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M2P2 Reading-Quiz

Quiz I. Complete the passage with proper words, which will help you retell the text. I can’t believe my school life is almost over. I feel too ______ to think clearly! At the same time, I find myself __________ at my senior year, and thinking about all the wonderful things____________ have happened. I _____________ (work) as an arts editor for the newspaper, _______ has been a real success for me. I’ve also enjoyed working as a peer mediator to help students settle problems that they have _____ others. During the Easter vacation, I had great fun _______ a school skiing trip with my friends. Besides, I was given a car because of getting good grades on my final exams and _________ the senior prize for English Literature. And I’ll never forget ______ ______ (elect) to the student council. The ________ of the year was the senior prom. The big surprise was that I was elected prom queen. After the prom, we sat on the beach and ________ the sunrise. It was a perfect ending ____ a perfect school year. Quiz II. 完形填空。 “Charlie, do your homework now!” his mother yelled. Charlie thought, “It’s so 36 .” And then he spent hours with his books, 37 that time would pass and it would soon be time for supper. As usual, he was lying on his bed, 38 the ceiling and daydreaming. 39 some little elves (精灵) appeared by the window. “Good evening, will you give us your homework so that we can 40 it?” asked one of the elves. Though Charlie was a little puzzled, he agreed. Charlie watched and was so 41 to see what they did. Quickly they formed teams and were busy playing with the pen, the book and the paper. They all looked 42 as either Father Christmas or rabbits, so the notebook ended up full of Santa Claus and rabbits. They were really 43 while learning to read. They used songs. Charlie really 44 watching those little students. He even 45 the singing. And time passed so 46 that suddenly his mother called him for 47 . “What a pain! This is so much fun,” he 48 and got up to have supper. “Of course it’s fun! Why don’t you 49 it yourself? We’ll come back to see you again from time to time.” “Deal!” agreed Charlie. So every evening, Charlie started playing with his homework, 50 new and crazier ways to make it more enjoyable. Now and again, his elf friends would 51 , although the truth was that he wasn’t sure whether they really came through the window or from his 52 . Neither Charlie’s parents nor his teachers could understand the great 53 in him. From that day on, not only did he spend more time doing homework, he did it 54 , and he was very 55 . 36. A. boring B. confusing C. embarrassing D. worthless 37. A. suggesting B. hoping C. admitting D. realizing 38. A. speaking to B. setting up C. staring at D. pointing to 39. A. Lately B. Suddenly C. Finally D. Constantly 40. A. hand in B. prepare for C. try out D. play with 41. A. surprised B. guilty C. disappointed D. moved 42. A. brought up B. covered up C. dressed up D. mixed up

43. A. anxious 44. A. meant 45. A. insisted on 46. A. quickly 47. A. supper 48. A. regretted 49. A. discover 50. A. realizing 51. A. go ahead 52. A. description 53. A. change 54. A. similarly 55. A. strong

B. curious B. considered B. joined in B. peacefully B. homework B. apologized B. try B. inventing B. cheer up B. imagination B. curiosity B. traditionally B. free

C. proud D. funny C. stopped D. enjoyed C. longed for D. relied on C. regularly D. fully C. sleep D. play C. wondered D. complained C. design D. fi nd C. providing D. proving C. turn up D. set off C. requirement D. permission C. anxiety D. belief C. perfectly D. naturally C. happy D. clever

完形填空答案: 36-40 ABCBD 46-50 AADBB 41-45 ACDDB 51-55 CBACC

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