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《课时讲练通》2017-2018学年高中英语人教版必修四学案设计:Unit 4 Body Language 4.4

Period 4 语法专题课 学习目标 Ⅰ.Know the rules of this grammar point. 1.The -ing form can be used as the attribute. 2.The -ing form can be used as the adverbial of time/reason/accompanying/result... Ⅱ.Make use of the rules to make sentences. 呈现新知 Look through the first reading passage,write out the missing part of the eight sentences and point out their functions in the sentences. 1.Yesterday,another student and I, ,went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year’s international students. 2.I saw several young people enter the waiting area . 3.I stood for a minute and then went to greet them. 4.She stepped back and put up her hands. 5.Then Akira Nagata from Japan came in . 6.Just at that moment,however,Akira bowed so his nose touched . 7.When Darlene Coulon from France came dashing through the door,she recognized Tony Garcia’s face. 8.In the same way that people communicate with spoken language,they also express their feelings . 感受新知 Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the following verbs. observe deliver focus touch approach enjoy defend shake 1.He is a postman letters from door to door. 2.While the professor was doing the experiment,the boy sat there carefully. 3.He lost his life the honor of his nation. 4.She sat by the windows, the beautiful sights outside. 5.The buildings showed us that an earthquake was coming. 6.How attentive the students are! They are all sitting straight, their eyes on the screen. 7.It is exciting to watch athletes reach the other end

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