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新综合英语B2习题集 答案

One sunny Sunday in Chicago, 。。。 1. When did these classmates join in their high school reunion? B) On Friday. 2. Which is true about Nathan’s family’s business? D) It is one of the oldest businesses in the local area. 3. Who was once thought to be afraid of nothing? C) Carlos. 4. “A big change” in Paragraph 5 means ________, according to the passage. A) a chance to develop 5. What can you infer from the last paragraph? A) The next paragraphs are to tell what the story is. “You’re trying to control my life,” A6. The author’s way of treating her son ________.A) is shared by many parents C7. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.C) today’s children enjoy more freedom than the previous generation B8. According to the passage, to have “discipline” means that parents should ________.B) teach their children to understand the rules D9. If Ronda Radice is the parent who has “bucked the trend”, which of the following can also be cited as the example for “bucking the trend”? D) Parents maintain authority over their children. B10. The main point of the passage is to ________.B) analyze the problems faced by today’s parents 1. 当主席宣读获奖者的名单时,她感到心 当主席宣读获奖者的名单时, 跳得厉害。 跳得厉害。 1. While the chairman was announcing the names of the winners, she felt her heart beating fast. 2. 校长在上周举行的会议上做了关于网络 校长在上周举行的会议上做了关于网络 教育的重要报告。 教育的重要报告。 2. The president made/gave/delivered an important report on online education at the meeting held last week.

3. 听到这个消息 他们立即出发去火车站。 听到这个消息,他们立即出发去火车站 他们立即出发去火车站。 3. Having heard the news, they left for the railway station immediately. 4. 经理对项目小组 上交的年度报告很满 意。 4. The manager was very satisfied with the yearly/annual report submitted/handed in by the project team.. 5. 在这样的天气里,我宁愿乘飞机去杭州, 在这样的天气里,我宁愿乘飞机去杭州, 而不是坐火车。 而不是坐火车。 5. In this kind of weather, I would rather go to Hangzhou by air than by train. 6. 如果恶劣天气持续的话,将会出现更严 如果恶劣天气持续的话, 重的交通问题。 重的交通问题。 6. If the bad weather continues, there will be more serious problems in transportation. 7. 到达伦敦以后, 他发现几乎听不懂别人 到达伦敦以后, 在谈论什么。 在谈论什么。 . Having arrived in London, he found he could hardly understand what people were talking about. 8. 在传统家庭中, 母亲的职责是呆在家里 在传统家庭中, 照顾孩子。 照顾孩子。 8. In a traditional family, the mother's role is to stay in and take care of the children. My Advice to Pessimists It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure, while optimism usually brings happiness, good health and success. Pessimists also make those around them very miserable. Therefore, pessimists should change their way of thinking and overcome the negative aspects of their personalities. Here are a few tips for them. 1. Try to smile more often. A smile has great power. It can chase sadness away. It will make you and other people feel happy. And it may even make things easier and better. Smiling in the morning makes a good beginning for the day. A smile is the most important sign of optimism. 2. Build up your self-confidence. Try to discover as many your personal strengths as

you can. Then write them all down. Read them several times when you are getting ready to do something or when you are facing difficulties. Your list will help you see your abilities. 3. Change your way of thinking. Don’t always think that things will go wrong or that if they do there will be terrible results. Instead, convince yourself that things will improve and that you can work hard to help improve them. If you fail, think about what you have learned from the failure. If you succeed, praise yourself. Don’t be too modest! There is nothing more encouraging than self-praise. 4. Try your best to become an optimist. A report consistently brought back by visitors to the US is how friendly, 1. In the eyes of visitors from the outside world, __D______. D) most Americans are ready to offer help 2. It could be inferred from the last paragraph that ____A____.A) culture exercises an influence over social interrelationship 3. Families in frontier settlements used to entertain strangers _____C___. C) to add some flavor to their own daily life 4. The tradition of hospitality to strangers ____B____.B) is generally well kept up in the United States 5. What's the author's attitudes toward the American's friendliness? AA) Favorable. It was 1985, and Rafe Esquith was beginning his third year of teaching in Los Angeles 6. It can be learned from the passage that Esquith's students _____C___. C) were mainly from immigrant families 7. At first, Esquith's Shakespeare-teaching _____D___. D) was not allowed by the school authority 8. It .is implied that most educators ____A____. A) fail to realize the potential of disadvantaged students

9. Esquith's principle of teaching is different from the general one in that __B______. B) he places greater emphasis on hard work in students' learning 10. What is the main idea of the passage? C C) An innovative teacher makes changes in the students. 1. 他记得在离开阅览室时,把灯关上了。 他记得在离开阅览室时,把灯关上了。 2. 你们必须在两周内读完这些书。 你们必须在两周内读完这些书。 3. 听到这个消息,没有一个人不感到兴奋。 听到这个消息,没有一个人不感到兴奋。 4. 他不久就适应了新环境。(adjust to) 他不久就适应了新环境。 ) 5. 这套设备的花费共计 1 万元人民币 。 (amount to) ) 6. 警察要求司机把事故讲述得更详细一 些。(in detail) 7. 他是个幽默的人,他的演讲常常给我留 他是个幽默的人, 下印象。 下印象。(impress) 8. 你应该再努力一点,不要让你的父母失 你应该再努力一点, 望。(to let…down) 1. He remembered turning off the light when he left the reading-room. 2. You must finish reading these books in two weeks. 3. Everybody felt excited at the news. 4. He soon adjusted to the new environment. 5. The total cost of the equipment amounts to RMB10,000 yuan. 6. The policeman asked the driver to describe the accident in greater/more detail. 7. He is a humorous man, and I was often impressed by his speech. 8. Don't let your parents down. You should try harder. 1) 全球污染现象变得日益严重。 全球污染现象变得日益严重。 2) 全世界人民都非常关注这一现象。各国 全世界人民都非常关注这一现象。 政府也采取了一定的措施来解决这一问题。 政府也采取了一定的措施来解决这一问题。 3) 我们应该怎么做。 我们应该怎么做。 I read a piece of news recently. It says that in Japan many businessmen are selling fresh air to customers, and now it is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Fresh air is getting less and less in Japan, and so is it in the U. S. A., China, India, etc. In fact, environmental pollution is a

very serious problem the whole world is facing. It is largely caused by the waste products released from artificial substances, industrial production and increased consumption of goods. Besides, the use of chemical substances in agriculture also causes environmental pollution. Look at the sky, you can see that dense smoke is being released from the high and big chimneys; those dirty and poisonous substances are flowing into the rivers that we use for drinking water and millions of tons of waste products are heaping around us. Indeed, the earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our descendants. In my opinion, we should work out concrete solutions to the problem of pollution For example, poisonous gas given off by automobiles should be controlled by equipping them with a device which can dispose of waste gas so as to prevent it from polluting air. There's a great story about an old Finnish woman who, 1. The author uses the story of an old Finnish woman to indicate that ___C_____. C) many people are unaware of the function of the new appliances being used 2. The word "saturate" (Para.3) most probably means ____D____. D) fill 3. According to the text, WAP is a ___C_____. C) means of exchanging information 4. We can infer from the passage that the mobile Internet is different from the previous Internet in that the former ____B____. B) has no need for wire appliances 5. What is the attitude of the author towards the future of mobile Internet? C C) Optimisti Castles were brought to Britain by William the Conqueror, 6. The castles originated from _____A___. A) France

7. According to the text, "motte" (Para. l) refers to ___A_____.A) an earthen mound 8. From the 11th to 13th centuries, castles were booming because of the following reasons EXCEPT ____D____. D) a tourist attraction 9. What caused the decline of the castles? C C) They are less comfortable.. 10. Which of the following is true? D D) The castles still have their reputation in the world. 1. 这个会议室不够大 容纳不了 人。 这个会议室不够大,容纳不了 容纳不了300人 2. 在过去的 年中,许多农民离开老家到 在过去的10年中 年中, 北京找工作。 北京找工作。 3. 为了取得成功,需要从错误中学习。 为了取得成功,需要从错误中学习。 4. 他的实验充分显示了这项新技术的优 势。 5. 在治疗期间,这个病人应该与其他人隔 在治疗期间, 离开。 离开。 6. 是信息技术使大众教育成为可能。 是信息技术使大众教育成为可能。 7. 你应该按医嘱去服这种药。 你应该按医嘱去服这种药。 8. 互联网使每个人在任何地方和任何时 候接受教育成为可能。 候接受教育成为可能。 1. This meeting room is not big enough to hold 300 people. 2. In the past ten years, many farmers have left/left their homes for Beijing to look for jobs. 3. To achieve success, one must learn from his/her own mistakes. 4. His experiment has fully demonstrated the advantages of this new technology. 5. This patient should be isolated / separated from others during the treatment. 6. It is information technology that makes mass education possible. 7. You should follow the doctor's instructions on how to take the medicine. 8. The Internet makes it possible for everyone to receive education anywhere and anytime/that everyone can receive education anywhere and anytime. 1) 随着高科技的发展,越来越多的人选择 随着高科技的发展,

在家工作。 在家工作。 2) 选择在家工作的利与弊。 选择在家工作的利与弊。 3) 我的观点 Working at Home The revolution in computer and telephone technology has made it a reality for business people to work at home, and this has brought about much convenience and pleasure to people. Generally, people enjoy working at home for the following benefits. For one thing, they not only save time by not having to travel distance to work every day but save money on transportation and business clothes. For another, suffering less stress from their employers, they think more clearly and can be more creative in the quiet peaceful atmosphere of their home. Most agreeable of all, they have the freedom to decide for themselves how and when to do their job, which permits them to spend more time with their family. While as is often the case, working at home allows of much more freedom than working at office, some people who work at home admit there are problems. For example, they can not separate their personal life from their working life. Besides, the loneliness from the lack of person-to-person communication and new ideas is more likely to cause some mental illness. Then again, there is a problem of holidays. Perhaps, the main problem with working at home is that some people never get a day off. To the above mentioned problem, I believe, there are some solutions. People who work at home should well organize their work schedule, leaving adequate time for making human communication not for the purpose of business but for the sake of relaxation. And these people should bear in mind that it depends on their effort to entertain themselves. In fact, working at home has provided them with much more freedom to participate in social activities.

At present, there are four network firms—China Telecom, 1. What is the passage mainly about? B B) Differences between the four IP firms. 2. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage? C C) China Telecom accesses many more cities nationwide than the other three. 3. If you want to access more foreign countries and regions with better voice quality, you'd better choose ____B____ IP card. B) China Mobile's 4. When enjoying IP service, ___A_____. A) China Mobile users can have their money in one card transferred to another 5. You can infer from the passage that ___D_____ D) network firms seem to be more interested in providing international service Anne Whitney, a sophomore at Colorado State University, C6. When Anne Whitney began her college, what happened to her when she was taking a test? C) Because of test anxiety, there was nothing in her mind. 7. Because of the extreme nervousness, the student in microbiology ___D_____. D) knew the answers but was unable to write them down 8. The last sentence in the second paragraph implies that ____A____. A) students who suffered from test anxiety were thought to be lazy 9. Which of the following is true about special counseling courses? B B) They help students control their tension. 10. A University of California counselor said ____B____. B) almost all students felt less stressed after taking the counseling course 1. 不管发生什么 他们都将完成这个实验。 不管发生什么,他们都将完成这个实验 他们都将完成这个实验。 1. They will carry out the experiment regardless of what may happen/no matter what may happen/whatever happens.

2. 孩子们常常想为什么鸟能飞而他们不能 Children usually wonder why birds can fly 飞。 while they themselves cannot. 3. 学习新技术的目的在于应用。 学习新技术的目的在于应用。 The purpose of learning a new technology lies in its application. 4. 作为金牌获得者, 作为金牌获得者, 她在火车站受到了热烈 的欢迎。 的欢迎。 As a gold medal winner, she was warmly welcomed in the train/railway station. 5. 很多年轻人来到北京以实现他们的梦想。 很多年轻人来到北京以实现他们的梦想。 Many young people come to Beijing to fulfill their dreams.. 6. 研究小组分成了两个 因为人太多了。 研究小组分成了两个,因为人太多了 因为人太多了。 The research group has split into two because there are/were too many people. 7. 作为职业女性, 作为职业女性, 她工作的同时还需要照顾 家庭和孩子。 家庭和孩子。 As a career/working woman, she has to work while taking care of the family and the child. 8. 一些人比较关注工资,而另一些人更关 一些人比较关注工资, 注事业的发展。 注事业的发展。 Some people care for/pay attention to the salary, while others pay more attention to their career development.. 1) 学习英语的重要性。 学习英语的重要性。 2) 你在英语学习中碰到的困难。 你在英语学习中碰到的困难。 3) 如何解决这些困难 如何解决这些困难。 How I Overcame My Difficulties in Learning English Most Chinese students have difficulties in learning English. The difficulties vary so much from person to person that it is difficult to cite here in a few words. Some may have problems in reading. Others may have trouble in writing. I also had problems in English learning, but my difficulty seemed to lie in listening. For example, when tested for listening comprehension, I couldn't understand a single sentence, let alone a passage of medium level. In order to overcome the difficulty in my English learning, I made great efforts to find

the key to the problem. I consulted my teacher and found out that I merely didn't have enough time to practice listening. So I bought a tape recorder and listened to it at least two hours a day. In addition, I listened to "Special English" on VOA. I also went out of my way to speak to foreigners on the campus whenever we meet so that I could have the chance to listen to the native speakers. After half a year's hard work, I could get 70% of the questions correct in listening comprehension tests. I owe my success to my English teacher. It is him who tells me the correct way to learn English. It is him who always encourages me when I encounter difficulties and feel disappointed. Imagine your sitting on your front garden admiring the shining sun 1. Exhaust from cars is B B) pollutive 2. In the author's view, it is ____A_ to make cars be friendly to environment.A) impossible 3. _____B___ will be the major victims in the car accident. B) Children 4. Cars caused some social problems except _C_____. C) employment 5. Which of the following is not true as to handling car problems? B B) Using a car in the restricted area. I have thought over very seriously the questions you raised 6. From the letter, we can see that ____B____. B) Tim has some financial difficulty to go to university 7. According to John, if Tim fails to enter university this year, he will probably D D) never get another chance to go to university 8. What is NOT the advantages of an university education that John mentions in this letter? A A) A college graduates will pay a lifetime

dividends 9. Working one's way through university is not easy, because ____C____. C) one will have to work hard for at least four years 10. John suggests that Tim should ____D____. D) work full-time and do on-line learning in a university accessible to the Internet 1. 每当他姨妈来访的时候 , 她总 是表现不 每当他姨妈来访的时候,她总是表现不 好。1. She always behaves badly when her aunt comes to visit.. 2. 要不是你们的帮助, 要不是你们的帮助, 我们不会准时完成任 务。2. If it hadn’t been for your help, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the task in time. 3. 我劝他别去东海岸 , 因为那里到处是游 我劝他别去东海岸, 客。3. I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists. 4. 东西便宜并不见得质量就低劣。 东西便宜并不见得质量就低劣。 . The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality. 5. 我们会尽最大努力来帮助她做这个工作。 我们会尽最大努力来帮助她做这个工作。 5. We will do/try our best to help her with her/the work. 6. 在英语学习中,我们最需要的就是练习。 在英语学习中,我们最需要的就是练习。 6. In learning English, what we need most is to practice. 7. 毕业之后, 毕业之后, 我们仍然通过电子邮件保持联 系。7. After graduation, we still stay / keep in touch with each other through/by e-mail. 8. 他们受到的教育越多,就越能更好地完 他们受到的教育越多, 成工作。 成工作。8. The better educated they are/The more education they receive, the better they can perform in their work. On Keeping Pets. 1) Pet-keeping is beneficial to people in several ways; 2) Pets may also bring about some problems; 3) Your opinion about keeping pets. There is no denying the fact that keeping pets is a hotly debated topic

today. Some people claim that keeping pets is a good thing to do. They believe that pets, like cats and dogs, can help relieve the loneliness suffered by senior citizens and other social members who are confined to their homes for this reason or that. They also argue that keeping pets helps mankind understand animals’ world and develop positive feelings toward them. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They regard keeping pets as a useless but harmful thing to do. First, pets can transmit diseases. Secondly, the noises and dung of pets are sources of pollution. Last but not least, as many rare birds and animals are kept as pets, they will surely be hunted on a large scale, which means a threat to the balance of the ecosystem. Weighing the arguments of both sides, I am inclined to agree with the latter . Anyway , we can lessen our loneliness and express our love toward animals in other ways. And it is my belief that only by placing man and other species on an equal basis can we expect to have a lively and colorful world. There are five secrets of living life to the fullest: 1. The most important thing to have a self you respect is ___D_____. D) to choose a course of action based on what is right 2. What is the comparison the author makes to explain his idea of committing oneself to others? AA) He compares it to growing trees 3. What does the author mean when he says "Raise him in abject poverty and you have an Abraham Lincoln. Make her blind and deaf, and you have a Helen Keller"? C C) Hard life helps a great deal to build up

endurance and in turn, to build up great characters. 4. How can you enjoy life's process according to the author? B B) We must live one day at a time, savoring little victories 5. The central idea in this piece of writing is _____C___. C) how to live a rich and meaningful life Not long ago, I faced an enjoyable yet formidable challenge. 6. Why does the author say that he faced an enjoyable yet formidable challenge? B B) Because he was going to make a speech to schoolboys and schoolgirls of Morris High. 7. The author thinks it was ___D___ for kids to face choices when he was young. D) really a sad thing 8. According to the author, the stupid and the most self-destructive thing you could do with the life God had given you is ____B___. B) to get addicted to drugs 9. In the sentence, "As our car rolled on, our driver's voice broke my reverie". The word "reverie" here means ____C__ C) delusion 10. Which statement is true according to the article? C C) The author went back to his old school as a general 1. 我无法适应新的电脑系统,它太复杂了。 我无法适应新的电脑系统,它太复杂了。 1. I can't get used to the new computer system, which is too complicated /complex 2. 那是我去过的最好的音乐会之一。 那是我去过的最好的音乐会之一。 2. It is one of the best concerts I have ever been to. 3. 他一定去过欧洲,因为他对欧洲这么了 他一定去过欧洲, 解。3. He must have been to Europe before for/as he knew so much about it. 4. 由于受过专门训练,她打字又快又准确。 由于受过专门训练,她打字又快又准确。 4. Having received special training, she types quickly and accurately. 5. 这个困难促使我动脑筋找出答案。 这个困难促使我动脑筋找出答案。 5. This difficulty challenges my mind to find

an answer. 6. 将要出现的新的威胁是失业。 将要出现的新的威胁是失业。 6. The new threat on the horizon is unemployment. 7. 我们有不同的方法表达同样的想法。 我们有不同的方法表达同样的想法 同样的想法。 7. We have alternative ways of expressing the same idea. 8. 他喝酒的老毛病又犯了。 他喝酒的老毛病又犯了。 8. He slipped into the old habit of drinking. 1) 出国旅游悄然兴起,出国旅游的种种好 出国旅游悄然兴起, 处; 2) 出国旅游的种种弊端; 出国旅游的种种弊端; 3) 你的看法以及理由。 你的看法以及理由。 Many people have started go abroad for their holidays so that they can be more adventurous and visit more unusual places. There are several advantages to going abroad. First of all, you can choose a country where you can choose a country where you can be more certain of good weather, and you can follow particular interests and hobbies, which may not be possible in your own country, such as scuba diving or wildlife holidays. In addition to this, you can learn about foreign language skills. However, going abroad has some disadvantages. Although you can choose a country with better weather than your own, you may come into contact with unusual illnesses that your body is not used to. While you can follow particular interests and hobbies, you may not be able to speak the language of the people you meet who share your interests. What is more, even though you can learn about foreign cultures, you may find it difficult to adapt to these cultures; for example, attitudes to women may be different and difficult to accept. In conclusion, personally, despite the disadvantages I prefer taking holidays abroad because I have an opportunity to learn more about the world.

French are elegant people. They are artists in everyday life, 1. "No trousers, please!" sounds funny on the front door of a five-star restaurant, because it could mean, "_____A___", in English. A) Take off your trousers, then come in. please 2. From the sentences, "The selling of Chevrolet was very bad in South America. And the reason? The translation of this brand sounds like "nova" — which means ' It doesn't go' in Spanish", you may guess that Chevrolet must be __B___. B) the brand name of a kind of vehicle 3. Any product with a cute baby picture on the jar most probably ___D___ in Africa, according to the author. D) will bring an end to the product 4. The Chinese characters chosen for the world-famous product Coca-Cola ____C____ in Taiwan first. C) sounded terribly in the language 5. The most important thing the author is telling us in this article is __D______. D) clumsy translation could mean more than just a laughing matter One day, in a zoo, a female ape held something in her hand 6. The sentence in the first paragraph, "... the ape opened her hand and revealed a key chain, to the zookeeper's great relief means ____B____. B) what made the zookeeper relieved was it was only a key chain, not dangerous, or valuable 7. It seems that Coco kept the wire in his mouth ____A____. A) so he could use it for another time to escape from the enclosure 8. The ape taught by the anthropologist __B____ the meaning of "sharing". B) seemed to understand 9. Charles swam under the stretcher and let

one keeper stand on his head because ___D_____. D) he figured out the situation 10. According to the author, human beings _____C___ the pea-brained sea turtle in terms of survival. C) can't be compared to 1. 传统上 中国青年在长大成家之前一直与 传统上,中国青年在长大成家之前一直与 父母同住。 父母同住。 1. Traditionally, Chinese youths live with their parents until they grow up and marry. 2. 汤姆数学很好,而他弟弟更喜欢音乐。 汤姆数学很好,而他弟弟更喜欢音乐。 2. Tom is good at maths, while his brother is more fond of music. 3. 在现代家庭中,丈夫和妻子都出去工作, 在现代家庭中,丈夫和妻子都出去工作, 挣钱养家。 挣钱养家。 3. In a modern family, both husband and wife go out to work to support the family. 4. 现在大多数年轻人长大之后 不愿跟父母 现在大多数年轻人长大之后,不愿跟父母 生活在一起。 生活在一起。 4. Nowadays, most young people are unwilling/not willing to live with their parents after they grow up. 5. 我姐姐告诉我 昨晚的节目一点也没有意 我姐姐告诉我,昨晚的节目一点也没有意 思。 5. My sister told me the performance yesterday evening/last night was not interesting at all. 6. 自从上月与经理的面试以后,玛丽一直 自从上月与经理的面试以后, 在焦急地等待着来自公司方面的结果。 在焦急地等待着来自公司方面的结果。 6. Mary has been anxiously waiting for the result from the company since her interview with the manager last month. 7. 如果明天下雨的话,我们就要取消野餐。 如果明天下雨的话,我们就要取消野餐。 (cancel) 7. Should it rain tomorrow, we would cancel our picnic./If it rains tomorrow, we will cancel our picnic. 8. 大工厂生产的产品正在替代小工厂生产 的产品。 的产品。 8. Goods produced by big factories are taking the place of those by small workshops.

Which has had more influence on you, heredity or environment? This is a difficult question to answer. First, let us examine the influence of heredity. All my classmates call me “Fat Yu” because I am fat. My father is also fat, so I can’t help connecting my fatness with his! Although I can’t be absolutely sure that it comes from my father, I do think that I probably have a gene which he passed on to me and which determines my body build or shape. I have studied genetics for a long time and more and more facts prove that there is a gene which controls the accumulation of fat in your body. So now I am convinced that I got a “fat” gene from my father. Aside from that gene, my father gave me many excellent qualities. For example, I think I am good at abstract thinking. My father is an engineer and he often tells me that he was very good at math and physics at middle school and college. So thanks to these genes of his I got into this university. However, I have many other characteristics, which may come from the environment I grew up in. For example, my father and mother are conservative and traditional. They lack a spirit of adventure and they have a hard time understanding many of the new things in China today. I, on the contrary, have the desire to explore and I hope I can become a pioneer of reform. I often have many original thoughts and ideas and I live in an era full of great changes. All these changes in my environment whet my appetite for exploration. In conclusion, I think both heredity and environment have influenced me greatly. Heredity created me, but my environment has improved me. From hitting the mall with your girl friends on a Saturday afternoon, 1. The best title of this article is __C______ C) Shopping Spree, or Addiction?

2. ____D_____ that it is due to a genetic predisposition which causes addictive behavior among 10%-15% of people. D) There isn't an absolute support 3. You should be carefully think about your shopping behavior if you __D______. C) are overjoyed and overwhelmingly excited to go shopping 4. Which of the following statement is not true? A A) Medication will not help to cure a shopping addiction. 5. The most important way to get rid of the addiction is ____B____. B) change one's behavior as well as seek professional advice This is a story of patience, craftsmanship, the intolerance of Parisian neighbors 6. According to the author, Oliver's dream of possessing a Spanish guitar of the highest quality ___A_____. A) has come true 7. In the sentence "They roll off the handmade production line in Barcelona at a rate of around 12 a year", the subject "they" refers to ___D_____. D) Fleta guitars 8. Oliver placed his order for the Fleta guitar __C______. C) partially because he was amused by the manufacturer's reply 9. From the description in the story, we can see the handover of the Fleta guitar to Oliver was ____B____. B) very ceremonial 10. The narrator's tone in this story is that _____C__. C) full of satire and teasing 1. 只要我们学习努力 , 就能够克服一切困 只要我们学习努力, 难。 1. So/as long as we study hard, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties. .

2. 不论她如何说,我也不相信这个消息。 不论她如何说,我也不相信这个消息 消息。 2. Despite what she said, I couldn't/didn't believe the news 3. 那家公司有意招聘他, 那家公司有意招聘他, 而他对公司没有兴 趣。 3. That company is interested in employing him, but/however he isn't interested in the company 4. 为了你的健康,你不该总是加班。 为了你的健康,你不该总是加班。 4. For the sake of your health, you should not always work overtime. 4. 在竞争的社会中, 在竞争的社会中, 挤时间放松一下有利于 健康。 健康。 5. In a competitive society, setting aside/sparing/spending some time for relaxation is good for health 6. 研究表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。 研究表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。 6. Studies show that people are more and more concerned with/about the quality of life. 7. 他在纠正学生错误时总是采取积极的态 他在纠正学生错误时总是采取积极的态 度 7. He always takes a positive attitude in correcting the mistakes of his students. 8. 旅客在登机前必须接受安全检查。 旅客在登机前必须接受安全检查。 8. Before going on board the plane, the passengers have to go through the security check. 1) 当今社会的主要娱乐形式有 哪些? 哪些 2) 娱 乐 在 生 活 中 的 作 用 是 什 么? 3) 你怎样看待娱乐活动 你怎样看待娱乐活动? Generally, entertainment falls into two different categories: physical and intellectual. Physical entertainment refers to those activities that work to help us keep healthy while playing with certain relaxing games, as football games, though regarded as a kind of sports, usually teaches us how to effectively cooperate with people. In Children's part, this kind of games would make them good players in their later lives, in different sectors. We encourage physical entertainments since health works out a better life for us.

While, on the other hand, intellectual activities have appeared to be more and more appreciated by certain education experts, which is frequently seen in the sectors of psychological training, intellectual games, etc. This kind of activities, needless to mention, provide us with personal experiences through games. They seem to be quite educative and instructive in cultivating our own potentials for success or an understanding of life and human existance.Well, both kinds entertainments would be playing important roles in our life. Physical entertainments, any way, build up sound health for us while the later, a sound mental status for us. And, physical health could be attained through other forms of exercises while intellectual growth seems to be more important because intellectuality is the source all kinds of creations. We find that bright children are rarely held back by mixed-ability teaching. 1. In the passage the author’s attitude towards “mixed-ability teaching” is ________. C) approving 2. By “held back” (Line 1) the author means “________”. D) prevented from advancing 3. The author argues that a teacher’s chief concern should be the development of the student's ________. B) total personality 4. Which of the following is NOT MENTIONED in the third paragraph? B) Pupils also learn to develop their reasoning abilities. 5. The author’s purpose in writing this passage is to ________. A) argue for teaching bright and not-so-bright pupils in the same class A recent study, published in last week’s Journal of the American Medical Association, 6. Which of the following situations is most

dangerous according to the passage? B) A teenager driving after midnight with passengers in the car. 7. According to Robert Foss, the high death rate of teenage drivers is mainly due to ________. C) their lack of driving experience 8. According to Paragraph 3, which of the following statements is TRUE? D) The licensing authorities are partly responsible for teenagers’ driving accidents. 9. A suggested measure to be taken to reduce teenagers’ driving accidents is that ________. D) the licensing system should be improved 10. The present situation in about half of the states is that the graduated licensing system ________. C) has been put into effect If you know exactly what you want, the best route to a job is to get specialized training. 11. What kinds of people are in high demand on the job market? C) People with formal schooling plus work experience. “... but the impact of a degree washes out after five years” (Line 3, Para, 3), the author means ________. B) an MBA degree does not help promotion to managerial positions 13. According to Scheetz’s statement (Lines 4-5. Para. 4), companies prefer ________. A) people who have a strategic mind 14. David Birch claims that he only hires liberal-arts people because ________. A) they are more capable of handling changing situations 15. Which of the following statements does the author support? D) Generalists will outdo specialists in management. 31. 不采用新技术 , 就不能大幅度增加产 不采用新技术, 量。 32. 我们感到我们的做事方式是唯一正确 的。

33. 按照他的建议,手续已经大大简化。 按照他的建议,手续已经大大简化。 34. 天气预报说后天天气会变得更冷。 天气预报说后天天气会变得更冷。 35. 污染的水是村民们得病的原因。 污染的水是村民们得病的原因。 31. Without adopting new technology, there will be no great increase in production. 32. We feel that the way we do things is the only right way (to do them). 33. In accordance with his proposal, the procedure has been greatly simplified. 34. The weather forecast said that it would/will be colder/will become colder the day after tomorrow. 35. The polluted water is the cause of the villagers' disease/illness. 1) 正确择业的重要性 正确择业的重要性; 2) 选择职业应注意的问题 选择职业应注意的问题 注意的问题; 3) 你对选择职业的看法。 你对选择职业的看法。

As we all know,Choosing an occupation is one of the most difficult questions which anyone must be faced with ,and it is also one of the biggest decisions you should make, especially when you consider that your choice of occupation will impact practically every facet of your life. Ideally, you'll have a passion for the career you choose and be able to make a living at it. Besides,when you choose an occupation ,three are many factors should be considered .Here's how to pick an occupation that satisfies your soul and meets your economic needs. First,learn about what interests you. The adage is true: "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." By choosing a career in which you have interest, you'll be less likely to become stressed at the thought of going to work everyday or constantly worry about how much is in your pay check. In addition, your job performance will excel because your heart will be in it . Second ,Capitalize on your strengths. Being good at what you do will supply you with a sense of pride each day and will build your confidence. It will also lead to optimum success

financially through promotions, referrals and career advancement. Learn how to capitalize on the skills or talents you possess. At last, you should know what kind of life you want to have before you choose your job . For example, if you know that you want a career that allows you to choose your own hours and spend more time at home than outside of the home, then don’t choose a career as a neurological surgeon because those perks you want are not open to successful brain surgeons. In my opinions,when you choose one job, all the above elements should be considered ,besides, you can also try many different jobs and keep an open mind. Here's another adage that's true: "You will never know unless you try." By trying various occupations to see if you like them, you will increase your chances of discovering the right match.



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