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Ahmad Mkhlif Al Hassn
Nationality: Job title:


assistant driller Turkey.Sanliurfa


Mobile: Skybe: E- MAIL:

+963 957215471 whatsapp ahmad_syrian1987 ahmedwaste@yahoo.com
Secondary School

I.W.C.F WellCap
EXPERIENCE RECORD: (SAPESCO) DRILLING COMPANY Rig # 3 ? (DRILLING & WORK OVER RIG 1000HP) ? Duration: - March-2011 to Aug 2013 ? Designation: - assistant driller ? Project: AL FOURAT PETROLUEM COMPANY (AFPC) (SAPESCO) DRILLING COMPANY Rig # 2 ? (DRILL MAIC 1000 HP) ? Duration: - May-2009 to March-2011 ? Designation: assistant driller ? Project: -) AL FOURAT PETROLUEM COMPANY (AFPC) (NPS) SYRIA WORK OVER & DRILLING RIG 1000 HP Rig # 2) ? Duration: - 2008 to May-2009. ? Designation: assistant driller ? Project: - (OPC) (ADWOC )SYRIA DRILLING & WORK OVER RIG 1500 HP Rig #1) ? Duration : - 2006TO 2008 ? Designation : derrick man ? Project : AL FOURAT PETROLUEM COMPANY (AFPC) (ADOWC) ARABIAN DRILLING & WORKOVER COMPANY Rig 1500 HP Rig #1 ? HHF 1500HPDrilling ? Duration : - 2005TO 2006 – ? Designation : - Roustabout & floor man

? Project : AL FOURAT PETROLUEM COMPANY (AFPC) MY RESPONSIBILTY & DUTY AS DRILLER ? Responsible for coordinating and preparing equipment used in drilling operation. ? Responsible for drilling activities including operation of the drill rig, mixing mud, handling drill pipe, casing and other equipment. ? Performs and assists with maintenance and cleaning of equipment. ? Maintains contact with Field Supervisor and keeps records of drilling footage, consumables and other items pertaining to the drilling operation. ? Responsible for personal safety as well as co-workers safety. ? Acts as the supervisor of the shift, and while in the field assists senior driller or other senior operations department personnel as necessary. WORK SKILLS ? Safety and Environment my first priority during work. ? Throughout my working period in oil filed I supervised in various drilling, completion and work over activities on many types of land rigs. ? Supervised in drilling vertical and horizontal wells. ? Running whip stock, drilling production and injection wells. ? Worked with lost circulation, stuck pipe and have extensive knowledge in diagnosing down whole problems. Excellent capability to assemble and test completion items, run single and dual completion. run Reda, beam pump, gas lift assy., prepare well for work over Bull heading and recover completion, participate in flowing and test well, coil tubing, wire line and logging operation. Promoting safety awareness and taking necessary measures. Also participating in rig maintenance, moving and spotting rig. WELL EXPERIENCE RIGS ? Working on Top Drive CANE RIG HYD & Varco TDS 11 ? MR 950 HP & Kelly MUD PUMP ? H.H.F ? Bomco –F 800 ? Drillmec 9T1000, 1000 HP each powered by 2 CAT 3512 DITA Diesel engines

PERSONNEL ? Date of Birth: Syria.lattakia.1987 ? Sex: Male ? Marital Status: M PASSPORT DETAILS ? Passport No: Yes (004840803) ? Place of issue: SYRIA Technical Skills ? Spoken Languages: Arabic: mother tongue. English: fluently spoken & reading & writing .good very good. ? Computer Skills: Good command of windows, MS word, Excel, Power Technical Course: ? Advanced Drilling Technology ? Well Completion and workover ? Accumulators and Mud Pumps ? Hazard Identification ? Safety & H2S ? Advanced Fire Fighting CAREEROBJECTIVES Seeking a work environment that provides exposure to new ideas and stimulates professional growth in field of oil well Drilling & to obtain a challenging position in an organization by maintaining high standards. Wherein I can successfully accomplish my part in achieving safe and incident/accident free accomplishment of the project that I get associated with. To be an integral part of the management team in building growth of the company. REFERENCES: Professional Certificates are available upon request Excellent references can be easily obtained to support my application.


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CV Assistant Driller - Ahmad Mkhlif Al Hassn Nationality: Job title: Address: C.V Syrian.lattak...

Shakeel Asst. Driller CV.doc

Shakeel Asst. Driller CV_简历_求职/职场_实用文档。Shakeel Imran Assistant Driller CAREER OBJECTIVE To pursue a career in a drilling company where my i ...

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Other Skills - CV/Resume Part 5 [Optional] 1)As Assistant Driller *Worked in Egypt on ESP wells. ?? Worked in Egypt on Sucker Road wells. 2)AS ...


assistant military attaché(副武官,也可用 deputy military/defense attaché表示)、 assistant stoker(副司炉) ? assistant driller(副司钻) ? Assistant General ...


to 11 a.m. An offshore crew can have a driller, assistant driller, derrickman, roughnecks, motorman, diesel engine operator, pump operator, mud man,...

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The onshift driller is the most critical person on the rig. ? Assistant driller (AD): Helps the driller by preparing tools and equipment, completes ...


He is an assistant driller. He isn’t a driller. Who is the driller of the shift? Mr. Li is the driller of the shift. We are all roughnecks ...


(密度 )每加仑 磅 PSI pounds per square inch 每平方英寸 磅 SGL single 单根 HTHP high temperature high pressure 高 温高压 AD assistant driller 副司钻 ...


Driller 司钻 Sub Sea Engineer (SSE) 水下工程师 Assistant Driller (AD) 副司钻 Derrick Man 井架工 Floor Man (roughneck) 钻工 Crane Operator 吊车工 ...


(drill pipe) 钻杆 toolpusher 带班队长 rotary table 转盘 driller 司钻 assistant driller 副司钻 derrickman, monkeyman 井架工 roughneck, floorman 钻工 ...


(密度 )每加仑磅 PSI pounds per square inch 每平方英寸磅 SGL single 单根 HTHP high temperature high pressure 高温高压 AD assistant driller 副司钻 LCM ...


a Highyield well change a piston 司钻 (技术员;技师、队长) 泥浆 高产井 换个活塞 4、mr li is an assistant driller of this shift。we are all ...


(以来可垂深)电气师 7、 Driller(追乐)司钻 8、 Assistant driller(俄西似探车 追乐)副司钻 9、 Derrickman(得瑞可们)井架工 10、Floorman(富了们)钻工 ...


武官 assistant military attacher;副检察长 assistant attorney general; 副警察局长 assistant chief constable;副司炉 assistant stoker;副司钻 assistant driller ...


assistant driller 副司钻 adapter substitute


driller 副司钻:assistant driller 钻井队长:drill


he is an assistant driller.he is not a driller. 10.who is the driller of this shift? Mr peter is the driller of this shift.we are all roughnecks...


Some drilling operations will be conducted with fewer rig crew on the drill floor, as drillers and assistant drillers more efficiently handle dual-activity...


Call the assistant driller (A.D.) or der


assistant engineer 助理工程师 knock at an open door 多此一举 toolpusher 带班队长 rotary table 转盘 driller 司钻 open diameter 开口直径 assistant driller ...

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