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必修三 1.3《 unit 1 spring festival_ warming up 》(共40页)课件 新人教版必修3_图文



How did you spend your Spring Festival?

Watching the Spring Festival programme


Delicious food

Spring Festival
‘Red packet’ Have fun with Dress up

Visit friends and relatives

? The Spring Festival may take place in February. It is on lunar 1st of January. ? At the Spring Festival, people have plenty of food and fruit, and may give children lucky money in red paper. ? People studying or working in other cities and countries will look forward to seeing their relatives and friends, so that they will come back and have fun with them. ? People ,especially children ,will dress up during the Spring Festival. ? On New Year’s Eve, people will a dinner , watch the Spring Festival programme, watch fireworks, set off firecrackers

Lantern Festival/YuanXiao Festival

Women’s Day
National Day Chinese festivals Mid-autumn Festival Dragon Boat Festival Army Day Children’s Day Labor Day

Try to make a report to introduce the festivals

according to the example:
Festivals Time What does it celebrate? What do people do?

Spring festival

sprin g

Lantern Festival

The arrival of spring and the new year

get together, watch TV and eat dumplings, give money in red paper to children, visit family members

Dragon-Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Day

Lantern Festival
on the fifteenth day of the new year ( 15th, in the lunar calendar) lanterns: symbols of good fortune, happiness and health.

Time:The fifteenth day of the first lunar month

Lantern show

Lion dancing

Guessing riddles

Dumpling ball

Dragon Boat Festival

? In June
? The day that the poet Qu Yuan died ? Eat rice dumplings and watch boat races

Time: on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month

Valentine’s Day

? In February ? People send roses and cards to the people they love.

Mother’s Day

? In May ? We give flowers and presents to our mothers.

? In April ? It is the time when Jesus Christ died and came back to life.

? Eat chocolate eggs

Christmas ? Day On December 25th
? It is the birthday of Jesus Christ ? Go to the parties and churches , give cards and presents to our friends and relatives

(14th February)

(1st April ) (the second Sunday in may) (31st October) (The last Thursday in November) (25th December) (April)

St. Valentine’s Day April Fools’ Day Mother’s Day Halloween Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Easter


Look at the picture on P6.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? New words Trinidad : an island in Cuba (古巴) Parade Carnival Degree Parking lot Award Costume

The first conversation is between Li Mei and Carla
? 1. what is the advice that Carla give Li Mei? and why? ? Carla tells Li Mei she should wear comfortable shoes, light and cool clothes and a hat.

The second conversation is among Carla , Li Mei, Hari and Wu Ping 1. What do they find when they arrive at the
park. 2.Why is it important for them to have water? 3. Why can’t they hear each other? 4. Why do they plan to meet at the parking lot?

1. What do they find when they arrive at the park. They arrive at the park and find the boys, big bands, dancers and musicians on trucks. 2.Why is it important for them to have water? Because it is very hot(25°C)

3. Why can’t they hear each other? Because the music is very loud/ the louder speakers make it impossible to hear. 4. Why do they plan to meet at the parking lot?
They plan to meet at the parking lot so they don’t get lost in the crowd then they will go and see the winners.

What is your favourite holiday of the year? Why?

文章中提到哪些国家的哪些节日 2.独立完成P3的EX1(书上) 3.熟读单词并先记部分单词词组.

Spring Festival Halloween Dragon-Boat Festival Thanksgiving Day National Day St. Valentine’s Day Mid-Autumn Day Christmas Day

Try to make a report to introduce the festivals according to the following questions:

When does the festival take place? What is the festival for?

What do people do during the festival?

1.What’s you favourite holiday of the year? 2.What festivals or celebrations do you enjoy in your city or town?

You are given 5 minutes to read the passage quickly and try to remember different kinds of festivals mentioned in the text.

Task 1

Day of the Dead

Festivals of the Dead

Cherry Blossom Festival Festivals to Honour People Halloween Dragon Boat Festival

Columbus Day

Harvest Festivals


Spring Festivals

Task 2 1. How many parts is the passage divided into?
Six parts.

2. Which festivals are mentioned in the passage?



Obon Japan Day of the Dead Mexico Halloween Dragon Boat Festival China Columbus Day USA India Mahatma Gandhi Day Thanksgiving festivals Mid-autumn Festival China/Japan Spring Festival China Carnival Easter Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

Reading again
Read the passage again and then fill in the following form:

Festivals Ancient Festivals


How to celebrate
Lit fires and made music.

To celebrate the the end of the cold weather, planting in spring and harvest in autumn. To honor the dead or satisfy and please the ancestors.

Festivals of the Dead

Light lamps,play music,eat food in the shape of skulls and cakes with bones, go to their neighbors to ask for sweets, dress up

Festivals Purpose Festivals to Honour People Harvest Festivals
For their great contributions to the society or the country. Food is gathered for the winter. A season of agricultural work is over. To celebrate the end of winter and the coming of spring.

How to celebrate
Dragon boat racing, eat zongzi. Decorate churches and town halls, have big meals, admire the moon,eat moon cakes. Eat delicious food, give children lucky money, have carnivals.

Spring Festivals

Retell the text by filling the following blanks: There are all kinds of festivals and __________ celebrations around the world, which are held for different reasons. The _______ _________ were mainly held ancient at three times a year---festivals the end of the cold winter, planting in spring and harvest in autumn.Some festivals are held to _____ the dead or satisfy and ______ the _________ in case theyhonor might _____ ancestors please _______, while other festivals are held to honor harm do famous people or the gods, such as _________ _______ ______ and Columbus Day. Dragon Boat Festival

Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals are happy gathered for the events because the food is _________ winter and because a season of agricultural ___________work is over,to which Mid autumn festival belongs.And the most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the ______ coming of spring, such as the ______ lunar New Year, at which people have a very good time.

Spring Festival comes at the turn of a Chinese lunar year and is celebrated all over the country. On the day of the Lunar New Year people get up early and wear all kinds of new clothes. In the north, most families prepare jiaozi (dumplings) on the Eve as special food, while in the south sticky-sweet glutinous rice pudding called nian gao is served. Crackers are fired everywhere when the clock strikes twelve, as a signal of saying good-bye to the old year and welcoming the New Year in. Fireworks are lit to drive away evil spirits. People watch the CCTV special Spring Festival programs, sing and dance until the small hours of the morning.

Spring Festival
on the first day of the lunar year last fifteen days do spring cleaning , decorate their houses On New Year’s Eve, dinner, watch the Spring Festival programme, watch fireworks, set off firecrackers get lucky money Lantern Festival


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