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(湖南专用)(新课标)2014高考英语二轮复习方案 专题限时集训11 记叙文型完形填空



(限时:每篇 10 分钟)

(一) Yesterday I was returning from Boston by bus.My wife was planning to leave the work to __1__ me up from the bus station.I called her to say not to bother.I would just take the local bus to see her. While I was sitting on the bus a young woman with a dog __2__.She was carrying several bags of heavy books.I noticed the dog was an emergency dog,one that was trained to __3__ the owner of a possible seizure. I heard the young woman mention to someone else that she still had two miles to walk with the __4__ books after she got off the bus.I thought maybe I should ask if she wanted a ride but I wasn't sure at which __5__ she was getting off so I hesitated and didn't ask. I got off the bus at the stop where my wife was __6__.As we were driving home, all of a sudden I saw the same young lady with her dog. I asked my wife to pull over and I asked the young lady if she would like a __7__.She said she would love a ride but she was __8__ about the dog who was quite big. I asked if the dog could get in the __9__.He tried to do it by himself but in the end I had to lift him in.By the way,the dog's name was Sam. The young lady got in and I looked back.There was Sam,sitting very proudly in the back seat with his __10__.It was quite a sight! We took them both home and the lady was very appreciative. When reflecting on this __11__,I was a little sad that I didn't act the first time on the bus.But I was very happy to have had the second __12__ to do what I should have done the first time. 1. A.cut B.pick C.turn D.bring 2. A.relied on B.put on C.got on D.got in 3. A.impress B.guess C.cure D.warn 4. A.interesting B.heavy C.useful D.important 5. A.door B.stand C.stop D.direction 6. A.waiting B.building C.working D.repairing 7. A.solution B.helper C.ride D.reminder 8. A.embarrassed B.relaxed


C.puzzled D.concerned 9. A.horse B.train C.bus D.car 10. A.friend B.owner C.mother D.bags 11. A.mirror B.experience C.event D.trip 12. A.method B.approach C.luck D.chance (二) One of my father's favourite sayings as I was growing up was“Try it! ” I couldn't say I didn't like everything,whatever it might be,until after I tried it.Over the years I've come to __1__ how much of my success I owe to my acceptance of those words as one of my values.My first job was just one I decided to try for a couple of years until I __2__ what I want to do as a career(职业).__3__ I believed I would work for a few years,get married,stay home and raise a family,so I didn't think the job I took __4__ that much.I couldn't have been more __5__ . I mastered the skills of that beginning level positions and I was given the opportunity( 机 会 )to __6__ through the company into different positions.I accepted each new opportunity with the __7__,“Well,I'll try it; if I don't like it I can always go back to my __8__ position.” But I was with the same company for the past 28 years , and I've __9__ every career change I've made.I've discovered I possess a large number of different talents(才能)and skills that I never would have thought were within me had it not been for my being __10__ trying new opportunities.I've also discovered that if I __11__ what I'm doing and work hard at achieving my goal, I will succeed.That's why I'm so excited to be a part of CareerFables.com.I think __12__ has come and I am determined to make it a success. 1. A.consider B.argue C.include D.realize 2. A.determined B.examined C.experienced D.introduced 3. A.Actually B.Gradually C.Finally D.Usually 4. A.helped B.required C.expressed D.mattered 5. A.careful B.mistaken C.interested D.prepared 6. A.look up B.take up C.move up D.put up 7. A.thought B.reply C.action D.advice 8. A.easier B.newer C.earlier D.higher


9. A.permitted B.counted C.organized D.enjoyed 10. A.lucky for B.slow at C.open to D.afraid of 11. A.think of B.give away C.believe in D.turn into 12. A.dream B.time C.power D.honour (三) In the spring of 1919,Princess Bazaar of Luxembourg royal family met the royal kitchen helper Leon.Many nights , Leon went into the kitchen and made __1__ for Bazaar.They always talked about the good times while they were having ice cream.They soon fell in love.But because of their different social status,both of them buried the __2__. Soon,Bazaar was made to accept an arranged royal marriage.For days,Leon could not see Bazaar,he was__3__ with impatience.Finally,Bazaar __4__ at the table a month later.While serving desserts,Leon wrote the letters “DOVE”,which is an abbreviation of DO YOU LOVE ME with hot chocolate on Bazaar's ice cream.Leon __5__ that Bazaar could understand his feelings. A few days later,Bazaar got __6__. One year later,Leon could not bear the mental suffering and left the royal kitchen.Years later,he and his own family __7__ a candy store. Many years later,they met again.Bazaar remembered that that afternoon she ate the ice cream made by Leon,but didn't see the __8__ letters then. Hearing this , Leon broke down in tears , and he finally understood the past __9__.If that chocolate had been solid,those letters would never have melted, and he would not have lost his last chance.Leon decided to create a solid chocolate which can __10__ a long time. After lots of research,the chocolate Dove was finally made and each piece of chocolate was__11__engraved(雕刻) with the letters “DOVE”.It's a symbol of the love between Leon and Bazaar. Now more and more people fall in love with this chocolate.Giving someone DOVE means sending the__12__ of love: DO YOU LOVE ME? 1.A. dishes B.chocolate C.ice cream D.cakes 2.A. feelings B.difference C.silence D.needs 3.A. calling B.burning C.working D.talking 4.A. stood up B.turned up C.stayed up D.dressed up 5.A. expected B.declared C.allowed D.promised


6.A. sick B.angry C.married D.bored 7.A. left B.visited C.ran D.looked 8.A. confusing B.interesting C.melting D.annoying 9.A. misunderstanding B.competition C.judgment D.prejudice 10.A. stand B.spare C.take D.preserve 11.A. luckily B.immediately C.quickly D.firmly 12.A. story B.memory C.whisper D.secret (四) I became a gardener when I was twelve.My early intention of gardening may not have originated from my love for nature.It was to __1__my parents. At that time,we had a big yard in which a beautiful maple tree stood.But my mother often looked with __2__at this work of natural art.Those golden leaves seemed like tons of rubbish to her ,“Something else to __3__ ! ”Seeing the neighbours busy with gardening,my father ever thought it a waste of time. At that age,I always did something opposite to whatever my parents did! If gardening were something they found __4__,I would plant a garden! I planted some lily( 百合花 )seeds in the yard.But they failed to __5__ . I continued to plant sunflower seeds and roses.Wild with joy,I found the first rose bloom(开花).One by one,the flowers bloomed their heads off.__6__,I was touched by this land of wonder. However,my parents showed no interest in my garden.My father even shouted at me because he found it was __7__to move around my garden to the driveway.To my mother's __8__,I put in her vase my real roses which,in her eyes,were simply weeds rather than flowers. Regardless of their __9__,I kept on planting my garden and continued to enjoy the pleasure of gardening.Plants make such good companions: they breathe, they bloom, they __10__to care and love. It has been many years since I made my first garden out of my desire to __11__my parents.Today I become known as Mrs Greenthumbs,teaching gardening and hosting a gardening show which makes my parents feel very __12__.And now I could say it is my affection for nature that makes me a real gardener. 1. A.please B.change C.help D.annoy 2. A.doubt B.appreciation C.surprise D.excitement 3. A.collect up B.care about


C.clean up D.come in 4. A.painful B.valuable C.upsetting D.interesting 5. A.come up B.break out C.hold on D.get through 6. A.Luckily B.Cheerfully C.Regularly D.Eventually 7. A.convenient B.troublesome C.enjoyed D.dangerous 8. A.sadness B.displeasure C.delight D.relief 9. A.dislike B.encouragement C.threat D.suggestion 10. A.devote B.turn C.respond D.lead 11. A.defeat B.satisfy C.respect D.challenge 12.A.proud B.comfortable C.strange D.disappointed


专题限时训练(十一) (一) 【要点综述】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者一次乘车的经历。通过自己的这次经历, 作者旨在告诉我们:要抓住机会做自己应该做的事情。 1.B 由第一段最后一句可知,“我”打电话跟她说不要麻烦,可推知“我”的妻子正 计划来汽车站接“我”。pick sb up 接某人;cut up 切碎;turn up 出现,到来,开大; bring up 提出,教育,养育。 2.C 由第三段“?she got off the bus.”可知,一位带着狗的年轻女士上了车,“上 公共汽车”用 get on the bus。rely on 依赖,依靠;put on 穿上。 3.D 根据上文的 an emergency dog 可知,这条狗是用来警告、提醒主人的。 4.B 根据上文的“She was carrying several bags of heavy books.”可知,是很 重的书。 5.C 此处指“我”不知道她要在哪一站下车。stop 车站。第四段开头也有原词复现。 6.A 根据下文的“As we were driving home?”和第一段可知,妻子在等“我”。 7.C 根据下文的“She said she would love a ride?”可知,“我”问她是否需要 搭车。 8.D 根据下文可知,这位女士担心她的狗。be concerned about 担心,挂念。 9.D 根据上文可知,妻子是开车来接“我”的,故选择 D 项。get in the car 上车。 10.B 因为 Sam 是狗,所以应是与主人(owner)坐在一起。 11.B 总结上文可知,这是作者的一次经历(experience)。 12.D 从上文可知,作者在公共汽车上时没问那位年轻的女士是否要搭便车,而当再 次看到那位女士时,有了第二次机会(chance)去做第一次他应该做而没做的事。 (二) 【要点综述】 本文是一篇励志记叙文,描述了父亲最喜爱的“Try it!”对作者选择 职业、工作目标和生活斗志方面的影响。 1. D 这么多年来,“我”开始意识到“我”很多的成功都归功于父亲的那些话。 2. A 通过下文可以看出,作者在从事第一项工作的时候,只是想先试试看,如果遇到 热衷的想当成自己固定职业的工作的话,还是会离开的。 determine 确定,决心。 3. A 这里作者在表明自己的态度。事实上,“我”自认为“我”会工作几年,之后结 婚?? 4. D 根据前一句可知,作者并没有把这项工作看得特别重要。matter 在这里作动词, 意为“有关系,要紧”。 5. B 根据下文可知,作者本不具有的一些生活技能居然在通过各种经历后具有了,也 就是说作者开始的想法是错误的。 6. C move up 上升,这里指工作上取得了提升。 7. A with the thought 带着这种想法。作者每一次得到一个新机会,总有那种“如 果我不喜欢这个新的机会,我就会回到原来的那个职位”的想法。 8. C 根据上题解析可知 C 项正确。 earlier 早些时候的。 9. D 通过“But?”可以看出作者的态度发生了变化,在过去的 28 年中,作者一直待 在同一个公司,并且很享受每次的工作变化。count 重要,认为??重要。 10. C 要不是作者愿意尝试新的机会,就不会拥有这么多的才能。be open to 对?? 开放。Had it not been for = If it had not been for?要不是?? 11. C 作者还发现如果相信自己并且一直努力去做,就一定能够达到目标、取得成功。 believe in 相信,信任。


12. B 作者认为时机(time)已到,决心一定要取得成功。 (三) 【要点综述】 本文叙述了公主 Bazaar 和皇宫的一个帮厨 Leon 的爱情故事。因为两个 人的身份悬殊,各自隐藏自己的感情,后来 Bazaar 结婚了。有一天 Leon 在给公主的冰淇淋 中放了一个写有字母 DOVE 的巧克力,可是由于融化了,公主没有看到字母,后来 Leon 离开 了皇宫。许多年之后他们再次相遇,Leon 明白了两人的误会,决定发明一种固体的巧克力, 上面刻有 DOVE。后来这种巧克力就成了传递爱情的巧克力了。 1.C 根据“?they were having ice cream.”可知选 C。 2.A 因为不同的社会地位,两人隐藏了他们的感情,故选 A。 3.B Leon 几天不见 Bazaar,他没有耐心了。burn 表示有强烈的情感,故选 B。 4.B 最终 Bazaar 出现在餐桌上,故选 B。stand up 站起来; turn up 出现; stay up 熬夜; dress up 打扮。 5.A Leon 期待 Bazaar 能够理解他的感情。故选 A。 6.C 几天以后 Bazaar 结婚了,故选 C。 7.C 几年之后,他和他的家人经营了一家糖果店,故选 C。 8.C confusing 令人困惑的; interesting 有趣的; melting 融化的; annoying 讨厌的。由下文“?letters would never have melted?”提示可知答案。 9.A Leon 最终理解了过去的误解,故选 A。misunderstanding 误解; competition 竞赛; judgment 判断; prejudice 偏见。 10.D 这种固体巧克力能够保存很长的时间,故选 D。preserve 保存。 11.D 每块巧克力都牢固地刻有字母 DOVE,故选 D。luckily 幸运地; immediately 立刻; quickly 很快地,迅速地; firmly 坚定地,牢固地。 12.C 给某人一个带有 DOVE 字样的巧克力意味着传递爱的私语,故选 C。 (四) 【要点综述】 作者小时候出于逆反心理,在院子里种花,结果喜欢上了园艺,后来作 者在这方面作出了成绩,成为一名真正的园艺师,使当初持反对意见的父母也为之自豪。 1.D 根据下文可知,作者最初从事园艺只是想给父母添烦恼。D 选项表示“惹恼,使 生气,使烦恼”,符合文意。 2.A 根据下文父母对作者从事园艺的态度可知,B、C、D 三项可排除。 3.C 由前面 tons of rubbish 的提示可知,垃圾是要清理的。在四个选项中,C 项“清 理,打扫”符合文意。 4.C 由于作者有逆反心理,作者想到如果园艺是父母感到烦恼的事,那就种植一个花 园。C 选项表示“令人烦恼的”,符合语境。 5.A 作者在院子里种了百合花种子,但是没有发芽。因此,正确答案为 A 选项。come up 长出地面,破土而出。 6.D 朵朵鲜花竞相绽放,最终,作者被眼前的奇观所感动。由此可知,D 选项符合语 境。eventually 最后,终于。 7. B 作者的父亲觉得花挡住了车道, 这令他烦恼不已。 B 选项有“令人烦恼的”之意, 符合文意。 8 . B 作者把自己的真玫瑰花放进母亲的花瓶里,这使她感觉不愉快。 to one's displeasure 意为“令人不愉快的是”,符合语境。 9.A 尽管作者的父母不喜欢作者的所作所为,但是作者一直坚持自己的做法。由此可 知,A 选项符合语境。 10. C 植物成为作者的好伙伴, 它们呼吸, 它们开花, 它们对作者的关爱有回应。 respond


to 意为“对??反应, 响应”。 11.D 根据上文,作者具有逆反心理,种植花草是出于挑战父母。由此可知,D 选项 与文意相符。 12.A 现在作者已经成为一位著名的园艺师,使父母为之自豪。在四个选项中,只有 A 选项符合文意。


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