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2017届 人教版 必修1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero单元测试 (1)


Unit 5

Nelson Mandela—a modern

Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.It is________(legal) to read people's private letters without permission. 2.I remembered the beatings and the________(cruel)of the guards and my friends who had died. 3.This is the first time we________(see)a film in the cinema together as a family. 4.He thought of a very good way to stop the car from________(steal). 5.All the people were deeply moved by his________(self)spirit. 6.It is wrong to see________(violent) as the only way to solve problems. 7.He________(devote) to the work of helping those who suffer from accidents and earthquakes. 8.The baby looks so________(peace) when he's sleeping. 9.Though he has met with many difficulties over the past two years,he is still________(hope). 10.If a teacher doesn't treat all his students equally,it is________(fair). 答案:1.illegal 2.cruelty 3.have seen 4.being stolen 5.selfless 6.violence 7.is devoted 8.peaceful 9.hopeful 10.unfair Ⅱ.完成句子 1.Now that we can't agree with each other, we'll have to____________________(投票表决). 2.Having got involved in a theft,he____________________(被判处五年徒刑). 3.We are sure that no one but him____________________(能胜任)taking up the job. 4.You should not always____________________(查词典)when you meet new words in reading. 5.Jane is unhappy now,for she____________________(已经失业)for two weeks. 6.Only when he told me____________________(我才知道真相). 7.If you keep on driving like that,you____________________(将会惹麻烦的). 8.We were deeply moved____________________(第一次看到这幅画时). 答案:1.vote on it 2.was sentenced to five years in prison 3.is equal to 4.turn to the dictionary 5.has been out of work 6.did I know the truth 7.are going to get into trouble 8.the first time we saw the picture Ⅲ.阅读理解

(2014· 山东卷) Elizabeth Freeman was born about 1742 to African American parents who were slaves.At the age of six months she was acquired,along with her sister,by John Ashley,a wealthy Massachusetts slaveholder.She became known as“Mumbet”or“Mum Bett”. For nearly 30 years Mumbet served the Ashley family.One day,Ashley's wife tried to strike Mumbet's sister with a spade.Mumbet protected her sister and took the blow instead.Furious,she left the house and refused to come back When the Ashleys tried to make her return,Mumbet consulted a lawyer,Theodore Sedgewick.With his help,Mumbet sued (起诉) for her freedom. While serving the Ashleys,Mumbet had listened to many discussions of the new Massachusetts constitution.If the constitution said that all people were free and equal,then she thought it should apply to her.Eventually,Mumbet won her freedom—the first slave in Massachusetts to do so under the new constitution. Strangely enough, after the trial, the Ashleys asked Mumbet to come back and work for them as a paid employee.She declined and instead went to work for Sedgewick.Mumbet died in 1829, but her legacy lived on in her many descendants (后裔).One of her greatgrandchildren was W. E.B. Du Bois, one of the founders of the NAACP, and an important writer and spokesperson for African American civil rights. Mumbet's tombstone still stands in the Massachusetts cemetery where she was buried.It reads,in part:“She was born a slave and remained a slave for nearly thirty years.She could neither read nor write,yet in her own sphere she had no superior or equal.” 语篇导读:一个生而为奴,将近 30 年为奴的人,在新宪法的框架下获得自由。 1.What do we know about Mumbet according to Paragraph 1? A.She was born a slave. B.She was a slaveholder. C.She had a famous sister. D.She was born into a rich family. 答案: A 解析: 考查推理判断。 从第一段中的“Elizabeth Freeman was born about 1742 to African American parents who were slaves”可推知她出生时就是奴隶。 2.Why did Mumbet run away from the Ashleys? A.She found an employer. B.She wanted to be a lawyer. C.She was hit and got angry. D.She had to take care of her sister. 答案:C 解析:考查细节理解。从第二段中的“Mumbet protected her sister and took the

blow instead.Furious, she left the house and refused to come back”可知, Mumbet 为保护妹妹, 代妹受罚。她狂怒地离开了 Ashley 的房子,并拒绝回去。 3.What did Mumbet learn from discussions about the new constitution? A.She should always obey her owners' orders. B.She should be as free and equal as whites. C.How to be a good servant. D.How to apply for a job. 答案: B 解析: 考查推理判断。 从第三段中的“If the constitution said that all people were free and equal, then she thought it should apply to her”可以推知, 她认为自己应和白人一样自 由、平等。 4.What did Mumbet do after the trial? A.She chose to work for a lawyer. B.She founded the NAACP. C.She continued to serve the Ashleys. D.She went to live with her grandchildren. 答案:A 解析:考查细节理解。从第四段中的第二句“She declined and instead went to work for Sedgewick”可知,她选择为一个律师工作。 5.What is the text mainly about? A.A story of a famous writer and spokesperson. B.The friendship between a lawyer and a slave. C.The life of a brave African American woman. D.A trial that shocked the whole world. 答案:C 解析:考查主旨大意。整篇文章主要讲述了关于女奴 Elizabeth Freeman 勇敢 争取获得自由的故事。 Ⅳ.完形填空 (2014· 江苏卷) Dale Carnegie rose from the unknown of a Missouri farm to international fame because he found a way to fill a universal human need. It was a need that he first__1__back in 1906 when young Dale was a junior at State Teachers College in Warrensburg.To get an__2__,he was struggling against many difficulties.His family was poor.His Dad couldn't afford the__3__at college,so Dale had to ride horseback 12 miles to attend classes.Study had to be done__4__his farmwork routines.He withdrew from many school activities__5__he didn't have the time or the__6__.He had only one good suit.He tried__7__the football team,but the coach turned him down for being too__8__.During this period Dale was slowly__9__an inferiority complex (自卑感),which his mother knew could__10__him from

achieving his real potential.She__11__that Dale join the debating team,believing that__12__in speaking could give him the confidence and recognition that he needed. Dale took his mother's advice, tried desperately and after several attempts__13__made it.This proved to be a __14__point in his life.Speaking before groups did help him gain the__15__he needed.By the time Dale was a senior,he had won every top honor in__16__.Now other students were coming to him for coaching and they,__17__,were winning contests. Out of this early struggle to__18__his feelings of inferiority,Dale came to understand that the ability to__19__an idea to an audience builds a person's confidence.And, __20__it, Dale knew he could do anything he wanted to do—and so could others. 语篇导读:本文是一篇人物传记类的记叙文。全文记述了戴尔· 卡耐基穷苦的成长历程。 戴尔年轻时因为家里穷不得不每天往返 12 英里去上课。他听从母亲的建议,学习演讲,赢 得比赛,获得自信,最终获得成功。这个故事告诉我们,只要找准方向并为之努力谁都可以 获得成功。总体来说,本篇文章的知识点和选项分布科学、合理,着重考查了考生理解上下 文和综合运用词汇的能力。选项设置以实词为主,虚词为辅,突出了词汇的语境化,并注重 对语篇词的考查。 1.A.admitted C.supplied B.filled D.recognized

答案:D 解析:联系第二段最后一句中的 recognition that he needed(他需要的认可)以 及第一段中的 a universal human need(普遍的人类需求)可知,此处要表达的是“戴尔第一次 意识到的自己的需求??”。因此 recognize(识别,认出)符合语境。admit 承认;fill 满足; supply 提供。 2.A.assignment C.advantage B.education D.instruction

答案: B 解析: 联系 3 空后的关键词 college(大学)以及 had to ride horseback 12 miles to attend classes(不得不骑马往返 12 英里去上课)可知,卡耐基为了接受教育(education),经历 了很多困难。因此 B 项正确。assignment 任务;advantage 优势;instruction 指示,用法说明。 3.A.training C.teaching B.board D.equipment

答案:B 解析:先看四个选项的词义:training 训练,培训;board 膳食, 伙食;teaching 教学; equipment 设备, 装置。 由 His family was poor.(他的家庭贫困。 ), 同时联系上文的“against many difficulties”和“had to ride horseback 12 miles to attend classes”并结合选项意思可知,戴 尔克服困难骑马去上课,是因为父亲承担不起学校里的食宿费(board),故 B 项符合语境。 4.A.between C.over B.during D.through

答案: A 解析: 联系后文他做农活(his farmwork routines)和没时间(didn't have the time) 可知,(他的)学习应该是在农活间隙中进行。A 项 between 表示“在??之间”,符合语境。 其他三项,during 与 over 表示“在??期间”,through 表示“在??期间,自始至终”, 都不准确。 5.A.while C.because B.when D.though

答案: C 解析: 由 withdrew from many school activities(退出了许多学校活动)和 he didn't have the time or the________(他没有时间或者没有________)可知本句前后是因果关系,因此 这里应用 because(因为)作连接词。 6.A.permits C.talent B.interest D.clothes

答案:D 解析:联系后文我们知道,卡耐基只有一身好衣服(had only one good suit), 因此,他退出许多学校活动是因为他没有时间和衣服(clothes)。 7.A.on C.in B.for D.with

答案: B 解析: 此处表达他争取(try for)参加足球队, 但因为其自身原因被教练拒绝了。 8.A.light C.optimistic B.flexible D.outgoing

答案:A 解析:结合前文 the coach turned him down(教练拒绝了他)可知,其原因应该 是负面的, 四个选项中只有 A 项可表达负面的意思。 B 项 flexible(灵活的), C 项 optimistic(乐 观的),D 项 outgoing(外向的),均不符合语境。因为前文提到 His family was poor.,那么, 他因为家贫、生活艰苦,所以长得比较瘦弱,也符合常理。 9.A.gaining C.developing B.achieving D.obtaining

答案: C 解析: 结合上文提到的几个事件“不参加学校活动、 被足球教练拒绝”可知, 戴尔慢慢地产生(slowly developing)了自卑感。 10.A.prevent C.save B.protect D.free

答案:A 解析:prevent 阻止;protect 保护;save 拯救;free 释放,使摆脱。结合句意 “他母亲知道自卑感会________他发挥出真正的潜能”可知,A 项 prevent 正确。 11.A.suggested C.required B.demanded D.insisted

答案:A 解析:联系第三段中的 Dale took his mother's advice(戴尔接受了母亲的建议) 可知,此处要表达的是“母亲建议(suggest)他??”。

12.A.presence C.patience

B.practice D.potential

答案:B 解析:联系下文可知,戴尔获得每项最高荣誉(won every top honor)是自己反 复练习(practice)的结果。presence 出席;patience 耐心;potential 可能性,此三项都不符合语 境。 13.A.hopefully C.finally B.certainly D.naturally

答案: C 解析: 联系前文他非常努力并经过几次尝试后(tried desperately and after several attempts)及后文的成功(made it),再根据时间上的逻辑关系可知,他最终(finally)成功了,故 选择 C 项。 14.A.key C.basic B.breaking D.turning

答案:D 解析:联系第二段内容,戴尔产生了自卑感以及第三段的最终他成功了,我 们知道这里表达:这后来证明是他人生的转折点(turning point)。 15.A.progress C.competence B.experience D.confidence

答案:D 解析:由第二段中的 speaking could give him the confidence(演说可以给他信 心)可知,此处表达的是他获得了他需要的信心(confidence)。 16.A.horseriding C.speech B.football D.farming

答案:C 解析:联系前文在大庭广众下演说(Speaking before groups)可知,此处应表示 在演讲(speech)中获得荣誉。 17.A.in return C.in turn B.in brief D.in fact

答案:C 解析:联系前文他帮助其他同学辅导可知,辅导之后他们也赢得了比赛 (winning contests)。A 项 in return 作为报答;B 项 in brief 简而言之;C 项 in turn 相应地;D 项 in fact 事实上。根据上下文语境可知 C 项最合适。 18.A.convey C.understand B.overcome D.build

答案:B 解析:convey 表达,传递;overcome 克服;understand 理解;build 建立。句 意为“由于他早期在________自卑感(feelings of inferiority)方面做出了极大努力??”。由 于文中已提到“他最终成功了”,其原因当然是克服了自卑感,所以此处 B 项正确。 19.A.express C.contribute B.stress D.repeat

答案:A 解析:联系后文观点(an idea)及前面戴尔演讲我们可以知道,这里是指表达 (express)观点的能力。stress 强调;contribute 有助于;repeat 重述,均不符合语境。 20.A.besides C.like B.beyond D.with

答案:D 解析:由上文可知 it 指代 confidence(信心)。拥有信心(with it),戴尔知道他 可以做任何他想做的事?? Ⅴ.语法填空 (2015· 吉林二模) Susan:I'm so glad to see you,David.__1__has been such a long time.How are you? David:I'm fine,and you? Susan:I'm just wonderful.God,time goes by so quickly!Are you going to the air quality conference in Chicago? David:I am.And I'm really glad to see you.Just last night I found your name in the conference materials,but it didn't come to my__2__that we would meet on the plane. Susan:I'm afraid I haven't had time to look at__3__conference materials very carefully.I had no idea you were coming,but I am certainly glad to see you.I was feeling very nervous about going there__4__friends. David:I can imagine.My English has gotten not so fluent since I returned from the United States,__5__I'm rather nervous myself.But I saw that you__6__(give) the most important talk at the conference. Susan:__7__ (frank) speaking,I'm scared to death about it. David:I'm just giving a talk in one of the workshop sections,and I hope I won't make all of you__8__(disappoint). Susan:But your English is much__9__(good) than mine. David:But you're now the Director of the Air Quality Institute,so you__10__know the technical terms. Susan:Maybe.But I still can't understand totally a lot of technical terms in my field. 语篇导读:Susan 与 David 在飞机上相遇,他们要去芝加哥开空气质量会,二人对于会 议上的讲话十分忐忑,彼此交流了内心的紧张情绪。 1.答案:It 解析:考查代词。it 可以指代时间、距离、价值等。在本句中,it 指代时间。 2.答案:mind 解析:考查名词。come to one's mind 表示“某人想起”。后半句句意:

但是我没想到我们会在飞机上相遇。由句意可知,应填 mind。 3.答案: the 解析: 考查冠词。 定冠词 the 用来指代上文提到的事物, conference materials 在上文已出现,故用 the 修饰。

4.答案:without 解析:考查介词。在没有朋友的情况下才会紧张,故用 without。 5.答案:so/therefore/thus 解析:考查连词。“英语不流利”与“紧张”之间为因果关 系,故用 so/therefore/thus。 6.答案:would give/were giving 解析:考查时态。根据上文内容提示,Susan 还未出席 会议,由此推断“在会议上讲话”发生在将来。且由宾语从句前的 saw 判断,谓语动词应 使用过去将来时。 7.答案:Frankly 解析:考查固定搭配。frankly speaking 表示“坦白地说”。 8.答案:disappointed 解析:考查形容词。空处在句中做宾语补足语,应用 “disappointed(沮丧的,失望的)”来修饰宾语“all of you”。 9.答案:better 解析:考查形容词比较级。根据修饰比较级的 much 与 than 提示,可知 应填 better。 10.答案:must 解析:考查情态动词。must 表示肯定推测。“但你现在是空气质量局 的主任,那么你一定了解相关的专业术语。”由句意可知,应填 must。 Ⅵ.短文改错 (2015· 山西高三上学期诊断考试) My school life is very interesting but meaningful.I usually get up at a quarter past six.After I wash his face,I read English for about half an hour.I think what it is a good habit.I always go to school by bike,to eat lunch at school and have a short sleep on the classroom.In the afternoon school is over at 5 o'clock.After school,I often play basketball or do some other sport on the playground happy.I went home at about five forty.Have had supper,I watch TV for while,and then I do my homework.I go to bed at about 9:30. 答案:My school life is very interesting but meaningful.I usually get up at a quarter past and six.After I wash his face,I read English for about half an hour.I think what what it is a good my that habit.I always go to school by bike,to eat lunch at school and have a short sleep on the in classroom.In the afternoon school is over at 5 o'clock.After school,I often play basketball or do some other sport on the playground happy .I went home at about five forty. Have had sports happily go Having supper,I watch TV for ∧ while,and then I do my homework.I go to bed at about 9:30. a


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