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Unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero-pre-reading,reading,comprehending,languagepoints课件

Q: How much do you know about Nelson Mandela?


take place in the past

1.Former President of the African National Congress (ANC) 国会,议会 2.Former President of South Africa
struggle against

3. He fought for the black people and 坐牢 was in prison for thirty years.
4.He helped the black people to get the same rights as the white people.
something one can do according to Law


Elias’ story

Reading strategies: Make a guess according to the title before reading.

What’s the connection between them?
A.Strangers B. Friends

C. Father and son
D. Teacher and student



Read fast to prove your guess and get the main idea.

1.What’s the relationship between Mandela and Elias? A.Strangers B. Friends C. Father and son D. Teacher and student

2.What is the general idea of the story? The story is about __________ . A.the poor life of black people in South Africa.
B.the life of Mandela.

C.how Mandela helped black people.
D.how Elias met Mandela.

The general idea of each para:
Para1: meet Para2: tell the trouble Para3: help get correct papers. Para4: help know about the position of black people. Para5: Elias blew up government buildings.

Fast reading
How many parts can the text be divided into? Give the general idea of each part. Part I Paragraph 1-2 The life of Elias’
before life—— he met Nelson Mandela.

Part II Paragraph 3-5 The change of Elias’ after life —— he met Nelson Mandela and what Mandela did.

Careful Reading
Part 1. (para 1-2) Decide whether they are true or false. 1. Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. 2. Nelson Mandela was a black lawyer. 3. Elias left school because the school was too far from his home. 4. Elias had to get a passbook to keep his job.

Part 2. (para 3-5) 1. What kind of unfair situation did black people in South Africa face?

vote ⑴Black people could not ______ or choose their leaders. job ⑵Black people could not get the ______ they wanted. ⑶The place where they lived were______________. the poorest areas ⑷They couldn’tgrow food there. __________
2. Why did Elias help Mandela blow up some government buildings? It would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal.

2. How did the ANC Youth League fight against the government? A. They fought against the government in a peaceful way. B. They shoot the government officials. C. They decided to answer violence with violence.

3. Why did Elias help Mandela blow up some government buildings? A.Because he liked violence. B. Because it was not dangerous. C. Because he thought it was a way to make black people and white people

D. Because he wanted to be famous.

Comprehending exercises (True or False)
1.Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he T was in trouble.
2.Elias left school because the school was too F far from his home. 3.Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job. T T

4.Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League.
5. Elias was willing to blow up government buildings.


6. Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good F way to help the black people.


Why did Elias’ life change?
A. Elias changed himself. B. Nelson Mandela helped him when he was inin danger .or have difficulties trouble C. Nelson Madela’s qualities influenced him a lot and made him realize to make black and white equal.


D. Both B and C.

Find out three sentences from the passage
that show the great qualities of Mandela . He had opened a black law firm to advise poor black people on their problems. (Helpful) He told me how to get the correct papers

so I could stay in Johannesburg. (Kind & Intelligent)

We were put in a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the Government. We chose to attack the law. We first broke the law in a way which was peaceful; when this was not allowed… only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. (Brave, Determined)

What can we learn from the text about Nelson Mandela?

bravery, persistence (坚韧不拔), kindness, determination, belief… …

A timeline of Elias’s life. 1940— Elias was born. 1946— Elias began school. 1948— Elias left school.

A timeline of Elias’s life.
1952— Elias was 12 and met Nelson Mandela. 1954— Elias was 14 and encouraged by Mandela. 1963--- Elias helped blow up some government building.

When Elias lost his job and was out of work his __________, wife was very unhappy. She knew this means he was _________ when all she wanted was a in trouble _______ peaceful life with enough money every month. She tried to _______ him not to fight the government as advise she thought it was better to ______ that in South accept Africa black people were not as important as white people. But he was willing to continue the fight and _______ help Nelson Mandela with equal rights for black people. For a ______ time she felt helpless and period lost heart but Elias encouraged her with stories of ________, how good life would be when white and black people worked and played together.

Unit 5 language points

成熟是一种明亮而不刺眼的光辉 ,一种圆润 而不逆耳的音响,一种不再需要对别人察言观 色的从容,一种终于停止向周围申诉求告的大 气 ,一种不理会哄闹的 微笑,一种洗刷了偏 激的淡漠,一种无需声张的厚实,一种能够看得 很远却又并不陡峭的高度。

1. quality n. 质量

(不可数n.) 品质;特性(可数n.) quantity 数量 a large /small quantity of large /great quantities of 1).Quality is more important than quantity. 2).products of good /poor quality

3).She shows qualities of leadership.

2. mean adj 吝啬的 vt. 意味着,意思是 (mean to do sth 打算做某事 mean doing sth ) 意味着 means n. 方法 eg.A car is a means of transportation.

He is mean to everyone.be mean to sb 对某人吝啬 It is mean of you to tease her. It is mean of sb to do sth 某人做---真卑鄙 He is mean about money.be mean with/over/about sth 对---很吝啬

3. active be active in take an active part in

在----方面很积极 积极参加----

generous adj 慷慨的 大方的

Your uncle is very generous to buy that car for you. He is generous with his money.

4.vt. devote...to...


He devoted his life to promoting world peace. devoted adj be devoted to 忠实的,深爱的 对---忠实,对---深爱

eg. a devoted friend She is devoted to her husband.

介词的to (后接动词ing) devote to look forward to doing stick to pay attention to

5.found v. founded founded 建立

1).The PRC was founded in 1949.
2).be founded on/upon

eg.The story is founded on/upon facts.建立在---基

6. be out of work


= lose one’s job = be unemployed

out of breath out of petrol out of use out of order out of control out of danger out of sight

上气不接下气 汽油用完了 没用了 出故障了 失控了 脱离危险了 看不见了

out of fashion


out of date


The little boy ran out of the room.
He took my books out of my schoolbag. ②

7. hopeful adj


be/feel/hopeful about/of --对---抱有希望 Are you hopeful about your future? We should feel hopeful of our success. We are hopeful that our dream will come true.

8. vote on 投票表决 vote for/against 投票支持/反对
vote to do sth 投票决定做某事
Let’s vote on it. It’s certain that I will vote for it. He has right to vote against it. We’ll vote to decide whether to carry out the plan.

9. attack

v.The enemy attacked us at night.
n. The death of the actor is due to a heart attack.


10.as a matter of fact in fact


He pretends to understand, but as a matter of fact he doesn’t. In fact, we knew each other, but we didn’t contact with each other for many years.

11.blow up


A balloon expands when it is blown up.

The government buildings were blown up. 炸毁




be equal to


Tom is equal to John in height.


be in trouble 有麻烦,处于不幸中
get into trouble 陷入困境

He has got into /is in trouble. We must help him. 补充: make trouble 制造麻烦 have trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难 take trouble to do sth. 费心做某事

It’s unkind to laugh at a person who is in trouble.






意志, 意志力 , 意愿

Where there is a will, there is a way.

be willing to do sth


I’m very willing to vote for the plan.

15. turn to


You can turn to the people’s police for help, no matter what kind of trouble you are in.
I have turned to all the well-known reference books for help, but so far without success.

1. He was one of the national __________(英雄). 2. Do you know he is ___(不愿意) to leave? 3. In his ___________(青年时代) he loved football very much. 4. He was put in _____________(监狱) for his stealing the jewels. 5. Q________ is more important than quantity. 6. The People’s R________ of China was founded in 1949. 7. Don’t stop. Let’s c____________ with our work. 8. Everyone is e___________ before law.

Thank you


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