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基本每个问题可以保证用正常语素说在 40s 以上 1,最有用的书,并解释原因 小说: The most helpful book for me is the famous English novel “Jane Eyre” written by Charlotte Bronte. The heroine called Jane Eyre is outwardly of poor appearance but plucky, she posses great courage and indomitable spirit to battle against unfair fortune as the governess to the daughter of attractive Mr. Rochester. It encourages people to challenge fate and take a positive and independent attitude to fight for freedom and equality, thus allowing access to our own happiness. 字典: The most useful book for me is the English dictionary. Firstly, many English words have more than one meaning and always confuse me. The dictionary can help me get over by offering many detailed explanations and examples. In addition, I can also learn how to apply the new words into writing and speaking by studying the examples earnestly. Furthermore, I can learn a lot of knowledge beside new words. For example, it is very likely that a good dictionary illustrate a specific animal or plant with a picture. Thus, we get more information out of the dictionary. 2,电视对现代社会有正面作用还是负面 In my view, television has a positive effect for modern society. Firstly, it offers us an efficient and convenient way to get the latest news. You can directly see what has happened around the entire world just in your home. Moreover, television also has brought us a visual enjoyment and broadened our knowledge by different types of programs. Finally, television can release job seeking pressure at some extent, by providing a job chance for people who are willing to be engaged in related career. 3,曾经做出最重要的决定(Describe the most important decision that made in your life) The most important decision that I have ever made is when I was 19 years old, I chose chemistry as my major in my college. It’s of great importance because it determines what I will learn and what I will do the next four years. What is more, it partly determines my future career for the rest of my life. After four years of study, I think I made a right decision, because I do like chemistry and have learned a lot of skills. I also have learned how to create an idea and implement it in my study and scientific research, which is an important ability during my lifetime. 4,Do you think the high school teach music and art as basic science? 45, 学校要不要在课程中加入 Sport course I agree with that music and art classes should be offered in high school. Because there are a group of students that are interested in this area and plan to choose either of them as their future career. In addition, music and art would make the day more alive and interesting, which in turn leads to more learning. It may serve as the major source of joy and relax students during their endless scientific classes. I also think music and art education can develop creativity and personality (spirit of diligence and perseverance) which will benefit your study and career.

5,空闲时间用来做什么? 12,你和朋友在一起的时候喜欢去哪个地方?为什么? 14,通常喜欢什么 public area 18,和朋友在一起喜欢 restaurant, cafe, or home? 41,What will you do to relax yourself? (5)I always prefer to spend spare time with my friends in a coffee house, because I like the quiet atmosphere and soft music there. There is one such coffee house near my university, sometimes we go there to enjoy the delicious coffee and cookies on the weekends, and all the things provided there are not very expansive. We can just sit down and share our experience with each other. So I think a coffee house is an ideal place to have a good time with friends. (12,14,18)I always prefer to go to a coffee house with my friends to relax myself, because (41)I always prefer to go to a coffee house to relax myself, because 6,手机改不该在一些地方禁止? I think it’s necessary to forbid using mobile phone in some cases. For example in classes or meetings, the ringing is very disturbing. Although you may turn your mobile phone into the mute mode, it will distract you from classes thus reduce your study efficiency. And sometimes it’s impolite to use a mobile phone in some public occasion such as important conferences. Furthermore, the microwave radiation of a mobile phone will disturb the normal operating of special machines in some places such as hospital and laboratory. So forbidding using a mobile phone in some cases is good for you as well as the people surrounding you. 7,描述一件自己印象深刻的 celebration or moment The most memorable moment is my graduation dinner party with all my classmates. It was such a special day that full of happiness and sorrow. We had studied and lived for 4 years and then we had to say goodbye to our friends. I will never forget the day we cried together and jointed in embrace. We were going different places of China and even the world, so we gave best wishes to our dear friends. Because the day means the end of one part of our lives and embarks on our promising future. 8,Which one acts more influence on you newspaper, TV or teachers? 32,人们是被电视报纸广播上的资讯影响的多还是家人朋友影响的多? I think people nowadays are influenced more by the media rather than their family or friends. For one thing, people are exposed to information from media much more than they spend time with family or friends. It is inevitable for one to absorb things from them and change a previous perception. In addition, modern people are more and more independent. They are not easy to be affected by another person. But they might believe what on the media, because these are more factual things. So I think the media influence people more

9,Describe a social or politics celebration events in your culture? Favorite time of the year Spring Festival may be the most important celebration event in China, which symbolizes the beginning of a new year. It allows us to depart from bad luck and all displeasure together with the past as well as long for a much better future. In addition, the festival provides all Chinese people in the world an opportunity to gather with family or friends, enjoying delicious food, watching TV celebrating programs, sharing experience in the past year and receive best wishes from each other and so on. My favorite time of a year is the Spring Festival, which symbolizes 10,政府是否因该自助建设博物馆和剧院,说出你的观点和理由。 I definitely agree with that government should help in artistic places building such as museums and theatres. For one thing, these types of places are excellent for promoting appreciating for art. It can help us to regain the passion for beauty and depth in life, which is much better than being an internet addict or a couch potato. Furthermore, visiting museums and theatres will help understand much better in history and art, which will in turn benefit enhancing people’s culture. So I support government invest money to build more museums and theatres. 11,说出你所居住的城市中你最喜欢的地方。 43,Describe an enjoyable event in your childhood 46,What do you miss most when you are away from home? 48,Describe an special opportunity given to you 51,Describe an object which is important to you 56,描述一件同年 happy 的 event,然后 explain,为什么 memorable 69,Describe a letter or poem or... that is important to you 76,some good news and why (11) My favorite place is the Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates the small Bei Daihe city east of China, abut on Bohai Sea. You can enjoy the fresh air among the brushy trees as well as the euphonic birds’ singing. More amazingly, it doesn’t take long to go to the seaside. Just imagine the blue sky and ocean together with the beautiful sunshine on the beach. Furthermore, I like to collect rainbow seashells on the beach. More important, on the seaside I happened to make friends with a pretty and kind girl with the same favor for seashells. She gave me some heart-shaped seashells, which are very unique, as a remembrance. The trip to the small city is really interesting and memorable. (56,43) The most happy event in my childhood is the trip to my favorite place Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates ----(76) One of the good news for me is when my parents told me we’ll go to the Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates---(51) One of the important object for me is a unique seashell as a gift from one of my friends. It recalls my member of the trip to Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates----(48) I once had an opportunity to my favorite place Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates---(46) I miss the beautiful scenery in my hometown the most, especially the Lianfeng

Mountain Park, which locates----(69) An important letter for me is from one of my friends I met during my trip to the Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates-----. It recalls my memory of the beautiful scenery, the fresh air among ----13,你是喜欢自己在家吃还是去外面餐馆吃? (1) cheaper; (2) prepare freely, fun, (3) creative process. I prefer eating at home to dining out for many reasons. For one thing, It’s much cheaper to eat at home. For a student as me, it can easily cause budget tension by frequently eating out. Furthermore, I can prepare the food just the way I like. Sometimes it can be a fun to experiment on different kinds of food and reason which types suit me. In addition, It may be a creative process that can provide you a feeling of satisfaction. So I like eating at home and I seldom eating out unless for special occasions.

15,喜欢到大城市读书还是小城市读书? I prefer studying in a big city. First of all, the universities in a big city have more teaching resources and better available facilities, since they may receive more recognition by government. Furthermore, in a big city we have more opportunities to broaden our view and we can get more chances for career and study development. So I’d like to locate my study area in a big city. 16,杂志,小说,诗歌,你喜欢哪个? I like fictions the most. They can relax me when I’m tired and want to have a little break, you just need to sit down to enjoy the story in a fiction, just imagining what has happened according to the description, as if you are watching a movie. For other types of reading materials, although poems may be of great literature values, but sometimes they are difficult to understand. When I turn to them, I’m just looking for a way of relaxation rather than another type of learning. Magazines are always expensive and contain lots of advertisements. So I really prefer fictions to the others. 17,喜欢一个人住还是和诗友住? I prefer to live with others. First of all, living with someone else won’t make you feel alone, it’s a good way to make friends by sharing experience, opinions and feelings with your roommates. Moreover, living with others helps in teaching you how to get along with different groups of people and how to care and offer helps to others, which will benefit your communication skills. I also believe that living with roommates will make life more alive and interesting. So I’d like someone to live with me.

19, Computer have improved our lives while others think computers have caused problems? 26,说近 100 年最 important 的 invention 之一 ①worldwide connection possible; ②promote development of science & technology; ③ provide entertainment. The most important invention in the recent century would definitely be the internet, which

has changed our life so tremendously. First of all, it makes the worldwide connection possible so that it can help human beings to work much more conveniently and efficiently. In addition, it has greatly promoted the development of science and technology by a number of websites and databases of information. Besides, it can provide people with entertainment, such as watching movie, chatting room and even shopping. So the internet is really an amazing invention. 20,老师的 character 35,What do you think are the characteristics of a good parent? 22,说一个你敬佩的人的好性格 A good teacher should bear many excellent qualities. First of all, a teacher should have outstanding teaching ability and an open mind. In other words, it’s important to be good at encouraging students to think, decide and attempt, and the teacher should be willing to learn and accept new things. Furthermore, a teacher is supposed to be patient and sincere to all the students even though they make mistakes in class. A teacher should also be an honest and humble person, who opens heart to surrounding people and never refuses to acknowledge her shortcomings, even to her students. These qualities can make a good teacher. 21,是说愿意在办公室工作还是在家工作 ①can’t be fully devoted; ②convenient to communicate I rather prefer to work in an office. Firstly, although working at home may be comfortable, it’s difficult for me to be fully-devoted to work. Maybe I’ll want to watch TV, surf the internet or even want to have a sleep during the work time. So it isn’t efficient to work at home. Moreover, it’s more convenient to communicate with your co-workers or boss when you work in an office, thus you can get the assignment more directly and solve problems by negotiating with other employees, which helps you do better and learn faster. So I prefer the traditional way to work in an office. 23,大学是应该向所有人开放还是只对一部分人开放? 80,Should the university education be free? I don’t agree with the claim about university education for all/for free. First of all, it can cause tension on teaching resources and available facilities. Without any charge of tuition for college students, there will definitely be an increasing enrollment, which will result in great budget and resources pressure. Moreover, the more college students, the less value of the degree. It may go against the original selective purpose of the higher education. So I don’t think it’s wise to make university education for all. 24,Whether parents should lead their children to watch TV or the children should choose? I think parents should lead their children to watch TV. First of all, children are not mature enough to realize which TV programs are suit for them. Without a proper guide, children may have been misled by some unhealthy TV programs. Moreover, parents play an important role in helping children distinguish true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugly by comparing the situation in TV programs and reality,. Besides, parents are also

responsible for preventing children from been obsessed in watching TV. So I agree with that parents should be able to lead their children to watch TV. 25,The most efficient transportation in your country ① be free of traffic problem and other factors ② faster than bus and automobiles ③ frequently and punctually The most efficient transportation in our country is subway. First of all, it can be free of traffic problems and many other factors that may influence the normal operation of transportation. In addition, it runs much faster than bus or automobiles even in rush hours and will never stop for a traffic jam. Besides, the subway trains come frequently and punctually, thus make it easier for passengers to make schedule. All these advantages make subway the most efficient transportation. 27,attend college 是否比不读 college 容易 successful in career, why? 68,有些人觉得在大学的学习是很重要的,有些人觉得他兵部怎么重要,你的观点? ①accumulating knowledge & recognition by the society ②respected by the society & promotion In my opinion, for general people, attending college is very important to help us gain success in career. Nowadays, attending college is not only a process of accumulating knowledge, but also the recognition of your abilities by the society. With a college degree, you’ll get more chances of future career success. Furthermore, attending college will make you respected by the society and give you more opportunities of promotion. So although there are some exceptions such as Bill Gates, I believe attending college will prepare you much better for future. 28,Characteristics of friend. Good friends should bear several qualities. First of all, a friend indeed is a friend in need. A good friend should be willing to help you when you are in trouble, comfort you when you are frustrated. Furthermore, good friends should also be honest people, who can open heart to others and never refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings. I feel comfortable and safe to get along with these types of friends, and they can always offer their opinions for your goods. So I think friends like this deserve to be credited as the good ones. 29,Someone suggests school to cut the Recycling I tend to disagree with cutting the recycling in school. Firstly, recycling can remind students of the importance of environmental protection. With a recycling system, students will discard garbage into the special recycling garbage boxes instead of throw them away randomly in campus. In addition, school can employ workers to deal with the garbage regularly, it can also provide a job chance for people with low-income. So for these two reasons, I support that the recycling in school should continue. 30,愿意当 leader 还是当 follower? 33,理想的职业? 37,你的目标是什么 ?

I prefer to be a leader, because I want to implement my dream and I think I can meet the qualities required for a good leader. First of all, a good leader should have the ability of team building, and I believe that I can help each individual in the team to perform their very best due to my excellent communicating skills. Furthermore, the experience of being a leader will make me more mature and capable, because I will learn more from the process of planning, organizing and solving unexpected events. So I prefer the position of a leader to a follower. 31,Which one do you think is better to help do research, internet or academic books? 66,你选择 online courses 还是选择 traditional courses Actually, both of internet and academic books are helpful in doing research. But nowadays I think internet is much better. Firstly, internet contains such a tremendous amount of information that academic books can never compare with. You may also raise a question about a topic and ask for help on the internet. Furthermore, it’s more efficient and convenient to use the internet; all you need is a computer, while carrying books around here and there can be very heavy. So I’d like to search online. 34,Take a long vacation or several short vacations in a year? I support the idea of students having several short vacations throughout a year. Firstly, short vacations are a great relaxation after busy final exams. We can be with family, visit friends, go to concerts and do many other things besides classes. Furthermore, students wouldn’t forget what they have learned and will be more focused on their classes when they return to school if their vacation time is divided up throughout the year. And I also think short vacations are safe for students who have a travel plan. So I find many advantages of short vacations compared with a longer one. 36,Do you prefer to study alone on work assignment from class or to study in group? 78,同不同意 students will learn more when they have discussions? I prefer to study in a group. Firstly, it’s inevitable for each of us to encounter problems when we study on work assignment. At this time group discussions will be very helpful because we can share our knowledge and learn a lot from others. Furthermore, group members will help you to find out and overcome your shortcomings. Besides, group study is also a chance to communicate with others and exercise how to express ourselves. So I prefer to study in a group. 38, 描述一次 challenging experience,以及如何解决这个 challenge? I once had a tough experience last semester when I was invited to show my dance with my friends in a large-scale celebration evening. It was challenging because we had only less than two weeks for preparation. Even worse, it was the end of the term and we were all busy with our final exams. In such a short time, as a leader, I investigated new dancing actions after my work during the daytime and taught other members every night. We taught and learned together and encouraged each other when we were frustrated. Finally, we had achieved a fantastic performance.

39,应该选择工作好找的专业还是应该选择自己感兴趣的专业? 67,Subject which will lead to better job or subject which you are interested 72,赚钱的工作还是 personal satisfaction 高的工作? I agree with that one should choose a major that suits his/her interests. First of all, if you force yourself learn something you don’t like, than you can’t be fully devoted to learn it well and may even feel boring. As a result, it will low your study efficiency and can’t prepare you very well for future development. Furthermore, the demand of job market definitely changes more frequently than your interests do. You may find a job popular after you graduate, although it may receive poor recognition by the society when you entered college. So it’s wise to choose a major you are interested in. 40,喜欢看那种电影,为什么?comedy,drama... I prefer watching a film of comedy. First of all, it can give me a break from tedious work, you don’t need to think much about the deep meaning, because it’s not so serious as drama. Furthermore, it can always make you laugh and get rid of your sadness, it will empower you with good mood and energy for future work. All you need is to lean back and enjoy the shows. So I’d like to watch a comedy. 42,Is it important for students to attend class regularly or study by oneself? I think it’s more important for students to study by oneself. Firstly, classes given by teachers are designed for most of the students. You may find you are not getting enough from the class or you can’t catch up with the class. In such a case, studying by oneself is crucial to improve your learning efficiency. Furthermore, studying by oneself will help you to find out your weak points as well as what you are good at, which is benefit to you to make schedule and formulate your study plans. So I hold that study by oneself is more important. 44,描述一个你参观过的学校 I like my university, Nanjing university, which locates the center area of Nanjing. We have dormitories, teaching buildings and refectories named by number and research buildings named by subject. So you can easily find a specific spot. There is also a large playground and gym with a number of exercise facilities. Furthermore, it has beautiful scenery in the campus, and there are lots of trees, flowers and grasses, so you can enjoy the fresh air and the euphonic birds’ singing in the morning. 47,人们汪汪认为应该在危机时刻帮助别人,但另一种观点认为你首先应该看清楚情况 I definitely agree that one should observe before helping others when there is a danger. Firstly, you must keep a clear mind if you are able to help solving the emergency, otherwise you may do nothing but even put yourself in danger. For example, if the rescue needs more people or other tools, you should stop and think about where to get them. In addition, some imprudent actions may even deteriorate the situation. If you move a patient with heart attacking frequently, it can even cause death. So I think one should observe before helping others.

49,good leader 应该有哪些 qualities? A good leader should bear some necessary qualities. First of all, a leader should own the ability of team building and help each individual in the team to perform their very best. In addition, a good leader should master impressive professional knowledge and skills, in order to decide the direction of team development and help the subordinates to solve practical problems. Furthermore, a good leader should respect the work and be willing to work with other team members. These qualities can make a good leader. 50,同不同意 People should always tell truth? I don’t’ agree that people should always tell the truth, because sometimes lying doesn’t definitely mean to harm others and is even necessary. For example, if you are taking care of a patient suffering from serious illness, it’s important to give the patient hope, in such a case, in order to help the patient to release psychological pressure, modest lying is useful. Another example is in business or politics, people always adopt acceptable lies as negotiation strategy to win more benefits for their own side. So not telling the truth is ok and sometimes helpful.

52,Do you agree that we can judge a person by the appearance at the first glance? I don’t think it’s reliable to judge a person by the first glance. Firstly, appearance doesn’t represent all. The information of a person you can get from a glance is very limited. You can’t tell many things just from the appearance, such as the past, hobbies, eating habits and so on. Furthermore, appearance lies, it may trick you. What you can get is partial, which may even lead to prejudice. A person who dress decently and talk sincerely doesn’t imply he’s definitely guiltless and kindly. So I support that one shouldn’t judge a person just from the appearance.

53,如果有机会你会选择 job or career? 没有写 T^T

54,如果有一大笔钱,你会做 practice thing or happy thing? If I have a great amount of money, I prefer to do some practical things. For example, maybe I’ll donate the extra money to charitable foundation in order to help the poor. I’ll be glad to see them happy. Besides, I also want to fulfill my parents’ dream or employ the best family nursing and healthy instruction. They have been always working hard for me and it’s a good chance to pay back them if I have enough money. So I’m glad to do more practical things with a plenty of money rather then just for my fun.


Students might have many choices to spend a vacation as long as they can make the vacation time interesting or helpful. For example, you can visit your families or friends, go to concerts or do many other things for relaxation. You can also plan a trip to the city or somewhere you are longing for, which will help to broaden your view and knowledge. Furthermore, you can also choose to have a vacation internship, and the experience will increase your income as well as make you familiar with the society. So there is never lack of choices.

57,Communicate with your family and friends by letter and e-mail or by telephone? I usually communicate with family or friends by telephone. Firstly of all, I feel more close to my family or friends by directly talking to them. Hearing their voices gives me a sense of intimacy, especially for a student far away from home. Furthermore, it’s more efficient to communicate by telephone. I can directly describe my life and receive information about my family or friends in just several minutes, while transferring information by letter or e-mail cost time and energy. So I’d like to choos telephone.

59,have a relaxed and unhurried life, yes or no? I don’t support having a relaxed and unhurried life. First of all, pressure engenders impetus. If you always keep living a relaxed life, you can learn nothing and even find life tedious, because you have no idea what you are living for. Furthermore, it’s impossible for one to be relaxed forever. Life is full of chances and challenges. If you are used to an invariable and easygoing life style, you’ll be not able to deal with the chances or emergencies in your life. That’s why I oppose the relaxed and unhurried life style.

60,Favorite room My favorite room is my bedroom. It’s not very big but I can do many things in the room. Firstly, it’s the place I study, I have a big book shelf with different types of readings, ranging from scientific books to literature works, newspapers to magazines. In addition, my bedroom is also the place I relax and exercise myself indoor, I can listen to the music, surf the internet and doing some boxing to keep fit and healthy. Besides, the room is decorated all by myself, just the way I like. So my favorite bedroom gives me a lot of fun.

61,在旅行时,有些人喜欢直接到达目的地,有些人却喜欢沿途一路上观光? I prefer to take my time and enjoy the scenery along the way. Firstly, there can be some surprisingly beautiful sights on the way, and I don’t want to miss it. It can be even better than my destination. In addition, trip is a way of relaxation instead of a job. So you don’t need to rush yourself, otherwise I may already feel tired when I get to my destination. I’d like to relax from the moment I set out. So, that’s my reason for sight-seeing along the way.

62,当你去 restaurant 或 cafe 的时候最 care about 的 features 有哪些? Actually, when I go to a restaurant or café I only care about some basic features. First of all, the most important thing I concern with is the sanitary condition. It’s directly related to consumers’ health, you will feel uncomfortable to sit down in a dirty house and use the dirty dishware. In addition, I think a good service is also necessary; I don’t want to wait for a meal for a long time and the waiter/waitress shouldn’t give you a cold face at least. Besides, the taste of foods provided also plays a crucial role for me to judge a restaurant or café.

63,城市建设中应该保持 old building 呢还是应该用 new building replace old building? I support that old buildings be preserved because they are valuable for educational purpose and tourism. An old building usually can serve as educational sites for kid to learn the past culture of the city, or as reference for students of architecture. In addition, it also boosts the development of tourism, especially if the place is a historical heritage, which can bring a considerable income. And people have some place to go on weekends. So I don’t think it’s not wise to erase the old building for the sake of new ones.

64,Get advice from family and friends or learning through personal experience? I think it’s more important to learn from personal experience, although advices from others are helpful and sometimes necessary. First of all, when you have problems or get into a dilemma, you are the person most familiar with what you really want and it’ll promote you to develop the ability to solve. Advices from others may be just the opposite with your expectation. In addition, more personal experience will make one more mature and capable. You can realize the society more comprehensive and objective. So I ‘d like to learn from personal experience.

65,Do you agree or disagree: Student should wear uniform or not? I tend to disagree that students need to wear uniform in school. Firstly, wearing uniform doesn’t represent a better performance in school. I think it doesn’t matter what students wear as long as they are doing fine. In addition, school should encourage students to express themselves or develop their personality. School can make some restrictions to prevent certain inappropriate clothes. Asking students to dress the same everyday may have a negative influence on their psychology. So I don’t support uniform wearing.

71,说说你向别人要求帮助的经历,别人是怎样帮助你的过程 At the end of last semester I had a tough experience when I was invited to show my dance in a large-scale celebration evening, I had less than two weeks for preparation and I was so busy with my final exams. I told my dilemma to one of my friends who is also good at dancing and has relatively more spare time. He asked me not to be gloomy and promised

to investigate the dancing actions instead of me. He learned new dancing actions during the daytime and taught me every night. It did save me a lot of time and I successfully accomplished both the performance and exams.

73,学生在工作之前因该做 part-time job 或者 summer interm 来确定自己是否合适那份工 作,同意否? I agree that it’s beneficial for students to have a part-time job or summer intern before applying for an occupation. Firstly, the importance for their future career is obvious, it helps students to be more familiar with the society. In addition, students will learn a lot that they can’t obtain from academic books. They may be more concerned with the experience and knowledge accumulated outside school. Besides, students can develop their communicating skills with different groups of people in the society. So I support the idea to have a part-time job or summer intern.

74,最想学的一个技能 The skill I want to command is to repair large-scale machines, which is of great help in my scientific research. Firstly, if I can repair apparatus in my laboratory all by myself, I won’t depend on others. Asking others for solution usually cost considerable time and money. I even have to please them in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. In addition, if I master the skill of machine-reparation, I’ll be more familiar with the machine and working principle and can offer help to others. That’s why I want to learn the skill of machine-reparation.

75,是否同意学生进入大学前有一个 one year break? obsofukin‘lutely I tend to agree that students having a one-year break before entering college. First of all, so many years of study and exams before college really cost energy, after graduating from high school, a long-term break will be beneficial for students both physically and mentally. Students can use the break to enjoy life and decide their future development. In addition, it’s also a good chance for poor students to use the break to earn a certain tuition for their college study. So I support the one-year break before college.

77,新生是和其他年纪混住还是单独一个楼 I tend to support that freshmen live with students of different grades. Firstly, freshmen usually choose almost the same common courses, so they have communicated enough with others in classes, it’s not necessary to make them live together for more communication. Furthermore, mixed-type living style can also absorb students since freshmen can obtain more experience and suggestions from students of higher grades. For these two reasons, I support mixed-type living manner.

79,Do you agree or disagree: "the most important lesson can't be learned in the class"? I highly agree that the most important lesson can’ be learned in class. Sometimes practical experience is more important. For example, a student major in chemistry may know the textbooks or chemical principles very well, but still can encounter numerous problems and difficulties in a real chemical experiment without any practice. In addition, practice is the only criteria of truth. What you have learned in class are very limited and even false, so you shouldn’t be superstition about textbooks. Practice need to be paid more attention to.



考生复习必备:新托福iBT口语黄金80题 - 在线学英语 体验请申请:www.rockyclass.com/ielts/xd.html 洛基英语,中国在线英语教育领导...


雅思口语题目与答案(2016年).PDF_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档雅思口语题目与答案(2016年).PDF_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。...


5-8月雅思口语题库 暂无评价 28页 2下载券 喜欢此文档的还喜欢 雅思口语题目与答案(201... 30页 2下载券 201601-201604雅思口语预... 11页 2下载券 ...


雅思口语8分经典背诵80篇PDF版_法律资料_人文社科_专业资料。智课网 IELTS 备考资料 雅思口语 8 分经典背诵 80 篇 PDF 版 摘要: 雅思口语 8 分经典背诵 80 ...


2.城市里的房子乡村有什么不同? 2003 年 9 月换题后的口语 topic Old ...[雅思口语]江涛: 《80 天攻克雅思口语》(第二版)PDF+MP3 历届美国总统就职...


剑桥雅思 4【听力】MP3 清晰版 共 103M(内含试题文本,听力原文和答案): http://www.iliyu.com/source/16701/ 国际雅思口语】真题题源 MP3 (完整版 共 125...


金长麟老师雅思口语答案题目单(适用 2015 年 5-8 月) Part 1 新题(8 题,含题双语音频版,必准备) 1. Newspaper 2. Visitors to your home 3. Film ...


最新雅思口语常见考题及参考回答(欢迎转载) (所有标红的内容是需要替换或可以发散的,当然需要替换和可以发散的内容不限于此,准 备雅思口语忌讳死记乱套用, 需要...


雅思口语第一部分的问题及参考答案_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。I. Possible ...80. How did you become interested in your hobby? 81. What do you do ...


IELTS口语评分标准(中英文)_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。IELTS Speaking band descriptors (Public version) 雅思考试口语评分标准 (公众版) Band 9 Fluency and ...


ielts口语题库part1_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。music 1. D


雅思口语黄金素材:经典电影台词(二)_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。智课网 IELTS 备考资料 雅思口语黄金素材:经典电影台词(二) There were some beautiful...


剑桥雅思8口语答案Test3Part2_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。智课网 IELTS 备考资料 剑桥雅思 8 口语答案 Test3Part2 摘要: 剑桥雅思 8 口语的资料,在...


2018年1月6日雅思口语真题回忆及答案解析_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。三立教育 www.sljy.com 2018 年 1 月 6 日雅思口语真题回忆及答案解析 2018 年雅思第一...


中公留学无忧,让留学更简单 2017 年 12 月 16 日雅思考试口语回顾 P

IELTS口语 思维技巧&2012最新真题TOPIC收集.doc

attended in your high scool or secondary school Part3 关于 Science 的一系 列问题 雅思口语共分为 3 个部分, 分别是一般话题问答、 话题描述和双向深入讨论...


2015雅思口语Part1话题及答案_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。2015雅思口语Part1话题及答案 part 1 Name:(meaning/ who give name/ tradition of naming babies) ...


智课网 IELTS 备考资料 雅思口语考官听答案的四个基本给分标准 出国英语考试有哪些 雅思 6.5 是什么水平 雅思阅读评分标准 托福阅读评分标准 雅思和托福的区别 ...

IELTS 口语卡片题素材小结.doc

雅思6分口语卡片题之秘籍 40页 免费如要投诉违规内容,请到百度文库投诉中心;如要提出功能问题或意见建议,请点击此处进行反馈。 IELTS 口语卡片题素材小结 隐藏>> ...

9-12月雅思口语题库--Part 1部分.doc

9-12月雅思口语题库--Part 1部分_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。完整版 | 9-12 月雅思口语题库--Part 1 部分原创2016-09-07EmmaIELTS 在线 点击上方“IELTS...

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