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2017-2018学年高中英语北师大版必修2课件:Unit 5 Section Ⅳ Let''s Dance 精品_图文

理 基 础

巧 突 破

提 素 能

Section Ⅳ Let's Dance
学 业 分 层 测 评

精 剖 析

根据提示写出下列单词 1. encyclopedia 2. ordinary 3. generation 4. type 5. skip 6. unique n. adj. n. n. vi. adj. 百科全书 平常的;普通的 代,一代 类型,种类 跳,蹦 独特的,唯一的

7. noble n. 8. ballroom


贵族的;高尚的,高贵的 贵族


舞厅,跳舞场 移民的,移居的 剑

9. immigrant adj. 10.sword n.

根据提示补全下列短语 1.fit in ________ 2.make ________ 3.refer ________ 4.come ________ 与……相一致 确保;确信;证实 涉及;参考;适用于 来自于

5.from one generation ________ another 6.________ special occasions 7.be famous ________ 8.be dressed ________ 9.back and ________ 10.________ the 1970s

从一代人到另一代人 在特殊的时候/时节 以……而闻名 穿着……衣服 往返,来回 在 20 世纪七十年代

【答案】 1.with 6.on 7.for 8.in

2.sure 9.forth

3.to 4.from 5.to 10.in

根据提示补全下列教材原句 1.They are easy to learn and are usually danced in couples. 它们容易学,通常是两人一起跳。 2. In many parts of the country, you can see people of all ages dancing in the street during festivals. 在这个国家的许多地方,你能看见不同年龄的人们节日期间在街上跳舞。 3.Dancing in couples returned in the 1970s and 1980s with“disco”music. 伴着迪斯科音乐的双人舞蹈在二十世纪七八十年代再度出现。

阅读 P28 教材课文,选择最佳答案 1.In China a famous ballet is called“________”. A.Swan Lake B.The Whitehaired Girl C.Sleeping Beauty D.Peacock Dance

2.Many Chinese dressed in beautiful costumes dance ________ in the street during festivals,skipping back and forth to the rhythm of loud drums. A.the Yangge C.the Tango B.ballet D.breakdance

3.The social dances were not held in palaces or the homes of noble families until ________ century. A.the seventeenth C.the eighteenth B.the nineteenth D.the sixteenth

4.Rock‘n’roll became popular in the western countries in the ________. A.1980s C.1960s
【答案】 1-4 BACD

B.1970s D.1950s

阅读 P28 课文, 在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正 确形式 During the 15th century,ballet began in Italy and France 1.________ told a story with music and actions 2.________ no words, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “The Whitehaired Girl”3.________(include).4.________(come)from ordinary people,folk dances are traditional styles of dancing, which are group dances 5.________(teach)from one generation to another.The Yangge is often 6.________(perform)on special occasions.Many people 7.________(dress)in beautiful costumes,skipping 8.______ the rhythm.

Popular dances which come 9.________ folk dances,are popular for a short time.They are 10.________(easily)to learn and are danced in couples.The waltz,the Tango and the ChaCha are forms of ballroom dances.

【答案】 1.which/that 2.but 4.Coming

3.included 7.are dressed

5.taught 6.performed

8.to 9.from 10.easy

fit in with 符合,与……相一致;与……相处得好 (教材 P28)Make sure that the sentence fits in with the sentences before and after it. 确保句子与上下文连贯。 ①(朗文辞典)I wasn't sure if she would fit in with my friends. 我不确定她是否能与我的朋友融洽相处。

(1)fit vt.& vi. (2)fit adj. be fit to do/for sth. keep fit

(对某人)合身;(尺寸或形状)合适;适合 健康的;适合的;称职的 适合(做)某事 保持健康

②(牛津词典)She tries to keep fit by jogging everyday. 她每天慢跑以保持健康。 ③The food was not fit to eat(eat). 这种食物不适合吃。

including prep.包括 (教材 P28)Many countries have produced ballets,including China.许多国家,包 括中国,都创作芭蕾舞。 ①Apple Days are being held at all sorts of places with an interest in fruit , including stately gardens and commercial orchards(果园). 苹果节正在各个对水果有兴趣的地方举行,包括一些高贵的花园和一些商业 性的果园。

(1)including 介词,“包括”,指某事物是上文整体中的一部分。常用于 “including+n./pron.”结构。 (2)included 过去分词,也可作形容词,“包含在内的”,常用于“n./pron.+ included”结构。 (3)include vt.包括,包含;把……算入

②(朗文辞典)Everyone has to go to the dentist,you included. 每个人都得去看牙医,包括你在内。 ③In China, when a baby is one month old, families name and welcome their child in a celebration that includes giving redcolored eggs to guests. 在中国,当宝宝满月,家人在一个庆祝活动上欢迎他们的孩子并起名字,该 活动包括为客人提供红色的鸡蛋。

[ 明辨异同]


include的宾语是整体的部分内容或容量,表示一 include 个整体由几个部分组成,侧重包括者只是整体的 一部分。 contain 可用于表示包含所含之物的全部,如果说里面含 有什么成分时,也用contain。

include,contain ④The book contains a lot of illustrations. ⑤Your duties include typing letters and answering the telephone. ⑥This drink doesn't contain any alcohol and artificial colors.【导学号: 20862024】

ordinary adj.平常的,普通的 (教材 P28)Folk dances are traditional styles of dancing that come from ordinary people. 民族舞蹈是来自普通民众的、传统的舞蹈形式。 ①On the station,the ordinary becomes strange. 在太空空间站,普通的事或物都变得很奇特。

(1)ordinary people (2)ordinarily adv. (3)extraordinary adj.

普通人 平常地,普通地,一般情况下 不平常的,非凡的

②Ordinary people like you and me can understand the matter as well. 像你我这样的普通人也能理解这件事。 ③(朗文辞典)Ordinarily,he didn't like to go to the movies. 一般来说他不喜欢去看电影。

[ 明辨异同]


强调“常见的;不足为奇的”。常用短语:in common共同,共 common 同享有的;in common with 和……一样。

general usual

强调“平常的;平淡无奇的”。常用短语:out of the ordinary不 平常的,非凡的;例外的。 意为“普遍的;一般的”。常用短语:in general一般的;大体上; 通常。 表示“平常的,通常的;一向的;平时的”。常用短语:as usual 照例,照常;than usual比平常。

common,ordinary,general,usual ④Please give me a(n) ________idea of the work. ⑤He is a(n)________person with no shining points. ⑥The phenomenon is________among teenagers aged 18 to 24. ⑦As________,he arrived late and was scolded by his boss.
【答案】 ④general ⑤ordinary ⑥common ⑦usual

generation n.代,一代 (教材 P28)They are usually group dances that are taught from one generation to another. 这些通常是由上一代人传承给下一代人的群体舞蹈。 ①Today all three generations regard the move as a success, giving them a closer relationship than they would have had in separate cities. 当今三代人都认为迁居是成功的,让他们的关系比原来居住在各自城市更密 切。

for generations


from generation to generation (=generation after generation) 世代相传 the rising/young generation 青年一代

②My family have lived in the small mountain village for generations. 我家祖祖辈辈都住在这个小山村。 ③(朗文辞典)The story has been handed down from generation to generation. 这个故事是一代一代传下来的。 【导学号:20862025】

type n.类型,种类 (教材 P28)China is famous for many different types of folk dances,including the dragon dance and the lion dance,which are performed during the Spring Festival. 中国的民族舞形式多样,举世闻名,包括春节期间表演的舞龙和舞狮。

(1)a type of... all types of jobs=jobs of all types (2)type vt. (3)typist n. typewriter n.

一种…… 各种各样的工作 打字 打字员 打字机

①There is a new type of machine which can produce colour copies. 有一种新型机器可以生产出彩色复印件。 ②(牛津词典)I'm quite a fast typist. 我打字相当快。

be dressed in 穿着…… (教材 P28)They are dressed in beautiful costumes,skipping back and forth to the rhythm of loud drums. 他们身着靓丽的服装,和着响亮的鼓点,扭来扭去。 ①Teams of four,dressed in a variety of strange and funny clothes,roll a complete cheese along a 50metre course. 四人为一队,身着各种奇怪而有趣的衣服,沿着一条 50 米长的赛道滚动着一 个完整的奶酪。

(1)(be)well/badly dressed(in...) get dressed (2)dress v. dress sb./oneself dress up

穿着漂亮/褴褛(……) 穿上衣服(动作) (给……)穿衣服 给某人/自己穿衣服(动作) 装扮;乔装打扮

②(朗文辞典)Can you wait a minute?I'm just getting dressed. 稍等一会儿,我穿下衣服就好。

[ 明辨异同]

put on/have on/be in/dress/wear

指穿的动作。 have on 表示“穿,戴”的状态,但是一般不用于进行时态。 be in 跟表示色彩的词,表示状态。 dress 可用于dress sb./be dressed in结构。

put on


表示穿戴衣物,包括戴手套、围围巾、系腰带、戴手表和眼 镜等。

put on,have on,be in,dress,wear ③She always ________a red dress and white shoes. ④The nurses are all ________in white. ⑤He ________his glasses to read the letter. ⑥Who was the girl ________glasses on her nose?
【答案】 ③has on/wears ④dressed ⑤put on ⑥wearing

back and forth 往返,来回 (教材 P28)They are dressed in beautiful costumes,skipping back and forth to the rhythm of loud drums. 他们身着靓丽的服装,和着响亮的鼓点,扭来扭去。 ①The birds flew back and forth along the seashore. 鸟儿沿着海岸飞来飞去。

here and there up and down home and abroad day and night

到处;处处 来回;往复;上上下下 国内外 日日夜夜地

②(牛津词典)She was pacing up and down in front of her desk. 她在办公桌前踱来踱去。 ③To support a big family,he had to work day and night. 为了养活一大家子人,他不得不日日夜夜地苦干。

unique adj. 独特的;唯一的 (教材 P28)People like to watch performances of this unique folk dance. 人们喜欢观看这种独特的民间舞蹈表演。 ①Send us a tale about the strange behavior of unique pets or wildlife in up to 300 words.请寄给我们一篇故事,用 300 字描述独特宠物或野生动物的奇怪行为。

(1)be unique to a unique opportunity (2)uniquely adv. (3)uniqueness n.

独具的;特有的 难得的机会 唯一地;独特地 独特性

②The koala is unique to Australia. 树袋熊是澳大利亚独有的。 ③(牛津词典)Her past experience made her uniquely(unique) suited to lead the campaign. 她以往的经历使她格外适合领导这场运动。

Ⅰ.语境填词 1 . __________ we know a good education can make an ________ person __________.(ordinary) 2. Few ________ can use this ________ of ________ to ________ materials.(type) 3.There was a threeday holiday ________ New Year's Day and the company organized a tour that ________ a visit to the science museum.We all went , me ________.(include)

4.She took out some of her old ________ for her daughter __________ up in.(dress) 5.To keep ________ I need to do more exercise.But some of my sports clothes don't ________ me very well.So I'm being ________ for a new suit tomorrow.(fit)

【答案】 1.Ordinarily;ordinary;extraordinary 2.typists;type;typewriter;type 3.including;included;included 4.dresses; to dress 5.fit;fit;fitted

Ⅱ.选词填空 fit in with; make sure; refer to; come from; on special occasions; be famous for; be dressed in;back and forth 1.We can see several ships sailing ____________ between the islands. 2.Much of our butter ____________ New Zealand. 3.The man ____________ his unusual clothes and behavior. 4.It is a rule that students should ____________ school uniform during school days. 5.Some plants survived because they were able to ________ their surroundings.

【答案】 1.back and forth 5.fit in with

2.comes from

3.is famous for

4.be dressed in

(教材 P28)They are easy to learn and are usually danced in couples. 它们容易学,通常是两人一起跳。 【要点提炼】 句中 They are easy to learn 是“主语+be+adj.+不定式”结构, 其中 they 是 learn 的逻辑宾语,不定式用主动形式表示被动意义。 ①Today's homework was easy to do, so the boy finished it quickly and went out to play. 今天的作业容易做,因此男孩很快完成作业然后出去玩耍了。

(1)常用形容词有:difficult,hard,easy,comfortable,pleasant,interesting, exciting 等。 (2)不定式和句子的主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系;若不定式为不及物动词,其 后应该加相应的介词。

②The pen is smooth to write with. 这支钢笔写起来很流畅。 ③A man who is so difficult to please must be hard to work with. 一个很难取悦的人一定很难与之共事。

(教材 P28)In many parts of the country,you can see people of all ages dancing in the street during festivals.在这个国家的许多地方, 你能看见不同年龄的 人们节日期间在街上跳舞。 【要点提炼】 句中 see sb.doing sth.表示“看见某人正在做某事”,see 为感

官动词,后接复合宾语,现在分词短语作宾补。 ①When I looked out of the window I saw her crossing the road.我向窗外看时, 看见她正在过马路。

与“see sb.doing sth.”类似的还有:see sb.do sth.“看见某人做某事”,see sth.done“看见某事被做”。如果宾语与补语是主动关系,补语用 do 或 doing,不 定式一般表示动作的整个过程,doing 一般表示正在进行的动作;如果宾语与补语 是被动关系则用 done。类似的动词还有 watch,notice,feel,hear 等。

②Back from his twoyear medical service in Africa,Dr.Lee was very happy to see his mother taken(take) good care of at home. 李博士在非洲进行了两年的医疗服务,回来后看到他的母亲在家里被照顾得 很好他很高兴。 ③(朗文辞典)Jenny could hear them arguing(argue) outside. 珍妮能听到他们在外面争论。

( 教 材 P29)Dancing in couples returned in the 1970s and 1980s with“disco”music. 伴着迪斯科音乐的双人舞蹈在二十世纪七八十年代再度出现。 【要点提炼】 dancing in couples 为动名词短语在句中作主语。 ①Ignoring the difference between the two research findings will be one of the worst mistakes you make. 忽视这两个研究结果的不同将是你犯的最严重的错误之一。

(1)动名词短语前面可加自己的逻辑主语,这就是动名词的复合结构。动名词 的复合结构作主语时, 动名词前的逻辑主语用所有格或形容词性物主代词; 当作宾 语时,其逻辑主语可使用名词或人称代词宾格。 (2)常见的动名词作主语的句型: It's no good+doing sth. It's no use+doing sth. It's a waste of time+doing sth. 做……是没有好处的 做……是没用的 做……是浪费时间

②Tom's coming late to school made the teacher very angry. 汤姆上学迟到使老师很生气。 【导学号:20862026】 ③It's a waste of time playing computer games for such a long time. 玩这么长时间的电脑游戏是浪费时间。

句型转换 1.It is difficult to work out the problem. →The problem ________________________. 2.Somebody saw him setting fire to the shop yesterday. →He ____________________ the shop yesterday. 3.Worrying about it is useless. →______________________ worrying about it.
【答案】 1.is difficult to work out 2.was seen setting fire to 3.It is useless/no use



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