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初三年英语培优材料(一) )1.When I go into stores, I always spend ________ money. A. too many B. too much C. much too )2.Jack and his friends are playing basketball ,but__________of them is playing well. A.none B.neither C.all )3.Neither Jenny nor I_____________playing computer games.We are watching Tv at home. A.is B.am C.are )4.-----Where is Mike?Do you know? -----He_________Beijing. -----How many times has he______________there? -----Twice. A.has gone to;been to B.has been to;been C.has gone to;been )5.----How long has Allen studied in No.101High school?-----________2003. A.Since B.For C.With )6.----When ___________you________the movie,Sall? ------A month ago. A.did; see B. will ;see C.have;seen )7. In the past sisteen years,Project Hope _____about 3 billion yuan. A.will raise B.raised C. has raised )8.----What did Carla talk with you,Jennie? -----She asked me________we could find out some information about that city. A. if B. that C. what )9.----It is too hot here. I can’t stand it. -------Well, let’s go________ A. somewhere B. somewhere cool C. somewhere quiet )10. If ______________litters, our world will be more beautiful. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody )11.Steve tried hard to recite all the words,________he failed at last. A.and B.but C.or )12.----What do you mean by saying that,Mr.Right? ----Sorry! I ____that again. A.haven’t said B.won’t say C.didn’t say )13.What a kind boy! He ___told me the way to the teacher,_________took me there. A.not only;but also B.either ;or C.neither;nor )14.----Mum,I _________the bus station for 20 minutes.But I can’t find Tony. -----Don’t worry!I’ll go to meet you soon. A.have got to B.arrived at C.have been at )15.What bad weather!The wind outside is blowing_________ A.strongly B.softly C.heavily


)16.---_______________is the population of Germany?------About 84 million. A.How many B.How much C.What ( )17.---I really hate to take a bus.It’s very crowed. ----__________.And there are even more people on weekends. A.So do I B.Neither do I C.So I do ( )18.________of the children in Class Two have traveled to the Great Wall before. A.Three four B.Three fourth C.Three quarters ( )19.Rita has_______the whole summer holidays learing cooking. A. taken B.spent C.paid for ( )20.The kind man donated(捐赠)two_______dollars to help the homeless people. A.million B. millions C.millions of ( )21.---I heard that the traffic in New York is terrible and everyone drives too quikly. A.get used to B.be used for C.used to ( )22.I have___this history bok for one and a half weeks. A.borrowed B.lent C.kept ( )23.----What should I do if I want to be a greener person? -----That’s easy.Please remember ______the lights when you leave a room. A.to turn off B.to turn on C.to turn down ( )24.People often use chemicals too much in their fields,so_____is difficult to stop. A.air pollution B.soil pollution C.light pollution ( )25.----Hey !Why are you shouting at me? ----I’m sorry,but you must stop________so much noise. A.make B.to make C.making.

怎样提高初中英语阅读理解能力 提高英语阅读能力,不仅要进行大量的阅读训练,还必须掌握一定的解题 技巧和方法,才能更加有效地提高解题的正确度。 解阅读理解题有两种基本方法:一种是“先文后题” ,即先看文章后看题目。 另一种是“先题后文” ,即先看题目再读文章。这两种方法各有利弊,一般应根 据各人习惯和阅读题材等因素来确定。 这两种方法的解题步骤有所不同,现分述如下: 一、 “先文后题”的解题步骤 1、快读全文,掌握大意 在解阅读理解题时,首先要快速浏览下整篇文章,特别是开头段、结尾段 以及各段落的首句,理清脉络,了解内容的基本梗概,不要把时间花在生词难 句上。 2、浏览问题,选择答案 快速浏览一遍短文后,接着就可以快速浏览短文后的理解题,并根据自己 对短文的记忆和理解对一些可以从文章中直接找到明显的答案的问题作出选 择。至于较难的一时还没有把握的问题,暂时搁下,但要记住这些问题,然后 带着这些问题重读短文。 3、带着”疑题”跳读短文,通过第一轮选择之后,还有些题没有把握,这 时就有选择性的跳读短文的有关句段,特别是一些长句、难句要做认真分析。 4、复读全文,认证答案。答题完毕时,应对照答案将整篇文章从头到尾再 看一遍。对于那些有疑点的题目,要做进一步分析和推敲,确保答案的正确性。 二、 “先题后文”验证答案。 1、读题。 当拿到一篇阅读材料后,先读材料后的测试题目。单此时读题目只能是读 其问题或题干,而不能读问题后的选项,否则不仅浪费时间,而且也无法记住 众多答案所表达的众多信息。 2、记题 在读了之后,要把这些问题记心里,并带着这些问题去阅读短文,这是要 经过反复的训练才形成的能力。 3、读文 即带着问题读短文。阅读时对短文中的出现的那些与问题有关的词句,可 以用一支铅笔在短文中做些记号,以便为下一步选择做好准备,但也要注意不 要每读到一个与问题有关的信息点就停下来去对照后面的问题,因为这样耽误 一些时间,另一方面有些问题往往要通过对短文有了全面了解才能作出结论, 而不能仅仅凭一两个信息点作出判断。 4、答题 带着问题读完短文之后,接着便是选择题的答案。 5、验证 即答题完后,根据实际问题需要对答案和阅读材料做进一步的阅读分析, 以确保答案正确。 以上两种不同的解题方法,无论用哪种方法,都必须经过严格的训练和实 践,这样才能真正掌握适合自己的解题方法。为提高解题的正确率,做题时还 必须注意以下几个方面:

1、不能草率行事:解题时不能以发现一个似乎正确的答案就草率确定,因 为阅读理解题的干扰项常常有很大的迷惑性,尤其是深层理解的题目,一时很 难确定答案,只有对备选项进行逐一分析、比较。 2、不能囫囵定案:解题时不能在尚未读文章的情况下就匆忙答题。 3、不能以点代面:不能被文章的局部、个别或次要现象所迷惑而忽视文章 的整体和中心内容。 4、不能受汉语文化习俗的影响:由于中西文化的差异、风俗习惯、语言习 惯的不同、答题时一定要从西方文化的角度来思考和分析文章内容和题目。 (A) In the future,all the earth's coal and oil will be used up. There will be no more fuel(燃料)to burn to make electricity. We can make electricity with energy from the sun,using solar panels(太阳能面板)instead. In hot and sunny countries,solar panels can make electricity all day. But in Europe there is not enough sun. The sun's light energy is stopped by clouds and bad weather. How can scientists of the future solve the problem? They may use mirrors(镜子)to make more energy from the sun. A mirror can be put into space and light from the sun will hit the mirror and come back to the earth. The mirror can be moved so that it will shine the light on a country that does not get much light. And the country will be able to make more energy. This technology will have many uses. Plants cannot grow in some countries because there is not enough light. Space mirrors will change that. This energy will never stop because the energy from the sun can be used again and again. In the future the sky will look very different. Space mirrors will be seen easily from the earth. They will look like new stars in the sky. With the help of the space mirrors, the light from the sun will fill the night sky. It will be with us 24 hours a day. 76. Solar panels are used to make electricity with energy from the . A. water B. wind C. sun 1. Scientists will use space mirrors to in the future. A. make more energy B. stop bad weather C. get fresher air 2. The space mirror can be moved to shine the light on a country that . A. is hot and sunny B. does not get enough sunlight C. has plenty of water 3. What can the mirror technology help us to do? A. To grow more plants. B. To watch stars. C. To travel around the world. 4. From the passage we know that space mirrors . A. will not be seen from the earth B. do not work at night C. can work the whole day 2009 年福建省泉州市中考英语试题



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