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Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
New Words & Expressions

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
? 1. offend: Vi &Vt to make someone angry or upset by doing or saying something that they think is rude, unkind etc His remarks deeply offended many Scottish people. The careful language is designed not to offend. be offended by/at something Lily was offended by such a personal question.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
? 2. avoid:
(1) to prevent something bad from happening Road safety is taught to young children to avoid road accidents. It is important to take measures to avoid the risk of fire. avoid doing something The refugees left to avoid getting bombed. (2) to stay away from someone or something, or not use something Everyone seemed to be avoiding Nick. She carefully avoided his eyes (=did not look directly at his face).

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
? 3. attempt:
c.n. an act of trying to do something, especially something difficult attempt to do something All attempts to control inflation have failed. The protesters made no attempt to resist arrest. attempt at (doing) something

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
at the first/second etc attempt She passed her driving test at the first attempt.

to try to do something, especially something difficult attempt doing something I attempted walking along the rope. attempt to do something In this chapter I will attempt to explain what led up to the revolution.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning

? 4. emphasis
(plural) emphases [uncountable and countable] special attention or importance emphasis on In Japan there is a lot of emphasis on politeness. put/place /lay emphasis on something The course places emphasis on practical work.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
V. emphasize also emphasise British English [transitive] to say something in a strong way The report emphasizes the importance of improving safety standards. Logan made a speech emphasizing the need for more volunteers. emphasize that/how The Prime Minister emphasized that there are no plans to raise taxes.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
? 5. gender inequality/bias/discrimination

(=when one gender is treated more fairly than another)

? 6. occupy:
(1).to have an official position or job Before becoming prime minister, he had already occupied several cabinet posts. (2). stay in a place to live or stay in a place He occupies the house without paying any rent.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
(3). if something occupies you or your time, you are busy doing it Football occupies most of my leisure time. occupy somebody with (doing) something Only six percent of police time is occupied with criminal incidents.

occupied : adj.
1 [not before noun] busy doing something

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
occupied with His time was occupied with the children. She's fully occupied with work. The museum has enough exhibits to keep anyone occupied for an hour or two. I kept myself occupied by watching television.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
7.create: [transitive]
to make something exist that did not exist before Some people believe the universe was created by a big explosion. Her behavior is creating a lot of problems. The new factory is expected to create more than 400 new jobs. N. creation 1 [uncountable] the act of creating something

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
creation of the creation of 2000 new jobs the creation of a single European currency 2. [countable] something that has been created The dress is a stunning (v. shock/surprise very greatly) creation in green, gold, and white. Creative: adj. involving the use of imagination to produce new ideas or things This job is so boring. I wish I could do something more creative.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
creativity: N. [uncountable] the ability to use your imagination to produce new ideas, make things etc artistic creativity Teachers have been attacked for stifling vt. prevent from happening or developing creativity in their pupils.

8. fair:
(reasonable and acceptable) a fair situation, system, way of treating people, or judgment seems reasonable, acceptable, and right [≠ unfair]

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
All we are asking for is a fair wage. ?150 is a fair price. What do you think is the fairest solution? The report is a fair summary of the issues facing us. it is fair to do something It seems fair to give them a second chance. it's only fair (that) (=used to say that it is right to do something) It's only fair that we tell him what's happening.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
it's fair to say (that) (=used when you think what you are saying is correct or reasonable) It's fair to say that by then he had lost the support of his staff. it's not fair on somebody I can't carry on working such long hours. It's not fair on my family.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
Adv. Fair
1 win (something)/beat somebody fair square to win a competition, sports match honestly and without cheating 2 play fair to do something in a fair honest way In international trade, very few countries fair. 3 straight; directly I hit him fair (and square) on the nose. and etc and


Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
9. fairly. 1 [+ adjective/adverb] more than a little, but much less than very [? quite] The house had a fairly large garden. She speaks English fairly well. The instructions seem fairly straightforward adj. simple. 2 in a way that is fair, honest, and reasonable I felt I hadn't been treated fairly.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning
to suggest that something is true, without saying this directly imply (that) Cleo blushed. She had not meant to imply that he was lying.

feeling or showing respect [≠disrespectful] The crowd stood in respectful silence as the funeral procession went by. 当送葬行列走过的时候,人群沉默地肃立着。

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning 12.out-of-date:
1 if information is out-of-date, it is not recent and may no longer be correct [= outdated] The information in the tourist guide is already outof-date. 2 if something is out-of-date, it is no longer considered useful or effective, because something more modern exists Their manufacturing methods are hopelessly outof-date.

Unit 3 Foreign Language Learning

13.bear in mind
bear (something) in mind: to remember a fact or piece of information that is important or could be useful in the future [= keep (something) in mind] bear in mind (that) Bear in mind that some children will need help.




如其来的‘非典’是人类的一场大灾难,传播速度之快,传播地域之广都超过了人们的预料。现在有两个事情必须抓紧,第一是:大家都要积 极行动起来,努力把‘非典’带来的损失降到最小限度,想尽一切办法,使花开啤酒维持去年的销量。第二:成立花开啤酒单位‘非典’防治 委员会,要加强对花开啤酒单位人员及其家人的管理,对啤酒厂外来人员要实行报告制度。像我们啤酒企业,如果出现一例‘非典’患者,可 以说就是灭顶之灾,所以,大家务必要重视重视再重视。” 赵树春无意识地用手捂着鼻子,大家像僵尸一样呆坐着。马启明痛苦地心想:所有 娱乐场所关闭,维持去年的销量?谈何容易!这恐怕只能是赵总的一厢情愿罢了。照现在的情形,销量肯定完不成,看样子只能祈祷“非典” 快点过去,要不然花开啤酒单位恐怕要破产了。可“非典”什么时间结束连钟南山院士也不敢惘下结论。赵总啊,理想是丰满的,热乎乎的, 现实却是冰凉凉的,甚至还有点恐怖。“咳??咳??咳??”马启明昨天晚上没有睡好,脑海里全是“非典”恶魔的影子,总想着万一得了 “非典”的话怎么办?怎么办?到天亮时才迷迷糊糊地睡着了,害得他上班差一点迟到,所以既没吃早饭,也没顾得上喝口水。此刻嗓子干得 发痒,不由得干咳了几声。大家都齐刷刷地望着他,马启明不由心虚起来,赶紧拿起杯子去倒开水,没想到一紧张“咳咳咳??”咳得更厉害 了。“马经理,怎么了?如果身体不舒服,赶紧到医院去检查一下,要不然回家休息一下?” 赵树春有些担忧地询问道。“不要紧,咳咳 咳??嗓子??咳咳咳??有点干,喝点水??就行了。”马启明费劲地回答道。他赶紧倒了一杯开水,也顾不上烫,连喝了几小口,嗓子才 稍微舒服了一点,不再咳嗽了。这时坐在马启明左右旁边的人都像躲瘟疫一样匆匆躲出去了。马启明偷偷地望了大家,心惊胆战地想,如果再 咳下去,那他肯定会成为大家怀疑的对象,没准现在就有人在想,马启明是不是染上“非典”啦?要是染上“非典”,得赶紧隔离、叫医院救 护车来。隔离、通报会让马启明一下子在绿溪镇 、泰港区、海涛州、江苏省甚至在全国出了名,太可怕了,甚至有的人怀疑马启明能不能活到 明天?花开啤酒可就惨了,到那时花开啤酒单位也会因此而受到牵连,封厂封酒??马启明不敢再往下想了。他把手放在胸口,就听到“扑通 扑通扑通??”心跳声,他担心心别跳出来,要是掉到地上怎么办?是捡起来放到胸膛里还是让它在地上任意地活蹦乱跳?他是呆在原地还是 赶紧跑?马启明觉得自己快要疯了。风还在“呜呜呜??”地像魔鬼一样地刮着,是怪风,是阴风,好可怕的风!马启明突然冷汗直流。开完 会后,马启明边往家走边胡思乱想,现在的医学这么发达,什么试管



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