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My First Ride on the Train 教师资格证英文说课稿


My First Ride on the Train

Good morning, judges. My name is ***. It’s my great pleasure to be here and share my lesson plan with you. I'll explain this lesson plan from five parts. Firstly, analysis of the teaching material, secondly, analysis of the teaching aims, thirdly, the important and difficult points, fourthly the teaching methods , lastly the teaching procedure。 First, let me talk about the teaching material. This is the first unit in SEFC Book 1A, and the topic is “My First Ride on the Train”. I choose the second period of this unit, that is reading: “My First Ride on a Train ” as my teaching material. The letter is about a student’s school life in the US. It shows students more cultural information in Australia. In this period, I will focus on developing the students’ reading ability, speaking ability and thinking ability through English learning. condition, I set the teaching aims as follows: I. Teaching Objectives 1. Language Objectives (1)Important words and phrases Recently, during the day, a long time ago, for many years, allow sb to do sth (2)Important sentence patterns a. Recently, I had my first ride on a long-distance train. b. What + N + S + V c. How + Adj/Adv + S + V 2. Ability Objectives (1)Students will develop the ability to adopt appropriate and effective reading strategies; (2)Students will learn to show their personal ideas upon some details in the text. 3. Moral Objectives (1) Help students to be familiar with the general configuration of the earth’s surface; (2) Help students to learn that animals are our good friends, and we should protect them. According to the teaching aims, the key points of II. Important Points 1. Help students to get some background information about Australia; 2. Help students to understand the important words, phrases and sentence patterns. III. Difficult Points 1. How to use discrete reading skills to grasp the main idea of the text, to extract the relevant information from the text, and to understand text organization; 2. How to connect the information from the written message with the students’ own knowledge to arrive at an understanding. Next, let me show you my teaching methods. IV. Teaching Methods According to the new curriculum standard and my students'

1. skimming, scanning, pair work, group work, asking and answering. 2. Teaching Aids: blackboard, pictures, computer and multi-medium. V. Teaching Procedures Step 1 Leading-in Ask Ss to talk about Australia. As we know, with the development of tourism, travel becomes very convenient and it has become a very important part in people’s life. Many people travel everywhere during the holiday. Today I will take you to a beautiful country – Australia. (Show the pictures about Australia on the screen. Ask Ss to say one or two sentences about Australia. Then ask them some questions about Australia.) Q1. Do you know how many people live there? Q2. Do you know the name of the capital city? A1. about 20 million A2. Canberra

Q3.Where do you think most of the people live, in the central part of the country or on the coast A3. on the east /southeast coast Q4. What do you think the central part of the country is like? A4. desert Q5. What Australian animals do you know about? A5. koala bear, possum, duck-billed platypus, kangaroo, echidna and dingo. Some of these animals are marsupials, that is, the mother keeps the baby in a pouch on her stomach. 2. Studying Vocabulary Before we read the text, let’s look at the words in Activity 2 on page 22. Match some of the words in the box with the 6 definitions. If you are not sure, you can turn to your dictionary for help. (Check the answers after the Ss finish it.) (1) abandoned: adj. uncontrolled ① abandon one’s country 背弃祖国 (2) camel: a kind of animal 骆驼 (3) cassette: 录音带 (4) desert: n. 沙漠,荒野 adj. 沙漠的,无人的 ① the Sahara Desert 撒哈拉沙漠② a desert island 无人岛 (5) distance: n. 距离 ① at a distance 在远处 ③ from a distance 在远处 (6) shine – shone – shone ① The sun shines brightly. ② Rain or shine 无论晴雨,不管怎样 ② at a distance from 离……有一段距离 v. give up ② abandon one’s friend 背弃朋友③ He abandoned the idea. 他放弃了这个注意。

④ in the distance 在远方,在远处

③ I shall go there rain or shine. 不管怎样,我都要去那儿。 7) supply: v. 供给,供应,补充 Supply sb. With sth. = supply sth. To sb. They supply the homeless children with food. =They supply food to the homeless children.

其复数形式 supplies 指“日用品,生活必需品,补给品”等。 Step 2 Reading 1. Fast reading: Purpose: To improve Ss’ reading skills.

Individual Work. Read the passage quickly, and ask Ss what the passage is about. It is about traveling to the central part of Australia. 2. Careful reading: (1) Individual Work. Read the passage and catch the main idea of each paragraph. Para. 1 I had my first ride on a long-distance train Para. 3 The train was comfortable and the people were nice. Para. 5 They used camels to carry goods. Para. 2 The train was wonderful and the food was great. Para. 4 Why is the train called the Ghan? Para. 6 telling facts

(So we can divide the passage into four parts. Part 1 is paragraph 1 and 2. Part 2 is paragraph 3 and 4. Part 3 is paragraph 5. Part 4 is paragraph 6 and 7.) (2) Individual Work. Read the passage again, and finish Activity 4 on page 24. 3. Post reading Ask Ss to discuss the following questions. (1) Group Work. What sort of people do you think travel on the Ghan train? (2) Group Work. What kind of towns and villages do you think the train passed? Step 3 Language study Purpose: To let Ss understand the passage well.

Group work. The students are divided into groups of four. Each group is supposed to read through each part, and then discuss them. 1. Recently I had my first ride on a long-distance train.不久前,我第一次乘坐长途火车。 (1) 句子中 long-distance 的表达法, 这是由 adjective + noun 构成的复合形容词。 类似的有 full-time 全日制的, second-hand 二手的, first-rate 一流的, high-class 高级的, large-scale 大规模的, high-tech 高科技的, kind-hearted 善良的, absent-minded 走神的,good-looking 样子好看的。 除此之外,还有其他复合词的表达法: 名词:daughter-in-law 媳妇,speed-reading 快速阅读 动词:baby-sit 照顾婴儿,window-shop 观望,物色 (2)recently:最近,近来; Eg The accident happened quite recently. 那次意外事故不久前刚发生。 ※ 注意 recently 不指“未来” ,不能说 I will go to Beijing recently. [相关] recent:最近的,近来的 e.g. recent news 最近的消息

2. And what a ride! 一次多么美妙的乘车旅行! 本句为感叹句,主谓语被省略,全句是:What a (beautiful) ride it was! 很多感叹句是由 what 或 how 引起的,what 修饰名词,how 修饰形容词、副词或动词。 Eg (1) What a nice voice he has! (2) How nice a voice he has! What a tall boy he is! How tall a boy he is!

有时,感叹句可以有一些单词或词组组成:Eg Fire! Good heavens!

Stop probing!

A great idea!

3. Suddenly, it looked like a place from another time. 突然间,时空好像发生了转变。 Look like … 看起来好象?? 4. I sat and looked out of the window. 我坐在那儿看着窗外。 look out 看外面,小心;look out of …看着??的外面 英语中 look 是一个很有活力的词,其主要意思和用法如下: (1)看,瞧 (2)和介词连用 Eg She looked but saw nothing. Please look at the blackboard carefully. Who is going to look after the children while you’re away? Why don’t you look in on me next time you’re in town?

We’re looking around (round) for a house in this area.

She saw a stranger looking towards her at the opposite side. A working party has been set up to look into the problem. Looking into the future, we are full of confidence. Why are you looking out of the window from time to time? The little Match Girl looked into the Grand House and saw a roast goose. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. (3) 与副词连用 Why are you always looking back? Look forward and you will have a much better life. At last things were beginning to look up. What are you looking for?

She looked through her notes before the exam.

Passers-by simply looked on as he was attacked. The official came to our classroom and looked in. (4) 作系动词(link v.)看起来 That book looks interesting.

You made me look a complete fool. You look as though you slept badly.

That photograph doesn’t look like her at all.

5. They tried riding horses, but the horses didn’t like the hot weather and sand.他们试着骑马,但那些马不喜欢炎热的天气 和沙漠 try doing sth. 尝试干某事 try to do sth. 尽力干某事

Eg ① We should try to make everything ready before the teacher comes. ②The students tried doing the experiment some other way. 6. The Afghans and their camels did this until the 1920s. 直到 20 世纪 20 年代, 阿富汗人和他们的骆驼还在做着这样的工 作。 (1) 请注意 until 的不同用法: They stayed in Beijing until the end of August. She stood there until her son waked out of sight.

Grace will live here with us until she has finished her master’s degree. They didn’t leave Beijing until the end of August. The student didn’t know the meaning until her classmate told her. letter. (2) the 1920s 20 世纪 20 年 the 1830s 19 世纪 30 年代 the 60s 60 年代 in her 80s 在她八十多岁的时候 The family heard nothing of him until they received his

7. Traveling at a speed over 400 kilometres per hour, the train can complete the 30-kilometre journey in eight minutes. 以 400 公里的时速,火车在 8 分钟内就完成了 30 公里的路程。 at full speed at a speed of 50 miles at the top of one’s speed at what speed

8. They travel very fast and they use less energy 它们运行得很快,而能量却消耗得较少。 Step 4 Homework 1. Try to retell the passage by the key words you just noted down. 2. Prepare for the Grammar 1 and 2. VI. Blackboard Design

Period 2, Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Australia Kangaroo Koala bear Sydney Opera Canberra… What+ N+S+V Exclamatory sentence How +Adj /Adv/+S+V allow sb to do sth: let sb do sth Homework: Write a composition

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