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▲ The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders in the world.(改为主从,宾从,表从,同从) 1.We all know that the Great Wall is one of the seven 宾从 wonders in the world. 2. (What is known to us all) is that… 表从 3. The fact that the…is known to us all. 同从 4. There is no doubt that… 同从P71阳光课堂 5. Do you know that the…? 宾从 6. We know the fact that… 同从 7. It’s certain that… 主从



that the Great Wall is one of the 1. We all know _______ seven wonders in the world. 宾从that可以省略 表从 主从 that the Great Wall is 2. What _____ is known to us all is ______ one of the seven wonders in the world. that It 3. _____ is known to us all ______the Great Wall is one of the seven wonders in the world. 主从 That the Great Wall is one of the seven wonders in 4. _____ the world. 主从,that不可省略
5. The fact_____ that the Great Wall is one of the seven wonders in the world is known to us all. 同从

subject subject object predicative

1.The world loves nature.

2.Knowledge is power .
subject apposition

3.We Chinese are peace-loving.

? 名词性从句在功能上相当于名词 主语

{ What he does is important

His job is important.




This is his job.
This is what he does every day.



I don’t like his job. I don’t like what he does every day.


{ I don’t know about the fact that he is a

I don’t know about the man, Mr. White.

? 在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词从句。 (Noun Clauses) ? 名词从句的功能相当于名词词组, 它在 复合句中能担任主语、宾语、表语、同 位语等。 ? 因此根据它在句中不同的语法功能,名 词从句又可分别称为主语从句、宾语从 句、表语从句和同位语从句。

主语从句 subject clause 宾语从句

名词性从句 noun clause

object clause

predicative clause

appositive clause

连词: that / whether / as if (though) 连接代词: what /who/which / whose / whatever / whoever / whomever / whichever 连接副词: where / when / why / how / wherever / whenever

1.They are good doctors. He told us. → He told us that they were good doctors. 2. He hadn’t said anything at the meeting. The fact surprised us.→ The fact that he hadn’t said anything at the meeting surprised us.
总结: 当从句原来是陈述句时, 变成 名词性从句用that引导。

3. Does your sister get up early? Do you know? → Do you know if/whether your sister gets up early? 4. Do animals have the same senses as humans? I often wonder. → I often wonder if/whether animals have the same senses as humans.
总结: 当从句原来是一般疑问句时, 变成 名词性从句用 if 或 whether 引导。

5. When did he buy this new bike? Could you tell me? → Could you tell me when he bought this new bike? 6. My question is this: where will the lecture be given? → My question is where the lecture will be given.
总结: 当从句原来是特殊疑问句时, 变成名词 性从句还用原来的特殊疑问词来引导。

总结: 名词性从句必须用陈述句语序。 另外, 一般情况下, 名词性从句均看作 单数概念。由what引导的一般看后面 的表语。 宾语从句的时态一般与主句保持一致。
What we need is more time. What we need are more English dictionaries.

1. That the earth turns around the sun are is known to all. 2. When the meeting will be held haven’t been known yet. hasn’t 3. I didn’t know whether/if you will come. would 4. He said that he is writing a story. was 5. Could you tell me when will he arrive? he will 6. You can begin to see why does English have such strange rules. has, does去掉

一、Object Clauses 宾语从句

know him . (简单句)
谓语 宾语

主语 主

know who
谓语 句


is . (复合句)

连词 从句主语 从句谓语 宾语从句

宾语从句的概念: 宾语从句在复合句中作主句的宾语。 句子结构: 主句+连词(引导词)+宾语从句

1. 连词(引导词) 1) 当宾语从句是陈述句时(包括肯定句和 否定句), 连词由that引导, 因为that在从句 中不作任何成分, 也没有任何具体意思, 因此在口语或非正式文体中常省略。 Lin Tao feels (that) his own team is even better. She says (that) she won’t take part in the sports

meeting next Sunday.
Jim thought (that) the train was like a big moving


宾语从句中的连接词that在以下三种情况 下不能省略: ①当that 从句与另一名词性从句并列作 宾语时, 第二个that不能省; ②当that作介词宾语时, that不可省掉。 ③用it做形式宾语的宾语从句。 Everyone knew what happened and that she was worried. The reason lies in that she works harder than the others do. I think it necessary that you should read English aloud.

在主句为动词 be 加某些形容词(如sorry,
sure, afraid, glad等)作表语时,后面所跟

的省略 that 的从句也可算是宾语从句。 ?I’m sorry (that) I don’t know.
?We’re sure (that) our team will win.

?I’m afraid (that) he won’t pass the exam.

2) 当宾语从句是一般疑问句时, 由连词whether

或if引导(口语中常用if), 因为if/whether翻译成:
“是否”, 具有一定的意义, 所以不能省略。 Lily wanted to know if /whether her grandma

liked the handbag .
Let’s see if /whether we can find out some

information about that city .
She asked me if /whether she could borrow

these books .

表“是否”时, 在下列情况下用whether。 a. 主语从句 b. 表语从句 c. 同位语从句 e. 介词后的宾语从句 f. 后接动词不定式 (whether to do sth.) g. whether or not 连在一起引导宾语 从句时不用if

a. 当whether后紧跟or not时, 不用if.

e.g. I don’t know whether or not I will stay.
b. 介词后面的宾语从句不能用if. e.g. I worry about whether I hurt her feelings.

练一练: if / whether if / whether she had a bike. 1. I asked her __________

2. We’re worried about ________ whether he is
safe. 3. I don’t know ___________ whether /if he is well or not.

whether or not he is well. 4. I don’t know ________
5. I don’t know _______ whether to go.

whether this book is 6. The question is ______ worth reading. Whether we’ll go camping tomorrow 7. _______ depends on the weather. whether he is a 8. The question_______ millionaire remains to be answered.

3) 当宾语从句是特殊疑问句时, 由连接代词 (what, who, whom, which, whose) 或连接 副词(when, where, how, why)引导, 因为连接 代词或连接副词在从句中担任一定的句子成分, 具有一定的意义, 所以不可以省略。 Do you know what he said just now? I don’t remember when we arrived. I asked him where I could get so much money. Please tell me who (whom) we have to see. Do you know what time the plane leaves?

Could you tell us how much it costs to fly to Hainan? Could you tell us how often you go abroad for a holiday? Could you tell us how long the meeting will last? I don’t know how far it is to the cinema. Please tell us how many students there are in your school? Please tell us how soon you will be ready. Can you tell us how old his brother is?

二、Predicative Clauses 表语从句
表语从句是在复合句中作表语的名词性 从句, 放在系动词之后,一般结构是 “主语+系动词+表语从句”。可以接 表语从句的系动词有be, look, remain, seem等。另外, 常用的还有the reason why … is that … 和 It is because …What worries me is that…等结构。

连接词: that / whether /as if /as though ( if 不 引导表语从句) 连接代词: who / whom / whose / which / what 连接副词: when / where / why / how / because The question is whether we can rely on him. That’s because we were in need of money at that time. He looked as if he was going to cry. That’s why I was late.


1. 在表语从句中, 表“是否” 时, 只能用 “whethe 不能用“if”。 2. 一般情况下,“that”不能省。 3. It is /was because … It is /was why… 4. The reason (why…/for…)is /was that… that …./why… 5. The reason is because

在这种句型中, 常用表示事实, 真理的名词, 如: fact, truth 或表示看法, 观点的名词, 如: idea, opinion, belief, view, feeling, suggestion, plan等作主语。 The fact is that our team has won the game. The truth is that she was the very person who

informed against her husband.


但: 1. that引导表语从句时不能省。 2. if 不能引导表语从句。

B the Party called on us to do. 1. That’s ____ A. why B. what C. how D. that 2. The reason is ____ C he is unable to operate the machine. A. because B. why C. that D. Whether 3. That is ____ D they separated. A. that B. what C. which D. where 4. Jane is no longer ____ A she was four years ago. A. what B. which C. that D. when

1. As a matter of fact, he was spotted by accident by the guard as he entered the office. 2. As the earth/ground was shaking, people screamed, “It’s an earthquake!” 3. William bowed to the lady and offered her a box inside which was a genuine diamond ring. 4. In recent years, many of my friends have come to the big city to seek for their success and happiness. As for me, I want to take a chance and set up my own company in my hometown. 5. He has spent a large amount of time and money travelling around the world, as he enjoys adventures. 6. The little girl stared at the pineapple dessert on the table and wanted to eat it very much.



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