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(新版)人教新目标版八年级英语下册 Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city parks第四课时公开课课件_图文

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
1.My phone doesn't work so I want someone to_ __ _repair it. 2.—What's wrong with you? —My computer is__broken . 3.The two boys look__ sim_il_arso I can't tell which one is Peter. 4.The people used __wheels__to carry the heavy rocks in the past.
5.Uncle Wang used the old bike__ parts _to fix my bike up yesterday.

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
二、用适当的介词或副词填空。 (5×3分=15分) 6.He ran out___o_f his water and food. 7.The old man gave__ away__a lot of money to the school. 8.My daughter looks__ like __her father and they both have big eyes. 9.Could you help me fix__ _up_my computer? 10.My book is similar__ t_o _his.

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
三、根据句意选用方框中的词组填空。(5×3分=15分) run out of,fix up,give away,take after,be similar to
11.The coat__ is_sim__ilathr_atot one in color.I don't know which is mine. 12.Linda,I__ ran_out__of_the eggs.Could you help me go and buy some? 13.The old man__ gave_away__all his money to the poor. 14.—Do you __take_after__your father or your mother? —My father.We both have big eyes. 15.My phone is broken.Could you help me__

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
四、选出与画线部分意思相同的选项。(5×3分=15分) 16.Yesterday I used_up all the salt to cook dumpling.I need to buy some now. A.ate up B.made out of C.ran of D.ran out of 17.Can you help me repair my bicycle? A A.fix up B.prepar C.treat D.pack 18.She takes_after her mother. A.looks after B.takes care of C.is similar to D.is the same as 19.The old man gave_away a lot of money to the school. A.gave up B.handed out C.gave instead of selling D.gave off 20.Please hand_out the papers to others. A.give out B.look out C.take out D.find out

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
五、单项选择。(5×4分=20分) 21.My grandparents' clock doesn't work.I'm trying to find a repairman who can_ _A_ for them. A.fix it up B.fix up it C.put up it D.put it up 22.(2014,恩施)It is surprising that you have_ _A_that strange idea which can greatly encourage the students. A.come up with B.got along with C.caught up with 23.(2014,苏州)—We must act now because time is____.D—Yes.Let's start. A.coming out B.giving out C.cutting out D.running out 24.—Mary takes__ her mother. —Yes.She is similar____her mother. A.for;as B.to;withC_ C.after;to D.away;from 25.—Can you tell me the differences between them? —Differences?Oh,no.They look__. A.different B.strange C.interesting D.similar

第四课时(Section B 1a~1e)
六、根据汉语完成句子。(5×4分=20分) 26.吉姆和他哥哥在某方面相似。 Jim is__similar__ __to__his brother in some ways. 27.他父亲正忙着修理他的自行车。 His father is busy__fixing__ __up__his bike. 28.如果这台机器用光了它的能量,它就不工作了。 If the machine__runs__ __out__ __of__its energy,it won't work. 29.彼得把他的旧书捐出去了。 Peter__gave__ __away__his old books. 30.他正在学校门口发放通告。 He's__giving__ __out__notices at the school gate.

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