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(湖南专用)(新课标)2014高考英语二轮复习方案 专题限时集训16 完形填空第二节2



(限时:每篇 5 分钟)

(一) Anyone who owns a car knows that we should maintain the car and fill it with fuel of good quality.To keep it looking good,we occasionally take it 1.____ ____ a wash.If we abuse the car,it won't take us where we want to go.2.________ it is with our body and soul.The body is just like a vehicle to do the soul's building.3.________ the body is full of energy,it can help open up the soul.Some deeper life issues will become easy for us.Just 4.________ we learn to maintain a car,we ought to learn how to maintain the body.There must be 5.________ balance between enjoying ourselves and working.For one thing , we don't need to be a slave.6.________ can sometimes refresh the body so that our soul can accomplish more.For 7.________ ,we have to be in control.Enjoy the pleasure,8.________ don't be addicted to it.Only when our body is at full power can the “willpower” go further. (二) Many who need restorative rest most might not be able to get it.Why? 1.________ are in a hospital.Even at night,a hospital2.________ be a noisy place.And research has shown that these noise levels have been rising for decades. A new study finds that electronic noises 3.________ particular interfere with sleep. Researchers followed the sleep patterns of a dozen healthy volunteers 4.________ they spent three nights sleeping in a lab.Their hours of darkness were interrupted 5.________ fourteen different recorded hospital sounds played at varying volumes.Even when electronic sounds,6.________ alarm beeps(哔哔声),were played at the level of a whisper,volunteers slightly woke from sleep.7.________ findings are in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. When the volunteers' sleep was disrupted, their heart rate increased frequently, 8.________ could be bad for recovery.A little peace and quiet could make for a lot more restful nights. (三) “A 13?year?old boy 1.________ lives in Italy with his adoptive parents took his father's car and drove more than 800 km through Europe in 2.________ apparent attempt to reach his birth family in Poland, ” Italian police said on Saturday. He set 3.________ on Thursday afternoon from the small town of Pederobba in northern Italy 4.________ 200 euros in his pocket and drove the high ? powered automatic car for almost 24 hours 5.________ being stopped by German police on a motorway near Leipzig. “The boy's sister and natural parents are in Poland and 6.________ seems that he was going there to meet his sister,” said an Italian police spokeswoman. Media reports said the boy had an argument on Thursday afternoon with his


adoptive mother. “The boy has told his parents he is sorry 7.________ has recognized he was wrong,” the police spokeswoman said,adding that he was on his way 8.________ to Italy. According to newspaper reports,the boy loved cars and was an expert go?kart(微 型运动汽车) driver. (四) When living in Ireland five years ago,part of my college course was to work in the area of children with disabilities.1.________ had no speech and most were in wheelchairs.I was asked to work with a 15?year?old girl 2.________ had the most severe disabilities in the class.The girl had always wanted to put string through the shaped blocks to make 3.________ necklace.For the 5 years she was in the school, the teachers always tried to help her but always ended 4.________ doing all the work for her.So they all thought she was 5.________. But I had a different idea 6.________ her teachers.I knew this smart girl could do more,so I encouraged her.She had a thumb she could not move but I encouraged her to try.She got upset at first and sometimes I wanted to shout at her 7.________ I quit.Finally after a week this young girl was able to do 8.________ she had been wishing to do by herself for so many years. (五) In an effort to raise awareness about the homeless,those living on the streets are being recruited(招募) to read the weather forecast 1.________ TV in Europe. Saatchi & Saatchi Berlin set up the program,called Days of Hope, in 2.________ homeless people deliver the weather forecast and discuss 3.________ it affects them while living on the streets. “ This is 4.________ very simple but surprising idea , which 5.________ are expecting to get a lot of attention,encourage conversations around this important issue,and 6.________ important of all,increase donations,” John Pallant,Saatchi & Saatchi's regional creative director for EMEA,said. Russia and Romania have already taken part in the program,7.________ Germany, Switzerland and Poland are expected 8.________ follow.And Days of Hope originated on the radio in Germany. (六) Knowledge truly is power.For this reason, I insist 1.________ learning something new each day. I take any opportunity to interact with new people 2.________ I know everyone has something valuable to teach me.While most of my friends are watching reality television shows,I choose to stay informed 3.________ watching the news.I choose to watch television programs 4.________ are educational and informative,making the most of my time in front of the screen. Reading is 5.________ important part of my life.I make it a point to read a great number of self?help,history,and how?to books.Of course,it takes me several days to read a single book.6.________,by the end of the week I often have a new skill.And


I have valuable information to offer to others when they need 7.________. Today , I list all resources of information that 8.________ help me learn something new.The world around me is the best educational institution in the world.Every personal encounter(偶遇) and experience offers something new to learn. (七) When I was a kid,my sister and I used to have ice cream for dessert.One day our grandpa came to visit.Grandpa always had unique opinions on things,1.________ his words made us look at the world just a little differently.This time,his joyful words changed my outlook on life in 2.________ way that stays with me to this day.My sister and I were having bets 3.________ who could finish their ice cream first.With a smile,Grandpa said,“4.________ would you want to do so? Actually,5.________you eat slowly,it'll last longer.You should have a competition to see who can finish last.” 6.________ my grandpa taught me that day was that we should take the chance to enjoy things we already have.These days,when I want something,I wait as long as I can 7.________ I allow myself to have it.Then,when I finally get it,I make sure to keep it as long as possible,because I know that,no matter what it is, 8.________ will be gone soon. (八) “I wish I'd known this before” is a statement often said by us when we realize we've made bad decisions.1.________ you don't want to have regrets,you must realize some factors that cause poor decisions.For example,lack of foresight is 2.________ of such factors.Many times,we tend to concentrate only on the “right now” of a certain decision 3.________ fail to understand its effects on our future.Ideally, we 4.________ practise proactive thinking (主动思考 ) to predict the changes in future. Often,we get confused and leave some important decisions of our life in the hands of others,5.________ can be harmful.Instead,we must avoid asking others to decide for us at all costs. Making incorrect assumptions also can cause bad decisions.We often base our views 6.________ the history of our experiences.However,as people and things keep changing,it's best to judge them 7.________ they are.For example,you decide not to interact much with your colleague because you thought she was unable.However, she was 8.________ only one who helped you in completing your task.


专题限时训练(十六) (一) 1. for 考查介词。此处表目的,故填 for。 2. So 考查固定句型。so it is with sb/sth 意为“某人/某物也一样”。 3. If/When 考查状语从句的引导词。此从句句意:如果我们精力充沛的话/当我们精 力充沛的时候。 4. as/like 考查状语从句的引导词。此空引导方式状语从句,意为“正如我们学习保 养车子一样”。 5. a 考查冠词。此空表示泛指,意为“自我娱乐与工作之间一定存在着一种平衡”。 6. We 考查代词。该空作主语,再根据句中的 our soul 可判断填 we,注意。 7. another 考查固定搭配。由上文“For one thing?”可知答案。for another 其 次。 8. but 考查并列连词。此空连接两个祈使句,且表示转折关系,故填 but。 (二) 1. They 考查代词。该空在句中作主语,指代上文提到的“Many who need restorative rest?”,故填 they,首字母要大写。 2. can 考查情态动词。此空表示可能性,再根据句意“甚至在晚上,医院也可能是一 个吵闹的地方”可知填 can。 3. in 考查介词。in particular “尤其”,为固定搭配。 4. as/when 考查状语从句的引导词。研究人员让 12 名身体健康的志愿者连续三天睡 在实验室,并跟踪了他们的睡眠模式。 5. with 考查介词。interrupt?with?意为“用??干扰??”。 6. like 考查介词。即使轻声播放电子声音,例如报警器的哔哔声,志愿者们还是会 从睡梦中醒来。 7. The 考查冠词。此处特指该研究的发现。 8. which 考查定语从句的引导词。该空引导非限制性定语从句,指代前面整个句子, 且在从句中作主语,故填 which。 (三) 1. who/that 考查定语从句的引导词。该空引导定语从句修饰 boy,且在从句中作主 语,故填 who/that。 2. an 考查冠词。此空表泛指,且 apparent 以元音音素开头,故填 an。 3. off 考查固定搭配。set off 出发。 4. with 考查介词。口袋里带有 200 欧元。 5. before 考查介词。在被德国警察拦下之前他行驶了接近 24 个小时。 6. it 考查 it 的用法。该空在句中作形式主语,代替其后 that 引导的主语从句,故 填 it。 7. and 考查并列连词。该空连接两个句子,且表并列关系,故填 and。 8. back 考查副词。on one's way back to a place 在回某地的路上。 (四) 1. They 考查代词。此空指代 children with disabilities,故填 they,首字母要 大写。 2. who/that 考查定语从句的引导词。该空引导定语从句修饰 girl,且在从句中作主 语,故填 who/that。 3. a 考查冠词。necklace 为可数名词单数形式,此处表泛指,故填 a。


4. up 考查固定搭配。end up doing sth 以做某事而告终。 5. stupid/foolish 考查形容词。根据上一句的内容可判断老师们认为她是愚蠢的。 6. from 考查介词。different from 与??不同。 7. but 考查并列连词。有时“我”想冲她发火,但“我”放弃了。根据前后的转折关 系可判断填 but。 8. what 考查名词性从句的引导词。该空引导宾语从句且在从句中作 do 的宾语,故填 what。 (五) 1. on 考查介词。on TV “在电视上”,为固定搭配。 2. which 考查定语从句的引导词。此处 in which 引导定语从句修饰 the program。 3. how 考查宾语从句的引导词。萨奇柏林广告公司做了一档名叫 Days of Hope 的节 目, 节目请来了流浪汉来播报天气, 并讨论这种天气对于他们这种露宿街头的人来说会有怎 样的影响。 4. a 考查冠词。此空表泛指,故用 a。此处意为“这是一个非常简单却让人惊讶的想 法”。 5. we 考查代词。该空在句中作主语,再结合句意可判断填 we。 6. most 考查副词。我们希望能够通过这种想法得到更多人的关注,并引发大家对这 个重要的问题的讨论。最重要的是希望此举能够增加人们对流浪汉的捐助。 7. while 考查并列连词。while 在此处连接两个并列句子,意为“而”。句意:俄罗 斯、罗马尼亚已经参与到这个节目中来了,而德国、瑞士、波兰都有可能加入。 8. to 考查不定式符号。be expected to do sth 被期待做某事。 (六) 1. on 考查介词。insist on doing sth 坚持做某事。 2. because/as/since 考查状语从句的引导词。 “我”抓住任何机会与新人交往,因为 我知道每一个人都有值得我学习的东西。 3. by 考查介词。by doing sth 通过做某事的方式。 4. that/which 考 查 定 语 从 句 的 引 导 词 。 该 空 引 导 定 语 从 句 修 饰 television programs,且在从句中作主语,故填 that/which。 5. an 考查冠词。阅读是“我”生活中重要的一部分。表示泛指,所修饰词 important 以元音音素开头,故用 an。 6. However 考查副词。根据前后意义上的转折关系可判断填 however,注意首字母要 大写。 7. it 考查代词。该空指代 valuable information,故用 it 代替。 8. can 考查情态动词。“我”列出所有能帮助“我”学习新东西的信息资源。 (七) 1. and 考查并列连词。该空连接两个句子且表示并列关系,故填 and。 2. a 考查冠词。way 为可数名词单数形式,且表示泛指,意为“一种方式”。 3. on 考查固定搭配。have bets on 意为“就??打赌”。 4. Why 考查疑问副词。你们为什么要这么做呢? 5. if 考查连词。如果你们吃慢一点,你们就会吃得久一点。 6. What 考查名词性从句的引导词。该空引导主语从句且在从句中作 taught 的间接宾 语,故填 what,首字母要大写。 7. before 考查状语从句的引导词。这些日子,当“我”想要什么东西的时候,在 “我”得到它之前,“我”会尽量等久一点。


8. it 考查代词。该空在句中作主语,指代上文提到的 something,故填 it 。 (八) 1. If 考查状语从句的引导词。如果你不想留有遗憾,你必须知道那些导致错误决定 的因素。 2. one 考查代词。缺乏远见是其中一个因素。 3. and 考查并列连词。该空连接两个谓语,且表示并列关系,故填 and。 4. should 考查情态动词。我们应该练习主动思考,预测未来的变化。 5. which 考查定语从句的引导词。该空引导非限制性定语从句指代前面整句内容,且 在从句中作主语,故填 which。 6. on 考查介词。base?on?将??建立在??的基础上。 7. as 考查状语从句的引导词。该空引导方式状语从句,as they are 意为“照他们 现在的样子”。 8. the 考查冠词。the only one 唯一的人。


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