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《课时讲练通》2017-2018学年高中英语人教版必修一学案设计:Unit 4 Earthquakes4.1 Word版含答案

Unit 4 Period 1 Earthquakes 新知预习课 识记词汇 1.Match the words and phrases. A.words (词汇连线) 1)burst 2)event 3)suffering 4)extreme 5)electricity 6)disaster 7)shelter 8)title 9)damage 10)congratulation 1)n.灾难 2)n.掩蔽;掩蔽处 3)n.标题;资格 4)n.电 5)n.事件;大事 6)adj.极度的 7)n.苦难;痛苦 8)n.祝贺;(复数)贺词 9)n./vi 爆裂;爆发 10)n./vt.损失;伤害 B.phrases(短语连线) 1)立刻;马上 2)不重视 3)严重受损;破败不堪 4)结束;终结 5)掘出;发现 1)in ruins 2)dig out 3)right away 4)think little of 5)at an end 2.根据释义写出单词 1) to prevent sb.from escaping from a dangerous place 2) put sth.under the earth 3) help to get someone out of danger 4) a thin metal piece that carries water 5) a deep place to store water to drink 6) hurt 7) people who remain alive 8) a very long water way for boats 9) get ready 10) make sb.surprised 精讲词汇 1.burst v. 爆裂;闯入;爆炸 n.突发,爆发 【完成句子】 1)I almost burst out when I saw what she was wearing.当我看到她的装束时几乎 要笑出来。 2)I almost burst into when I saw what she was wearing.当我看到她的装束时几乎 要笑出来。 3)My wife tears when she heard the bad news.听到这个消息后,我妻子放声痛哭 起来。 4)The crowd cheering.人们欢呼起来。 burst into sth.(tears/laughter) burst out doing (crying/laughing) 2.as if 仿佛,好像 【填空】 1)It seems (好像)our team is going to win. 2)She looks as if she (be)ten years younger. 3)He talked about Rome as if he (be)there before. 4)It looks as if it (may)snow tomorrow. as if 从句后常用 : (1)从句表示与现在事实相反,谓语动词用 。 (2)从句表示与过去事实相反,谓语动词用 。 (3)从句表示与将来事实可能相反,谓语动词用 。 3.ruin vt.毁坏,破坏 n.毁坏,破坏(复数)废墟,遗址 【完成句子】 1)The big flood not only the crops,but also left the whole town in .洪水不 仅毁了庄稼,还把整个镇子变成了一片废墟。 2

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