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老龄化现象The Aging Phenomenon

老龄化现象 The Aging Phenomenon
The Family Plan has been adopted for several years, most of the young generation are only child because their parents follow the government's policy. Over more than 30years, most family are made up of grandparents, parents and a child. Here comes the problem, the society is facing an aging situation, more and more people are getting old while the young people are less. For a typical family, four grow-ups are at the age of over 40 with a young kid less than 20years old. The aging society is getting more and more obvious, such phenomenon has been catch mass media's attention. The policy of one child has been doubted, it has been strongly advised that a family is allowed to raise two kids. I totally agree with that, it not only bring happiness to family, but also relieve the pressure of aging problem. 计划生育已经执行了很多年了, 年轻一代大都是独生子,因为他们的父母执行国 家的计策。30 多年过去了,很多家庭是由祖父母,父母和一个孩子组成。问题 也出现了,社会面临着老龄化处境,很多人变老,然而年轻人却少。对与一个典 型的家庭来说,四个成年人已过四十和一个不到 20 岁的孩子。老龄化社会越来 越突出,这样的现象引起了大众媒体的注意。一个孩子的政策遭到了质疑,强烈 一个家庭应该允许有 2 个孩子。我完全同意,这不仅给家庭带来欢乐,而且减轻 了老龄化问题的压力。

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