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新概念第二册-1-9课测试题 试卷满分100

New Concept English BookⅡ
一、单项选择 1. the teacher at this college last year ? Yes, he did. A. Did, taught B. does, teach C. Did, teach D Do,teach 2、I went to the supermarket and bought a great many A.tomatoes B.potatos C.apple D.rice 3、He until it stopped raining. A.waited B. didn't wait C. leave D.left 4、For the whole period of two months, there no rain in this area. A.is B.will be C.has been D.have been 5、——Hey, how are you getting with your girlfriend? —— A .It’s none of your business! B.Dear me! C .Take it easy. D.Enjoy yourself. 6、A great number of students fond of films, but a good student seldom to the cinema A. are,goes B. is,goes C. are,go D. is,go 7、If their house not like ours, what it look like? A.is, is B.is, does C.does, does D.does, is 8. I’m _______ in that ________ film A. interesting, interested B. interested, interesting C. interested, interested D. interesting, interesting 9. -------_____________? -------I am Italian. A. What’s your job B. What’s your name C. What nationality are yours D. Where do you from 10. I don’t have ______writing paper, I only have _____chalks. A. any, any B. any, some C. some, some D.some,any 11. Look, the little dog ______after a big cat! A. runs B. is running C. is going to run D.is runing 12. It’s very cold. _______ your coat. A. Take off B. Put on C. Turn on D.Put off 13.The man could not bear it.He could not it. A.carry B.suffer C.stand D.lift 14.On the last day he made a big dicision. It was the day of his holiday. A.final B.end C.latest D.bottom 15.He calls at every house in the street.He everyone. A.shouts at B.calls C.cries out at D.visits 二、改写句子 Change the sentences with what or what a(n) 16. It was very hot yesterday ________________ hot day it was yesterday!

17. It is so cold __________________ cold weather it is! 18. You have such an old bike. ___________________ old bike you have! 19. The book Tom is reading is very interesting. ___________________ interesting book Tom is reading! 20. We live in a very noisy place. ____________________ noisy place we live in!

三、用所给单词的适当形式填空: 21、He is not very (friend) towards(对) newcomers(新来的). 22、She slammed the telephone down (angry). 23、It was a sudden (decide) 24、She works for that restaurant as a (waiter) 25、She is very (exciting) about winning the first prize. 26、What have you been done (late) 27、We are very (please) with our new house. 28、She ( rare) visited her aunt. 29、“What do you want?”She asked (rude) 30、I had a long (converse) with her the other day(不久前一天). 四、词组互译 31、none of your business 32、破坏我的假日 33、在回家的路上 34、by the way 35、 五、阅读理解 A. How many different languages are spoken in the world today? There are about 5,000 different languages. Nearly 900 languages are spoken in India. Chinese is the language spoken by the biggest number of people in the world.But the most widely(广泛地) spoken language in the world is English.300, 000,000 people speak English as a first language.Nearly twice as many--about 650 million (百万)people speak it as a foreign language. How many words are there in the English language? There are about 490, 000.Also,there are about 300,000 words used in science(科技).There are more words in English than in any other language.But most people use no more than 60, 000 words. Children,leaving school at the age of 1 6,know about 1 5,000 words. 36.The Chinese language is spoken ________.

let’stop it today

A.in most countries in the world B.in 600 countries C.by the biggest number of people in the world 37.About 650 million people speak English as________. A.a first language B.well as the native speakers C.a second language 38.Only ________ English words are used by most people. A.six thousand B.three hundred thousand C.sixty thousand 39.Children ________ know about 15,000 words. A.who start school at the age of 6 B.who study at school C.who finish school at sixteen 40.Which of the following is true? A.There are no more than 5,000 different languages in the world. B.English is the most widely-used language. C.The Indian people speak 800 languages. B. One day a poor student was walking through a town. He had not had anything to eat for several days and he was very hungry. And when he saw a man selling homemade hamburgers, he let out a scream and fell to the ground. When the surprised seller asked the student what the matter was, the student answered, “I don’t like hamburgers. In fact, I hate them. Whenever I see them, I feel ill and can’t eat.” The hamburger seller then thought that he would play a joke on the student. He put ten hamburgers in the comer of a room and then locked the student in it. After a short time, the hamburger seller opened the door of the room. He was surprised to find that the student had eaten all the hamburgers. The student explained. “For some strange reason, I suddenly decided that I liked hamburgers.” The hamburger seller was angry that the student had fooled him. He asked what other things he did not like to eat. “Oh, I like everything, ”answered the student, “Except at the moment I would hate to drink two cups of good strong tea!” 41. The student was very hungry because . A.he was ill B.he had not eaten for a long time C.he saw the hamburgers 42. The hamburger seller wanted to the student. A.help B,pull up C.play a joke on 43. The hamburger seller was surprised to find the student had eaten hamburgers. A.ten B.five C.two

44. In fact, . A.the seller wanted to sell some hamburgers to the student B.the student really hated hamburgers C.the student fooled the hamburger seller 45. The student . A.wanted some tea B.didn’t like tea C.hated strong tea C. George works in a factory. He was born in a very poor family and was in school for only four years. He has to do the hard work, but he is paid less because of this. He likes to watch football matches very much and spends much time on it. One evening there was a big football match on a playground. He borrowed some money from his friend and hurried there. There were a lot of people there. And all the tickets were sold out. He was sorry for it. He saw a pole( 电线杆 )outside the playground and climbed it up quickly. A policeman came and said. “It’s dangerous to stay on it! Come down!” “Wait a minute, please!” George said and just at that moment the policeman heard cheers in the playground and asked in a hurry. “Which team has kicked a goal?” “Ours!” “Wonderful! You can stay there. But take care!” the policeman said happily and left. When the match would soon be over, he came back again and asked,“Who’s won?” “Theirs, 3-2.” “Come down, ”the policeman said angrily, “Such a match isn’t worth watching!” George had to come down. But soon they heard cheers again. The policeman said in a hurry, “Climb up quickly and see who’s kicked a goal!” 46. George is paid less because he didn’t learn much when he was young. A.Right B.Wrong C.Doesn’t say 47. George climbed up the pole because he hoped to save some money. A.Right B.Wrong C.Doesn’t say 48. The policeman soon changed his mind at the first time because he thought it was safe for George to be on the pole. A.Right B.Wrong C.Doesn’t say 49. The policeman became angry when he heard their team had lost the game. A.Right B.Wrong C.Doesn’t say 50. Both George and the policeman are football fans. A.Right B.Wrong C.Doesn’t say 六、完型填空 Mrs. Williams loved flowers and had a small __1__ beautiful garden.In the summer,her roses were always the __2__ in her street.0ne summer afternoon her __3__ rang, and when she went to the front door, she saw a small boy outside. He was about seven years old. and was holding a big bunch(束)of beautiful roses in his hand. “I __4__ roses, ” he said. “Do you want any? They are quite cheap. One shilling

__5__ a big bunch.They are fresh(新鲜).I __6__ them this afternoon.” ’ “My boy, ” Mrs. Williams answered,“I pick __7__ whenever I want, and don’t pay __8__ for them,because I have lots in my garden.” “Oh, no, you haven’t, ”said the small boy. “There __9__ any roses in your garden ----__10__ they are here in my hand!” 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. A 10.A and better bell sell for brought flowers nothing haven't so B B B B B B B B B B or worst telephone sold by took roses something won’t and C C C C C C C C C C but best door am selling in picked a flower anything aren’t because

七.作文 你热爱生命吗?那么别浪费时间,因为时间是组成生命的材料 -富兰克林 你的生活和饮食习惯有规律吗?请写一篇短文介绍你的生活习惯和饮食习惯。 参考词汇:healthy(健康的), exercise(锻炼),be good for, eating habits, sleep, look after, help, study better· · ·




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