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2012 高考英语精选备考题库系列(含详解) 高考英语精选备考题库系列(含详解) 阅读理解( 阅读理解(九)
高考, 适合高三上学期使用,希望对大家有帮助。 (2011 备战 2012 高考,精选阅读 200 篇,适合高三上学期使用,希望对大家有帮助。 2011 年 8 ( 月)

From the first use of the rocket to carry satellites into space to the setting up of space stations, human beings have been putting great effort into space research. And so far, we have achieved many successes. But there are still numerous tasks in front of us and we should not cease trying to progress. The international space station is an important step we should take in space exploration. It is not only helpful but also essential. It provides a proper space environment for many experiments that we have wanted to do for a long time. It is also a base for the observations of the earth and the universe. It could also be an important base for later travel to the moon and Mars. In a word, if we want to explore space more, the first thing we should do is to set up a space station. As the space station costs a lot of money, it is hard for one country alone to establish one. The USA seems to be the only country that has the ability to build a space station alone,and it has tried to do so, but not very successful. So it , aggregated many other countries to work on it together. Though it is still extremely expensive, it is much cheaper than doing it alone. It is really a job that needs everyone’ s effort and will benefit everyone. But even so, the funds needed are still a big problem. As for the USA, it seems that it has too many things to spend its money on. Although it is the richest country in the world, it has much debt every year. It has to make arrangements about its finance, and try to find a balance in all these issues. [语篇解读 这是一篇说明文。国际空间站对于人类探索太空起着至关重要的作用。由于耗 语篇解读] 这是一篇说明文。国际空间站对于人类探索太空起着至关重要的作用。 语篇解读 资巨大,财大气粗的美国单独建造起来也并不那么成功。只有各国合作起来, 资巨大,财大气粗的美国单独建造起来也并不那么成功。只有各国合作起来,才能解决资

金问题,从而使国际空间站造福全人类。 金问题,从而使国际空间站造福全人类。 1.What is the author’s attitude towards building and developing the international . space station? A. Supportive. C. Critical. B. Doubtful. D. Dissatisfied.

[解析 态度判断题。根据第一段中的 解析] 态度判断题。根据第一段中的“we should not cease trying to progress”和文中 解析 和文中 作者介绍国际空间站的重要性可知,作者对建设国际空间站持支持态度。 作者介绍国际空间站的重要性可知,作者对建设国际空间站持支持态度。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 2.From Paragraph 2 we learn that ________. . A. the necessity of building the international space station is not realized now B. many experiments have been done in the international space station C. the international space station is necessary for people to explore space more D. people have traveled to Mars from the international space station [解析 细节理解题。根据第二段中的 解析] 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“In a word,if we want to explore space more, 解析 , , the first thing we should do is to set up a space station”可知,国际空间站是进行太空 可知, 可知 探索所必需的。 探索所必需的。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3.Which of the following is NOT a reason for countries’ cooperation in building the . international space station? A. That it requires a lot of money. B. That it needs everyone’ s effort. C. That it will benefit every participating country. D. That it is too far away from the earth. [解析 细节理解题。 解析] 细节理解题。 根据第三段中的“As the space station costs a lot of money...”和“It 解析 根据第三段中的 和 is really a job that needs everyone’s effort and will benefit everyone”可知,A、B、C 可知, 、 、 可知 三项均提到了, 三项均提到了,而文章中没有提到 D。 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 5 . The underlined word “aggregated” in Paragraph 3 can be replaced by “________”. . A. united B. scolded

C. allowed

D. forbade

[解析 词义猜测题。由该词所在的语境可知,发展国际空间站耗资巨大,因此美国联合其 解析] 词义猜测题。由该词所在的语境可知,发展国际空间站耗资巨大, 解析 他一些国家共同来建设该工程, 他一些国家共同来建设该工程,即该词的意思相当于 united。 。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.Which of the following aspects about building the international space station is . NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Difficulties. C. Significance. B. Cooperation. D. Specific arrangements.

[解析 细节理解题。第二段提到了建设国际空间站的重要性,第三段提到了建设国际空间 解析] 细节理解题。第二段提到了建设国际空间站的重要性, 解析 站面临的困难和合作的重要性,但是文中没有涉及具体细节安排, 站面临的困难和合作的重要性,但是文中没有涉及具体细节安排,故答案为 D。 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 From the first use of the rocket to carry satellites into space to the 长难句解读] 长难句解读 setting up of space stations, human beings have been putting great effort into space research. 此句较长,但是简单句,句子前半部是介词短语,结构是 此句较长,但是简单句,句子前半部是介词短语,结构是“from...to...”。语意:从最初使用 。语意: 火箭将卫星送入太空到建立空间站,人们一直在太空研究方面努力着。 火箭将卫星送入太空到建立空间站,人们一直在太空研究方面努力着。

One potential problem with allowances is that children’s responsible behavior can become about earning the allowance rather than the intrinsic (固有的 value of 固有的) 固有的 their family responsibilities. For example, if you pay your children for taking out the trash, they see this chore (家务 as a job that they should be rewarded for 家务) 家务 instead of a responsibility they must fulfill as part of the family. But giving children an allowance for weekly chores is not necessarily bad. You are rewarding them for fulfilling their family responsibilities, but it is not for a specific act. Rather, it is an appreciation of their commitment to your family values. You are also conveying another important message that their actions have consequences: if they do good things, good things happen. They also learn a lesson about the market economy, namely that work is rewarded.

Allowances can also be used as punishment and to teach children lessons about family values. For example, if your children join a group of kids smashing (砸碎 砸碎) 砸碎 pumpkins on Halloween, a part of a reasonable punishment might be to require them to pay the families out of their allowances to replace the pumpkins. Thus, your children learn that bad behavior has financial consequences. Also, by relating the punishment to the misdeed, you ensure that your children see the connection and learn the value lesson. How much allowance should you pay your children?The precise amount depends ? on your family’ s financial situation, the cost of living and your children’s needs. Children can start to earn a weekly allowance as early as 5 years of age. An increase of $ 1 per week for each ydar of your children’ s lives is realistic until they reach their mid ? teens. When they begin to drive and date, you can calculate their expenses and establish a reasonable allowance that covers their needs. [语篇解读 本文为议论文,就“孩子做家务要不要给予物质奖励 这一话题进行谈论。文章 语篇解读] 本文为议论文, 孩子做家务要不要给予物质奖励 这一话题进行谈论。 孩子做家务要不要给予物质奖励”这一话题进行谈论 语篇解读 分析了其利与弊,最后还就怎样的金额比较合适提出了自己的看法。 分析了其利与弊,最后还就怎样的金额比较合适提出了自己的看法。 1.The underlined sentence in the 1st paragraph probably means that “giving . allowances may ________”. . A. lead to children’s preference for money rather than anything else B. lead to children’ s preference for earning money by their own C. cause the problem that children value money more than responsibilities D. cause children to earn money instead of going to school [解析 句意理解题。根据接下来的一句的举例说明可知前一句的句意,孩子会认为做家务 解析] 句意理解题。根据接下来的一句的举例说明可知前一句的句意, 解析 得到奖励是合理的,而不认为做家务是他的责任。 得到奖励是合理的,而不认为做家务是他的责任。答案为 C。 。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2.How many advantages of giving allowances are mentioned in the passage? . A. One. C. Three. B. Two. D. Four.

[解析 推理判断题。第一段最后三句分别提到了三点好处,第二段的第一句论及了使用经 解析] 推理判断题。第一段最后三句分别提到了三点好处, 解析 济方式作为处罚的好处。显然文中共提及四点好处, 济方式作为处罚的好处。显然文中共提及四点好处,故选 D。 好处 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案

3.When your children join a group of kids smashing pumpkins on Halloween, . , ________. A. they should be taught that bad behavior has financial consequences B. they should be rid of their opportunity to celebrate Halloween C. you should give them some allowances to pay for the pumpkins D. you should ensure your children see the connection with their lessons [解析 事实细节题。 解析] 事实细节题。 根据第二段第三句可知 A 正确, 正确, 让孩子意识到做出不好的行为要承担 解析 经济后果。其他选项均与第二段内容不符。 经济后果。其他选项均与第二段内容不符。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4.The precise allowance amount you should pay your children depends on all the . following factors EXCEPT________. A. how rich or poor your family is B. how much other children receive C. the actual needs of your children D. the living standard in your area [解析 正误判断题。根据第三段第二句可知,A、C 和 D 均正确。故选 B。 解析] 正误判断题。根据第三段第二句可知, 、 均正确。 解析 。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 5.It can be inferred that________. . A. the author doesn’ t want to give any tips on the allowance amount B. allowances given to children of different ages may vary C. children under 6 can’t be given any allowance D. the allowance amount grows at the same speed with your children [解析 推理判断题。 解析] 推理判断题。 正确。 解析 根据文章最后两句可知 B 正确。 最后一段作者就具体数量提了自己的 意见, 与第三段第三句不符, 过于绝对化。 意见,故 A 错。C 与第三段第三句不符,D 过于绝对化。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 For example,if you pay your children for taking out the trash,they 长难句解读] 长难句解读 , , see this chore( 家 务 )as a job that they should be rewarded for instead of a responsibility they must fulfill as part of the family. 该句为一个多重复合句。 第一层次为 they see this chore as a job; 第二层次有两个: if 该句为一个多重复合句。 ; 第二层次有两个: you pay your children for taking out the trash 为条件状语从句,that they should be 为条件状语从句,

rewarded for instead of a responsibility 为定语从句修饰 job。第三层次为 they must 。 fulfill as part of the family,是省略了 which/that 的定语从句,修饰 responsibility。 的定语从句, , 。

If you want to help children develop language and speech skills, UCLA researchers say, listening to what they have to say is just as important as talking to them. The effect of a conversation between a child and an adult is about six times as great as the effect of adult speech input alone, the researchers found. “Adults speaking to children helps language develop, but what matters much more is the interaction,” said the study’ s lead author, Frederick Zimmerman, an associate , professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. The researchers also found that TV viewing didn’ t have much of an effect — positively or negatively — as long as it wash’ t displacing conversations between an adult and a child. The UCLA study included 275 families with children between 2 months and 48 months old. They represented a variety of incomes and education. The researchers found that, in an average day, children hear about 13,000 spoken words from adults and participated in about 400 adult ? child conversations a day. Assessed separately, factors positively associated with language development included each additional 100 conversations a day and each 1,000 word increase in the number of words spoken by adults and heard by children. When looked at alone, TV was negatively associated with language development. But, when the three factors were analyzed together, the only one that stood out was conversation between adults and children. “The more a child speaks and interacts with an adult, the better idea a parent has about where the child is , ” Zimmerman said. “Although it’ s mostly done unconsciously, parents will provide feedback and correct mistakes. They’ll also tailor their speech to the child. Parents can give a child words by talking to them about what they’ re doing, such as, putting on your pajamas now’. But give your ‘I’m ,

child the opportunity to talk, hopefully without the rest of the noise in the environment,” she added. “If parents can carve out some conversation time — , maybe at bath time or at dinner time — that’ s a wonderful thing.” [语篇解读 本文是科普文。 语篇解读] 本文是科普文。 研究发现, 父母和孩子之间的交谈对孩子语言的发展至关重要。 语篇解读 研究发现, 父母和孩子之间的交谈对孩子语言的发展至关重要。 这种交谈必须是双向的、互动的。 这种交谈必须是双向的、互动的。 1.The researchers also found that TV viewing ________. . A. could have a positive effect on a child’s language development B. had a little effect on a child’ s language development C. affected a child’s language development more negatively than positively D. affected a child’s language development both negatively and positively [解析 细节理解题。从文章第二段最后一句可知,看电视对孩子没有多少影响,无论是积 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第二段最后一句可知,看电视对孩子没有多少影响, 解析 极的还是消极的。 极的还是消极的。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2.Frederick Zimmerman would probably agree that ________. . A. parents should let their children talk most of the time B. children should watch TV programs selectively C. the conversation between parents and children should be two ? way D. it’ s no good for parents to correct their children’ s mistakes when they are speaking [解析 推理判断题。从文章第二段内容可知,Zimmerman 强调父母跟孩子之间交谈的双 解析] 推理判断题。从文章第二段内容可知, 解析 向性和互动性才是更重要的。 向性和互动性才是更重要的。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3.We can conclude from the last paragraph that ________. . A. parents should let a child repeat what he or she says B. bath time or dinner time is the best chance for parents to talk to a child C. parent ? child conversation can be carried out at any proper time D. parents should leave a child talking alone [解析 推理判断题。从文章最后一段可知,父母应该随时创造跟孩子交谈的机会,时间的 解析] 推理判断题。从文章最后一段可知,父母应该随时创造跟孩子交谈的机会, 解析 选择是非常灵活的。 选择是非常灵活的。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

4.What would be the best title for the passage? . A. Talk with kids, not at them B. Let your children voice their own opinions C. How to develop a child’ s language ability D. The importance of early child language development [解析 主旨大意题。根据文章内容分析,文章强调父母和孩子之间的交流,而且强调交流 解析] 主旨大意题。根据文章内容分析,文章强调父母和孩子之间的交流, 解析 的互动性,因此 A 项符合文章的主旨,适合作本文标题。 的互动性, 项符合文章的主旨,适合作本文标题。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.The underlined word “tailor” in the last paragraph can be best replaced by . ________. A. control C. pass B. improve D. adjust

[解析 词义理解题。根据句子结构和语境分析,此处 tailor 是动词,本义是 量体裁衣 , 解析] 词义理解题。根据句子结构和语境分析, 是动词,本义是“量体裁衣 量体裁衣”, 解析 此处的意思是不断调整以适应。 此处的意思是不断调整以适应。故答案为 D。 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 The researchers also found that TV viewing didn’ t have much of an 长难句解读] 长难句解读 effect — positively or negatively — as long as it wasn’t displacing conversations between an adult and a child.研究者还发现,看电视只要不取代大人和孩子之间的交谈, 研究者还发现, 研究者还发现 看电视只要不取代大人和孩子之间的交谈, 它就没有多大影响,无论是积极的还是消极的。 它就没有多大影响,无论是积极的还是消极的。 本句是一个复合句, 引导宾语从句, 只要”引导的条件状语从 本句是一个复合句,that 引导宾语从句,从句中又有 as long as“只要 引导的条件状语从 只要 句。

The HOPE IS A GAME—CHANGER PROJECT will deliver unbreakable soccer balls to kids who,all too often, see things horrible, broken and not survive the simplest , of circumstances. The project started taking form well before anyone knew where it would lead ? which is to test the power of like ? minded people working together to turn inspiration into action. Four years ago Bobby was in Rwanda offering help to the people there and taking

photos of a child soldier named Moise with his “soccer ball”, which was a pile of , rubbish tied together with a string. This “ball” was the only thing Moise could call his own — no family, no home, no place to go. Forced to fight in the Congo and having killed three people at the unbearably young age of seven, the boy’s spirit was broken. And Bobby knew, as he took one photo after the next, that he’d never forget him. In fact, he returned the following year to tell Moise he had stayed deep within his heart —but he was gone. I recently helped Bobby launch his new book The Power of the Invisible Sun which features a photo of Moise, his ball, and kids from war ? torn areas around the world. All of his earnings go towards the HOPE IS A GAME ? CHANGER PROJECT for the kids he visited over the past decade. They caught the emotional landscape from heartbreak to joy, but share the undeniable longing for recovery and hope. Bobby and I share the unchangeable belief that delivering hope is really a game ? changer, especially to a child. We believe that each indestructible ball will come to represent a lasting symbol of hope. A light no matter how small—The Power of the Invisible Sun. This holiday season, I ask you to think about whether you are doing enough to help someone else in the world. Or as Bobby likes to put it, can consider create

“taking_a_concrete_baby_step” ,




transformational change. It’s my great hope that the HOPE IS A GAME ? CHANGER PROJECT will change the lives of children the world over —one book, one ball at a time. 1. In the first sentence of the passage, the writer implies that________. A. kids live an unsafe life in parts of the world B. the balls sent to kids should be of good quality C. young kids can not overcome the difficulties D. kids intend to break their toys into pieces [解析 考查推理判断能力。 解析] 考查推理判断能力。 解析 从第一句中可以看出孩子们处于一个与家人分离并无法生存的 境地, 个答案与文章提到的事实相反。 境地,故选 A。而 B、C、D 三个答案与文章提到的事实相反。 。 、 、 [答案 A 答案] 答案

2. The purpose of The HOPE IS A GAME ? CHANGER PROJECT is to________. A. send ball gifts to kids in poor countries B. collect money to help kids in need C. comfort kids in war ? torn areas D. offer kids help to change their lives [解析 解析] 解析 通过最后一句关键信息“change the lives of 考查对 作者意图的理解能力 。 通过最后一句关键信息

children the world over—one book,one ball at a time.”可以得出答案。 , 可以得出答案。 可以得出答案 [答案 D 答案] 答案 3. How may Bobby feel about Mosie? A. He was very proud of Mosie’s bravery. B. He felt sorry for Mosie’s ruined childhood. C. He thought money could solve Mosie’s problem. D. He felt happy to tell him what was in his heart. [解析 考查细节理解能力。从第二段中可以看出 Mosie 无家可归的悲惨童年。 解析] 考查细节理解能力。 无家可归的悲惨童年。 解析 [答案 B 答案] 答案 4. Which of the following about Bobby’s new book is TRUE? A. It earned a lot of money to help kids like Mosie. B. The photos inside reflected the kids’ hopeless life. C. Its title shows the author’s belief to change the world. D. It changed the life of the kids recorded in the book. [解析 考查推理判断能力。 解析] 考查推理判断能力。 解析 书名中的关键词 The Power of the Invisible Sun 和 A light no matter how small.是答案的信息点来源。 是答案的信息点来源。 是答案的信息点来源 [答案 C 答案] 答案 5. The underlined part in the last paragraph probably means________. A. starting the first step as a baby does B. taking an active action from now on C. making great changes step by step D. doing some small but good deeds [解析 考查猜词能力。 解析] 考查猜词能力。 尽管每一选项都接近意思, 但从后句“which added together, can 解析 尽管每一选项都接近意思, 但从后句 , create transformational change.”暗示,每个人都做一件小小好事,聚集在一起将改变孩 暗示, 暗示 每个人都做一件小小好事,

子的生活。 子的生活。 [答案 D 答案] 答案

Western New Bridge Library Announcement Shortened Library Hours for Spring Break Library Hours have been shortened to 7 hours a day (9∶00 a. m. ? 4∶00 p. m. ) ∶ ∶ for Spring Break from March 24 to March 30. Coming Events ◆On Monday, March 24, at 10∶30 a. m. , Scott Sutton, a children’s writer, will tell ∶ stories to kids over seven. Sutton’ s attractive style will surely inspire everyone present ! ◆At 2∶00 p. m. , on March 25, a lecture will be delivered in Room 201, which ∶ focuses on the development of writing skill. Famous tutors from the district won’ t disappoint you. ◆At 1∶00 p. m. ,on March 26, the Georgetown Musicians will present an Irish ∶ Folk Concert, which will be entertaining for the entire family. Come for the music and stay to check out some relevant books for the rest of the week! ! ◆On Thursday, March 27, at 2∶00 p. m. , the annual Children’ s Gathering will take ∶ place in Room 201, the second floor. Pick up an invitation in the Children’ s Room and return your RSVP (回复 回复)to reserve your seat at the table by 3∶00 p. m. on 回复 ∶ Tuesday, March 25. Only children are allowed in the Gathering. ◆At 10∶30 a.m. on Friday, March 28, Enzo Monfre of the hit kids’ science show, ∶ . ENZOology, will bring Fossils Live! Surely Enzo will take the audience back in time, deep beneath the surface of the earth, to uncover the mysteries of killer dinosaurs, and more. Enzo recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show — come and see him at the library! ! Please note: In case of emergency, please call the Help Desk at 926 ? 3736 and

follow the procedures outlined on the voice message. The call ? down service is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. The Help Desk supplies service to you all the year round! For questions about all these, please contact_hld_@_wnbl._corg. Come for the great Fun; Stay for the relevant Books! ! [语篇解读 本文是一则通知,属于应用文。文章主要介绍了寒假期间学校图书馆作息时间 语篇解读] 本文是一则通知,属于应用文。 语篇解读 的变化及将要举行的一系列活动。 的变化及将要举行的一系列活动。 1.Tim wants to polish his writing, it is best for him to attend the related activity . on________. A. Monday C. Thursday B. Tuesday D. Friday

[解析 推理判断题。根据 Coming Events 中的第一、二两条信息判断,提高写作技能的 解析] 推理判断题。 中的第一、二两条信息判断, 解析 举行的, 是星期一, 活动是在 March 25 举行的,而由第一条信息可知 March 24 是星期一,所以选 B。 。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2.Which of the following descriptions about the annual Children’ s Gathering is . true? A. Tickets are a must in order to attend it. B. Only those who have received an invitation are admitted in the Gathering. C. You have to make a reply to the invitation to make sure you get a seat. D. You’ d better apply in advance because there are not enough seats for everyone. [解析 细节判断题。根据第四条信息可知,要想参加该活动,需要在儿童室取请帖并回复 解析] 细节判断题。根据第四条信息可知,要想参加该活动, 解析 以预订座位, 项正确。 以预订座位,因此 C 项正确。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3.Which of the following is NOT true according to the announcement? . A. The children who are interested in the mysteries of killer dinosaurs can attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. B. Children can’ t attend all the activities with their parents. C. Children can choose more than one of the activities. D. Children can borrow some relevant books for the activities.

[解析 细节判断题。根据第五条信息的最后一句可知 A 选项中的 the Ellen DeGeneres 解析] 细节判断题。 解析 Show 并非在假期所举办的活动。 并非在假期所举办的活动。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4.If there is an emergency, you should________. . A. call the Help Desk B. contact hld @ wnbl. corg C. stay in the library and wait D. ring 926 ? 3637 [解析 细节理解题。由注意事项中的第一句话可知答案。 解析] 细节理解题。由注意事项中的第一句话可知答案。 解析 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.The announcement is mainly intended for________. . A. staff members of the library B. parents of the school children C. the school children D. volunteers of the activities [解析 推理判断题。根据通知内容可知,活动是为学生举办的,这则通知主要是让他们了 解析] 推理判断题。根据通知内容可知,活动是为学生举办的, 解析 解活动的时间、地点及相关内容。 解活动的时间、地点及相关内容。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

●Ms Tan, you’ ve referred to your new novel as your eighth book. That’s because it took me six or seven attempts at a second novel before I started and completed this one. ●Why do you think you had so many false starts? I would say that my reasons were wrong: I was trying to prove that I wasn’t just a mother-daughter storyteller, or I was trying to prove that I didn’ t just have to write about things that were strictly Chinese or Chinese-American. Those were never the right reasons for writing those early stories. And I could never come up with other, better reasons for continuing them.

●What kept you going on this book? This book was different because it was based on my mother’ s real life. The reason for writing it became more personal and emotional. After The Joy Luck Club came out, my mother was always explaining to people that she wasn’ t any of the mothers in that book. And at one point she said to me, “Next book tells my true story.” And then she started telling me things I never knew before. She also told me many, many stories,because my mother doesn’ t generalize. The book really grew out of , that. ●Have you ever visited China? Yes. I’ ve been there twice: about three years ago and then again last November, both times with my mother and my husband. ●Was it difficult to capture the Chinese-American dialect without sounding like a parody(拙劣的模仿 拙劣的模仿)? 拙劣的模仿 No, because it’ s the language I’ ve heard all my life from my mother. She speaks English as it’ s direct translation from Chinese. But it’s more than that: Her language also has more imagery than English. ●Can you think of an example? Somebody might say to me, “Don’t work so hard. You’ll kill yourself.” My mother will say to me,“Why do you press all your brains out on this page for someone , else?” So it’ s very vivid. That’ s the way she talks. ? ●Have many readers told you that the Chinese mother in your book reminded them of the typical Jewish (有癖好的 mother? 有癖好的) 有癖好的 Many people have told me that. I think the mother-daughter relationship is very intense in both cases. Culturally there is an acceptance that mothers have the power to tell their children, especially their daughters, how to conduct their lives — not simply up until the time they are 18, but for the rest of their lives. However, when children grow up in a different culture from their parents’, they tend to keep , more secrets from their parents. The children think, “They just wouldn’ t understand that I had to do this.” And that can really create a gap, and it can grow as the number of secrets grows.

[语篇解读 这是一篇人物访谈纪实。 语篇解读] 这是一篇人物访谈纪实。 通读这篇访谈录, 语篇解读 通读这篇访谈录, 我们可以了解华裔美国作家 Ms Tan 创作第二部作品的经历。 创作第二部作品的经历。 1.Based on the questions in this interview, what do you think Ms Tan’ s profession . is? A. A journalist. C. An interviewer. B. A storywriter. D. An interviewee.

[解析 推理判断题。根据文中的“your new novel,a second novel”等关键词及访谈内 解析] 推理判断题。根据文中的 , 等关键词及访谈内 解析 容 可 知 , Ms Tan 是 一 名 小 说 家 。 C 、 D 两 项有 一 定 的 干 扰 性 , 注意题 干 中 问 的 是 “profession(职业 。 职业)”。 职业 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2.What’ s TRUE about Tan’ s second book? . A. It’ s about her real life in America. B. The name of the book is The Joy Luck Club. C. It is the result of many times of careful thought. D. It includes many works of her mother. [解析 细节判断题。根据文中的 took me six or seven attempts at a second novel 解析] 细节判断题。根据文中的“it 解析 before I started and completed this one”可知,Tan 在完成这部书的写作之前曾经历过 可知, 可知 六、七次尝试,说明这本书是她经过多次深思熟虑的产物。 七次尝试,说明这本书是她经过多次深思熟虑的产物。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3.Which question is NOT answered in the interview? . A. How does she think of her mother’ s language? B. How many books does she plan to write? C. When did she visit China? D. How is generation gap created? [解析 细节理解题。“她计划写几本书?”这个问题在文中找不到答案,其他三项文中均有 解析] 细节理解题。 她计划写几本书 这个问题在文中找不到答案 她计划写几本书? 这个问题在文中找不到答案, 解析 涉及。 涉及。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 4.We can infer that________. . A. Tan’ s mother is a good storyteller B. Tan plans to write another book about her mother

C. Tan plans to return to China D. Tan’ s mother is hard to communicate with because of personality [解析 推理判断题。根据文中的 解析] 推理判断题。根据文中的“She also told me many,many stories,because my 解析 , , mother doesn’t generalize”和“So it’s very vivid. That’s the way she talks”可知,Tan 可知, 和 可知 的母亲是一位善于讲故事的人。 的母亲是一位善于讲故事的人。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.The last paragraph mainly talks about________. . A. how to keep secrets from parents B. how to deal with the mother-daughter relationship C. how to conduct the lives D. how the generation gap comes about [解析 段落主旨题。此段大意是:传统地认为母亲有教育孩子们一生如何生活的权力,而 解析] 段落主旨题。此段大意是:传统地认为母亲有教育孩子们一生如何生活的权力, 解析 孩子们随着年龄的增长,他们不愿将自己的秘密告诉父母,从而产生了代沟。 孩子们随着年龄的增长,他们不愿将自己的秘密告诉父母,从而产生了代沟。因此本段主 要阐述的是代沟是如何产生的。 要阐述的是代沟是如何产生的。 [答案 D 答案] 答案

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity, said the American talk show ” , host Oprah Winfrey. I’ ve never watched her show, but when a self-made billionaire gives life advice it’ s probably worth listening to. Her point is that blind luck is very rare. You may have to be lucky to find a good job these days but that does not mean you should sit at home waiting for the opportunity to come to you. If you’ re a Chinese,you may already be familiar with , the tale of a farmer waiting by a tree stump (树桩 for a rabbit to run out and break 树桩) 树桩 its neck. A book by the UK psychologist Richard Wiseman, called The Luck Factor, argues we can all make ourselves luckier. It’ s not about going to a temple to burn some incense (香) in hopes that the gods will give you good fortune; it’ s practical advice 香 you can follow each day.

Wiseman conducted an experiment as part of his studies. First he divided volunteers into two groups:those who said they were lucky in life and those who : said they were not. He gave everyone a newspaper and asked them to look through it to count how many photographs it had inside. On average, the unlucky people took about two minutes to count the photographs while the lucky people took just seconds. Why? On the second page of the newspaper, a command, “Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper,” was written in big letters. The , unlucky people mostly did not spot the message. It’s easy to compare this situation to a young person looking for jobs in a local paper. They might search so hard for one type of position that they miss an even better opportunity. People who are “lucky”, in fact, keep an open mind and don’t , go through the same routine every day. I first came to China in 2002 when it was considered a rather strange thing to do. Like many foreigners,my plan was to teach English for one year. Seven years later, , and still here, I’ ve had many great opportunities such as writing for newspapers and magazines. I did not dream these would have been possible. I’ ve also never been sick, had an accident, got into a fight or had problems with the police. Coincidence? After reading about Professor Wiseman’ s studies I think not. As Wiseman advises, I usually trust my own judgment. Your friends and parents may give you advice based on rational thinking, but it’s important to consider how you feel about each choice you make. Your feeling acts as a warning for a potential problem. Finally, try to turn bad luck into good. Even if you do fall down and break a leg, the time spent at home can be used wisely to study English. [语篇解读 本文为议论文。作者认为命运只垂青那些有所准备的人。身处逆境,不要怨天 语篇解读] 本文为议论文。作者认为命运只垂青那些有所准备的人。身处逆境, 语篇解读 尤人,要想方设法化厄运为好运。每个人都可以做自己命运的主人。 尤人,要想方设法化厄运为好运。每个人都可以做自己命运的主人。 1.Which of the following proverbs most agrees with the writer’ s point? . A. Make the best of a bad job. B. Rome was not built in a day. C. All is not gold that glitters.

D. A good heart conquers ill fortune. [解析 推理判断题。Make the best of a bad job 意为 身处山穷水尽,力争柳暗花明 , 解析] 推理判断题。 意为“身处山穷水尽 力争柳暗花明”, 身处山穷水尽, 解析 与最后一段作者的观点“try to turn bad luck into good(把厄运变好运 最为接近。故答案 把厄运变好运)”最为接近 与最后一段作者的观点 把厄运变好运 最为接近。 意为“伟业非一日可成 伟业非一日可成”; 为 A。Rome was not built in a day 意为 伟业非一日可成 ;All is not gold that glitters 。 意为“闪光的东西并不都是金子 ; 意为“善心克厄运 善心克厄运”。 意为 闪光的东西并不都是金子”;A good heart conquers ill fortune 意为 善心克厄运 。 闪光的东西并不都是金子 [答案 A 答案] 答案 2.What do you know about Oprah Winfrey? . A. She became famous through her family background. B. She was very lucky and seldom suffered setbacks in her life. C. She is a British talk show host. D. She became successful by her own effort. [解析 细节理解题。根据第一段中的 a self-made billionaire 可知美国 talk show 主持人 解析] 细节理解题。 解析 oprah Winfrey 是从白手起家,通过自我奋斗而成名的。 是从白手起家,通过自我奋斗而成名的。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 3.The writer quoted the Chinese tale of a farmer in order to show________. . A. luck is in your own hand B. bad luck can turn into good C. you should not sit at home waiting for the opportunity to come to you D. man can conquer nature [解析 推理判断题。根据第二段内容可以判断,作者引用中国 守株待兔 的故事是为了说 解析] 推理判断题。根据第二段内容可以判断,作者引用中国“守株待兔 守株待兔”的故事是为了说 解析 人们不应该待在家里等待机会的降临”的观点 明“人们不应该待在家里等待机会的降临 的观点。 人们不应该待在家里等待机会的降临 的观点。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 4.From the experiment Wiseman drew the conclusion that________. . A. lucky people are quick-minded B. unlucky people are slow to read C. lucky people often have an open mind D. unlucky people are more creative [解析 细节理解题。根据第四、五段内容,尤其是第五段最后一句可知,Wiseman 通过 解析] 细节理解题。根据第四、五段内容,尤其是第五段最后一句可知, 解析 试验得出结论: 幸运的人 具有开放的心态,做事不墨守成规。 幸运的人”具有开放的心态 试验得出结论:“幸运的人 具有开放的心态,做事不墨守成规。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

5.The underlined word “spot” is the closest in meaning to“________”. . . A. recognize C. locate [解析 解析] 解析 B. mark D. receive

词义猜测题。 词义猜测题。根据上文语境及 The unlucky people mostly did not spot the

message 可知 spot 在句中用作及物动词,是“发现,识别 之意。 在句中用作及物动词, 发现 识别”之意 发现, 之意。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 You may have to be lucky to find a good job these days but that does 长难句解读] 长难句解读 not mean you should sit at home waiting for the opportunity to come to you. but 前后为两个并列分句。在第一个分句中不定式短语 to find a good job 用作结果状语。 前后为两个并列分句。 用作结果状语。 第二个分句含有一个宾语从句, 第二个分句含有一个宾语从句,现在分词短语 waiting for the opportunity to come to you 作伴随状语。 作伴随状语。

Can you believe your eyes? A recent experiment suggests that the answer to that question may depend on your age. Martin Doherty, a psychologist at the University of Stirling in Scotland, led the team of scientists. In this experiment, Doherty and his team tested the perception(观察力 观察力) 观察力 of some people, using pictures of some orange circles. The researchers showed the same pictures to two groups of people. The first group included 151 children aged 4 to 10, and the second group included 24 adults aged 18 to 25. The first group of pictures showed two circles alone on a white background. One of the circles was larger than the other, and these people were asked to identify the larger one. Four-year-olds identified the correct circle 79 percent of the time. Adults identified the correct circle 95 percent of the time. Next, both groups were shown a picture where the orange circles, again of different sizes, were surrounded by gray circles. Here’s where the trick lies in. In some of the pictures, the smaller orange circle was surrounded by even smaller gray circles — making the orange circle appear larger than the other orange circle, which was the real larger one. And the larger orange circle was surrounded by even bigger gray

circles — so it appeared to be smaller than the real smaller orange circle. When young children aged 4 to 6 looked at these tricky pictures, they weren’t fooled—they were still able to find the bigger circle with roughly the same accuracy as before. Older children and adults, on the other hand, did not do as well. Older children often identified the smaller circle as the larger one, and adults got it wrong most of the time. As children get older, Doherty said, their brains may develop the ability to identify visual context. In other words, they will begin to process the whole picture at once: the tricky gray circles, as well as the orange circle in the middle. As a result, they’re more likely to fall for this kind of visual trick. 1. Doherty and his team of scientists did an experiment to evaluate________. A. children’s and adults’ eye-sight B. people’s ability to see accurately C. children’s and adults’ brains D. the influence of people’s age [解析 考查细节理解能力。第二段第二行可以得出结论。 解析] 考查细节理解能力。第二段第二行可以得出结论。 解析 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2. When asked to find the larger circle,________. , A. children at 6 got it wrong 79 % of the time with no gray ones around B. only adults over 18 got it right 95% of the time with gray ones around C. children at 4 got it right about 79 % of the time with gray ones around D. adults got it right most of the time with gray ones around [解析 考查细节理解能力。第三段清晰地说明了辨别圆圈的比例。 解析] 考查细节理解能力。第三段清晰地说明了辨别圆圈的比例。 解析 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3. According to the passage, we can know that________. A. a smaller orange circle appears bigger on a white background B. an orange circle appears bigger than a gray one of the same size C. a circle surrounded by other circles looks bigger than its real size D. a circle surrounded by bigger ones looks smaller than its real size [解析 考查细节理解能力,对第四段整体的理解和第五段最后一句可以得出答案。 解析] 考查细节理解能力,对第四段整体的理解和第五段最后一句可以得出答案 可以得出答案。 解析

[答案 D 答案] 答案 4. Visual context may work when children get older than________. A. 4 C. 10 B. 6 D. 18

[解析 考查推理判断能力。从第五段和第六段第一句判断得出答案。 解析] 考查推理判断能力。从第五段和第六段第一句判断得出答案。 解析 [答案 B 答案] 答案 5. Why are younger children not fooled? A. Because they are smarter than older children and adults. B. Because older people are influenced by their experience. C. Because people’s eyes become weaker as they grow older. D. Because their brain can hardly notice related things together. [解析 考查推理判断能力。第四、五、六段提及到 4 ? 6 岁小孩和 6 岁以上小孩的区别是 解析] 考查推理判断能力。第四、 解析 判断的依据。 判断的依据。 [答案 D 答案] 答案

If you travel to a new exhibit at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, you will have chances to see some meat ? eating plants. Take bladderworts, a kind of such plant, for example. They appear so small and grow in a quiet pond. But these are the fastest ? known killers of the plant kingdom, able to capture a small insect in 1/50 of a second using a trap door! Once the trap door closes on the victim, the enzymes(酶) similar to those in the 酶 human stomach slowly digest the insect. When dinner is over, the plant opens the trap door and is ready to trap again. Meat ? eating plants grow mostly in wet areas with soil that doesn’ t offer much food value. In such conditions, these amazing plants have developed insect traps to get their nutritional needs over thousands of years.North America has more such plants than any other continent. Generally speaking, the traps may have attractive appearance to fool the eye, like

pitcher plants, which get their name because they look like beautiful pitchers (a container like a bottle) full of nectar(花蜜 . 花蜜). 花蜜 The Asian pitcher plant, for example, has bright colors and an attractive half ? closed lid. Curious insects are tempted to come close and take a sip, and then slide down the slippery (光滑的 光滑的)slope to their deaths. 光滑的 Hair ? like growths along the pitcher walls ensure that nothing cab escape, and the digestive enzymes can get to work. A tiny insect can be digested in a few hours, but a fly takes a couple of days. Some of these pitchers are large enough to hold two gallons. Meat ? eating plants only eat people in science fiction movies, but sometimes a bird or other small animals will discover that a pitcher plant isn’ t a good place to get a drink. [语篇解读 本文是一篇说明文, 语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文, 介绍了一些特别的植物——靠捕食动物获得生长所需养分 语篇解读 介绍了一些特别的植物 靠捕食动物获得生长所需养分 食肉植物”。 的“食肉植物 。 食肉植物 1.From the first paragraph, we can know that bladderworts can ________. . A. capture 50 small insects in a second B. capture an insect in the shortest time C. be found floating on a quiet lake D. digest an insect in 1/50 of a second [解析 细节理解题。第一段指出,bladderworts 能在 1/50 秒的时间内捕获一只小昆虫, 解析] 细节理解题。第一段指出, 秒的时间内捕获一只小昆虫, 解析 是植物中已知的捕获动物速度最快的, 是植物中已知的捕获动物速度最快的,因此选 B。 。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2.If the trap door of a meat ? eating plant is closed, the plant ________. . A. is fooling insects into taking a sip B. is producing nectar C. is tempting insects to come close D. is enjoying a dinner [解析 细节判断题。第二段说,一旦“陷阱门 将猎物关起来,类似于人胃里的那些消化酶 解析] 细节判断题。第二段说,一旦 陷阱门”将猎物关起来, 解析 陷阱门 将猎物关起来 就开始慢慢地消化它了, 正确。 就开始慢慢地消化它了,由此判断 D 正确。 [答案] D 答 3.Meat ? eating plants can grow in wet and poor soil because they ________. .

A. can get nutrition from animals B. don’ t need much food value C. can make the most of such conditions D. have developed digestive enzymes [解析 推理判断题。这些植物生长在潮湿贫瘠的土壤中,为获得生长所需的养分,在数千 解析] 推理判断题。这些植物生长在潮湿贫瘠的土壤中,为获得生长所需的养分 解析 年的进化中,它们演化出了捕获昆虫的 陷阱 陷阱”,由此推出它们主要从动物中获取养分, 年的进化中,它们演化出了捕获昆虫的“陷阱 ,由此推出它们主要从动物中获取养分,而 不是从土壤中获取养分。 不是从土壤中获取养分。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4.Which of the following is the picture of the Asian pitcher plant? .

[解析 推理判断题。根据第四、五、六段可知亚洲捕虫草主要有这些特征:状如水瓶,颜 解析] 推理判断题。根据第四、 六段可知亚洲捕虫草主要有这些特征:状如水瓶, 解析 色鲜亮,有半掩的盖子,综合此三项可知,只有 A 项最合适。 色鲜亮,有半掩的盖子,综合此三项可知, 项最合适。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.According to the passage, which of the following is true? . A. South Asia has the most meat ? eating plants. B. Some of the meat ? eating plants can even eat a human. C. Hair ? like growths in the plants help trap insects. D. The traps of these plants have a dull color. [解析 细节理解题。依据文章第三段最后一句可知,北美洲的食肉植物最多,故 A 错。从 解析] 细节理解题。依据文章第三段最后一句可知,北美洲的食肉植物最多, 解析 最后一段中的第二句可知,食肉植物是不吃人的, 项错。从文章倒数第二段可知, 最后一段中的第二句可知,食肉植物是不吃人的,所以 B 项错。从文章倒数第二段可知, 这些须状的东西可以防止小昆虫逃跑, 项正确。从文章第四段可知, 这些须状的东西可以防止小昆虫逃跑,故 C 项正确。从文章第四段可知,食肉植物为了吸

引昆虫一般有漂亮的外形, 项错。 引昆虫一般有漂亮的外形,故 D 项错。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

After years of research and testing, the hybrid car was developed and put on the market. It’ s an interesting and exciting new improvement in today’ s world as we look for better ways to protect the quality of the air we breathe and conserve our natural resources. The quality of our air is affected by many different things. But one of the largest sources of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline which is used to power a car’ s engine. The EPA has set national standards to help control the level of harmful pollutants sent off into the air, and the automobile industry has acted by producing a hybrid car that uses less gas and therefore causes less pollution. A hybrid car is a combination of a regular car that runs on gasoline and an electric car that is battery powered. Some people tend to think that since the hybrid car is partially electric, you have to plug it in to charge it. But that’s not how it works. The 144 ? volt battery pack is actually recharged through the energy that is produced when the car’s brakes are used. This is referred to as “regenerative braking” , because it generates electricity. Although the hybrid car still runs on gasoline most of the time, this helps it use less gas than a regular car. When the driver stops at a traffic light, the engine automatically shuts off to save fuel. Then, as soon as the driver puts the car in gear and touches the gas pedal, the engine starts back up. Have you ever ridden in a car with someone who ran out of gas? That probably wouldn’ t happen if you were riding in a hybrid car. It flashes a waming on its computer screen that says, “I am low on gas”. When it completely runs out, the warning reads,“YOU ARE NOW OUT OF GAS!” Then the electric power supply , ! kicks in to let the driver travel a few more miles to a gas station.

[语篇解读 本文主要介绍了一种新型汽车 hybrid cars 的优点和生产这种汽车的原因。 语篇解读] 的优点和生产这种汽车的原因。 语篇解读 1.Which of the following is true according to the passage? . A. The hybrid car will be put on the market. B. Hybrid cars run faster than regular cars. C. When the hybrid car stops at a traffic light, the driver will get a warning. D. The burning of fossil fuels is one of the largest sources of air pollution. [解析 细节判断题。根据第二段的“But one of the largest sources of air pollution is 解析] 细节判断题。根据第二段的 解析 the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline which is used to power a car’s engine.”可知答案。 可知答案。 可知答案 [答案 D 答案] 答案 2.According to the passage, the word “hybrid” refers to ________. . A. a high ? tech discovery B. energy saving C. a new invention D. a combination of two things [解析 解析] 解析 词义猜测题。由文章的第三段的第一句“A hybrid car is a combination of a 词义猜测题。由文章的第三段的第一句

regular car that runs on gasoline and an electric car that is battery powered.”可知答 可知答 案。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 3.“Regenerative breaking” is an important process of the hybrid car because . ________. A. it allows the car to come to a quick stop B. it gives the driver a smoother ride C. it produces energy to charge the battery D. it can control the speed of the car [解析 细节理解题。由文章的第三段的 解析] 细节理解题。由文章的第三段的“The 144 ? volt battery pack is...because it 解析 generates electricity.”可知答案。 可知答案。 可知答案 [答案 C 答案] 答案 4.Which of the following is right about the EPA? . A. They designed hybrid cars.

B. They outlawed (宣布 宣布……为不合法 the burning of fossil fuels. 为不合法) 宣布 为不合法 C. They set important guidelines that help control pollution. D. Their main purpose is to protect endangered plants and animals. [解析 细节理解题。由文章的第二段的第三句可知答案。 解析] 细节理解题。由文章的第二段的第三句可知答案。 解析 [答案 C 答案] 答案 5.Which of the following is the reason for developing hybrid cars? . A. They use less gas than regular cars. B. They’ re safer to drive than most cars. C. They’re more modern than other cars. D. They cost less than regular cars. [解析 细节理解题。由第四段的第一句 解析] 细节理解题。由第四段的第一句“Although the hybrid car still runs on gasoline 解析 most of the time,this helps it use less gas than a regular car.”可知答案。 可知答案。 , 可知答案 [答案 A 答案] 答案

Throughout the world, boys and girls prefer to play with different types of toys. Boys typically like to play with cars and trucks, while girls typically choose to play with dolls. Why is this? A traditional sociological explanation is that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of toys by their parents, peers, and the “society”. Growing scientific evidence suggests, however, that boys’ and girls’ toy preferences may have a biological origin. In 2002, Gerianne M. Alexander of Texas A&M University and Melissa Hines of City University in London surprised the scientific world by showing that monkeys showed the same sex ? typical toy preferences as humans. In the study, Alexander and Hines gave two masculine toys (a ball and a police car), two feminine toys (a soft doll and a cooking pot), and two neutral toys (a picture book and a stuffed dog) to 44 male and 44 female monkeys. They then assessed the monkeys’ preference for each toy by measuring how much time they spent with each. Their data showed that male monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the masculine toys, and

the female monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the feminine toys. The two sexes did not differ in their preference for the neutral toys. If children’ s toy preferences were largely formed by gender socialization, as traditional sociologists’ claim, in which their parents give “gender ? appropriate” toys to boys and girls, how can these male and female monkeys have the same preferences as boys and girls?They were never socialized by humans, and they ? had never seen these toys before in their lives. [语篇解读 本文是科普阅读。男孩和女孩在玩玩具方面具有明显的性别差异。这种差异是 语篇解读] 本文是科普阅读。男孩和女孩在玩玩具方面具有明显的性别差异。 语篇解读 后天习得的,还是与生俱来的呢?科学家对此进行了研究。 后天习得的,还是与生俱来的呢?科学家对此进行了研究。 1.Traditional sociologists believe boys’ and girls’ toy preferences ________. . A. are passed down from their parents B. have a biological origin C. have nothing to do with gender socialization D. are largely formed in later life [解析 细节理解题。从文章第一段的第四句和最后一段可知,传统的社会学家认为男孩、 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第一段的第四句和最后一段可知,传统的社会学家认为男孩、 解析 女孩对玩具的偏好差异是后天形成的。 女孩对玩具的偏好差异是后天形成的。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 2.The study by Alexander and Hines shows that monkeys________. . A. also play toys as humans do B. also have a sex ? typical toy preference C. have no toy preferences D. like to play different toys at different time [解析 细节理解题。文章第二段的第一句说明,猴子在玩玩具时,也有性别差异。 解析] 细节理解题。文章第二段的第一句说明,猴子在玩玩具时,也有性别差异。 解析 [答案 B 答案] 答案 3.Alexander and Hines carried out the study to ________. . A. find out why boys and girls prefer different toys B. test the intelligence of monkeys C. test whether monkeys like to play toys D. find more evidence for traditional sociology [解析 推理判断题。从文章第一段最后一句和最后一段可知,用猴子做研究的目的是证明 解析] 推理判断题。从文章第一段最后一句和最后一段可知, 解析

男孩和女孩在玩玩具时所表现出的偏好是与生俱来的,而不是后天习得的。 男孩和女孩在玩玩具时所表现出的偏好是与生俱来的,而不是后天习得的。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4.According to the study, if given a stuffed dog, ________. . A. only the male monkeys showed interest B. the female monkeys showed more interest C. the male and female monkeys showed the same interest D. neither the male nor the female monkeys showed any interest [解析 细节理解题。从文章第二段最后一句可知,如果给一种中性的玩具,猴子表现出的 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第二段最后一句可知,如果给一种中性的玩具, 解析 兴趣没有性别差异。 兴趣没有性别差异。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 5.Masculine toys are mainly intended for________. . A. monkeys C. boys B. adult D. girls

[解析 细节理解题。从文章第二段可知,这种玩具是跟女孩玩的玩具相对的,因此是指男 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第二段可知,这种玩具是跟女孩玩的玩具相对的, 解析 孩玩具。 孩玩具。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

When Steve Maxwell graduated from college, he had an engineering degree and a high ? tech job — but he couldn’t balance his checkbook. “I took one finance class in college but dropped it to go on a ski trip, says the 45 ? year ? old father of three, ” , who lives in Windsor, Colorado. “I actually had to go to my bank and ask them to teach me how to read my statement.” One of the biggest obstacles to making money is not understanding it: Thousands of us avoid investing because we just don’t get it. But to make money, you must be financially literate. “It bothered me that I didn’t understand this stuff,” says Steve, , “so I read books and magazines about money management and investing, and I asked every financial whiz (能手 I knew to explain things to me.” 能手) 能手 He and his wife started applying the lessons: They made a point to live below their

means. They never bought on impulse, always negotiated better deals (on their cars,cable bills, furniture) and stayed in their home long after they went for an , expensive vacation. They also put 20 percent of their annual salary into investments. Within ten years, they were millionaires, and people were coming to Steve for advice. “Someone would say, ‘I need to refinance my house — what should I do? ‘A lot of times,I wouldn’t know the answer, but I’d go to find it and learn something in , the process,” he says. , In 2003, Steve quit his job to become part owner of a company that holds personal finance seminars (研讨会 for employees of corporations like Wal ? Mart. He also 研讨会) 研讨会 started going to real estate investment seminars, and it’s paid off: He now owns $ 30 million worth of investment properties, including apartment complexes, a shopping mall and a quarry. “I was an engineer who never thought this life was possible, but all it truly takes is a little self ? education, says Steve. “You can do anything once you understand the ” , basics.” [语篇解读 经过不断的学习,史蒂夫从不懂理财的工程师发展成为善于理财的百万富翁。 语篇解读] 经过不断的学习,史蒂夫从不懂理财的工程师发展成为善于理财的百万富翁。 语篇解读 1. When Steve Maxwell graduated from college, he________. A. couldn’t balance his work and life B. made up his mind to become a millionaire C. didn’t know how to manage his money D. often went to banks to borrow money [解析 细节理解题。 解析] 细节理解题。 解析 根据第一段的 he couldn’t balance his checkbook 和 I actually had to go to my bank and ask them to teach me how to read my statement 可知,Steve 可知, Maxwell 刚毕业后不懂得如何理财。 刚毕业后不懂得如何理财。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2. The underlined part “live below their means” (in Paragraph 3) probably means “________”. . A. take effective measures B. live a miserable life

C. spend more money than they had D. spend less money than they had [解析 解析] 解析 词义猜测题。根据下文 他们从来不冲动地买东西 买东西时尽量获得低价, 他们从来不冲动地买东西, 词义猜测题。根据下文“他们从来不冲动地买东西,买东西时尽量获得低价,减少

外出度假计划”等线索可以推断出,史蒂夫一家在尽量减少开支。 外出度假计划 等线索可以推断出,史蒂夫一家在尽量减少开支。 等线索可以推断出 [答案 D 答案] 答案 3. Since Steve Maxwell became a millionaire, he________. A. has been unwilling to help others B. hasn’t stopped learning from practice C. has been willing to follow others’ advice D. has stopped to invest in houses [解析 推理判断题。根据第四段的 A lot of times,I wouldn’t know the answer,but I’d 解析] 推理判断题。 解析 , , go find it and learn something in the process 可以看出,史蒂夫总是在教别人理财的过 可以看出, 程中学到一些东西。 程中学到一些东西。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 4. What would be the best title for the passage? A. A self ? made engineer B. How to balance your checkbook C. Don’t avoid investing D. Educate yourself to become a millionaire [解析 标题归纳题。史蒂夫从开始的根本不懂理财到最后成为百万富翁,靠的是不断的学 解析] 标题归纳题。史蒂夫从开始的根本不懂理财到最后成为百万富翁, 解析 向别人讨教, 习——向别人讨教,从书本上学习,D 项点出了他成功的秘诀。文章最后一段的 self ? 向别人讨教 从书本上学习, 项点出了他成功的秘诀。 education 是关键词。 是关键词。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 5. It can be inferred from the passage that________. A. self ? education is very important to one’s life B. everyone should learn how to invest in their life C. Steve Maxwell was quite interested in finance classes in college D. Steve became rich because he saved every penny he had earned [解析 细节推断题。 解析] 细节推断题。 根据文章的最后一段可知, 自主学习对每一个人的人生有重大的影响, 解析 根据文章的最后一段可知, 自主学习对每一个人的人生有重大的影响, 投资赚钱韵事情, 故可知选 A。文中提到了 Steve 投资赚钱韵事情,但是无法推断出每个人都要学习如何投 。

为了滑雪旅行放弃了财经课, 不对; 资;根据文章首段可知 Steve 为了滑雪旅行放弃了财经课,可判断 C 不对;D 项与原文不 符合。 符合。 [答案 A 答案] 答案

Mankind is still evolving(进化 according to a recent study by a team of scientists 进化), 进化 led by a Yale University evolutionary biologist. But research suggests that the natural selection process is no longer driven by survival, perhaps because of differences in women’s fertility(能生育性 . 能生育性). 能生育性 The team examined 2,238 women in Framingham, Massachusetts, the US and studied the medical histories of some 14,000 residents since 1948. They found that strong,slightly fat women tend to have more children. And if this , trend were to continue for the next 10 generations, by 2409 the average woman would be 2 cm shorter,1 kg heavier, and have a healthier heart. That rate of evolution is pretty similar to what we see in plants and animals. Humans_don’_t_seem_to_be_any_exception,_the team said. Other recent genetic research backs up that belief. One study by John Hawks, an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, found that some 1,800 human gene variations ( 变 异 ) are common in recent generations because of evolution. Among the changes are mutations (突变 that allow people to digest milk 突变) 突变 or resist malaria(疟疾 and others that govern brain development. 疟疾) 疟疾 Since the Industrial Revolution, modern humans have grown taller and stronger. It’ s easy to assume that evolution is making humans fitter. But according to anthropologist Peter McAllister, the contemporary male has evolved physically into “the sorriest example of male ever on the planet”. An average Neanderthal woman, McAllister notes, could have beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in an armwrestling (腕力 腕力) 腕力 match. And early Australian Aborigines could easily defeat Usain Bolt in a 100 ? m dash. However, Douglas Ewbank, of the University of Pennsylvania, says that cultural

factors tend to have a much greater impact than natural selection on future generations, so people tend to ignore evolution’ s effects. And, despite evidence indicating evolution still works, Steve Jones, an evolutionary biologist at University College London, thinks that the impact of evolution on humans is not the most important. “What makes humans what we are is in our minds, in our society, and not in our evolution,” said Jones. , [语篇解读 科学家们发现人类还在不断地进化, 语篇解读] 科学家们发现人类还在不断地进化, 但是他们认为自然选择对人类进化的影响 语篇解读 已经没那么大了。 已经没那么大了。 1.What does the underlined sentence “Humans don’ t seem to be any exception” . imply? A. Plants and animals are evolving faster than humans. B. Evolution doesn’t work in humans any longer. C. The rate of evolution in plants and animals also applies to humans. D. Humans are unique in their evolution. [解析 推理判断题。根据第四段内容可知,人类的进化速度和动植物的很相似,人类并不 解析] 推理判断题。根据第四段内容可知,人类的进化速度和动植物的很相似 物的很相似, 解析 例外,由此可判断动植物的进化速度也适用于人类。 例外,由此可判断动植物的进化速度也适用于人类。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2.Why is the recent genetic research quoted in the fifth paragraph? . A. To support the belief that mankind is still evolving. B. To show human gene variations are common in recent generations. C. To prove modern humans have grown fitter. D. To suggest that the natural selection process is no longer driven by survival. [解析 细节理解题。根据第五段中的 Other recent genetic research backs up that 解析] 细节理解题。 解析 belief 可知最近的其他基因研究也支持 人类还在进化”这一观点,和文章开头的主题句照 可知最近的其他基因研究也支持“人类还在进化 这一观点 人类还在进化 这一观点, 应。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 3.According to the passage, we can infer that Arnold Schwarzenegger ________. . A. used to be a famous actor B. is an American governor C. is very weak

D. is very strong [解析 推理判断题。第六段中举施瓦辛格的例子是为了证明在人类越来越健壮的进化中, 解析] 推理判断题。第六段中举施瓦辛格的例子是为了证明在人类越来越健壮的进化中, 解析 男性成为最令人遗憾的例子。由对施瓦辛格的了解和文段内容可判断阿诺德 施瓦辛格很强 男性成为最令人遗憾的例子。由对施瓦辛格的了解和文段内容可判断阿诺德·施瓦辛格很强 壮,力气很大。 力气很大。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 4. . According to Douglas Ewbank, which of the following factors plays a greater part in the future generations? A. Culture. C. Natural selection. B. Evolution. D. Genetic mutations.

[解析 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段内容可知,在未来的后代中,起更大作用的是文化因 解析] 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段内容可知,在未来的后代中, 解析 素。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.What is the main idea of the passage? . A. Mankind is still evolving. B. Women will get fatter. C. The history of human evolution. D. Future women tend to have more children. [解析 主旨大意题。本文第一句就是主题句,后面都是围绕着 人类还在不断地进化 这一 解析] 主旨大意题。本文第一句就是主题句,后面都是围绕着“人类还在不断地进化 人类还在不断地进化”这一 解析 观点进行论述的。 观点进行论述的。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 1.Among the changes are mutations(突变 长难句解读] 突变)that allow people to digest 长难句解读 突变 milk or resist malaria(疟疾 and others that govern brain development. 疟疾) 疟疾 本句主语很长,为了句子结构的平衡进行了倒装。 本句主语很长,为了句子结构的平衡进行了倒装。主句的主语是 mutations and others, , 定语从句 that allow people to digest milk or resist malaria 修饰 mutations,定语从句 , that govern brain development 修饰 others。 。 2 . And, despite evidence indicating evolution still works, Steve Jones, an evolutionary biologist at University College London, thinks that the impact of evolution on humans is not the most important. 本句的主语是 Steve Jones, an evolutionary biologist at University College London 是 Steve Jones 的同位语,that 引导一个宾语从句。despite evidence 为介词短语作状语, 的同位语, 引导一个宾语从句。 为介词短语作状语,

的后置定语。 后面的非谓语动词短语作 evidence 的后置定语。

THURSDAY, July 9 ( HealthDay News) — A new study that found that a lower ? calorie diet slowed the aging process in monkeys could be the best proof yet that restricted diets might do the same for humans. “The big question in aging research is, ‘Will caloric restriction in species closely related to humans slow aging?’” said Richard Weindruch, senior author of a paper ? appearing in the July 10 issue of Science.This is the first clear demonstration that, in a primate species, we’ re inducing a slowdown of the aging process — showing increased survival, resistance to disease, less brain atrophy and less muscle loss. “This predicts humans would respond similarly,” added Weindruch, professor of , medicine at the University of Wisconsin and an investigator at the Veterans Hospital in Madison. Another expert noted that, despite some highly publicized studies in certain species, the link between restricted eating and longer lifespan has been far from proven. “The idea that dietary restriction extends lifespan in all species is not true. Many strains of rats and mice do not respond. In some strains, it’ s actually deleterious,” , explained Felipe Sierra, director of the biology of aging program at the US National Institute on Aging (NIA), which supported the new study. “The fact that it doesn’t work in some mice but it does seem to work in monkeys is surprising and it gives us hope.” But there’ s a larger question: how to change humans’ increasingly lax eating habits. “This_finding_doesn’t_give_me_hope_that_humans_are_going_to_go_into_dietar y_restriction,” added Marianne Grant, a registered dietitian at Texas A&M Health , Science Center Coastal Bend Health Education Center in Corpus Christi. [语篇解读 这是一篇新闻报道, 语篇解读] 这是一篇新闻报道 研究人员通过对动物的研究证明低热量的饮食可能会延长 语篇解读 人的寿命。 人的寿命。

1.The underlined word “restricted” means“________”. . . A. limited C. reserved B. satisfied D. fascinated

[解析 词义猜测题。根据第一段可知,低热量的饮食可以延长猴子的寿命,这一试验证明 解析] 词义猜测题。根据第一段可知,低热量的饮食可以延长猴子的寿命, 解析 有节制的饮食可能同样会延长人的寿命。 有节制的饮食可能同样会延长人的寿命。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 2.Which of the following statements about Weindruch is true? . A. This experiment indicates restricted diets could extend humans’ lifespan. B. Adequate sleep is another way to reduce the speed of aging process. C. The experiment was a failure in some species such as mice. D. The experiment which had been tested on humans got a great success. [解析 细节理解题。根据第三段第一句话可知答案为 A。 解析] 细节理解题。 解析 。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 3.According to Felipe Sierra’ s idea, we know that________. . A. the restricted diets experiment really had no distinct effect on rats and mice B. humans are finding new ways to slowdown the aging process of all the species C. the experiment is unnecessary to be carried on because of the response of the mice D. the experiment confirmed that restricted diets extend lifespan in all species [ 解析 ] 从第四段的第二句“Many strains of rats and mice do not 细节理解题 。 从第四段的第二句

respond.”可知答案。 可知答案。 可知答案 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4.It can be inferred from the underlined sentence that ________. . A. the result of the experiment shows that humans are not pigging out nowadays B. nowadays humans are turning unhealthy diets into lower ? calorie diets C. how to change humans’ careless eating habits is a long way to go D. the experiment changed humans’ increasingly careless eating habits [解析 细节理解题。由画线句子可知人们目前并没有进入到控制饮食的状态中,也就是说 解析] 细节理解题。由画线句子可知人们目前并没有进入到控制饮食的状态中, 解析 要改变人们漫不经心的饮食习惯还有很长的路要走。 要改变人们漫不经心的饮食习惯还有很长的路要走。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

5.The author most likely wrote this text to________. . A. compare the two experiments on rats and monkeys B. illustrate the data from the research C. call on people to pay attention to their daily diets D. introduce a lively debate to amuse the reader [解析 写作目的题。作者的目的是通过介绍试验 低热量的饮食可能会延长人的寿命 ,呼 解析] 写作目的题。作者的目的是通过介绍试验”低热量的饮食可能会延长人的寿命 低热量的饮食可能会延长人的寿命”, 解析 吁人们注意控制饮食。 吁人们注意控制饮食。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 Another expert noted that, despite some highly publicized studies in 长难句解读] 长难句解读 certain species, the link between restricted eating and longer lifespan has been far from proven. 引导的是一个宾语从句。 本句的主句为 Another expert noted that,其中 that 引导的是一个宾语从句。从句用 , despite 表示让步关系,后面的 far from proven 意为 远没有得到证明 。 表示让步关系, 意为”远没有得到证明 远没有得到证明”。

The treadle pump is based on a design developed in the 1970s by Norwegian engineer Gunnar Barnes. It can be made locally. The treadle pump is easy to build from bamboo or other wood and two metal cylinders (圆筒 with pistons (活塞 The pistons go up and 圆筒) 活塞). 圆筒 活塞 down as a person stands on lever devices — treadles — and uses a natural walking motion. How many hours a day the pump needs to be operated depends on the season and how much water is needed for crops. It could be two hours a day. It could be seven hours a day. Small children sometimes stand with their parents on the treadles. Everyone in the family can take turns operating the pump. The Acumen Fund is a nonprofit group that invests in business projects to fight poverty. It studied the effects of treadle pumps in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh has three treadle pump manufacturers and more than seventy ? three thousand pumps. Acumen reported that families using them ate more vegetables, because they were able to grow more to eat and to sell. Many of these families also drank more milk, because they bought a cow with their added earnings. Men with treadle pumps often no longer have to leave the farm to seek extra work in cities. The pump can also improve education. Farmers often use their extra earnings to buy books for their children or to pay for schooling. A farmer in Zambia said he hoped to have enough money in three years to buy a diesel ? powered pump (柴油泵 Then he could grow more crops over a larger area. 柴油泵). 柴油泵 But the world economic crisis has had an effect on some farmers. IDE executive director Zenia Tata says some who were able to buy diesel pumps now do not have enough money to buy fuel. So they are using their treadle pumps again. [语篇解读 脚踏泵因其简单、易行、实用之特点,正在世界的广大贫困地区被推广,以帮 语篇解读] 脚踏泵因其简单、易行、实用之特点,正在世界的广大贫困地区被推广, 语篇解读 助农民脱贫致富,且已取得了显著的效果。 助农民脱贫致富,且已取得了显著的效果。 贫致富 1.The treadle pump ________. . A. is invented by an American engineer B. is mainly made of metal C. consists of two cylinders with pistons D. consists of two cylinders with an engine [解析 事实细节题。根据第二段第一句可知答案为 C。 解析] 事实细节题。 解析 。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2.What does the author want to tell us about the treadle pump in the second . paragraph? A. Its history. B. Its working principle. C. Its structure. D. Its usage and effects. [解析 作者意图题。A 和 D 显然不对,C 有一定干扰性,但其不能概括第二句,介绍工作 解析] 作者意图题。 显然不对, 有一定干扰性,但其不能概括第二句, 解析 原理时,一般要同时介绍其结构, 原理时,一般要同时介绍其结构,故选 B。 。

[答案 B 答案] 答案 3.It can be inferred from the passage that ________. . A. it is easy to learn how to operate the treadle pump B. it is difficult to build a treadle pump C. the treadle pump is used more in winter than in summer D. operating the treadle pump can keep fit [解析 推理判断题。B 和 C 与文中内容相悖,可排除。易错选 D,但文中没有依据,无法 解析] 推理判断题。 与文中内容相悖,可排除。 ,但文中没有依据, 解析 推知。根据第四段,小孩也可帮忙,家庭中每个人都可参与, 为答案。 推知。根据第四段,小孩也可帮忙,家庭中每个人都可参与,可推知 A 为答案。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 4 . Each treadle pump manufacturer in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has produced on average about ________. A. 18, 000 pumps C. 37, 000 pumps B. 24, 000 pumps D. 73, 000 pumps

[解析 数据推算题。根据第五段第三句可知,该州共三家生产商,共有七万三千多架脚踏 解析] 数据推算题。根据第五段第三句可知,该州共三家生产商, 解析 泵,平均每家生产两万四千架左右,故选 B。 平均每家生产两万四千架左右, 。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 5.Why does the farmer in Zambia hope to buy a diesel ? powered pump? . A. Because he wants to grow crops on a larger scale. B. Because he hates to leave the farm to seek fortune in cities. C. Because a diesel ? powered pump is cheaper than before. D. Because oil is much cheaper than before. [解析 事实细节题。根据倒数第二段第二句可知答案。 解析] 事实细节题。根据倒数第二段第二句可知答案。 解析 [答案 A 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 IDE executive director Zenia Tata says some who were able to buy 长难句解读] 长难句解读 diesel pumps now do not have enough money to buy fuel. 该句为双重复合句。 该句为双重复合句。主句主语为 IDE executive director Zenia Tata,谓语为 says,后面 , , 为省略了 that 的宾语从句。该宾语从句的主干部分为 some do not have enoueh money 的宾语从句。 to buy fuel,who were able to buy diesel pumps 为定语从句,修饰主语 some。 为定语从句, , 。

It was near dusk, and Kim Cooper and her husband, Steve, were trucking through northern Kentucky transportation auto parts from Louisville to Detroit for a goods company. “Steve, wake up!” she shouted. “There’s a truck on fire!” ! ! Inside the burning truck, Ronnie Sanders, 38, was fighting for his life. He’d been running a heavy load of tractors and forklifts from Georgia to Indianapolis when a van in front of him stopped suddenly in traffic on the icy road. As Ronnie bore down, he could see children in the backseat. The truck’s bulk would probably protect him from the worst of the impact, but the force of 23 tons would likely crush(压碎 everyone inside the van. 压碎) 压碎 “I figured instead of killing other people, I’d just put the truck in the ditch. ”At the bottom, rocks cut a fuel tank, which caught fire. A tree branch destroyed the windshield and knocked Ronnie unconscious. He came to life a couple of minutes later to find the cabin flames and his legs on fire. Steve dashed to Ronnie, who was hanging headfirst from the passenger door. Ronnie had used his pocket ? knife to cut himself free from the driver’s ? side seat belt only to get his boot trapped in another one. Steve climbed into the burning cab to free him. He tried three times to pull Ronnie out before finally freeing him. But Ronnie’s legs were still burning, so Steve laid him on the ground, ripped off his own shirt, and beat the flames with it. He’d managed to drag him about 20 yards when one of the truck’s 150 ? gallon fuel tanks exploded. Both Steve and Ronnie paid a price for risking their lives for strangers. Ronnie spent two months in the hospital and received skin grafts on both of his legs. Steve suffered smoke breathing and minor burns, and shrapnel from the fuel tank explosion broke a tooth. In February, the Coopers received a Hero of the Highway award from the Open Road Foundation for rescuing an injured driver. Steve insists Ronnie is the real

hero: “If he hadn’t gone into the ditch, he would have hit that van. It was his decision to drive off the road.” “I feel pretty good about it,” says Ronnie. “A lot of people could have been hurt.” , 解读:本文为记叙文, 开的大卡车着火了; 解读:本文为记叙文,主要讲述了 the Coopers 途中遇到 Ronnie 开的大卡车着火了; Ronnie 为了不造成更大的伤害,不顾自身的安危,将卡车开进水沟里,而 Steve 则竭尽全 为了不造成更大的伤害,不顾自身的安危,将卡车开进水沟里, 力救助 Ronnie。 。 1. According to the passage, Ronnie’s putting the truck in the ditch contributes to________. A. his concern for his own safety B. his poor driving skill C. the icy road D. his concern for others’ lives [解析 细节推断题。 解析] 细节推断题。 由文章的第三段第一句话“I 解析 由文章的第三段第一句话 figured instead of killing other people, , I’d just put the truck in the ditch.”可推断出。 可推断出。 可推断出 [答案 D 答案] 答案 2. What probably made Ronnie come to life after driving the truck in the ditch? A. The noise from the highway. B. The call from the Coopers. C. The pain from the burning legs. D. The heat of the fire. [解析 细节推断题。根据文章的第三段最后一句话 He came to life a couple of minutes 解析] 细节推断题。 解析 later to find the cab in flames and his legs on fire.利用排除法。 利用排除法。 利用排除法 [答案 C 答案] 答案 3. How did Steve put out the flames in Ronnie’s legs? A. He beat the flames with Ronnie’s shirt. B. He beat the flames with his own shirt. C. He put out the fire with a tank of water. D. He put out the fire with a bag of sand. [解析 解析] 解析 细节理解题。根据文章第五段第二句话, 撕下自己的衬衫, 细节理解题 。 根据文章第五段第二句话 , Steve 撕下自己的衬衫 , 用它来扑灭

(Ronnie 双腿上的 火焰。 双腿上的)火焰 火焰。

[答案 B 答案] 答案 4. What does the underlined word “shrapnel” in Paragraph 6 mean? A. A branch of a tree. B. A small piece of metal. C. A wave of the explosion. D. The heat of the explosion. [解析 词义猜测题。根据下文 shrapnel from the fuel tank explosion broke a tooth 可 解析] 词义猜测题。 解析 知是“油箱爆炸产生的金属片打碎了一颗牙 。 知是 油箱爆炸产生的金属片打碎了一颗牙”。 油箱爆炸产生的金属片打碎了一颗牙 [答案 B 答案] 答案 5. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage? A. Heroes: The Coopers B. Heroes: Roadside Flames C. Accidents on the Icy Road D. Accidents in the Ditch [解析 确定文章标题。综观全文,A,C,D 三项不够全面;而 B 项即表明事故,也表明 解析] 确定文章标题。综观全文, , , 三项不够全面; 项即表明事故, 解析 了事故中竭力营救他人的英雄。 了事故中竭力营救他人的英雄。 [答案 B 答案] 答案

Astronauts aboard the space station Celebrated a space first on Wednesday by drinking water that had been recycled from their urine and sweat and water that condenses from exhaled air. They said “cheers” , clicked drinking bags and toasted NASA workers on the ground who were sipping their own version of recycled drinking water. The recycling system is needed for astronaut stations on the moon and Mars. It also will save NASA money because it won’ t have to ship up as much water to the station by space shuttle or cargo rockets.Besides, it’ s important as the space station is about to expand from three people living on board to six. The recycling system had been brought up to the space station last November by

space shuttle Endeavour, but it couldn’ t be used until samples were tested back on Earth. So when it came time to actually drink up, NASA made a big deal of it. The three ? man crew stood, holding their drinks and congratulated engineers in two NASA centers that worked on the system. “This is something that had been the stuff of science fiction,” Barratt said before , taking a small mouthful. “The taste is worth trying.” NASA deputy space shuttle manager LeRoy Cain called it “a huge milestone”. . The new system takes the combined urine of the crew from the toilet, moves it to a big tank, where the water is boiled off, and the vapor is collected. The rest of the urine is thrown away. The water vapor is mixed with water from air condensation, and then it goes through filters. When six crew members are aboard it can make about six gallons from urine in about six hours. “Some people may find the idea of drinking recycled urine distasteful, but it is also done on Earth with a lot longer time between urine and the tap”said Marybeth Edeen, the space station’s national lab manager. The technology NASA developed for this system has already been used for quick water purification after the 2004 Asian tsunami, Edeen said. “We are happy to have this water work through the system — we’ re happy to have it work through our systems,”Barratt said. , [语篇解读] 本文讲的是国际空间站宇航员试饮尿液循环水。 语篇解读 本文讲的是国际空间站宇航员试饮尿液循环水。 语篇解 1.According to the text, the recycling system is important because________. . A. it makes traveling to the moon for the common person possible B. with it NASA won’ t need to ship any water up to the space station C. it can help to meet the need for more water after the crew are expanded D. it protects the environment in space by reducing the amount of waste [解析 细节理解题。根据第二段中的 解析] 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“it’s important as the space station is about to 解析 expand from three people living on board to six”可知 C 项正确。 可知 项正确。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2.What is the RIGHT time order of the following events? . a. The samples of the recycled water were tested on Earth.

b. Astronauts celebrated the space first of making water from urine. c. The recycling system was brought up to the space station. d. The technology for the system was used to quickly purify water. A. a,d,c,b , , , C. d,a,c,b , , , [解析 解析] 解析 B. a,c,b,d , , , D. d,c,a,b , , ,

细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的“The technology NASA developed for this 细节理解题 。 根据倒数第二段的

system has already been used for quick water purification after the 2004 Asian tsunami”可知 d 发生最早。根据第三段的 The recycling system had been brought up 可知 发生最早 根据第三段的“ 最早。 to the space station last November... couldn’ t be used until samples were tested back on Earth”可知 c 发生在 a 的前面,因此 D 项正确。 的前面, 项正确。 可知 [答案 D 答案] 答案 3.From Para. 6 we can know________. . A. the theory behind the recycling system B. the effect of the recycling system C. the process of the recycling system D. an opinion on the recycling system [解析 段落概括题。该段主要讲述的是使用尿液循环系统将尿制成水的过程。 解析] 段落概括题。该段主要讲述的是使用尿液循环系统将尿制成水的过程。 解析 [答案 C 答案] 答案 4.What did Edeen say about recycled urine and the recycling system? . A. The taste of recycled urine is not as good as common water. B. The recycling system has made a science fiction story come true. C. The idea of drinking recycled urine makes astronauts feel unpleasant. D. It takes a longer time on Earth to make water from urine than in space. [解析 细节理解题。 解析] 细节理解题。 根据第七段中的“with a lot onger time between urine and the tap” 解析 根据第七段中的 项正确。 可知 D 项正确。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 5.What is the best title for the passage? . A. The research of NASA has made great progress B. New technology is used in the space station C. Drink up: space station recycles urine to water

D. Good news: water recycled from urine tastes good [解析 标题概括题。本文报道了国际空间站的宇航员试饮尿液循环水,“Drink up”生动反 解析] 标题概括题。本文报道了国际空间站的宇航员试饮尿液循环水, 解析 生动反 映饮用时的情景, 点明了制造技术。 映饮用时的情景,“space station recycles urine to watert”点明了制造技术。故 C 项最 点明了制造技术 佳。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 长难句解读] 长难句解读 Astronauts aboard the space station celebrated a space first on

Wednesday by drinking water that had been recycled from their urine and sweat and water that condenses from exhaled air. 主 句 是 : Astronauts celebrated a space first on Wednesday by drinking

water.aboard the space station 和 that had been recycled from their urine and sweat and water 充当定语分别修饰名词 Astronauts 和 water。 。

LONDON (Reuters) — Quiet please — Britain’ s Queen Elizabeth is preparing to have her swans counted. Buckingham Palace has announced that the annual Swan Upping, a tradition dating back to the 12th century which involves a census of the swan population on the River Thames, will be conducted by the Queen’ s official Swan Marker from July 20 ? 24. “With the assistance of the Queen’ s Swan Warden, Professor Christopher Perrins of the University of Oxford, the swans and young cygnets (小天鹅 are also 小天鹅) 小天鹅 assessed for any signs of injury or disease , ” Buckingham Palace said in announcing the count. The process involves the Swan Marker, David Barber, rowing up the Thames for five days with the Swan Warden in traditional skiffs while wearing special scarlet uniforms and counting, weighing and measuring swans and cygnets. It may seem eccentric, but it is very important to the Queen, According to custom, Britain’ s sovereign owns all unmarked, mute swans in open water, but the Queen now exercises the right only on stretches of the Thames and its nearby tributaries.

In medieval times, the Swan Marker would not only travel up the river counting the swans, but would catch as many as possible as they were sought ? after for banquets and feasts. This year, the Swan Marker and the Swan Warden are particularly keen to discover how much damage is being caused to swans and cygnets by attacks from dogs and from discarded fishing tackle (渔具 . 渔具). 渔具 It is also an important year because Queen Elizabeth has decided to join her team of Swan Uppers for part of the census. She will follow them up the river and visit a local school project on the whole subject of swans, cygnets and the Thames. “Education and conservation are essential to the role of Swan Upping and the involvement of school children is always a rewarding experience,” Buckingham , Palace said. [语篇解读 泰晤士河上每年都要举行一个重要的活动:数天鹅。英国皇室的这一传统已经 语篇解读] 泰晤士河上每年都要举行一个重要的活动:数天鹅。 语篇解读 延续了好几个世纪。 延续了好几个世纪。 1. In medieval times,________. , A. swans were better protected than now B. a lot of swans were killed by dogs C. swans were a delicious dish on royal banquets D. common people could catch the swans [解析 细节理解题。从文章倒数第四段可知,在中世纪天鹅被捉住,然后成为皇家宴会上 解析] 细节理解题。从文章倒数第四段可知,在中世纪天鹅被捉住, 解析 的美味。 的美味。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 2.We can infer from the passage that the process of counting the swans ________. . A. remains almost unchanged in the past years B. involves a lot of royal members C. sometimes lasts longer than before D. is always guarded by special soldiers [解析 推理判断题。 解析] 推理判断题。 解析 从文章第四段对数天鹅过程的描述以及参与清点的官员的穿着打扮可 知,其过程几乎没有变化,因为这是一项传统活动。 其过程几乎没有变化,因为这是一项传统活动。 [答案 A 答案] 答案

3 . This year, the Swan Marker and the Swan Warden mainly want to find out________. A. the exact number of swans and cygnets B. how a local school project is going on C. how much damage the swans and cygnets suffer D. how education and conservation are carried out along the Thames [解析 细节理解题。从文章倒数第三段内容可知答案为 C。 解析] 细节理解题。 。 解析 [答案 C 答案] 答案 4.Which of the following is the main idea of the passage? . A. Britain’ s Queen is concerned about swans. B. Britain’ s Queen orders a count of swans. C. An old tradition in Buckingham Palace. D. Queen Elizabeth will count swans herself. [解析 主旨大意题。文章第一段是本文的主题段,英国女王下令清点泰晤士河上的天鹅的 解析] 主旨大意题。文章第一段是本文的主题段 题段, 解析 数量。 数量。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 5.The underlined word “tributaries” can be best replaced by ________. . A. districts C. trees B. banks D. branches

[解析 词义理解题。根据语境和常识可知,此处是指在泰晤士河及其支流上生活的天鹅。 解析] 词义理解题。根据语境和常识可知,此处是指在泰晤士河及其支流上生活的天鹅。 解析 故答案为 D。 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 In medieval times, the Swan Marker would not only travel up the river 长难句解读] 长难句解读 counting the swans, but would catch as many as possible as they were sought ? after for banquets and feasts.在中世纪,负责清点天鹅的人不仅沿河清点天鹅的数量,还 在中世纪, 在中世纪 负责清点天鹅的人不仅沿河清点天鹅的数量, 会尽可能多地捕捉一些,因为天鹅当时是宴会桌上的美餐。 会尽可能多地捕捉一些,因为天鹅当时是宴会桌上的美餐。 本句是一个并列句,not only...but(also)...引导并列句,后面的 as 引导原因状语从句。 本句是一个并列句, . 引导并列句, 引导原因状语从句。 引导并列句

Happiness is contagious,_researchers reported on Thursday. People with the most social connections — spouses, friends, neighbors and relatives — were also the happiest, the data showed. “Each additional happy person makes you happier,” Christakis said. , “Imagine that I am connected to you and you are connected to others and others are connected to still others. It is this fabric of humanity, like an American patch quilt.” Each person sits on a different ? colored patch. “Imagine that these patches are happy and unhappy patches. Your happiness depends on what is going on in the patch around you,” Christakis said. , “It is not just happy people connecting with happy people, which they do. Above and beyond, there is this contagious process going on.” And happiness is more contagious than unhappiness, they discovered. “If a social contact is happy, it increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15 percent, Fowler said. “A friend of a friend, or the friend of a spouse or a sibling (兄 , ” 兄 弟姐妹), 弟姐妹 if they are happy, increases your chances by 10 percent,” he added. , A happy third ? degree friend — the friend of a friend of a friend — increases a person’s chances of being happy by 6 percent. “But every extra unhappy friend increases the likelihood that you’ll be unhappy by 7 percent,” Fowler said. , The finding is interesting and it is useful, too, Fowler said. “Among other benefits, happiness has been shown to have an important effect on reduced mortality (死亡率 pain reduction, and improved cardiac (心脏的 function. 死亡率), 心脏的) 死亡率 心脏的 So better understanding of how happiness spreads can help us learn how to promote a healthier society,” he said. , The study also fits in with other data suggested in 1984 that having $ 5,000 extra increased a person’s chances of becoming happier by about 2 percent. “A happy friend is worth about $ 20,000,” Christakis said. , [语篇解读 美国科学家的一项最新研究成果表明,快乐感可以互相传递。这项研究成果为 语篇解读] 美国科学家的一项最新研究成果表明,快乐感可以互相传递。 语篇解读 我们构建更为健康、和谐的社会提供了依据和方法。 我们构建更为健康、和谐的社会提供了依据和方法。

1.According to the research, your happiness ________. . A. has nothing to do with your workmates or schoolmates B. has something to do with anyone who has a close relationship with you C. depends on those who are in favour of you or are against you D. has little to do with what social connections you have [解析 推理判断题。根据第二段、第三段内容可知, 解析] 推理判断题。 根据第二段、 第三段内容可知, 快乐感会不断传递和扩散, 你的配偶、 解析 快乐感会不断传递和扩散,你的配偶、 朋友、邻居、亲戚等的快乐指数会直接影响你的快乐程度,故选 B。 朋友、邻居、亲戚等的快乐指数会直接影响你的快乐程度, 。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 2.The underlined word “contagious” in the first paragraph means ________. . A. infectious C. effective B. beautiful D. prior

[解析 词义猜测题。第一句是全文的主题句。由文章第二、三、四段可知,快乐感可以在 解析] 词义猜测题。第一句是全文的主题句。由文章第二、 四段可知, 解析 人们之间传播, 的意思是“有感染力的 有传染性的”。 有感染力的, 人们之间传播,故 contagious 的意思是 有感染力的,有传染性的 。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 3.It can be inferred that________. . A. happiness spreads as fast and widely as unhappiness B. unhappiness spreads faster and more widely than happiness C. happiness spreads faster and more widely than unhappiness D. the spread of unhappiness has not been studied by researchers [解析] 推 理 判 断 题 。 根 据 第 六 段 “And happiness is more contagious than

unhappiness,they discovered.”一句可推知选 C。 , 一句可推知选 。 [答案 C 答案] 答案 4.Which of the following will increase your chances of becoming happier most? . A. Being in a party with a happy atmosphere. B. A happy experience of your brother or your parents. C. A happy trip to a foreign country of your friends. D. Happiness of your friend’ s friend. [解析 事实细节题。根据第七、第八段讲述的别人的快乐感对你的影响几率可知,排在最 解析] 事实细节题。根据第七、第八段讲述的别人的快乐感对你的影响几率可知, 解析 前的是“If 前的是 a social contact is happy”,故选 A。 , 。 [答案 A 答案] 答案

5.What does Christakis mean by saying “A happy friend is worth about $ 20,000” ? . A. A happy friend can help you bring in a wealth of $ 20,000. B. A happy friend is a wealth which is worth about $ 20,000. C. A happy friend increases your chances of being happy by 2%. D. A happy friend increases your chances of being happy by 8 %. [解析 句意理解题。结合上一段中的 解析] 句意理解题。结合上一段中的“that having $5,000 extra increased a person’s 解析 chances of becoming happier by about 2 percent”可知,一个快乐的朋友带给你的快乐 可知, 可知 相当于大约$20,000 带给你的快乐,也就是 带给你的快乐,也就是$5,000 的四倍,即一个快乐的朋友给你带来快 的四倍, 相当于大约 乐的几率为 8%,故选 D。 , 。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 [长难句解读 The study also fits in with other data suggested in 1984 that having 长难句解读] 长难句解读 $ 5,000 extra increased a person’s chances of becoming happier by about 2 percent. 该句为主从复合句, 该句为主从复合句,主句为 The study also fits in with other data,suggested in 1984 , 引导的是同位语从句, 的内容。 为过去分词作定语修饰 data,后面 that 引导的是同位语从句,说明 data 的内容。该从句 , 为宾语, 的主语为 having $5,000 extra,a person’s chances 为宾语,of becoming happier 为 , 为程度状语。 定语修饰 chances,by about 2 percent 为程度状语。 ,

Bill Fulton doesn’ t remember losing his wallet, but its return helped him remember the past. The leather stayed smooth and the cowboy design unblemished (完美无缺 完美无缺 的). And when he looked inside, the contents brought back memories from 1946, when he apparently dropped the wallet behind the balcony bleachers (露天看台 in 露天看台) 露天看台 the Baker Middle School gym. Fulton’ s Social Security Card and bicycle license, bearing the address where he lived during his teenage years, were positioned in their respective compartments, apparently untouched since the year after World War Il ended. Worker Nathan Osborne found the wallet — along with old homework, lost library books and a 1964 talent show program — while removing the bleachers for

renovations on June 17. It was brought to Fulton’ s door the following day by Melanie Trindle, the Baker Middle School secretary. Middle School Principal Mindi Vaughan said the brown pine bleachers were connected to the gym balcony’ s brick wall and had remained in the same place since the school, known as the Helen M. Stack Building, opened in 1936. Fulton, 78, said he probably lost the wallet while cheering for the Baker High basketball team with a group of friends. Fulton said the bicycle ID was needed because he delivered medicine for Rodamar Drug.He was surprised, however, that his bicycle ID wasn’t inside. He said he always kept it there. But rather than focus on what was inside the wallet, Fulton said the recovery has led him to reflect on his life — one that took him to the Korean War and Berlin before the return to Baker City. He worked at Ellingson Lumber Company for 30 years, from March 1964 to April 1994. Since his retirement, Fulton has enjoyed spending time with his 11 ? year ? old black dog, Smokey. The two often hike the nearby mountains. Trindle’ s knock on the door, wallet in hand, induced a slight ripple in his life, prompting him to consider the times he hadn’t thought about in many years. “Where did all the times go?” Fulton said with a deep sigh. “It’ s hard to believe ? that the times have gone so fast.” [语篇解读 本文是记叙文。一个丢失了几十年的钱包居然被找到,而且还给了失主。钱包 语篇解读] 本文是记叙文。一个丢失了几十年的钱包居然被找到,而且还给了失主。 语篇解读 勾起了失主对过去岁月的回忆。 勾起了失主对过去岁月的回忆。 1.When the wallet was found, it________. . A. was still in good condition B. was a little damaged C. had just lost color D. was just repaired [解析 细节理解题。从文章第一段第二句可知,钱包的皮还很光滑,上面的图案也保持完 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第一段第二句可知,钱包的皮还很光滑, 解析 段第二句可知 项正确。 好,因此 A 项正确。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 2.The wallet was important to Fulton because ________. .

A. he could get his bicycle ID back B. it called up his memories of the past C. it could help him to find his student ID D. it made him think of his school days [解析 推理判断题。综合全文尤其是第一段和最后一段的信息可知,钱包勾起了 Fulton 解析] 推理判断题。综合全文尤其是第一段和最后一段的信息可知, 解析 对往昔岁月的回忆。 对往昔岁月的回忆。 [答案 B 答案] 答案 3.Fulton lost the wallet when________. . A. he was doing his homework on the balcony bleachers B. he was doing some exercise in the Baker Middle School gym C. he was removing the bleachers for renovations on June 17 D. he was watching a basketball match with his friends [解析 细节理解题。从文章第五段可知,Fulton 和朋友们在一起看篮球赛,在为一支篮 解析] 细节理解题。从文章第五段可知, 和朋友们在一起看篮球赛, 解析 球队助威时他丢失了钱包。 球队助威时他丢失了钱包。 [答案 D 答案] 答案 4.After he retired, Fulton________. . A. lived a peaceful and pleasant life B. often regretted losing his wallet C. lived a hard life by raising dogs in the mountains D. quite missed his past life [解析 推理判断题。分析文章倒数第二段可知,Fulton 退休以后经常牵着狗到山里散步, 解析] 推理判断题。分析文章倒数第二段可知, 退休以后经常牵着狗到山里散步, 解析 可见生活非常惬意。 可见生活非常惬意。 [答案 A 答案] 答案 5.Which of the following best describes Fulton’ s feeling when the wallet was . returned? A. Thankful. C. Surprised. B. Overjoyed. D. Doubtful.

[解析 推理判断题。文章虽然没有明确说明 Fulton 接到钱包时的反应,但丢了那么多年 解析] 推理判断题。 接到钱包时的反应, 解析 的钱包失而复得,他应该感到吃惊。 的钱包失而复得,他应该感到吃惊。 [答案 C 答案] 答案

[长难句解读 And when he looked inside,the contents brought back memories 长难句解读] 长难句解读 , from 1946,when he apparently dropped the wallet behind the balcony bleachers(露 , 露 天看台 语意: 天看台)in the Baker Middle School gym.语意:当他看钱包里面时,里面的东西把他的记 语意 当他看钱包里面时, 当时他显然是把钱包丢在了贝克中学体育场的露天看台上。 忆带回到了 1946 年,当时他显然是把钱包丢在了贝克中学体育场的露天看台上。 本句是一个复合句。 引导时间状语从句, 本句是一个复合句。第一个 when 引导时间状语从句,第二个 when 引导非限制性定语从 句,修饰 1946。 。


2012届高考英语考前冲刺精品资料 综合强化系列(九)

暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 2012届高考英语考前冲刺精品资料 综合强化系列(九)_高考_高中教育_教育专区。亿库教育网 http://www.eku.cc 2012 届高考...


2012 年全国高考英语试题分类汇编之完形填空(含解析) 1.【2012 全国新课标】 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项 A、B、 C 和 D 中, 选出可以填入...


2012届高考英语阅读系列之... 47页 5财富值 南海上的明珠 5页 2财富值如要投诉违规内容,请到百度文库投诉中心;如要提出功能问题或意见建议,请点击此处进行反馈。...


2012年北京高考英语真题及答案解析,含作文范文。 ...听第 9 段材料,回答第 13 至 15 题。 13. ...你将有 20 秒钟的时间阅读试题,听完后你将有 60 ...

2012届高考英语阅读理解训练 (9)

2012 届高考英语阅读理解训练 (9) (一) Toyota Motor Corp, Japan’s biggest carmaker, said on Friday it will recall 1,489 Lexus sedans (高级轿车) ...


暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 2012年高考英语全国卷(含答案详解)_高考_高中教育_教育专区。2012 高考英语真题及答案(全国卷)word 版 第二部分 英语知识...

2012届高考英语二轮专题总复习 阅读能力培养精品系列(...

2012届高考英语二轮专题总复习 阅读能力培养精品系列(三十六) 隐藏>> 届高考英语...9---20 AB AADCDC DABAC 1. 解析:选 B。推理判断题。从文章前五段内容,...


暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 2012年高考英语福建卷解析版_高三英语_英语...?9.15. C. ?9.18. 答案:B 1. Where does this conversation probably take...


2012 届高考英语阅读理解专题复习精品资料教育型 (一) Elizabeth and I are 18 now, and about to graduate.I think about our elementary-school friendship, bu...


关键词:高考英语阅读理解 同系列文档 高一英语上册知识...2012 届高考英语二轮专题复习阅读理解题型专讲专练 ...(9). Scientists grow large quantities of common ...

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