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Robinson Crusoe读后感

Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe,a eighteen years old boy,resides in Hull, England who dreams of taking adventure in sea voyages even if his father's disagreement is so strong. He disregards the fact that his two older brothers are gone because of their need for adventure.Although his parents object to letting him take risks, he runs away with a friend and secures free passage to London. Nobody would think of that misfortune begins immediately.Because of the terrible weather,the ship is forced to land at Yarmouth. Both of them are aware of the circumstance is so bad that his friend is angry and then they part.Meantime,Crusoe only thinks briefly about going home, but cannot stand to be disgrased. He manages to find another voyage headed to Guiana.Of course it isn't smoothly going.On the way, the ship is attacked by Turkish pirates, who bring the crew and passengers into the Moorish port of Sallee. Robinson is made a slave for two years.At length he waits for an opportunity when he is sent out with two Moorish youths to go fishing.Crusoe throws one overboard, and tells the other one, called Xury, that he may stay if he is faithful. They attch to what appears to be the land where there is nobody housing.Soon they see that there are the blacks living here. Luckily, these natives are very friendly to Crusoe and Xury. At the moment, the two see a Portuguese ship in the distance. They manage to paddle after it and get the attention of those on board. Luckily,the captain is so kind and says he will take them aboard for free and bring them to Brazil. When Robinson reaches Brazil,he leaves Xury with the captain. In the new country, Robinson finds that almost all the people make money by planting.So he resolves to buy one for himself. After a few years, he has some partners, and they are all doing very well financially.At this time, Crusoe has some money and he wants to continue his deam.But the god still perhaps wants to test him,a terrible shipwreck occurs to them and Robinson is the only survivor. He is the luckiest one but he is the unluckiest one in the same time.He manages to make it to the shore of an island. Robinson remains on the island for twenty-seven years. He is able to take many provisions from the ship. In that time, he recreates his English life, building homes, necessities, learning how to cook, raise goats and crops. He is very miserable at first, but embraces religion as a balm for his unhappiness. He is able to convince himself that he lives a much better life here than he did in Europe--much more simple, much less wicked. He comes to appreciate his sovereignty over the entire island. One time he tries to use a boat to explore the rest of the island, but he is almost swept away, and does not make the attempt again. He has pets whom he treats as subjects. There is no appearance of man until about 15 years into his stay. He sees a footprint, and later observes cannibalistic savages eating prisoners. They don't live on the island; they come in canoes from a mainland not too far away. Robinson is filled with outrage, and resolves to save the prisoners the next time these savages appear. Some years later they return. Using his guns, Crusoe scares them away and saves a young savage whom he names Friday. Friday is extremely grateful and becomes Robinson's devoted servant. He learns some English and takes on the Christian religion. For some years the two live happily. Then, another ship of savages arrives with three prisoners. Together Crusoe and Friday are able to save two of them. One is a Spaniard; the other is Friday's father. Their reunion is very joyous. Both have come from the mainland close by. After a few months, they leave to bring back the rest of the Spaniard's men. Crusoe is happy that his island is being peopled. Before the Spaniard and Friday's father can return, a boat of European men comes ashore. There are three prisoners. While most of the men are exploring the island, Crusoe learns from one that he is the captain of a ship whose crew mutinied. Robinson says he will help them as long as they leave the authority of the island in his hands, and as long as they promise to take Friday and himself to England for free. The agreement is made. Together this little army manages to capture the rest of the crew and retake the captain's ship. Friday and Robinson are taken to England. Even though Crusoe has been gone thirty-five years, he finds that his plantations have done well and he is very wealthy. He gives money to the Portuguese captain and the widow who were so kind to him. He returns to the English countryside and settles there, marrying and having three children. When his wife dies, he once more goes to the sea.

This exciting story deeply touchs me. I admire Robinson, I praise Robinson.He teaches me by own bitter experience: When we get into troubles,the first thing we should do is that do not give up.As a college student,we ought to learn this spirit which is of great benefit to overcome what difficulties we will meet in our study life.In a word,be a person who likes Robinson with many good qualities.



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