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The word "marriage" should be reserved for unions of a man and a woman.gay

marriage is on biological basic law and human basic ethical challenges, so, no matter in moral, or in law, is not worth recommending and supporting. (1)The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: male belongs to the Yang, the female belong to Yin. Do you agree with? At the same time, Chinese ancient philosophy thought: Only the Yin and Yang mutual fusion, things can really harmony. Do you agree? So: homosexuality is the combination of Yang and Yang, Yin and Yin. This combination is not violated the interaction between Yin and Yang the harmonious basic principles? (2) In America and Europe,the AIDS mostly spread by homosexuality . In 1973,the investigations show that 1/2of the homosexuality have infected HIV.Undoubtedly , spread of AIDS will bring a serious consequence to community .Therefore, the homogeneity lover must be responsible for the spread of AIDS. Consequently if we are too tolerent tohomosexuality , more and more homosexual will grow up, this will do harm to a community or all of individuals. (3)Of course, if gay marriage is legalized , they can freely choose to adopt children or use surrogate means for future generations. In this way, these children ,growthing in gay family ,in their growing process , their outlook on life values and emotional view will be affected by what kind of impact? Children are innocent, it is the blossom of motherland. We understand gay, but in the gay home, can we really guarantee that their childen's body and mind is healthy? Of course, the answer is not. (4) Gay marriage is legalized exist too much potential hidden danger and can cause a lot of social problems. Gay marriage legalized will make gay population rising and these gay most are young people .After they got married wouldn't reproduce.More then,when we are old ,we can not gain offspring's maintenance.Then gay marriage also can cause social security pressures increasing. 结束:We can use other means really truly protect gay. But we must see a fact that legalized gay marriage is not suitable for national conditions 。And it also was disadvantageous to the social development 。So we said gay marriage should not be legalized.



同性恋英文辩论赛反方内容 - The word marriage should


英语辩论资料_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Should same-sex marriage be legally...反方立论:在荷兰等实行同性恋婚姻法的国家,只有 2%同性恋会等级婚姻 当今...


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反对同性婚姻的人士认为同性婚姻会冲击传统婚姻,因为同性婚姻与 同性家庭改变了...同性恋英文辩论赛反方内... 1页 1下载券 同性恋合法化辩论材料 5页 2下载...


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