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高中英语 Unit 1 Cultural relics Period Four课时作业 新人教版必修2

Unit 1 Cultural relics Period Four


Four Grammar & Writing

Ⅰ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选 项。 Harsh truths that help you grow You can’t always be in control of everything.__1__ But if you want to continue to grow, there are times when you need to give up your control on everything and let things unfold how they’re meant to be.You can still strive for greatness, but put the work in and then let go with complete faith that the universe will make things right for you. You can’t accomplish great things without taking great risks.If you don’t take risks you will have a lot harder time accomplishing what you want in life.__2__ They’re the ones who are willing to put everything on the line and fail for something they believe in.And they treat each failure as an opportunity to grow and get better. __3__There’s someone in your life you care about deeply who is holding you back.That’s not to say you should give up on the people you love.However, there comes a time when you need to make the tough decision to say no to people who aren’t helping you grow. Death is a part of life.__4__ However, there’s something you can do to make losing someone you love a lot less painful: make them a part of your life right now.Don’t put off making that phone call or paying a random visit to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while.Treat every moment with your loved ones as if it’s your last, and you won’t have any regrets. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.__5__ There’s a randomness to how the world works that’s really hard to understand.We see evidence of this every day, and it can really make you question the future of mankind.How you choose to view the world is up to you.Just remember, the truth, however harsh, will set you free.


A.Letting go is hard. B.The first step is always the hardest. C.Not everyone will support you along the way. D.Suffering is part of life but makes us stronger. E.Nothing can prepare us for the pain of losing a loved one. F.People who truly change the world are the biggest risk takers. G.You may be better off without some of the people you currently care about. 答案 1.A [空格后面的句子开头用 But 连接,说明前后两个句子意思相反。根据 But 所在 句子的意思“但如果你想继续成长,有时候你需要放弃对某些事的掌控,让一切顺其自 然。”可知,空格处所填句子的意思应该是“放手不是件容易的事。”故选 A。] 2.F [本段标题意为“不冒风险你就不会实现伟大的事情”。选项 F 意为“那些真正改变世 界的人都是最大的冒险家。”与标题内容相符合。故选 F。] 3.G [本段意思为“有可能你生命中某个你特别在乎的人阻碍了你前进。这不是说你要放弃 那些你爱的人。可是有时候你需要作出艰难的决定,对那些不能帮助你成长的人说不” 。 根据本段意思可知,本段标题应为“没有了你眼下在乎的某些人,你的生活也许更美好。 ” 故选 G。] 4.E [本段标题为“死亡是人生的一部分”。选项 E 意为“面对失去所爱之人的痛苦,我们 总是无所适从。”符合标题内容。故选 E。] 5.D [本段标题为“有时候好人也会遇到坏事”。选项 D 意为“磨难是人生的一部分,它会 让我们更强大。”与标题内容相符合。故选 D。] Ⅱ.阅读理解 Seward, lies on Alaska’s beautiful Kenai Peninsula, is a coastal town full of activities for children.The natural history and wildlife of the area provide opportunities for kids to learn as they enjoy the many wonders of this part of the world. Kenai Fjords National Park Seward serves as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.Boat trips from the Seward small boat harbor daily.Various companies offer half-day and full-day trips to view wildlife, including a variety of sea animals and birds. Choose a boat tour that offers kids a chance to see the wildlife of Resurrection

Bay. Fishing Sport fishing in Seward is an exciting year-round activity for all ages.Even those who choose not to hit the water can enjoy Seward’s beauty.Walking around the harbor and watching the boats pull up with their catches can be loads of fun.And it’s free! Alaska SeaLife Center To get an up close and personal view of local sea life, check out the Alaska Sea Life Center.The center offers exhibits showing the various wildlife of the Gulf of Alaska, including Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, deep sea fish, Alaskan king crab, and event the Giant Pacific Octopus.The Alaska SeaLife Center is open daily, year -round, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Into the Woods For kids who enjoy the great outdoors, plan a visit to a Chugach National Forest or Caines Head State Recreation Area.Take a hike and even bring a picnic on one of the many trails each of these areas has to offer.Trail rides are another great way to get off the beaten path and view the wildlife for which Alaska is so famous. 【语篇解读】 美国阿拉斯加美丽的基奈半岛上的海滨小城苏厄德是孩子们向往的地方。那

儿有许多让孩子流连忘返的各项活动。 1.Visitors can go to Kenai Fjords National Park ________. A.by water C.on foot 答案 A B.by bus D.by air

[细节理解题。根据 Kenai Fjords National Park 标题下的 Boat trips from the

Seward small boat harbor daily.可知,游客应该乘船去 Kenai Fjords National Park。] 2. You can go to Alaska SeaLife Center for a visit on the following days EXCEPT ________. A.April Fool’s Day C.Mother’s Day 答案 D B.New Year’s Day D.Thanksgiving Day

[细节理解题。 根据 Alaska SeaLife Center 标题下的 The Alaska SeaLife Center

is open daily, year-round, except Thanksgiving and Christmas.可知答案。] 3.The best place for picnic in Seward is ________.

A.Fishing B.Into the Woods C.Alaska SeaLife Center D.Kenai Fjords National Park 答案 B [细节理解题。根据 Into the Woods 标题下的 Take a hike and even bring a

picnic on one of the many trails each of these areas has to offer.可知,在 Into the Woods 游客可以进行野餐。] 4.We know from the passage that ________. A.you don’t have to pay for visiting Kenai Fjords National Park B.the only way you take to visit Into the Woods is on foot C.you can visit some exhibits of wildlife in Alaska SeaLife Center D.Kenai Fjords National Park is far from Seward 答案 C [ 推理判断题。根据 Alaska SeaLife Center 标题下的 The center offers

exhibits showing the various wildlife of the Gulf of Alaska 可知在 Alaska SeaLife Center 游客可以看到一些展览。] Ⅲ.完形填空 Normally in a parent-child relationship, the responsibility for care falls on the parent.But when__1__ circumstances( 情 况 ) strike, the roles can quickly be__2__.This was the case for Dan Steinberg, who was along with sister, Molly. When Peg Steinberg was 36, she was__3__ with breast cancer.Ten and a half years__4__, it had reappeared in her skin, but she__5__ to get through it. “Two years ago, I was examined with cancer,” Peg says.“But I now feel__6__ good, and so far, the cancer is not there.” She remembers a time when Dan and his sister, Molly, went to the__7__ when she first had her__8__.Dan and Molly crawled in bed with her, saying, “Mom, we were young before and you wanted to__9__ us, but now we’re here for you.We’re__10__and we want to know what you’re feeling so we can help you,” Peg recalls.“And that was very__11__.” “You’re still my mother, Molly’s mother.” Dan says.“I guess what’s been hard for me is just__12__ up to the fact, I know I have to say__13__ to you and I

hope that’s not soon.” Peg says that if there was anything she could change__14__ her illness, it would be to have been able to give Dan more__15__ things in life, so that he would not have had the__16__ of losing his mother. Dan says, “I love you and you have always been a role__17__ of how I should attack life, how I should__18__ life.” “I’m very__19__ that you feel that way, and I can’t__20__ having been through any of this without all of you,” Peg says. 1.A.lucky C.touching 答案 B 2.A.acted C.moved 答案 D B.unfortunate D.exciting

[根据后面内容的叙述可知,当不幸的情况发生时,原来的角色会改变。] B.exchanged D.changed [角色发生快速的改变。exchange“交换”,不符合句子意思。] B.invented D.informed

3.A.discovered C.disagreed 答案 A 4.A.late 答案 B

[Peg Steinberg 被发现患有癌症。] B.later C.lately D.latter

[一段时间后面接 later,表示多少时间以后。] B.succeeded D.managed

5.A.attempted C.pretended 答案 D

[根据 to get through it 和下面的内容可知,她的病好了,是指她通过努力做

成了某事。attempt to do“企图做……”;succeed 后面应用 in doing;pretend to do“假 装做……”。] 6.A.pretty 答案 A 7.A.school 答案 C B.rather C.even D.ever

[pretty(=quite)表示“非常”。rather 修饰一些表示“不好”的形容词。] B.house C.hospital D.company

[根据后面的动手术可知,他们是去了医院。] B.chance D.advice

8.A.operation C.willingness

答案 A

[在医院里做第一次手术。] B.affect D.persuade

9.A.prevent C.protect 答案 C

[以前孩子们小,需要母亲的保护。] B.adults D.doctors

10.A.students C.strangers 答案 B

[此处用 adults 与前面的 young 作对比。说明他们已经是“大人”了。] B.terrible D.impossible

11.A.powerful C.interesting 答案 A

[孩子说的话让母亲很感动,她认为这些话给了她战胜疾病的力量。] B.staying D.standing

12.A.looking C.facing 答案 C 13.A.no 答案 C

[对孩子们来说很难“面对”他们的妈妈要死去的事实。] B.yes C.goodbye D.hello

[孩子们认为妈妈要死去,所以只得对妈妈说再见了。] B.in spite of D.in need of

14.A.in terms of C.in case of 答案 A

[in terms of=considering“考虑到”。in spite of“尽管;虽然”;in case

of“以防”;in need of“需要”。] 15.A.necessary C.astonishing 答案 D 16.A.fear C.requirement 答案 A [面对母亲的死,孩子是害怕的。] B.model D.customer B.important D.positive

[给孩子一些更积极向上的东西,让他们摆脱对母亲死亡的恐惧。] B.attention D.cure

17.A.actress C.waitress 答案 B 18.A.form C.purchase [孩子将母亲作为自己的榜样。]

B.educate D.live

答案 D 19.A.happy

[how I live life“我该怎样生活”。] B.sad D.frightened

C.disappointed 答案 A 20.A.stand 答案 B [母亲对孩子有这样的认识应该感到“高兴”。] B.imagine C.bear



Ⅳ.应用文写作 假如你是某班班长李华,你班决定在周末组织一次环境保护活动。请根据以下内容用英 语口头通知全班同学有关这次活动的有关事宜。 1.明天早上 7 点在学校大门口集合,步行去公园; 2.女同学立宣传标牌,告诉游人爱护花木; 3.男同学清理卫生,发放宣传单; 4.活动持续一天,自带午餐。 注意:1.词数 80 左右; 2.参考词汇:宣传单:leaflet

【参考范文】 Boys and girls, Attention, please! I have an announcement to make. Tomorrow morning we’re going to the park to carry out an environmental protection activity.All the students are required to gather at the school gate at 7:00 a.m. and then go to the park on foot. In the park, girls are going to set up some boards, which are used to warn the visitors to take care of flowers and trees and keep off the green grass.Boys will pick up the rubbish and hand out the leaflets which tell the visitors the importance of protecting the environment. The activity will last a whole day.Please take your lunch with you.

Thank you.




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