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2018-2019年高中英语外研版《必修一》《Module 2 my new teachers》单元

2018-2019 年高中英语外研版《必修一》《Module 2 my new teachers》单元测试试卷【10】含答案考点及解析 班级:___________ 姓名:___________ 分数:___________ 题号 一 二 三 四 五 得分 注意事项: 1.答题前填写好自己的姓名、班级、考号等信息 2.请将答案正确填写在答题卡上 评卷人 得 分 一、单项选择 六 七 八 总分 There are thousands of products of all colors and shapes in a supermarket, making you believe that they are worth a try.How? Packaging is the silent but persuading salesman. There on the shelves, each bottle, can ,box, and jar has been carefully designed and measured to speak to the inner self of the consumer, because he/she is buying not only a product but also his/her belief in life.Scientists have studied consumer behavior recently and found that the look of the package has a great effect on the “quality” of the product and on how well it sells, because “consumers generally cannot tell between a product and its package.Many products are packages and many packages are products.”, as Louis Cheskin, the first social scientist studying consumers’ feelings for packaging, noticed. Colors are one of the best tools in packaging.Studies of eye movement have shown that colours draw human attention quickly.Take V8 for example.For many years, the bright red color of tomatoes and carrots on the thin bottle makes you feel that is it very good for your body.And the word“green” today can keep food prices going up. Shapes are another attraction.Circles often suggest happiness and peacefulness, because these shapes are pleasing to both the eye and the heart.That’s why the round yellow M signs of McDonald’s are inviting to both young and old. This new consumer response to the colors and shapes of packages reminds producers and sellers that people by to satisfy both body and soul. 1.According to the passage, _____ seems to be able to persuade a consumer to buy the product. A.the pleasing color of the package B.he special taste of the product C.the strange shape of the package D.the belief in the product 2.If a package or a product is round in shape, it can ____________. A.bring excitement to the consumers B.attract the consumers’ attention C.catch the eye movement of the consumers D.produce a happy and peaceful feeling 3.“And the word green today can keep food prices going up ” This sentence suggests that consumers today are _________. A.starting to notice the importance of new food B.enjoying the beauty of nature more than before C.beginning to like green vegetables D.paying more attention to their health 4.It can be inferred from the passage that V8 is a kind of _______

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