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1. 5 分,满分 30 分) 完形填空 31—35 BDCCD 36—40 BCCBB 41—45 CAACB 46—50 BACBD 阅读理解 51—54 DADC 55—58CCDB 59—62ABAD 63—66ABBB 67-70 BCAA 第四部分:书面表达 第一节 完成句子 71. why people write poetry/ poems 72. It seems amazing 73. depending on what the interviewee says. 74. Having collected special clothes 75. will Karen agree 76. would have been glad to go 77. that her parents had (the) time 78. four times as many 79. What impressed the tourists most 80. whose parents had been addicted 第二节 短文写作 It’s widely accepted that proper life aim is counted as a milestone in our life, which plays a significant part in the process of our growth. Here comes an authentic story of mine. Once I didn’t pass an English examination when I entered Junior Middle School. It struck me so badly that I couldn’t recover from it for a long period. The reason why I failed the exam was that I didn’t set appropriate learning aims in English. It was our English teacher who instructed me at the very moment, who taught me to set different goals for different period. Under his guidance, I did very excellent in the following examinations. Under no circumstances shall I forget the importance of setting a goal for a certain life stage. It can be safely concluded from above mentioned that setting proper goals can not only enable us to lead a meaningful life, but also enjoy a successful life.




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