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New Mark 5 Introduction-Chinese

MARK5 Communication & Document Management Mark 5

Manage your documents and information flow in an efficient, flexible and less time consuming way. Maintain quality and compliance with advanced document management and document control features. 使用 Mark5 快速、灵活、省时、省力地处理信息和文件。不但能使工作效率倍增,工作 质量也随之显著提高。这些都归功于 Mark5 先进的数据控制和文件管理功能。航运业对 于邮件系统要求的特殊性和依赖性是普通邮件难以满足的,这有别于其他行业。


Mark5 用户的反馈

Employees like MARK5 as it ensures that critical information is available crisscross the organization regardless of where in the world they are located. This makes us able to respond to new information, quickly search for relevant data, and follow up on the progress of any task. With MARK5’s unique filtering options we reduced reading of irrelevant e-mails by 20% per individual after a period of working with the system.” Frank Mortensen, CEO at Lightship Chartering

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

MARK5 – a cost cutting and productivity gaining software solution Steep learning curve due to clear logic and user friendly interface Substantial time savings due to efficient handling of data Circumvents repetitive work and clean-ups Streamlines the complete workflow within the organization Improves overall performance Easily track and manage the entire workflow of the organization Free up employees, managers and IT to spend more time on pure business activities

我们的员工非常喜欢Mark 5,原因很简单,它能够让在世界 各地的企业员工同步阅读并且及时处理重要的信息。因此我们 能够快速处理新信息,快速查找相关数据,及时处理和跟进分 配的任务。 Mark5 独特的信息过滤系统 让每个员工节省了 至少20% 的时间。 管理层对Mark 5 非常满意。 法兰克 莫滕森, CEO at Lightship Chartering

? ?

Mark5 – 高效率,低成本的航运邮件解决方案 让企业内的工作流程一体化,提高企业整体表现

? ?

清晰的设计思路,直观的操作方式让员工快速上手 更有效的处理邮件和数据,节省大量时间,避免重复劳 动

员工,管理层和IT部门可以有更多的时间拓展新业 务

MARK5 - Key Components User Interface
? ? ? With a custom layout interface, users can personalize their own interface and tailor it to their specific needs, and from an admin view administrators can control and roll out specific layout templates to departments/users. The system is intuitive, easy to operate, and quick for new employees to learn due to short steps and clear logic. MARK5 can mimic Outlook layout, so that users can quickly get comfortable and familiar with the system.

Mail flow, Process automation and Filtering
? ? ? ? ? MARK5 has several functions to achieve an intelligent mail flow, which helps users to be more efficient and productive. The automation of various actions, such as: Filing/Filtering, Categorization, Grouping, and Follow up, circumvents repetitive work and is a daily timesaver. Multiple ways of sorting emails using advanced filtering options to help users to prioritize and lower the amount of emails needed to be read by each user. Users can broaden or narrow the filter criteria quickly and intuitive in order to achieve efficient mail handling. Unique reference number on incoming and outgoing messages.

Searching and Filing
? ? ? ? Powerful and quick search capability allows for easy retrieval of data, which results in considerable time savings for each user on a daily basis. Dynamic search folders provide instant results for high priority cases/projects. Shared filing system give user’s fast access to archived data, with the ability to search both for folders, and content of the folders. Drag and Drop or multiple folder filing for efficient archiving/filing of data.

? ? ? ? Allows each user to store and organize documents in a central location, where other colleagues can access them (Controlled via a permission based ‘access system’). Team members can log on to the system and edit, comment or review the document, which needs their inputs. Audit trails help track who made changes, what changes were made, and who reviewed them. Share information and collaborate across departments without having to forward messages. Easy overview and monitoring of who has read, filed, replied/ forwarded a document. All actions are logged in the system and can be seen by each user on the spot or with a single click.

? ? Access, mark as read, and reply to department emails from the following devices : Android, IPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry(Requires 3rd party App). Replies sent from mobile devices, are routed through the MARK5 system, so that colleagues in the office can keep track of actions taken and recipients receive the message from the group address with all correct header and footer information. File to selected folders direct from the mobile device (filing is done to the shared filing system in MARK5). Syncs via MS Exchange using EWS, so that users can have personal emails, calendar and contacts in MARK5 and access them via the mobile device.

? ?

Intelligent Tracking
? ? ? ? All information is linked in the system, similar to a business case, offering users a quick way with no clicks to see all relevant information about any document or object. Full log over all actions performed by users, on documents and objects. Links/Link details provide users with instant overview of all actions that have been done to a document/object in the system, such as replied/forwarded, filed, put into work tray etc. Load or drag in external files, to quickly import them into the system and have them at hand instantly whenever needed.

Synchronization between remote offices
? ? ? ? The remote module enables customers to link local installations of MARK5 together, creating one system across different locations. This setup gives users at the different offices, local speed, and access to historic data at any time, without being dependent on high latency, or affected by internet connection breakdowns. This module can also be used in failover setups for maximum redundancy. Companies can decide which objects they want to synchronize across locations.

Whiteboard module
? Whiteboard Module for virtual meetings, enhanced collaboration, and instant messaging applications. Drag and drop and share any e-mail or object with your colleagues, even with remote offices.

Microsoft Exchange integration


MARK5 can fully integrate into Exchange mailboxes/public folders using EWS, to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar events, so that users outside the system using Outlook still can work/collaborate with users of MARK5. MARK5 can also act as a fully standalone system without the need of additional mail-servers etc.


Ships Module
? ? Advanced shipping functionality with the fully integrated Sale and Purchase Module, Position-list and Cargo Module, Position and Cargo Matcher Module and Ship-database Module. Users are able to key in their own ship information and link it to contacts & messages; Users will be able to build their own network based the data accumulated over time.

Postfix Module
? To keep track and record fixtures. Easy searchable and presentable through a report generator. Can even be integrated with the customer’s specific billing system in order to generate invoices and keep track of paid and unpaid invoices.

Mark5 – 核心组件 用户界面 ? ? ? 用户可以根据需要设定个性化的用户模板。管理员可以为不同部门和特定用户按照要求设计自定义操作界 面。 Makr5 系统设计理念直观,配置简洁,架构合理,易于操作调试。 用户可在最短的时间及时上手。 Mark5 可使用于 Outlook 类似的用户版面设定, 用户可以在熟悉的环境里使用新系统。

邮件流程,自动化进程和筛选 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mark 5 的强大功能使智能邮件处理变为可能,用户可根据自己需求配置,从而提高工作效率。 自动存档,过滤信息,自动分组、分类,重复信息自动处理等功能节省大量时间。 高级分类设定让用户根据自禁地需要对邮件进行排序。 用户可根据自己的需求扩大和缩小搜索条件来锁定所需邮件。 每一份进出的邮件都有自己的识别码。 MARK5 可以把旗下各个公司以及各部门的邮件讯息整合起来,统一管理,规范及监督。通过邮件的统一 储存和管理,避免许多不必要的重复劳动,和一些不规范的员工行为。 MARK5 可以非常有效地让那些需要依赖团队紧密协作的部门通过共享邮箱来提高工作效率及减低人为失 误。

搜索和文件归档 ? ? ? ? ? 强大的搜索功显著缩短邮件查找,文件定位。 动态文件夹搜索,即时显示设置优先等级的项目和课题。 共享文档系统允许用户在已存档的文件中快速搜索文件夹和内容。 拖拽和多地址存档功能让文件归档变得更有效率。 MARK5 可以让员工们在不需要通过 IT 部门的协助下,非常轻易地搜寻到所有过往的交易讯息,fixtures, recap, 船舶资料等等。

用户协作 ? ? 邮件集中存档归类,让企业中每个人在同一平台处理信息。(不同权限用户被分配不同任务和模块) 同一团队的组员可以阅读、编辑、评论他们所处理的邮件信息。Mark5 的巡径系统会标识不同用户对信息 所做的不同处理。(比如:组员 A 阅读过来自 ABC 公司的邮件并存入自己的 work tray,与此同时 B 对该 条信息添加了评论。) 邮件集中存储可以让不同的部门阅读相同的信息,这样,不同部门之间无需再次转发相同的信息。 系统日志记录不同用户对不同信息所做的处理。轻松管理和监管所有员工的动向。 MARK5 可以容纳公司旗下下各个公司,部门的大量邮件,交易讯息,合同,联系人,避免这些资料随着 人事流动以及终端电脑的损坏而丢失。 MARK5 可以轻易地通过权限的分配,让各级别的人员看到自己允许看到的讯息。

? ? ? ?

便携性 ? ? ? ? 使用欲动设备, 如 IPhone、黑莓、安卓等登陆 Mark5 阅读、回复、编辑邮件。 使用移动设备交换的信息被 Mark5 系统记录并发送,办公室用户可以得到及时更新。保证了信息本身的 完整度和格式。 在移动设备上直接对文件进行存档处理。(有 Mark5 文件共享系统完成)。 通过 EWS 与 MS Exchange 同步。用户可以用手机在 Mark5 系统中浏览私人邮件,日历,和联系人。

智能寻径 ? 系统内储存的信息都是互通的,Mark5 系统不仅能提供用户所需的特定文件,而且与此文件相关的文件也 会一起显示。比如 用户查找与 A 货轮 10 月 1 日发来的信息, Mark5 在给出该信息的同时,也会显示出其 他月份的相关文件)。 完整的系统日志可以反馈用户对邮件和文件的操作。 系统可以通过链接面板向用户提供邮件和文件动态,例如该封邮件被他人回复、转发、存档或者被放入个 人文件夹。 用户可以直接使用拖拽的方式向系统内导入外部文件以方便下次使用。

? ? ?

异地同步功能 ? ? ? ? 安装在不同地点的Mark5可是通过远程模块连接,实现了异地使用同一系统的目的。 异地同步让不同地区的用户以本地网速,随时随地浏览文件。网络延迟和断网不影响该功能使。 此功能可以为故障援助设定提供最大冗余。 企业可以决定所需同步内容。

电子白板模块 ? 此模块可用于虚拟会议、增强协作和即时通讯。 在电子白板上通过文件拖拽直接与同地/异地的同事 分享邮件和文件。

与其他邮件系统的整合 ? ? ? Mark5 可以通过EWS协议与Microsoft Exchange 同步收发邮件。公共文件夹、通讯录和日历也会被同步。 与Outlook 无冲突。 Mark5 可以通过imap,POP3 协议实现与第三方邮件服务商同步。 Mark5也可以作为单独的邮件系统使用。

船只数据库模块 ? ? 此模块涵盖船舶数据整理、销售、采购、船舶坐标数据、货运组件、船舶位置--货物匹配等功能。适 用于S&P Broker。 MARK5 可以把宝贵的船舶资料,如船舶规范,位置,买卖交易历史等紧密地和公司地址薄或邮件讯 息连系起来,形成一个公司长期累积的“数据库”。

后续跟进模块 ? 追踪并记录固定资产。搜索自动生成的报告。用户可根据需要植入现有的收费系统。追踪已付和未付 的货单。

Nordic IT 背景 北欧资讯(Nordic IT),上个世纪八十年代成立于丹麦的哥本哈根,是一家专业为海事,金融,能源等领域的企 业提供通信技术,软件产品以及第三方解决方案的公司。 北欧资讯(Nordic IT)公司经过二十多年的发展,已经在海事等相关行业积累了丰富的经验,因为有着良好的服 务水平以及强大的开发团队,在客户中享有非常高的客户忠诚度和良好的口碑。现客户群体已遍及全球。

北欧资讯(Nordic IT)总部设在哥本哈根,建立了全球最大的海事能源业软件开发基地和服务基地。并设立了快 速反应的客户中心,同时在美国,英国,德国,挪威,荷兰,迪拜,俄罗斯, 新加坡,上海,北京,香港等地。


Mark 5 Users

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