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The power of language

The power of language
Language is a so magical thing that sometimes it will make people fall in abyss and another time it will make people fly in the sky. If I was given the beautiful words I will happy for a long time and something can hardly affect my good mood. On the contrary, when I received the scrannel words, I will in a bad mood for several days and surrounded by them. It is obviously that the effective words are so important for us to use.

Image that there is an interview which attract thousands of interviewees. Which kinds of interviewees will be admitted easily? In general, there are three kinds of people which are powerless speech, too powerful speech and the more polite but less powerful speech. Let me introduce them respectively.

The first kind of person who has a powerless speech. When he replies the questions, he is accustomed to saying like ...uh... or ...well...,I think... For example, when he was asked that can you talk about your job experience? His reply was hesitated like "uh, can I have a minute od your question?". One minute later, he went to say like "I haven't so much experience of work, and I only work for ... Uh....but I..... Sorry, I am so nervous ...." All what he said that showed that he was out of

confidence. Even if he was admitted fortunately, when he met the emergency, could he deal with in his hesitated personality?

The second kind of person who has a too powerful speech. This kind of people who believe in themselves thoroughly. It is difficult for them to accept other's opinions. And it is hardly for them to use the words which involves in hedged, hesitations, intensifiers, polite forms, tag question, disclaimers and rising inflections. When he was asked the same question with the kind of person who has a powerless speech. His answer was much different from what that person said. He replied with a assertive tone. He said:" It is obviously that I am abundant in the experience of this kind of job, and the reason why I choose this company is very easy...". The words of his reply were filled of confidence, but too powerful. When he meet the customer, he will still use his assertive attitude to face the company's customer, so can you sure that the customers can endure his not so friendly attitude?

The last kind of person who has less powerful but more polite and this approach would probably produce better results than the stranger statement. In some situations, polite but less apparently powerful forms of speech can even enhance a speaker's effectiveness. For example, when he was asked the same question of the experience of his job. He replied with a mid tone and said:" First, I am glad to have an opportunity to take part in this job interview. I have some interesting job experience and I'd like to share with you today...." . At last, he said politely :"Thank you. If I will be admitted, I promise that I will treasure this job and try my best to do.". How about this person's reply? What's the difference among three of them?

I think the answer is easy to found out. It is known that communication

researchers have identified several language patterns that add to or detract from a speaker's power to influence others. It is no deny that the correct power of speech makes a great influence on the speakers. If I am a interviewer, it is no doubt that the last kind of person will be the best choice, isn't it.

In a word, words is not simply combined with 26 letters, but to express your idea, your personality, even your mood. Power of speech is still worth to learning with a long term for us.

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