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初一英语下Module 11测试题

试题名:《英语》(新标准)(衔接小学)初一下册Module 11 National heroes

Module 11 单元检测
I、翻译词组 (10 分) 1. 民族英雄 2. 中国政府 3.铁路工程师 4. 上个月 5.几天前 6. 上周四 8. 最新消息 7.去年十月 9.返回地球 10. 中国第一宇航员 II. 单项选择 (15 分) 1.His youngest brother was born_______a cold morning. A . in B. on C. at D.of 2.They _____a medicine shop last Sunday. A.open B. was opened C. opened D. was opening 3.It is difficult _____my homework in a short time. A. finish B.finishes C.fineshed D.to finish 4.They ____a Chinese engineer last year. A .want B.wanted C. to want D.wanting 5.That railroad is _____trains. A. for B.to C. in D. at 6.When he returned _____home yesterday, it was nine o’clock. A. to B.on C. at D. / 7.He stood there for three hours and then ____away. A.run B.ran C. runs D.went 8.Jim is a _____boy. A.nine year old B. nine years old C. nine-year-old nine-tears-old 9._____the students at school yesterday? A. Are B. Were C.Is D. Was 10.Last week he enjoyed ______the Great Wall. A. visit B. visiting C. visited D.to visit 11. -______ did Charles Osborne hiccup? -About 69 years and five months. A. How long B. How old C. How many D. How much 12. I saw Li Yundi _______ the piano last concert. A. to play B. plays C. played D. play 13. -Is the girl in Class Three or Class Four? -_______. A. Yes, she is in Class Three B. No, she is in Class Four C. She is in Class Four D. Yes, she is a student 14. -Whose flowers are those?


-They are _______. A. her B. she C. Mary D. Mary’s 15. There ________ many people in the library yesterday. But there aren’t many people today. A. weren’t B. aren’t C. were D. was III.用所给动词的正确形式填空(10 分) 1. Their parents ___________ (visit) the Great Wall yesterday. 2. We ____________ (not want) foreigners. 3. It is difficult ___________ (study) English. 4. He often _________ (do) his homework at home. 5. We wanted _________ (help) the children in trouble. IV、句型转换 (10 分) 1. He had lunch at school. (改成否定句) _________________________________ 2. We did our homework yesterday evening. (改成一般疑问句) _________________________________ 3. She went over the new words just now. (对划线部分提问) _________________________________ 4. My mother bought me a new jacket. (改成一般疑问句) _________________________________ 5. John went to the cinema last Sunday. (对划线部分提问) _________________________________ V、完形填空 (10 分) Miss Zhao is one of the most popular teachers in the school.Yesterday she came into the _1 _with a big smile on her face.She said to her __2__ that she was __3__ to see they did well in the sports meeting.But __4__ was not pleased to see the classroom last Saturday not as __5 _as usual.She hoped they would clean the classroom every day. Wei Hua was on ___6 __yesterday.She said everyone was at ___7 __except Lin Tao . Then she told Miss Zhao about their __8__ to the Great Wall last Sunday.Luckily the weather was __9 . They played games and had a picnic there.After Wei Hua ___10 __her talk,Miss Zhao began her lesson. B.classroom C.park D.office 1.A.shop 2.A.students B.teachers C.workers D.doctors 3.A.angry B.sorry C.glad D.sad 4.A.she B.I C.we D.he 5.A.dark B.old C.large D.clean 6.A.time B.duty C.foot D.top 7.A.home B.noon C.night D.school 8.A.visit B.music C.clock D.football 9.A.bad B.fine C.rainy D.windy 10.A.started B.had C.finished D.gave VI. 翻译句子:(10 分) 1. 你认为昨晚电视上关于詹天佑的电影怎么样?

2. 英国和俄国人都想修建它, 但是中国政府不想要外国的工程师。 3. 修建这条铁路是很困难的。 4. 你们去年夏天去了哪里度假? 5. 他向地球上的每个人挥手并出示中国国旗。 VII.阅读理解(30 分) (A) After its safe landing, Shenzhou VI has become the pride(骄傲) of the country. Besides expressing congratulations(祝贺), the Chinese public(公众) is expecting (期望) more successes in the future in the country’s space programme. At four thirty on the morning of October 17, 2005, after 5 days of traveling in outer space, Shenzhou VI returned home safely, carrying two Chinese astronauts. Their task followed that of the first Chinese man to travel in space , Yang Liwei. The landing made immediate(迅速的) headline news across the country. Many citizens rushed to newspaper stands to get the news of Shenzhou VI. And many people wore big smiles. Guo Kunquan, a Beijinger, said, “ I believe China will have more male astronauts and female astronauts in the future for longer space missions(任务)。” The joy spread through the whole country, in homes, on the streets, and on the Internet. People expressed their congratulations on the Internet, wishing for more successful space explorations. Zhang Mengnan, a college student, said, “I am so excited. As a student, I know I should study hard to work for my country in the future.” The landing of Shenzhou VI will lead to many other questions for the public, such as, when will Shenzhou VII be sent up? When will Chinese astronauts carry out a space walk? And when will China have its own space station? A public hunger for more accomplishments(成就)in the space programme is growing. 1. When was Shenzhou VI sent up? It was on October______, 2005. A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15 2. How many Chinese astronauts have been sent to space in China now? A.1 B2 C3 D4 3. Which of the following statements(陈述) is NOT true according to the passage? A.China has many female astronauts now. B.Many citizens want to know the news of Shenzhou VI. C.China is proud of Shenzhou VI. D.Shenzhou VI landed safely on October 17. 4. What do the Chinese public think of Shenzhou VI? A.They think it wasted a lot of money B.They don’t care for it.

C.They are very happy because of its success. D.They complain (抱怨)a lot. 5. Which of the following questions is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.When will Shenzhou VII be launched? B.When will Chinese astronauts go to the moon? C.When will Chinese astronauts carry out a space walk? D.When will China have its own space station? (B) ) th Bill Gates was born on October 28 , 1955. He grew up in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates was named William Henry after his father and grandfather. He was a very clever boy. His favourite subject at school were science and maths. When he was 13 years old, Bill started to play with computers. At that time, computers were very large machines. Once he was interested in a very old computer. He and some of his friends spent lots of time doing unusual things with it. In the end, they worked out a software program with the old machine. Bill sold it for 4, 200 dollars when he was only 17. In 1973, Bill went to Harvard University. At Harvard, he developed the BASIC language for the first microcomputer(微型计算机) In his third year, he left Harvard . to work for a company called Microsoft. Bill began this company in 1975 with his friend Paul Allen. They thought that the computer would be a very important tool in every office and in every home, so they began developing software for personal computers. They improved the software to make it easier for people to use computer. 6.________ are Bill Gates' favourite subjects. A.Science and maths. B.Maths and business. D.Business and computer. C.Science and technology. 7.He developed the BASIC language for the first microcomputer________. A.in Seattle B.in Washington C.in New York D.at Harvard 8.When did he work out a software program with his friends? A.He was 13 years old. B.He was 17 years old. C.He was 18 years old. D.He was 20 years old. 9.He began his company with ________ in 1975. A.his father B.his grandfather C.Paul Allen D.his family 10.Why did they develop software for personal computer? A.They thought the computer would be a very important tool. B.They wanted to make it easier for people to use computers. C.They wanted to get much more money. D.They were interested in it. (C) Scientists wanted to know more about the moon. They thought the best way was to send men to the moon. The moon is about 384,000 kilometers away from the earth. A plane can not fly to the moon because the air reaches only 240 kilometers away from the earth. But something can fly even when there is no air. That is a rocket (火箭). How does a rocket fly? There is gas in the rocket. When the gas is made very hot

inside the rocket, it will rush out of the end of the rocket, so it can make the rocket fly up into the sky. Rockets can fly far out into space. Rockets with space-ships with men in them have been to the moon. Several rockets with spaceships with men have flown to another planet much farther away than the moon. One day rockets may be able to go to any place in the space. 11.Scientists can be sent to the moon by ________. A.plane B.rocket C.satellite D.man-made satellite 12.The earth is about 384, 000 kilometers away from the ________. A.moon B.universe C.star D.sun 13.A plane can not fly to the moon because ________. A.there is no gas in the plane B.the plane must be driven by a man C.there is no air above 240 kilometers away from the earth D.it is smaller than a rocket 14.The hot gas in the rocket is used for ________. A.keeping the men in the rocket warm B.cooking food D.keeping the balance of temperature C.making the rocket fly up 15.What does this passage mainly talk about? A.The gas in the rocket. B.The plane can't fly to the moon. C.We can know about the moon with the rockets. D.The way from the earth to the moon. VIII.写作。(15 分 ) 请根据下面的叙述,使用正确的时态写一篇短文,记叙昨天发生的情况。 词数 80 左右。 昨天是植树节,一大早,李平穿上旧衣服来到学校,他和同学们互相帮 助,挖了许多坑,他们沿着学校的操场种了一些树。他们说:“为了使学校美丽, 我们要尽可能地多植树。”

I. 1. national hero 2. Chinese government 3. railroad engineer 4. last month 5. a few days ago 6. last Thursday 7. last October 8. the latest news 9. return the earth 10. the first Chinese astronaut II. 1.B 在具体的上、下午之间用介词 on. 2.C last Sunday 是一般过去式态的标志,动词应用过去式。 3.D 动词 不定式在句中作真正主语,it 这形式主语。 4.B 由 last year 可知谓语动用过去式形式。 5.A. for 表示目的,“为了”。 6.D. home 是副词,前面不需要加任何介词。 7.B 两个并列句前后的时态要一致。 8.C 此处 nine-year-old 作为一个词在句中作定语。Year 不用复数形式。 9.B 句子时态是一般过去时,而主语是复数形式,故 be 动词用 were。 10.B enjoy 后需要跟动名词作宾语。 11. A 这道题考疑问词的用法,“大约 69 年零 5 个月”是一个表示一段时间的 答语,对于这样答语的提问,我们用 how long“多长时间”。 12. D 这道题考句型 see sb. do sth. “看见某人做某事”。 13. C 这是一句选择疑问句,选择疑问句不能用 yes 或 no 来回答,所以排除 选项 A、B、D,剩下 C 就是正确答案。 14. D 这道题考名词所有格,D 符合题意。 15 . C“但是今天没有许多人”表示转折,言外之意“昨天有许多人”,这里应 该用 be 动词过去式的复数形式 were。 3. to study 4. does 5. to help III. 1. visited 2.didn’t want IV. 1. He didn’t have lunch at school. 2. Did you do your homework yesterday evening? 3. Who went over the new words just now? 4. Did your mother buy you a new jacket? 5. When did John go to the cinema? V. 1.B 由第一段第一句 Miss Zhao is one of the most popular teachers in the school.可知。 2.A 由第一段第一句 Miss Zhao is one of the most popular teachers in the school.可知。 3. C 由第一段第二句 Yesterday she came into the classroom with a big smile on her face.可知。 4.A 由上文可知。 5.D 由第一段最后一句 She hoped they would clean the classroom every day.可知。 6.B 由下一句 She said everyone was at ___7 __except Lin Tao.可知。 7.D 由上文可知。 8.A 由后半句 to the Great Wall last Sunday 可知。 9.B 由本句的 Luckily 可知。 10.C 由上文可知。

VI. 1.What did you think of the film about Zhan Tianyou on television last night? 2. The British and the Russians wanted to build it , but the government didn’t want foreign engineers. 3. It is very difficult to build the railroad. 4. Where did you go on holiday last summer? 5. He waved to everyone on Earth and showed the Chinese national flag. VII. 1.A. 2.C.3.A. 4.C.5.B. 6.A 7.D 8.B 9.C 10.A 11.B 12.A 13.C 14.C 15.C VIII.参考例文 It was Tree Planting Day yesterday. Li Ping went to school in his old clothes early in the morning. He and his classmates helped each other and dug the holes large enough for the trees. They planted some trees along their school playground. They looked at the trees they planted and they were very happy. They said they would plant trees as many as possible to make their school beautiful.



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