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文 献 出 处: Kampala R. The Study on Tourism Destination Competitiveness [J]. Tourism Management, 2016, 5(3): 361-371. 原文 The Study on Tourism Destination Competitiveness Kampala R Abstract The competition of tourist destination in the world is becoming increasingly fierce, and the tourism destination competitiveness is becoming a hot research area. The research on the competitiveness of tourism destination started early, and has been more mature, mainly including the definition of the concept of tourism destination competitiveness, the analysis of influencing factors and the evaluation of competitiveness. In this paper, through the study of foreign tourism destination competitiveness research literature review, focusing on the analysis of the impact factors and competitiveness of tourism destination competitiveness evaluation research, and pointed out the direction of future research. Key words: tourism destination competitiveness; evaluation index; evaluation method 1 Introduction From the point of view of the tourism system, and most of the tourism activities occurred in the destination, destination in any model of tourism system is an important pole; from the perspective of the management of the tourism industry, tourism destination but the basic unit of the many aspects of tourism relies on. The basic products of tourism is tourism experience in the destination, destination according to local supply potential provide tourism products, and may cause to maintain and expand market share of the traditional destinations and to obtain a fierce competition between the growing market share for new destination. The success of the tourist destination depends on the competitive advantage of the destination. The globalization of the market has brought about the globalization of competition, and the competition between tourist destinations in the world has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, the tourism destination should both have the ability in the increasingly fierce competition in the market effectively demonstrate their competitiveness, but also to ensure that the sustainable development of the economy, society and culture to achieve this goal, become tourism scholars, local government policies and formulate the hot spots and tourist industry practitioners concerned. Research on tourism destination competitiveness began in the early 1990s. AIEST meeting in Argentina in 1993, devoted to the study of the competitiveness of the long-distance travel destination.

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