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听力原文参考 The internet The internet is the most significant progress in the field of communications.Imagine a book that never rend, a library with milion floors,or imagine a research project with thousands of sientists working around the clock forever.This is the magic of the internet. As the internet has potential for good or bad,one can find where organized information of websites.At the same time,one can also find waste for websites.Most websites are known as different internet of applications.These include online games,check rooms and so on.These applications have great power,too.Sometimes,the power can be so great.That young people may easily become victims to their attraction.So we need to recognize the seriousness of the problem.We must work togerther to use its power for better rents. PART Ⅲ CLOZE 31.B widely 32.C stepping off 33.A If 34.C avoid 35.B keeping 36.D Alternatively 37.A make 38.C mark 39.B superstition 40.D misfortune 41.B household 42.D unfortunate 43.A falls 44.C indoors 45.B as 46.A have originated 47.C associated with 48.A especially 49.B for 50.D broken down

PART Ⅳ GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY 51. _D_dull he may be, he is certainly A. very successful top executive. A. Although B. whatever C. As D. However 52. If only I _B_play the guitar as well as you! A. would B. could C. should D. might 53. The party, _D_I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable. A. by which B. for which C. to which D. at which 54 It’s high time we _A_ cutting down the rainforests. A. stopped B. had to stop C. shall stop D. stop

55.The student saiD. there were A. few points in the essay he _C_ impossible to comprehend. A. has found B. was finding C. had found D. would find 56. Loudspeakers were fixeD. in the hall so that everyone_C_ an opportunity to hear the speech. A. ought to have B. must have C. may have D. should have 57.I am surprised_A_ this city is A. dull place to live in. A. that you should think B. by what you are thinking C. that you would think D. with what you were thinking 58.Susan is very hardworking, but her pay is not_B_ for her work. A. enough good B. good enough C. as good enough D. good as enough 59.It is imperative that the government _C_ more investment into the shipbuilding industry. A. attracts B. shall attract C. attract D. has to 60.LanD. belongs to the city; there is _A_ thing as private ownership of land. A. no such B. not such C. not such a D. no such 61 . My daughter has walkeD . coulD. walk_C_far. A. / B. such C. that D. as eight miles today. We never guesseD . that she

62.The statistics _D_ that living standards in the areA. have improveD. drastically in recent times. A. proves B. is proving C. are proving D. prove 63.There are only ten apples left in the baskets, _A_ the spoilt ones. A. not counting B. not to count C. don’t count D. having not counted 64.It was _A_ we haD. hoped A. more a success than B. a success more than C. as much of a success as D. a success as much as 65.There used to be a petrol station near the park, _D_? A. didn’t it B. doesn’t there C. usedn’t it D. didn’t there 66. It is an offence to show _D_ against people of different races. A. distinction B. difference C. separation D. discrimination 67.A. great amount of work has gone into _B_ the Cathedral to its previous splendour. A. refreshing B. restoring C. renovating D. renewing 68.The thieves fled with the local police close on their _D_. A. backs B. necks C. toes D. heels 69.The economic recession has meant that job_A_ is a rare thing.

A. B. C. D.

security safety protection secureness

70.Many people nowadays save money to _A_ for their old age. A. cater B. supply C .provide D. equip 71.The tone of the article _B_ the writer’s mooD. at the time. A. reproduced B. reflected C. imagined D. imitated 72.This is not the right _A_ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen. A. moment B. situation C. imagine D. imitated 73.The job of a student accommodation officer_D_ a great many visits to landladies. A. concerns B. offers C. asks D. involves 74.Our family doctor’s clinic _B_at the junction of two busy roads. A. rests B. stands C. stays D. seats 75.She was so fat that she could only just _C_ through the door. A. assemble B. appear C. squeeze D. gather 76.After the heavy rain, A. builder was calleD. to repair the roof, which was _A_. A. leaking B. trickling

C. prominent D. noticeable 77.The reception was attended by _C_ members of the local community. A. excellent B. conspicuous C. prominent D. noticeable 78.Share prices on the Stock Exchange plunged sharply in the morning but _D_slightly in the afternoon. A. regained B. recovered C. restored D. revived 79. His brain has worked A. rich B. quick C. productive D. fertile 80.The couple has donated A. inconsiderable B. inconsiderate C. inaccurate D. incomparable away on the ideA. of a universal cure.

a not_A_ amount of money to the foundation.

PART Ⅴ READING COMPREHENSION 81 when people plan to meet nowadays, they (B) A. arrange the meeting place beforehand B. postpone fixing the place till last minute C. seldom care about when and where to meet D. still love to work out detailed meeting plans. 82 According to the two British researchers, the social and psychological effect are mostly likely to be seen on (D) A.TALKERS B.the "speakeasy" C.the “spacemaker” D.texters 83 We can infer from the passage that the texts sent by texters are (A)

A.quite revealing B.well written C.unacceptable by others D.shocking to others 84 according to the passage , who is afraid of being heard while talking on the mobile (C) A.talkers B.the speakeasy C.the spacemaker D.texters 85 an appropriate title for the passage might be (B) A.the SMS effect B.cultural implication of mobile use C.change in the use of the mobile D.body language and the mobile phone! 86.which of the following is seen as the cause of class differences in the past?(B) A.life style and occupation B.Attitude and income C.income and job security D.job security and hobbies 87.the writer seems to suggest that the description of ------- is closer to truth?(A) A.middle –class ways of spending money B.working-class ways of spending the weekend C.working-class drinking habits D.middle-class attitudes 88.according to the passage, which of the following is not a typical feature of the middle -class? (D) A.desiring for security B. Making long term plans C.having priorities in life D.saving money 89. working -class people's sense of security increased as a resulf of all the follwoing factor except? (D) A.better social security B.more job opportunities C.higher living standard D.better legal protection 90.which of the following statement is incorrect?(A)

A.Changes are slowly taking place in all sectors of the British society. B.The gap between working -class and middle- class young people is narrowing C. different in income will remain but those in occupation will disappear D. middle-class people may sometimes feel inferior to working-class people 91.at the beginning miss Eyre 's impressions of Mr. Rochester were all except (D) A.busy B.sociable C.friendly D. changeable 92.in "....and all my knowledge him was limited to occasional meetings about the house,…”.the word about means(A) A.around B.on C. outside D.concerning. 93.why did Mr. Rochester say" ..and the you stab me in the back!" (the 7th paragraph.)(B) A.because Jane had intended to kill him with a knife B.because Jane had intended to be more critical. C.because Jane had regretted having talked to him D. because Jane had said something else to correct herself 94.from what Mr. Rochest told miss Eyre, we can conclude that he wanted to (B) A.Tell her all his troubles B.tell her his life experience. C.change her opinion of him D change his circumstances 95.at the end of the passage , Mr. Rochester sounded(D) A.rude B.cold C.friendly D. encouraging 96.which of the following is not a feature of the ideal companion machine? (D) A.Active in communication B.Attractive in personality. C.enjoyable in performance D.unpredictable in behaviour 97.the computer would develop friendships with humans in a (n) ---------way. (D) A.Quick

B.unpredictable C.productive D. inconspicuous 98.which of the following aspects is not mentioned when the passage discusses the benefits of artificial relationships? (B) A.Being able to pick up an interesting conversation. B.Being sensitive to earlier contact. C.Being ready to learn about the person's life D.Having a pleasant and adaptable personality. 99.throughout the passage, the author is _____in his attitude toward the computer (A) A.favourable B.critical C.vague D.hesitant 100.which mgiht be the most appropriate title of the passage?(C) A.Articial relationshios . B.How to form intimate relationships C.The affectionate machine D.Humans and computers 资料参考:范文百科网 www.bk188.cn 详细出处参考 :http://www.web17.cn/



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