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必修一基础知识竞赛题 1. They wrote us a letter, ___ that they were ___ a difficult period. A. saying; going through B. telling; going down C. saying; going for D. telling; going by 2. He was asked to set down the facts from his memory. A. set on B. set about C. set down D. set off 3. She sometimes does things ___ just to upset me. A. for purpose B. with purpose C. in purpose D. on purpose 4. ____ adjust myself to the new surroundings, I had to arrive two days earlier. A. so that B. in order to C. in order that D. so as to 5. Next time I saw him, he was wandering on the street ___. The street lights had just went on. A. at noon B. at dusk C. at dawn D. at daybreak 6. I deal with customers on the phone and rarely meet them ____. A. face to face B. side by side C. hand in hand D. eye to eye 7. How long ___in love? A. have you been B. have you fallen C. had you fallen D. had you been 8. We are going to play football. Would you like to ___ in? A. take part B. join C. involve D. attend 9. She sighed, and continued to tell her story in a soft, ___ voice. A. silent B. loud C. still D. calm 10. 70% of the Chinese people are ___ sub-health problems. A. suffering B. bearing C. suffering from D. bearing from 11. I am really ___ of daily stress which I have go through. A. upset B. tired C. exhausted D. bored 12. Young people of today should be much more ____ helping the old than their parents were. A. concerning about B. concerned about C. caring about D. cared about 13. I am interested in ___. A. how are you getting on with your studies B.how you are getting along with your studies well. C. how you are getting on with your studies D. how well are you getting along with your studies

14. They are sure they will ___ the next game. A. be better at B. be good at C. do well in D. do better in 15. —Excuse me, is this Mr Brown's office? —I'm sorry, but Mr Brown ________ works here. A. no longer B. not now C. not still D. no more 16.He can't hear you because there is ____noise here. A.very much B.too much C.much too D.so many 17. It was ___ I became monitor of our class ___ I realized the importance of team work. A. not until; that B. not long before; that C. not until; did D. before; that 18. She will ___ a good actress if she gets the right training. A. change B. grow C. make D. turn 19. Those two are always copying ___ homework. A. each other’s B. one another C. every one’s D. one after another 20. ___ of last year, we had already completed ten projects. A. In the end B. At the end C. For the end D. By the end 答案: 1-5 ACDBB 6-10 AABDC 11-15 BBCDA 16-20 BACAD



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