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新视角研究生英语读说写 1 课后习题 (unit1-6 单选、翻译 选择题 unit4-6 cloze) Unit1 1. The country is heavily dependent on its oil exports A reliant on B. complaint with 投诉 C yielding to 屈服 D. attached to 附属 A 2.An alternative approach is to define words according to the sentence contexts in which they occur. A. outline 大纲略述 B. explain C. specify 指定 D term 学期条款 B 3.A second hospital has been accused of (被控告的) mixing up a baby’s name tag (标签) , making the mother fear she had the wrong child. A code B. paper 论文,报纸 C board 董事会;木板 D label 标签 D 4.The director will have to shift his roles and expectations when he’s asked by the rest of the board to answer criticism(批评)of company performance. A. move B stint 限制 C alter (改变)D transit 越过 C 5 Japanese computer makers are turning to scientists overseas (外国的)to help them develop software and applications for massively parallel supercomputers. A heavily B immensely C solidly 坚固地 D ponderously 笨重地;生硬地 B 6 There is also evidence that younger people expect to transfer the source of their main emotional support to their spouse when they marry A move…to B subtract…from 减去 C distract….from 使分心 A D deflect….to 偏向 7.Psychometric(心理测量的)tests which attempt to measure students’ ability to use the library have been developed and made use of primarily in the USA A, arbitrate 仲裁 B. assess 评价 C. calculate D reckon 测算 B 8.Consequently, the neighborhood they live in, the interests they have, the lifestyle of their friends and colleagues, will necessarily determine what r


新视角研究生英语读说写教程Unit 1教案

新视角研究生英语读说写教程Unit 1教案 - Unit 1 A Working Community Teaching Objectives(教学目的) Students will be abl...


新视野研究生英语_读说写1课文5、9、10及课文翻译 - Unit Five Remote Control 课文翻译 1、 Recently the Washington Post printe...


新视角研究生英语读说写 - 第十段 For a couple of years , I was hired as a security guard at a big craft show in ...


新视角研究生英语读说写2_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。新视角研究生英语读说写2 部分习题答案 读说写 2 Unit one Vocabulary A 1. triggered 2. economically...


新视角读说写课后翻译(1) - Unit 1 1. 餐饮行业与电影行业的共同之处在于其小型企业的失败率很高。 The restaurant industry has one thing in c...

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