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2014 全国各地高考选择题汇编
一、 名词
1. (福建) 26. —Could you tell me the ____ of making such tasty cakes? — Well, I just follow the directons in the cookbook. A. feature B. plan C. cost D. trick 2. (浙江) 6. We most prefer to say yes to the ______ of someone we know and like. A. attempts B. requests C. doubts D. promises 3. (安徽) 29.— Why not buy a second-hand car first if you don't have enough money for a new one? — That's a good . A. saying B. question C. suggestion D. account 4. (湖北) 21. Her ______ for writing was a desire for women to get the right to higher education. A. motivation B. qualification C. talent D. technique 5. (湖北) 22. When Richard said, “You are much more agreeable and prettier now,” Joan’s face turne d red at the unexpected ______. A. command B. comparison C. compliment D. contribution 6. (江苏) 27. She was put under house arrest two years ago but remained a powerful in last year's election. A. symbol B. portrait C. identity D. statue 7. (天津) 3.Wind is now the world’s fastest growing ________ of power. A. source B. sense C. result D. root

二、 冠词
1. (重庆) 6.I can’t tell you ____ way to the Wilsons' because we don’t have_____ Wilson here in the village. A.the; a B.a; / C. a; the D.the ; / 2. (浙江) 2. The paper is due next month, and I am working seven days ____ week, often long into ____ night. A. a; the B. the; 不填 C. a; a D. 不填;the 3. (江西) 22. They chose Tom to be _____ captain of the team because they knew he was _____ smart leader. A. a; the B. the; the C. the; a D. a; a 4. (陕西) 19. ________ village where I was born has grown into ________ town. A. The; a B. A; the C. The; the D. A; a 5. (天津) 8. Life the like ________ ocean; Only ________ strong-willed can reach the other shore. A. an; the B. the; a C. the ;/ D. / ; a

三、 形容词和副词
1. (安徽) 27.My good performance in the job interview left me about my future and about what I can do here. A. puzzled B. sensitive C. optimistic D. embarrassed 2. (安徽) 33.It's our hope that we will play a greater role in the market place and, , supply more jobs. A. however B. anywhere C. therefore D. otherwise 3. (大纲) 27. Raymond’s parents wanted him to have ______ possible education. A. good B. better C. best D. the best 4. (大纲) 34. Henry was away from home for quiet a bit and _____ saw his family. A. frequently B. seldom C. always D. us ually 5. (大纲) 35. --- W hat did you do last weekend? --- Nothing _____. A. much B. else C. ever D. yet 6. (福建) 24. With online shopping increasingly popular, the Internet is seen as a(n) way of reaching target customers.
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A. temporary B. complex C. accurate D. efficient 7. (湖北) 27. What was so ______ about Jasmine Westland’s victory was that she came first in the marathon bare-footed. A. awful B. essential C. impressive D. obvious 8. (湖北) 28. Instead of blaming the child who had broken the vase, she gave him a ___ smile and let him go. A. cautious B. grateful C. tolerant D. wild 9. (湖北) 29. Hardly had Sabrina finished her words when Albert said ______ , “Don’t be so mean,” pointing a finger of warning at her. A. dreadfully B. guiltily C. indirectly D. sharply 10. (江苏) 28. The idea "happiness," , wi ll not sit still for easy definition. A. to be rigid B. to be sure C. to be perfect D. to be fair 11. (江苏) 32. I can't meet you on Sunday. I'll be occupied. A. also B. just C. nevertheless D. otherwise 12. (江西) 23 Thanks for your directions to the house ; we wouldn’t have found it ___. A. nowhere B. however C. otherwise D. instead 13. (浙江) 4. Joe is proud and ______, never admitting he is wrong and always looking for someone else to blame. A. strict B. sympathetic C. stubborn D. sensitive 14. (浙江) 13. The aim of education is to teach young people to think for themselves and not follow others _____ . A. blindly B. unwillingly C. closely D. carefully

四、 代词
1. (安徽) 24.You can ask anyone for help. here is willing to lend you a hand. A. One B. No one C. Everyone D. Someone 2. (大纲) 28. I think Mrs. Stark could be ______ between 50 and 60 years of age. A. anywhere B. anybody C. anyhow D. anything 3. (福建) 21. In some countries, people eat with chopsticks, while in , knives and forks. A. another B. others C. both D. all 4. (江苏) 34. Good families are much to all their members, but to none. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing 5. (江西) 32. ---When shall I call , in the morning or afternoon? ----___. I’ll be in all day . A. Any B. None C. Neither D. Either 6. (山东) 4. Susan made______ clear to me that she wished to make a new life for herself. A. that B. this C. it D. her 7. (陕西) 21. I’d appreciate ________ if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come. A. it B. you C. one D. this 8. (四川) 1. She'd lived in London and Manchester, but she liked ______ and moved to Cambridge. A. both B. neither C. none D. either 9. (浙江) 3. An average of just 18.75cm of rain fell last year, making ______ the driest year since California became a state in 1850. A. each B. it C. this D. one 10. (重庆) 1.A smile costs ____, but gives much. A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

五、 介词和连词
1. (安徽) 31.What we expect from you is working hard hardly working. A. less than B. rather than C. as well as D. as much as 2. (北京) 23. Jane is in a hurry because the train to the airport leaves _______ half an hour.
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A. by B. in C. for D. until 3. (福建) 22. Our club is open to everyone ____ age, sex or educational background. A. due to B. except for C. along with D. regardless of 4. (湖北) 30. Check carrots, potatoes, onions and any other vegetables ______ and immediately use or throw away any which show signs of rotting. A. in demand B. in store C. on loan D. on sale 5. (江苏) 24. Tom always goes jogging in the morning and he usually does push-ups too to stay _____. A. in place B. in order C. in shape D. in fashion 6. (江西) 25. Starting your own business could be a way to achieving financial independence. ___, it could just put you in debt. A. In other words B. All in all C. As a result D. On the other hand 7. (江西) 33. It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas leads a simple life __his great wealth . A. without B. despite C. in D. to 8. (陕西) 14. The Scottish girl _____ blue eyes won the first prize in the Fifth Chinese Speech Contest. A. by B. of C. in D. with 9. (天津) 6. ______ the school, the village has a clinic, which was also built with government support. A. In reply to B. In addition to C. In charge of D. In place of 10. (浙江) 10. While staying in the village, James unselfishly shared whatever he had with the villagers without asking for anything ______ . A. in return B. in common C. in turn D. in place 11. (浙江) 12. Facing up to your problem ____ running away from them is the best approach to working things out. A. more than B. rather than C. along with D. or rather 12. (浙江) 17. People won’t pay attention to you when they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying _______ expression. A. from B. over C. with D. for 13. (浙江) 18. There’s no reason to be disappointed. ______, this could be rather amusing. A. Above all B. As a result C. In addition D. As a matter of fact

六、 情态动词
1. (北京) 27. ______ I have a word wit h you? It won’t take long. A. Can B. Must C. Shall D. Should 2. (大纲) 30. Although you _____ find bargains in London, it’s not generally a cheap place to shop. A. should B. need C. must D. can 3. (湖南) 25.— I’ve prepared all kinds of food for the picnic. —Do you mean we_____ bring anything with us? A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shan’t D. needn't 4. (江苏) 31. It was sad to me that they, so poor themselves, bring me food. A. might B. would C. should D. could 5. (江西) 3 0. Life is unpredictable ; even the poorest __become the richest . A. shall B. must C. need D. might 6. (陕西) 25. My book, The House of Hales, is missing. Who ________ have taken it? A. need B. must C. should D. could 7. (四川) 6. I still remember my happy childhood when my mother _____ take me to Disneyland at weekends. A. might B. must C. would D. should 8. (重庆) 3. I’ve ordered some pizz a , so we ___ worry about cooking when we get home tired. A.can’t B. dare not C. needn’t D. may mot 9. (重庆) 13.It was John who broke the window. Why are you talking to me as if I ____ it? A. had done B. have done C. did D. am doing 10. (浙江) 16. They were abroad during the months when we were carrying out the investigation, or they ____
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to our help. A. would have come B. could come C. have come D. had come 11. (天津) 15. ________ the morning train, he would not have been late for the meeting. A. Did he catch B. should be catch C. has he caught D. Had he caught 12. (陕西) 23. We would rather our daughter ________ at home with us, but it is her choice, and she is not a child any longer. A. would stay B. has stayed C. stayed D. stay 13. (湖南) 22.If Mr. Dewey ____ present, he would have offered any possible assistance to the people there. A. were B. had been G. should be D. was 14. (福建) 32. no modern telecommunications, we would have to wait for weeks to get news from around the world. A. Were there B. Had there b een C .If there are D. If there have been 15. (北京) 34. We __________ back in the hotel now if you didn’t lose the map. A. are B. were C. will be D. would be 16. (安徽) 30.People are recycling many things which they away in the past. A. had thrown B. will be throwing C. were throwing D. would have thrown

七、 非谓语动词
1. (安徽) 32.While waiting for the opportunity to get , Henry did his best to perform his duty. A. promote B. promoted C. promoting D. to promote 2. (北京) 25. Last night, there were millions of people _______ the opening ceremony live on TV. A.watch B. to watch C. watched D. watching 3. (北京) 28. There are still many problems ______ before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. A. solving B. solved C. being solved D.to be solved 4. (北京) 35.The film star wears sunglasses. Therefore, he can go shopping without ______.. A. recognizing B. being recognized C. having recognized D. having been recognized 5. (大纲) 23. Toady there are more airplanes _____ more people than ever before in the skies. A. carry B. carrying C. carried D. to be carrying 6. (福建) 27. __ the past year as an exchange student in Hong Kong, Linda appears more mature than those of her age. A. Spending B. Spent C. Having spent D. To spend 7. (福建) 30. For those with family members far away, the personal computer and the phone are important in staying________. A. connected B. connecting C. to connect D. to be connected 8. (湖南) 23._______ your own needs and styles of communication is as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions. A. Understanding B. To be understood C. Being understood D. Having understood 9. (湖南) 27. There is no greater pleasure than lying on my back in the middle of the grassland, _____at the night sky. A. to stare B. staring C. stared D, having stared 10. (湖南) 35. ourselves from the physical and mental tensions,we each need deep thought and inner quietness. A. Having freed B. Freed C. To free D. Freeing 11. (江苏) 29. His lecture____, a lively question-and-answer session followed. A. being given B. having given C. to be given D. having been given 12. (江西) 31. ___nearly all our money , we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel . A. Having spent B. To spent C. Spent D. To have spent 13. (江西) 34.He is thought ____ foolishly .Now he has no one but himself to blame for losing the job . A. to act B. to have acted C. acting D. having acted 14. (山东) 6. There is a note pinned to the door______ when the shop will open again. A. saying B. says C. said D. having said
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15. (山东) 9. It’s standard practice for a company like this one______ a security officer. A. employed B. being employed C. to employ D. employs 16. (陕西) 12. It’s quite hot today. Do you feel like _________ for a swim? A. to go B. going C go D. having gone 17. (陕西) 20. ________ the difficult maths problem, I have consulted Professor Russell several times. A. Working out B. Worked out C. To work out D. Work out 18. (四川) 5. The manager was satisfied to see many new products ______ after great effort. A. having developed B. to develop C. developed D. develop 19. (四川) 7. — I hope to take the computer course. — Good idea. ____ more about it, visit this website. A. To find out B. Finding out C. To be finding out D. Having found out 20. (天津) 5. Anxiously, she took the dress out of the package and tried it on, only _____ it didn’t fit A. to find B. found C. finding D. having found 21. (天津) 7. Clearly and thoughtfully ________, the book inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answers.A. writing B. to write C. written D. being written 22. (浙江) 14. Annie Salmon, disabled, is attended throughout her school days by a nurse ____ to guard her. A. to appoint B. appointing C. appointed D. having appointed 23. (重庆) 5. The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras ______ to our shop for quality problems. A.turning B. returned C. to turn D. to be returned 24. (重庆) 11.Group activities will be organized after class _____ children develop team spirit. A. helping B. having helped C. helped D. to help 八、 动词词义 1. (20 14 安徽) 26.Terry, please your cell phone when Grandma is talking to you. A. look up from B. look into C. look back on D. look through 2. (安徽) 28.When the sports hero at our party, he was welcomed with open arms. A. turned up B. left off C. moved on D. got away 3. (安徽) 34.Shakespeare's writing is still popular today. It has really the test of time. A. failed B. stood C. taken D. conducted 4. (大纲) 31. Caroline doesn’t have a gift for music, but she _____ it with hard work. A. goes back on B. takes away from C. makes up for D. catches up with 5. (福建) 25. It is widely acknowledged that students should be in terms of overall quality. A. supported B. matched C. evaluated D. controlled 6. (福建) 33. As a grassroots singer, she reads everything she can concerning music, and takes every opportunity to improve herself. A. catch sight of B. get hold of C. take charge of D. make mention of 7. (湖北) 23. Seeing the big crowd coming towards him, he started to run down the hill, but ______ and went down on his hands and knees in the melting snow. A. slipped B. skied C. signalled D. sank 8. (湖北) 24. The old rules have to be ______ because they only applied to the circumstances that existed when they were made a hundred years ago. A. developed B. established C. observed D. revised 9. (湖北) 25. I’ve been trying to phone Charles all evening, but there must be something wrong with the network; I can’t seem to ______. A. get through B. get off C. get in D. get along 10. (湖北) 26. Is this your necklace, Mary? I ______ it when I was cleaning the bathroom this morning. A. came across B. dealt with C. looked after D. went for 11. (江苏) 25. Top graduates from universities are by major companies. A. chasedB. registered C. offered D. compensated 12. (江苏) 30.—Dad, I don't think Oliver the right sort of person for the job.
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—I see. I'll go right away and . A. pay him back B. pay him off C. put him away D. put him off 13. (江苏) 33. Legend has it that the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is to the soul of Qu Yuan. A. remember B. remind C. recover D. recall 14. (江西) 27. Anyway , we’re here now, so let’s ___some serious work. A. come up with B. get down to C. do away with D. live up to 15. (江西) 29. I don’ t believe what you said , but if you can prove it , you may be able to __me . A. convince B. inform C. guarantee D. refuse 16. (陕西) 18. Ralph W. Emerson would always ______ new ideas that occurred to him. A. set off B. set about C. set up D. set down 17. (天津) 9. My parents always _______ great importance to my getting a good education. A. have B. attach C. accept D. pay 18. (天津) 13. The two countries are going to meet to _______ some barriers to trade between them. A. make up B. use up C. turn down D. break down 19. (浙江) 7. Last week a tennis ball hit m e on the head, but I tried to _______ the pain, believing that it would go away sooner or later. A. share B. realize C. ignore D. cause 20. (浙江) 9. No matter how carefully you plan your finances, no one can _____ when the unexpected will happen. A. prove B. imply C. demand D. predict 21. (浙江) 19. How could you _____ such a fantastic job when you have been out of work for months. A. turn off B. turn in C. turn down D. turn to 22. (重庆) 7. She drove so fast at the turn that the car almost went ___ the road. A.on B. along C.from D. off

九、 时态和语态
1. (安徽) 23. The twins, Who their homework, were allowed to play badminton on the playground. A. will finish B. finish C. have finished D. had finished 2. (北京) 22. ---Hi, let’s go skating. --- Sorry, I’m busy right now. I _______ in an application form for a new job. A. fill B. have filled C. am filling D. will fill 3. (北京) 31.--- What time is it? --- I have no idea. But just a minute, I _____ it for you. A. check B. checked C. will check D. would check 4. (北京) 32. I found the lecture hard to follow because it _______ when I arrived. A. started B. was starting C. would start D. had started 5. (大纲) 22. Unless extra money____, the theatre will close. A. was found B. finds C. is found D. found 6. (大纲) 32. The reports went missing in 2012 and nobody ______ them since. A. sees B. saw C. has seen D. had seen 7. (福建) 23.—Haven't seen you for ages! Where have you been? —I went to Ningxia and there for one year, teaching as a volunteer. A. stayed B. stay C. had stayed D. am staying 8. (湖南) 28. Since the time humankind started gardening, we _____ to make our environment more beautiful. A. try B. have been trying C. are trying D. will try 9. (湖南) 34. Whenever you , a present, you should think about it from the receiver’s point of view. A. bought B. have bought C. will buy D. buy 10. (江苏) 23.—How much do you know about the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing? —Well, the media _________it in a variety of forms. A. cover B. will cover C. have covered D. covered
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11. (江西) 24.----Tony , why are your eyes red ? ---I _____ up peppers for the last five minutes . A. cut B. was cutting C. had cut D. have been cutting 12. (山东) 1. Writing out all the invitations by hand was more time-consuming than we______. A. will expect B. are expecting C. expect D. had expected 13. (山东) 5. They made up their mind that they______ a new house once Larry changed jobs. A. bought B. would buy C. have bought D. had bought 14. (陕西) 22. During hi s stay in Xi’an, Jerry tried almost all the local foods his friends ________, A. would recommend B. had recommended C. have recommended D. were recommending 15. (四川) 9. She ______ someone, so I nodded to her and went away. A. phoned B. had phoned C. was phoning D. has phoned 16. (天津) 11. We won’t start the work until all the preparations __________. A. are being made B. will be made C. have been made D. had been made 17. (浙江) 11. Sofia looked around at all the faces: she had the impression that she _____ most of the guests before. A. has seen B. had seen C. saw D. would see 18. (重庆) 4. You’d better write down her phone number before you ___ it . A.forget B. are forgetting C.forgot D. will gorget 19. (重庆) 8.James has just arrived, but I didn’t know he ___until yesterday. A. will come B.was coming C. had come D. came

十、 定语从句
1. (大纲) 29. September 30 is the day ______ which you must pay your bill. A. by B. for C. with D. in 2. (安徽) 22. The exact year Angela and her family spent together in China was 2008. A. When B. where C. why D. which 3. (北京) 26. I borrow the book Sherlock Holmes from the library last week, ______ my classmates recommended to me.. A.who B. which C. when D. Where 4. (福建) 31. Students should involve themselves in community activities they can gain experience for growth. A. who B. when C. which D. where 5. (湖南) 31.I am looking forward to the day my daughter can read this book and know my feelings for her. A. as B. why C. when D. where 6. (江苏) 22. The book has helped me greatly in my daily communication, especially at work a good impression is a must. A. which B. when C. as D. where 7. (江西) 28. Among the many dangers ____ sailors have to face, proba bly the greatest of all is fog . A. which B. what C. where D. when 8. (山东) 10. A company ______profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad. A. which B. whose C. who D. why 9. (陕西) 13. Please send us all the information ______ you have about the candidate for the position. A. tha t B. which C. as D. what 10. (四川) 4. Until now, we have raised 50.000 pounds for the poor children, ______ is quite unexpected. A. that B. which C. who D. it 11. (天津) 12. English is a language shared by several diverse cultures, _________ uses it differently. A. all of which B. each of which C. all of them D. each of them 12. (浙江) 5. I don’t become a serious climber until the fifth grade, ______ I went up to rescue a kite that wa s stuck in the branches of a tree.
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A. when B. where C. which D. why 13. (重庆) 9.We'll reach the sales targets in a month____we set at at the beginning of the year. A. which B.where C. when D.what

十一、 状语从句
1. (安徽) 25. The meaning of the word "nice' changed a few times it finally came to include the sense "pleasant." A. before B. after C. since D. while 2. (北京) 29._______ the forest park is far away, a lot of tourists visit it every year. A. As B. When C. Even though D. In case 3. (湖南) 26. You will never gain success you are fully devoted to your work. A. when B. because C. after D. unless 4. (江苏) 21. Lessons can be learned to face the future, history cannot be changed. A. though B. as C. since D. unless 5. (江西) 35. It was the middle of the night _____ my father woke me up and told me to watch the football game . A. that B. as C. which D. when 6. (山东) 2. I don’t really like the author,_______ I have to admit his books are ver y exciting. A. although B. unless C. until D. once 7. (陕西) 24. The young couple, who returned my lost wallet, left ______ I could ask for their names. A. while B. before C. after D. since 8. (四川) 8. I'll be out for some time. ______ anything important happens, call me up immediately. A. In case B. As if C. Even though D. Now that 9. (天津) 4._______ you start eating in a healthier way, weight control will become much easier. A. unless B. Although C. Before D. Once 10. (浙江) 15. Cathy had quit her job when her son was born ____ she could stay home and raise her family. A.now that B. as if C. only if D. so that 11. (重庆) 14.Half an hour later, Lucy still couldn’t get a taxi ____the bus had dropped her. A. until B. When C. although D. where 12. (湖南) 21.Children,when by their parents, are allowed to enter the stadium. A. to be accompanied B. to accompany C. accompanying D. accompanied

十二、 名词性从句
1. (北京) 30. The best moment for the football star was _______ he scored the winning goal. A. where B. when C. how D. why 2. (北京) 33.Some people believe _____ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future. A. whatever B. whenever C. whereever D. however 3. (大纲) 24. Exactly ______ the potato was introduced into Europe is uncertain, but it was probably around 1565. A. whether B. why C. when D. how 4. (福建) 34. Pick yourself up. Courage is doing you're afraid to do. A. that B. what C. how D. whether 5. (湖南) 24. As John Lennon once said,life is_____ happens to you while you are busy making other plans. A. which B. that C. what D. where 6. (江苏) 26. —What a mess! You are always so lazy! —I'm not to blame, mum. I am _____you have made me. A. how B. what C. that D. who 7. (山东) 7. It is difficult for us to imagine_____ life was like for slaves in the ancient world. A. where B. what C. which D. why
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8. (四川) 2. Grandma pointed to the hospital and said, "That's ______ I was born." A. when B. how C. why D. where 9. (天津) 14. I think _______ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses. A. what B. that C. which D. who 10. (浙江) 8. “Every time you eat a sweet, drink green tea.” This is _____ my mother used to tell me. A. what B. how C. that D. whether 11. (重庆) 12.—Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? —Yeah, but I have no idea ____ he did it; that’s one of his favorite universities. A. when B. Why C. that D. how 12. (陕西) 15. ________ the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather. A. Why B. When C. That D. What

十三、 特殊句式
1. (北京) 21. Some animals carry seeds from one place to another, _ _____ plants can spread to new places. A. so B. or C. for D. but 2. (北京) 24. ________carefully if any change occurs when doing experiments in the lab.. A. Observe B. To observe C. Observed D. Observing 3. (大纲) 25. --- Who’s that at the door? --- _____ is the milkman. A. He B. It C. This D. That 4. (大纲) 26. _____ the nurses want a pay increase, they want reduced hours as well. A. Not do only B. Do not only C. Only not do D. Not only do 5. (大纲) 33. _____ me tomorrow and I’ll let you know the lab result. A. Ca lling B. Call C. To call D. Having called 6. (福建) 28. The climate here is quite pleasant, the temperature rarely, , reaching 30C in summer. A. if not B. if ever C. if any D. if so 7. (福建) 29. It was the culture, rather than the language, ____ made it hard for him to adapt to the new environment abroad. A. where B. why C. that D. what 8. (湖南) 29. Only when you can find peace in your heart _____good relationships with others. A. will you keep B. you will keep C. you kept D. did you ke ep 9. (湖南) 30. _____ what you’re doing today important, because you’re trading a day of your life for it. A. Make B. To make C. Making D. Made 10. (湖南) 32. All we need a small piece of land where we can plant various kinds of fruit trees throughout the growing seasons of the year. A. are B. was C. is D. were 11. (重庆) 10.— I spent two weeks in London last summer. —Then you must have visited the British Museum during your sta y._____ you? A. mustn’t B. haven’t C. didn’t D. hadn’t 12. (湖南) 33. It’s not doing the things we like, but liking the things we have to do makes life happy. A. that B. which C. what D. who 13. (江西) 26. When it comes to __ in public , no one can match him . A. speak B. speaking C. being spoken D. be spoken 14. (陕西) 17. No sooner ________ stepped on the stage than the audience broke into thunderous applause. A. had Mo Yan B. Mo Yan had C. has Mo Yan D. Mo Yan has 15. (天津) 1.Give me a chance, ________ I’ll give you a wonderful surprise. A. if B. or C. and D. while 16. (四川) 3. Was it because Jack came late for school ____ Mr. Smith got angry? A. why B. who C. where D. that

十四、 交际用语
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1. (安徽) 21.—Reading is the best way to pass time on the train. — , I never go traveling without a book. A.You are joking B.That's true C.I don't think so D.It sounds like fun 2. (安徽) 35.— I get at least half an hour of exercise almost every day. — Oh great! . A. Good luck B. Cheer up C. Same to you D. Keep it up 3. (大纲) 21. --- I’m sorry for breaking the cup. --- Oh, ____ --I’ve got plenty. A. forget it B. my pleasure C. help yourself D. pardon me 4. (福建) 35. —I can't remember those grammar rules! —__________. Practice more. A. You're not alone B. It's hard to say C. I'm afraid not D. It's up to you 5. (江苏) 35.— ! Somebody has left the lab door open. —Don't look at me. A. Dear me B. Hi, there C. Thank goodness D. Come on 6. (江西) 21.----Could I use this dictionary ? ----_____.It’s a spare one . A. Good idea B. Just go ahead C. You’re welcome D. You’d better not 7. (山东) 3. —This apple pie is too sweet, don’t you think so? —_____. I think it’s just right, actually. A. Not really B. I hope so C. Sounds good D .No wonder 8. (山东) 8. —Is Anne coming tomorrow? —_____.If she were to come, she would have called me. A. Go ahead B. Certainly C. That’s right D. I don’t think so 9. (陕西) 11. — I got that job I wanted at the public library. — ___________! That’s good news. A. Go ahead B. Cheers C. Congratulations D. Come on 10. (陕西) 16. — You know, I met my girlfriend’s parents for the first time only yesterday. — ________? I thought you’d met them before. A. So what B. Pardon C. Really D. What for 11. (四川) 10. — How about dinner tonight? It's on me. — ______ . A. You are welcome B. Oh, I'd like to C. Well, I'm afraid so D. That's all right 12. (天津) 2.---Ok, I’ll fix your computer right now. ---Oh, take your time. __________. A. I can’t stand it B. I’m in no hurry C. That’s a great idea D. It’s not my cup o f tea 13. (天津) 10. --- How long have you been learning English? --- About four months. --- _________! Your English is so good. A. You can’t be serious B. You got it C. I couldn’t agree more D. I’m stuck 14. (浙江) 1. —I a m going to Spain fort a holiday soon. — ______. A. It’s my pleasure B. Never mind C. Leave it alone D. Good for you 15. (浙江) 20. —I’d like a wake-up call at 7:00 a.m., please! —OK, _______. A. help yourself B. You will certainly make it C. just do what you like D. I’ll make sure you get one 16. (重庆) 2. --- Why not stay here a little longer? ---______ ,but I ready have to go. A. Never mind B. I’d love to C. Please to meet you D.I can’t find any reason 17. (重庆) 15. —Jack,I’d like to have your opinions about my written report. —____ . But I have one suggestion. A. That’s a good idea B. You are too modest C. It looks fine to me D. You should check it first
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