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Book Three Module 2 Developing and Developed Countries Section 1 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary (3 课时)
1、通过自主阅读课文,能够认识课文中的新词汇。 2、通过自主翻译课文,能够掌握课文中重要句型的结构。 3、通过自主阅读课文,能够透彻理解课文内容。

Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4 Para. 5 (二)Read the B. Examples of successful development in 2003. C. Developed countries should give more financial help. D. The H.D Index measures a country’s achievement. E. How the Human Development Report came out.

passage on P 12 again quickly and then answer the questions at Activity 1, Page

12 .

Step 2 Careful Reading
(一)Read the passage on P 12 carefully and judge whether the following statements are true(T)or false (F). 1、According to the Human Development Report in 2000 ,America is at the top in achievements .( ) 2、In the last ten years ,150 million people have left their hometowns because of poverty in China .( ) 3 、 According to the Human Development Index in 2000 , it measures a country’s achievements in three ways .( ) 4、Over half of the people in South Asia or Africa are hungry .( ) 5、According to the Human Development Report in 2000 ,more than 1 billion people in developing countries don’t drink safe water .( ) (二)Read the passage on page 12 again carefully and fill in the blanks in the following table . ★ The top five countries in the list are 1______________, Iceland , Sweden , Australia ,the Netherlands ,while the The Human US is at number 7 . Development ★ The UK is in the thirteenth position ,while 2________ Index is in the middle of the list . ★ The bottom ten countries are all 3___________________ countries , with Sierra Leone at the bottom of the list. ★ To reduce 4_______________ and hunger . ★ To fight AIDS and other diseases . Development ★ To improve the environment of 5_____________________. Goals ★ To encourage 6________________________ to give more help to other countries . ★ In nine years (1953-1962),China increased life Examples of expectancy by 7______________________ .150 million Chinese successful 8____________________ in the last ten years . development ★ In some regions of the world ,like 9___________________, water is now mostly safe to drink . ★ Every day 799 million people in developing countries are hungry . The challenges ★ About 115 million children are 10___________________. ★ More than 1 billion people in developing countries do not drink safe water .


三、学习内容:Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary 四、学习过程 Pre-reading


同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些单词和短语,请自主阅读教材 P11-13,然后把它们 找出来。 1、饥饿__________2、收入_____________3、贫穷_____________4、人______________ 5、发展____________6、指数_____________7、测量_____________8、目标__________ 9、预期数额_____________10、位置____________11、教育__________12、数字______ 13、Oceania__________14、education_________15、disease________16、business______ 17、industry_________18、section_________19、achievement_________20、top________ 21、bottom_________22、reduce_________23、fight___________24、improve___________ 25、encourage_________26、environment__________27、safe________28、example______ 29、challenge_______30、however_______31、region_______32、although_________ 33、mostly_______34、effort_________35、progress__________36、fact__________

1、developing countries______________ 2、developed countries________________ 3、North America _________________4、for a long period time_____________________ 5、in one’s opinion ____________________6、up to___________________________ 7、agree to do_________________ 8、the Human Development Index______________ 9、the Human Development Report_____________ 10、development goals__________ 11、at the top of___________________ 12、in three ways______________________ 13、in the middle of _________________14、at the bottom of__________________ 15、make sure___________________ 16、safe drinking water____________________ 17、encourage?to do _________________18、give examples of__________________ 19、in the last ten years_______________ 20、move out of poverty____________ 21、go to primary school ________________22、in other regions_______________ 23、financial help___________________ 24、make efforts______________________

(三)Analyse and translate these sentences.
1、From this agreement came the Human Development Report. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Step 1 Fast Reading

(一)Read the passage on P 12 quickly and Match the main idea with each paragraph . Para. 1 A. The most five important goals of the report.

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2、Norway is at the top of the list, while the US is at number 7. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3、The bottom ten countries are all African countries, with Sierra Leone (in West Africa) at the bottom of the list. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 4、The report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to make greater efforts . ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 5、Although developed countries give some financial help ,they need to give much more. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

be up for 用于…… It is up to sb. to do sth. 做某事是某人的责任;应由某人做某事 It’s up to you. 由你作主。/取决于你。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ It blows a double stream of water that can rise _______ 4 meters above the water. 它吹出双倍的水流,高出水面四米。 ⑵“Shall we have red wine or white?” “_____________________ .” “我们来点红酒还 是白酒?” “你看着办吧。 ” ⑶ I see what you__________________. 我知道你在动什么歪脑筋。 ⑷ —What do you want to do next?We have half an hour until the Basketball game. —________.Whatever you want to do is fine with me. A.It just depends B.It’s up to you C.All right D.Glad to hear that ⑸ I haven’t seen you for a couple of days.What have you been up______? A.in B.to C.with D.for 3、From this agreement came the Human Development Report. = The Human Development Report came from this agreement.人类发展报告就出自这一协 议。 (P12) 本句为倒装句,介词短语位于句首时用于强调方位或方式,句子用完全倒装形式。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ Beneath(在?下方) our feet ______ that our life depends on for food and clothing. A. the earth lay B. the earth lies C. lie the earth D. lies the earth ⑵ Just in front of our house ______ which is 500 years old. A. does a tall tree stand B. stands a tall tree C. a tall tree is standing D. a tall tree stands 4、The index measures a country’s achievement in three ways:life expectancy ( how long people usually live), education and income.这一指数从三个方面衡量一个国家的 发展成就:寿命(人们一般能活多久) 、教育和收入。 (P12) measure vt . 测量;考虑;评估 n. 尺寸,大小;度量单位;措施,办法 measurement n.测量,衡量;尺寸;大小;长度 measured adj.慎重考虑过的 measurable adj.可测量的,可衡量的 take / adopt measures to do sth. 采取措施做某事 in some / great / large measure 在某种/很大程度上 beyond measure 非常地,极其;不可估量 take measurements with a ruler 用尺量尺寸 the measurements of a room 房间的大小(指长、宽、高) be measured in/by... 用……来计算 make clothes to one’s measure 为某人量体裁衣 【反馈检测】 ⑴ You can't _______ a person by the clothes he wear.你不能以衣着来衡量一个人。 ⑵ The government is taking new __________ to reduce poverty.政府正在采取新措施 来减少贫穷。 ⑶ The tailor ___________ me for a suit.裁缝量我的尺寸好做西装。 The area,which __________ 5 kilometres by 3 kilometres,has been purchased by the



Fill in the blanks according to the text and retell . In 2000,147 world leaders agreed to work together to reduce poverty 1__________ 2015 or earlier . From this 2__________________ came the Human Development Report .The report mainly 3__________________ two aspects .One is the Human Development Index , which 4__________________ the achievements of 175 countries in three ways : life 5_______________ ,education and 6_____________________. The other is the Development Goals ,and the most important ones are to :reduce poverty and 7_________________ ; make sure that all children have education up to the age of 11;fight AIDS and other diseases ;improve the 8________________ of poor people ;encourage 9_________________ countries to give more help to other countries . Based on some examples ,the report finally shows that we are making some 10_________________ but that we need to make greater efforts .

Step 4 Post reading
Finish exercise 2 on P 11 and exercises 2 、3、4 and 5 (P13 ).

Step5 Language Points

同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些词汇和句型,请你在课文中找出后把对应的知识点 写在其旁边,最后完成相应的检测题。 1、income n.收入(P11) 谈“收入”多少时,多时用 large;少时用 small . 【反馈检测】 ⑴ They received a proportion of their________from the sales of goods and services. A.income B.pay C.wage D.expense 2、not many children have an education up to 11 years old 很多孩子到 11 岁都没 有接受教育(P11) up to 直到,到……为止(用于地点、数量、程度、时间等);从事于;忙于;取决于;达 到;胜任;多至,高达(数目);达到(程度) be up to 打算做/正做(某种不好的事) be up to sb. to do... 应由某人做…… be up to sth. 从事于……,胜任……

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army.这一长 5 公里,宽 3 公里的区域已被军方购买下来。 ⑷ They took strong _________ against dangerous drivers.他们对危害公众的司机采取 强硬的措施。 ⑸ The government has _________________ bring down the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable.政府为保持市场稳定,采取了措施来降低日用品价格。 ⑹ The cloth ________ easily if ________ on a table. A.measures;spreading B.measures;spread C.will be measured;spread D.is measured;spreaded ⑺ I like to have a dress ________. A.make to my own measure B.make by one’s own measure C.made to my own measure D.making by my own measure ⑻ Before I could get in a word he ________ me. A.measuring B.has measured C.measured D.had measured ⑼It’s high time we_______effective________to improve your working conditions. A.took;measures B.made;measures C.did;measure D.had;measure 5、Norway is at the top of the list,while the US is at number 7.挪威高居榜首, 而美国则排第七。 (P12) while 引导一个并列分句,表示对照。 while conj.表示同类的对比, “而,却” while conj.正当……时,(指同时发生) while conj.尽管,虽然(表示让步,通常放在句首) while conj.只要=as/so long as(表示条件,通常只引起肯定句) at the top of 在……顶端 in the middle of 在……中间 at the bottom of 在……底部 【反馈检测】 ⑴ She thought I was talking about her daughter,________ in fact,I was talking about my daughter. A.whom B.where C.which D.while ⑵ I do every single bit of housework _____ my husband Bob just does the dished now and then. A. since B. while C. when D. as ⑶ It just isn’t fair;________ I was working as a waiter last month,my friends were lying on the beach. A.whenever B.though C.for D.while ⑷ —You seem to have that car for years. —Yes.I should sell it ________ it still runs. A.before B.during C.until D.while ⑸ _______all of them are strong candidates(申请求职者) ,only one will be chosen for the post. A.Since B.While C.If D.As ⑹ —I wonder how much you charge(收费) for your services. —The first two are free ________ the third costs $30. A.while B.until C.when D.before ⑺ ________I appreciate the honor,I couldn’t accept the position.

A.While B.As C.Since D.When 6、The UK is in the thirteenth position, while China is in the middle of the list. 英国排在第十三位,而中国则排在名单的中间。 (P12) position n.地点,位置,所在地;姿势,姿态;地位;位次;立场,处境;职位 in position 在适当/应在的位置 out of position 不在适当/应在的位置 a high / low position in society 在社会上的高/低地位 get a position 获得某职位 shift one’s position 改变立场 in a ...position 处于……的地位/处境;以?的姿势 be in a position to do sth. (因有能力、金钱或权力而)能做某事 take up(one’s)position 就位 state 多表示身体、心理状况,或物体的好坏状态。 situation 表示政治上的形势局面;或公司、社会等的总体状况、处境。 condition 表示条件,也可表示周围的工作、学习环境,条件(常用复数)。 position 指(影响自己的行动能力的)处境,情势;也可指职位、地点、位置等。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ He lay in a comfortable _____________ .他以舒适的姿势躺着。 ⑵ What’s the student’s _____________ in class?那名学生在班上排名第几? ⑶ A year after graduation, I was offered a ____________ teaching a writing class. 毕业后一年,我得到了一个教写作课的职位。 ⑷ When I know all the facts, I’ll be in a _____________ to advise you.在我了解 所有的事实之后,我就能给你提出建议了。 ⑸ One of the chairs is ____________. Put it back in position.有一把椅子位置不对, 把它放回原处。 ⑹ She ____________ as an interpreter in the company. 她获得了在那家公司当翻译的 工作。 ⑺ The vice president is in a ____________ of poor health.副总统健康状况不佳。 ⑻ The economic ____________ is now different.现在经济形势不同了。 ⑼ The miners there worked in dreadful ____________.那里的矿工们在极其恶劣的环境 中工作。 ⑽ He has a high ____________ in society.他社会地位很高。 ⑾ When he applied for a ______ in the office of the local newspaper he was told to see the manager. A.location B.profession C.career D.position ⑿ From their ________ on the top of the TV Tower,visitors can have a better view of the city. A.stage B.position C.condition D.situation ⒀ The collapse(倒塌)of the World Trade Centre has put U.S. economy in a difficult ________. A.occasion B.case C.situation D.background ⒁ From their________on the top of the TV Tower,visitors can have a better view of the city. A.stage B.position C.condition D.situation 7、For example, in nine years (1953-1962), China increased life expectancy by 13

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years.例如,在九年的时间内(1953-1962) ,中国的人均寿命增加了 13 年。 (P12) by 表示增加或减少了的数量。 to 表示增加或减少到的数量。 8、Although more than 80% of children in developing countries go to primary school , about 115 million children are not being educated .虽然在发展中国家超过 80%的儿童 都能上小学,可仍然有大约 1.15 亿儿童不能接受教育。 (P12) although 连词, “虽然,尽管” ,引导让步状语从句,与 though 可以互换,不能与 but 连用, 但是可以与 yet,still 连用。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ ____ you call me to say you’re not coming , I’ll see you at the theatre. A.Though B. Whether C. Until D. Unless ⑵ Paul has to write a history paper, ____ he couldn’t find time to do. A. but B. so C. because D. if ⑶ You should try to get a good night’s sleep _____much work you have to do. A. however B. no matter C. although D. whatever ⑷ Mr. Hall understands that ____ maths has always been easy for him, it is not easy for the students. A. unless B. since C. although D. when ⑸ It was a nice meal,________a little expensive. A.though B.whether C.as D.since ⑹ —Someone wants you on the phone. —________ nobody knows I am here. A.Although B.And C.But D.So ⑺ ________the police thought he was the most likely one,since they had no exact proof about it,they could not arrest him. A.Although B.As long as C.If only D.As soon as 9、 make efforts 努力 (P12) make an / every effort to do sth. 尽其所能做某事 put a lot of effort into? 在……投入很多的精力 spare no efforts / effort to do sth. 不遗余力做某事 without effort 容易地 with effort 努力地,艰难地 through one's efforts 通过某人的努力 【反馈检测】 ⑴ He lifted the box ____________.他毫不费力地把箱子搬起来了。 ⑵ It's only ________________ that we have managed to raise the money.正是通过你 的努力我们才筹到了这笔钱。 ⑶ ...but we don’t make an effort to teach children how to manage it. ……但是 我们没有尽力去教孩子如何来理财。 ⑷ Every ________ is being made to deal with the issues you raised at the last meeting. 正尽一切努力处理你在上次会议上提出的问题。 ⑸ Frank ________________________ the preparations for the party.弗兰克花了很大 力气来准备这次聚会。 ⑹ As your agent, we shall ____________________ to promote the sale of your slippers on our market.作为你的代理,我们将不遗余力地在市场上推销你们的拖鞋。

⑺ As we all know, the government is now making every ____________ to set up a harmonious society. A. effort B. effect C. measure D. performance ⑻ He studied very hard, and passed the exam ______. A. impossible B. hardly C. without effort D. with effort ⑼ Great effort must be________ to deal with the economic crisis now. A. taken B. made C. put D. through ⑽ Every effort should be________to save the boy’s life. A.taken B.done C.made D.given 10、? so it is right that they should do so .因此他们这么做是应该的。 (P12) It is right that? 是一个形式主语的句型。 由 it 引导的句型还有以下几种情况: It is + 一段时间+since 从句“自从……已有一段时间了” It was /will be + 一段时间+ before 从句“到……时还有一段时间” It’s no good/use doing sth. “做……是无用的” It’s hoped /said/believed / reported /thought that ? “人们希望/说/相信/报道/认 为……” It’s certain that? (这里的 certain 不能用 sure (代替)“一定会……”) It’s possible /probable /likely that ?“很有可能……” 11、figure n. 数字;图形;人物;身材 vt. 计算;想;估计 ;认为,判断(P13) figure sth. in 把某物包括/考虑在内;计算在内 figure on sth. 计划,指望,期待,依赖 figure out = work out 弄明白;理解……;计算出;合计起来;想出 figure up 计算……,把……总加起来 a square figure 一个方形 the latest sales figures 最新的销售数字 a historical figure 一位历史人物 keep one’s figure 保持完美的身材 figure that 认为 【反馈检测】 ⑴ Because leaders are public __________,their apologies are likely to be personally uncomfortable and even professionally risky.因为领导是公众人物,他们的道歉从个人 角度来说可能不舒服,而且还有职业风险。 ⑵ How does Mary manage to ________________ when she eats so much?玛丽吃得这么多, 究竟是怎样保持完美身材的? ⑶ Leaders of many countries have been trying to ____________ what it is that makes China develop so fast.许多国家的领导一直设法想弄清楚到底是什么使中国发展如此快。 ⑶ I ____________ going to New York in January.我计划 1 月份去纽约。 ⑷ I can't ____________ how to get the machine started.我不明白怎样才能让这机 器运转起来。 ⑸ He ________ who the murderer was before the end of the book. A.figured on B.figured in C.figured out D.figured up ⑹ This novel is so badly written that I can hardly ________ what the writer is trying to say. A.fill out B.find out C.think out D.figure out

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⑺ The present situation is very complex,so I think it will take me some time to________ its reality. A.make up B.figure out C.look through D.put off ⑻ He________ who the murderer was before the end of the book. A.figured on B.figured in C.figured out D.figured up


Step6 学习体会

Step7 Homework
Prepare for Cultural Corner “ Town Twinning ”On Page 19. (1)自主阅读课文,找出里面的新词汇; (2)自主试译课文。

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把规范修炼成一种习惯 Section Ⅱ
1、通过自主阅读课文,能够认识课文中的新单词与词汇。 2、通过自主翻译课文,能够掌握课文中重要句型的结构。 3、通过自主阅读课文,能够透彻理解课文内容。

4、The students and people who want to practice speaking another language can benefit from the town twinning agreements .( ) 5、Town twinning is a new idea ,and it has become more popular in recent years.( ) (二)Read the text again carefully and finish the following exercises . 1、Which sentence can be replaced by the following one . Town twinning agreements can help those people who are willing to learn and master another language . _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 2、Translate the following sentence into Chinese. This is because living with a foreign family for one or two weeks means that you have to speak their language ,and as a result you improve fast . ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3、Does your hometown have a twin town ?Say something about it. ____________________________________________________________________________

Cultural Corner

(2 课时)

1、书写要认真规范; 2、教师讲解时,务必用红色笔修正答案。

三、学习内容:Town Twinning 四、学习过程 (一) Pre-reading
同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些单词和短语,请自主阅读 P19 课文,然后把它们找 出来。

1、娱乐_____________2、交换___________3、twin____________4、medium_____________ 5、university__________6、share_________7、tourism___________8、culture_________ 9、private__________10、practice__________11、mean________12、similar___________

1、exchange for_____________________2、in the UK____________________________ 3、medium-sized towns_______________4、be close to__________________________ 5、in the region____________________6、share? with?_______________________ 7、similar features_________________8、private homes________________________ 9、find out_________________________10、theatre groups______________________ 11、as a result_______________12、encourage sb.to do sth.___________________

Step 3

Language points

同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些词汇和句型,请你在课文中找出后把对应的知识点 写在其旁边,最后完成相应的反馈检测题。 1、be/get close to(介词) close down close in close up 包围;封闭;逼近 关闭;停歇;靠拢;靠近;靠紧 (广播电台、电视台)停止播音,停播;(工厂等的)关闭,歇业

Step 1 Fast reading
Read the text quickly and then answer the following questions.
1、What kind of towns and cities can probably have a town twinning agreement? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2、What happens when two towns have a town twinning agreement? ____________________________________________________________________________

close 和 closely 均可做副词,意指“在附近”或“密切地” ,但使用场合不同;close 多用 来修饰介词短语和动词,表时空和关系的紧密。而 closely 则用来修饰动词或过去分词,表 达一个动作的“密切”程度。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ As the school term ends,New York is no closer to _____ its shortage(短缺) of teachers than it was earlier in the year. A.solve B.solving C.being solved D.be solved D.close;closely ⑵ He sat ________ against the wall and listened to the teacher ________. A.close;close B.closely;closely C.closely;close 2、It’s an agreement between towns or cities of similar size and age,and...它 是有着相似的面积和年代的城镇之间的一份协定,而且……(P19)
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Step 2 Careful reading
(一)Read the text carefully and judge whether the following statements are true (T)or false(F). 1、Town twinning is an agreement between two countries .( ) 2、The visitors of town twinning agreements live in the private homes when they visit the others of town twinning agreements .( friends .( ) ) 3、There is usually a party for you when you visit your town twinning agreements

(1)“be of +抽象名词=be+名词的形容词形式”常用来描述人或事物的特征。 be of great(much) value/importance/use/help =be very valuable/important/useful/helpful (2)还有些抽象名词没有相应的形容词形式 be of the size/weight/height/depth/length/age/colour/shape/kind/type (3)“be of+ n.”结构的否定形式一般为“be of no + n.” 。 【反馈检测】 ⑴ This dictionary is _________________ to learners of English. =This dictionary is _____________ to learners of English.这本词典对英语学习者很 有用。 ⑵ They are ____________ state.=They belong to ___________ state.他们属于同一个 州。 ⑶ George is a man ___________________.乔治是一个勇气非凡的人。 ⑷ Children need friends ________________________(与他们同龄的) to play with. ⑸ 句型转换 Doing sports about half an hour regularly every day benefits your health greatly. ①Doing sports about half an hour regularly every day ________ ________ ________ ________ to your health. ②Doing sports about half an hour regularly every day________ ________ ________ to your health. ⑹ You’ll find this map of great ________ in helping you to get round in London. A.price B.cost C.value D.usefulness ⑺ The discovery of these tombs is ______ for scholars' studying the history of the Tang Dynasty. A. of very important C. of great significance B. great significant D. greatly importance

make an exchange exchange blows exchange words exchange experience exchange greetings 【反馈检测】 ⑴ We haven’t met for years, but we still________greetings by email on festivals. A.change B.replace C.exchange D.transfer(转移,搬运) ⑵ I have offered to paint the house ________ a week’s accommodation(住处). A.in exchange for C.by means of Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.We m____________ the room and found it was 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. 2.A child receives its early e____________ from its parents at home. 3.Indians are the first i______________ of North America. 4.Can I e____________ pounds for dollars here? 5.Many c____________ sent money to help the refugees(难民). 6.His score is now well into double _____________(数字). 7.The country depends on _______________(旅游业)for most of its income. 8.This is a very common word,_______________(尤其)in spoken English. 9.With the ______________(发展)of agriculture and industry,we are living a better life. 10._____________(不巧的是),you were out when we called. (凭借…手段) B.with regard to(关于) D.in place of(代替) 交换 互相殴打, 打架 争吵, 吵架 交流经验 互相问候

exchange sth. with sb. 与某人交换[调换]某种东西 exchange seats with sb. 与某人调换一个座位

Step 4 课堂达标



⑻ —How much if I want to take one? —You can take as many as you like because they are free of ________. A.cost B.charge C.money D.pay B.a great help;of no use D.very helpful;of no any use ⑼ This book is________to my translation,but that one is________. A.great help;helpless C.important;of few importance 3、exchange in exchange for exchange for


n. 交换 ;交流(P19) 交换;作为…的交换; 以...换 交换;交流

Step 6 Homework
Prepare for Speaking & Listening and vocabulary & Function & Everyday English . (1)自主阅读教材,找出里面的新词汇。

第 7 页


n.?C?人群;v.聚集,拥挤 【反馈检测】 ⑴ Liu Qian’s act drew______________________ .刘谦的表演吸引了一大批观众。

Section Ⅲ Speaking & Listening and vocabulary & Function & Everyday English(1 一、学习目标


⑵ At weekends the beach______________________ noisy trippers .周末时,海滨上满 是喧哗的游客。 ⑶ Half an hour before the performance began , the hall was already ________ audiences . A. crowding with connection connect sth. to / with sth. connect sb. with sth. connect by be connected to in connection with B. crowded with 关系 把……连接到…… 把某人与某事联系在一起 通过……相联系 与……相连 关于,与……有关 与……有(无)关 与…有关系 与…有关系 与…有牵连 与…有关联 C. full with D. filled of

1、书写要认真规范; 2、教师讲解时,务必用红色笔修正答案。


同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些单词和短语,请自主阅读教材 P14-18,然后把它们 找出来。

2. be connected with


1、一家人________2、无家可归的_________3、慈善团体_________4、拥挤的___________ 5、高速公路_________6、居民__________7、类似____________8、不幸的___________ 9、所在地________10、旅游业_________11、交通工具__________12、工业的_________ 13、受到污染的________14、整洁的__________15、浩瀚的__________16、comma______ 17、though_______18、particular_______19、pollution_______20、wealth_________ 21、peaceful___________22、wealthy___________23、climate___________

have a(no)connection with have something to do with be related to be involved in be associated with 【反馈检测】

1、get good medical care________________2、check for mistakes_______________ 3、in particular______________4、receive a good education___________________ 5、be willing to do sth._______________6、be connected with_________________ 7、live in a particular place________________8、industrial port_____________ 9、How do you find it?_______________10、It’s totally fascinating ._______ 11、as you see______________________12、I didn’t get that .__________________ 13、 (Let’s)find some of the action .______________________________________

⑴ The two families are ____________ by marriage.这两个家庭联姻了。 ⑵ I am writing to you ____________________ your job application. 此信是有关你求 职一事的。 ⑶ You can see changes in their life that _____________________ their alternative break experiences.你可以看出他们生活中的变化,这些变化和他们有意义的假期经历有联 系。 ⑷ The first would possibly ________ Kunming _________ Singapore via Vietnam and Malaysia.第一个或许能通过越南和马来西亚把昆明和新加坡连接起来。 ⑸ Her diligence must have ____________________ her success.她的勤勉和她的成功一 定有某种关系。 ⑹ The express way ________ Taiyuan with Beijing is very convenient. A. connects A.connect to 速公路。(P16)
第 8 页

Step 1
Finish exercises 1 and 2 on P16 and eexercise 2 on P17 and xercises of Everyday English and then check up the answers in groups.

Step 2 Language Points:

B. connecting

C. being connected

D. is connected D.be connected with

同学们,在本部分中,你要掌握这些词汇和句型,请你在课文中找出后把对应的知识点 写在其旁边,最后完成相应的反馈检测题。 1.crowded adj 拥挤的;挤满的;塞满的(P16) be crowded with 挤满了…

⑺ That soldier was suspected to ________ the crime. B.connect with C.be connected to 3.Beijing doesn’t have as many freeways as Sydney does.北京没有悉尼那么多的高

as many freeways as Sydney does 为比较状语从句,as many...as“和……一样多,有…… 之多” 。 这种结构的基本模式是:as +形容词或副词原级+ as 分句 这种结构的否定形式是:not so/as +形容词或副词原级 +as 分句= less+形容词或副词原级 +than 分句。 as...as 同级比较有三种形式 as + adj./adv. + as as + adj.+可数名词复数或不可数名词 + as as +adj.+ a/an +可数名词单数 + as 【反馈检测】 ⑴ What a table!I’ve never seen such a thing before.It is _____ it is long. A.half not as wide as C.not half as wide as ________ expensive. A.as B.so C.too D.very ⑶ It is generally believed that teaching is ________ it is a science. A.an art much as C.as an art much as B.much an art as D.as much an art as poverty lies in the development of C. /; an D. a; an B.wide not as half as D.as wide as not half

John got his phone for his birthday, school. A. however B. which 8. I firmly believe, as long as I or later. A. spend B. spare C. share D. make hard and go to college. D. him to study 9. Tom’s brother who is now a doctor always encourages A. for him studying B. him studying 10. —Is the water safe A. drinking 11. A. Educating people. A. less; less serious trouble. A. having done — Why! B. to do C. doing D. to have done 14. — The book is not interesting. How do you like it? . It’s worth seeing a second time. B. It’s totally fascinating D. A friend lent it to me . D. the worst A. I didn’t get that B. fewer; fewer C. fewer; less D. less; fewer 13. I’m so glad I didn’t agree it, otherwise it would have got me into ? C. being drunk C. Educated D. to be drunk D. To be educated time and C. for him to study C. but D. when great efforts, my dream will come true sooner his parents don’t let him use it in

—Of course. This is pure spring water. B. to drink B. Having educated by the teacher, Bob has made great progress this term.

⑵ My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours,but it is twice

12. What I want to know is how to do the job better with

Step 3 课堂达标
1. The only way out we get rid of education. A. /; / 2. From our city. A. occasion B. condition A. that B. while C. situation C. which D. who green grass and red flowers D. for D. position others are good at nothing. 3. We must never think we are good at everything 4. In summer, I enjoy walking along a small river on both sides. A. of 5. B. in C. with he is poor, he’s ready to help his friends who are in trouble, which makes B. However C. As D. Whether B. a; / on the top of the hill, we can have a better view of the whole

C. I bought it in the store — Forget it. It couldn’t be A. worse B. so bad

15. — Have you passed the driving test? C. better

Step4 学习体会

Step5 Homework : Prepare for the Grammar :
Link words but ,however ,although ,while

him very popular. A. Although tooth. A. in search of B. in need of C. in case of D. in exchange for 7. 6. Peter will give me five sweets an apple, but in fact I don’t have a sweet

第 9 页

Section Ⅳ Grammar
通过观察例句和实战演练,记住 Link words (but ,however ,although ,while)的用 法。

7、While he likes the big house very much ,he can’t afford it .虽然他很喜欢那 所大房子,但他买不起。 ★ while 引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然;尽管”,置于句首。

(1 课时)

Step 2 Summary
many much 许多,后接可数名词的复数

1、书写要认真规范; 2、教师讲解时,务必用红色笔修正答案。




Step 1

fewer 更少,后面接可数名词

(一)观察下列例句,记住表示转折关系并列连词的用法。 1、You will be lucky if he lets you go without a ticket ,however ,this does not always happen .如果他不给你开罚单就让你走,那是你运气好。不过,这种事不是常有的。 ★ however 然而,不过。它的语气比 but 弱,不直接引出相反的意见,可放于句首和句中, 且通常用逗号与句子其他成分隔开。 2、I’d asked everyone but only two people came .每个人我都请了,但是只来了两个人。 ★ but 是连词,意为“但是”,用来引出相反意见或不同情况,常用于口语中。 3、You like playing tennis ,while I like reading .你爱打网球,而我爱看书。 ★ while 连词,意为“却,然而”,表示对比或用于引出相反的情况。 (二)观察下列例句,记住表示让步关系从属连词的用法。 1、I’d quite like to go out ,(al)though it is a bit rainy .虽然天空下着小雨, 但是我还是很想出去。 2、Although it is snowing ,it is not very cold .虽然下着雪,但并不是很冷。 ★ although 与 though 两个词意思相同,通常可以换用,但 although 语气较重,通常放 在句首。 3、Child though she was ,the actress drew wide audiences . 尽管这个女演员还是个 孩子,却吸引了大批的观众。(child 前不用冠词 a) ★ though 作“尽管”讲,引导的让步状语从句可以倒装,但 although 没有这种用法。 4、He’s a bad manager .There’s no reason ,though ,to dismiss him .他是个差劲 的经理,然而还是没有理由免他的职。 ★ although 只用作连词,而 though 除作连词外,还可用作副词,常置于句末;句子较长 时,也可置于句中。 5、Although he lives alone ,yet he is happy .= He lives alone ,but he is happy . 虽然独自生活,但他很开心。 ★although 和 though 用作连词时不能和 but 连用,但是可以和 yet,still 等连用。 6、Cold as it was,he went on working .尽管天气冷,可他仍继续工作。 ★ as 引导的让步状语从句要采用倒装语序。 从句结构为: 名词 / 形容词 / 副词 / 动词+ as + 主语 + 谓语。

Step 3 课堂检测
1.Some experts think that language learning is much for children as their tongues(方言)are more flexible(灵活的). A. easy B. easier C. easily D. more easily 2. —Is your headache getting ? —No, it’s worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well 3. —Why didn’t you buy the camera you had longed for? —I had planned to. But I was ?50 . A. fewer B. less C. cheap D. short 4. John is the tallest boy in the class, according to himself. A. five foot eight as tall as B. as tall as five foot eight C. as five foot eight tall as D. as tall five foot eight as 5. He speaks English well indeed, but of course not a native speaker. A. as fluent as B. more fluent than C. so fluently as D. much fluently than 6. —I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cut in and knocked me down. —You can never be careful in the street. A. much B. very C. so D. too 7. most of the earth’s surface is covered by water, fresh water is very rare and precious. A. As B. Once C. If D. Although 8. It is known to all that you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health. A. unless B. whenever C. although D. if 9. You must keep on working in the evening, you are sure you can finish the task in time. A. as B. if C. when D. unless 10. you call me to say you’re not coming, I’ll see you at the theatre.

第 10 页

A. Though B. Whether C. Until D. Unless 11. He was about to tell me the secret someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. while D. when 12. —Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? —Yes. I gave it to her I saw her. A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once 13. The WTO cannot live up to its name it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind. A. as long as B. while C. if D. even though 14. They wanted to charge $5000 for the car, ________ we managed to bring the price down. A. but B. so C. when D. since 15. —Somebody wants you on the telephone. — no one knows I’m here. A. For B. And C. But D. So 16. Follow your doctor’s advice, your cough will get worse. A. or B. and C. then D. so 17. Unlike watching TV, reading is a highly active process (过程) it requires attention as well as memory and imagination. A. until B. but C. unless D. for 18. Lose one hour in the morning you will be looking for it the rest of the day. A. but B. and C. or D. so 19. I am sure that Laura’s latest play, staged, will prove a great success. A. since B. unless C. once D. until 20. To enjoy the scenery, Irene would rather spend long hours on the train travel by air. A. as B. to C. than D. while 21. I hope you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy those shoes? A. so B. and C. yet D. but 22. Paul had to write a history paper, he couldn’t find time to do it. A. but B. so C. because D. if 23. Stand over there you’ll be able to see it better. A. or B. while C. but D. and 24. There are many kinds of sports, my favorite is swimming. A. as B. then C. so D. but 25. The shop doesn’t open until 11 a. m. , it loses a lot of business. A. for B. or C. but D. so 26. We’re going to the bookstore in John’s car. You can come with us you

can meet us there later. A. but B. and C. or D. then 27. The changes in the city will cost quite a lot, they will save us money in the long run. A. or B. since C. for D. but 28. They will never succeed, _____ hard they try. A. because B. however C. when D. since 29. _____ still half drunk, he made his way home. A. When B. Because C. Though D. As 30. _____ she was very tired, she went on working. A. As B. Although C. Even D. In spite of 31. Busy _____ he was, he tried his best to help you. A. as B. when C. since D. for 32. I learned a little Russian _____ I was at middle school. A. though B. although C. as if D. when 33. Although it's raining, _____ are still working in the field. A. they B. but they C. and they D. so they 34. We'd better hurry ______ it is getting dark. A. and B. but C. as D. unless 35. More people will eat out in restaurants _____ they do today. A. than B. when C. while D. as 36._____ hard she tries, she can hardly avoid making mistakes in her homework. A. Much B. However C. As D. Although 37. Poor _____ it may be, there is no place like home, _____ you may go. A. as; wherever B. though; whenever C. in spite of; when D. that; wherever 38. _____ born in Chicago, the author was famous for his stories about New York. A. Since B. Once C. When D. Although 39._____ we stood at the top of the building, the people below were hardly visible (看得见的). A. As B. Although C. Unless D. In spite of 40. Small _____ it is, the pen is a most useful tool. A. because B. so C. if D. as 41. Although he is considered a great writer,__________________。 A. his works are not widely read B. but his works are not widely read C. however his works are not widely read D. still his works are not widely read 42. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, _____ great it is. A. what B. how C. however D. whatever 43._____, Mother will wait for him to have dinner together. A. However late is he B. However he is late C. However is he late D. However late he is 44. ____ difficult the task may be, we will try our best to complete it in time. A. No matter B. No wonder C. Though D. However

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Step 4 学习体会


Step5 Homework
Prepare for the words of Module 3 in Book Three.

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