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1.describe a book that you believe is the most useful to you. The book that is most useful to me is The Little Prince which is a gift from my best friend Amy. She gave it as a souvenir for our friendship and wanted to encourage me to be with the enthusiasm and power as the little prince. The yellow cover always reminds me of happy past time I spent with her and the world value of little prince makes me feel more confident with the lovely world. In addition, the book makes me relax when I read it at night under the warm light of my lamp. The romantic plot of little prince and his rose moves me a lot. One day, maybe I will meet my own charming prince. 2.some believe that TV programs have a positive influence on modern society. other, however, think that the influence of TV programs is negative. I think, the TV programs have a positive influence. Because in modern society, we are under too much pressure from our bosses and fierce competition from(of) our peer(-s). Watching TV can help us relax and get rid of our workload(workload工作量的意思,看电视并不会减少工作量吧?) and pressure in the daytime. enjoying some amusing programs with our friends or family members can make us forget unpleasant experience(-s) when we work with our colleagues. In addition, TV programs always show(broadcast) international news and oversea events. The global is getting smaller because of the transmission of information. Watching TV programs is a cheap and time-efficient way for us to broaden our horizons without the need to go out of our room. 点评:比上一篇有进步,不过建议适当运用连词,让整个叙述显得 有条理。有层次感 3.describe the most important decision that you have made in your life. to study abroad must the most important decision that i have made in my life. because it's the first time that i make(made) a dicision by myself. without my parents' protection, i think, it's a good vehicle(表达思想或传播的工具,在此不太恰当) for me to be more sophisticated and independent. i feel i'm more mature because making a decision alone is really a good way to shape my characteristics(characters性格特征).

the second reason is that studying abroad can help me to achieve goals and chase my dreams. maybe it can help me to make a big difference. 点评:某些词汇运用不恰当,多读原版文章。 4.some people believe that the high school should teach music and art as other basic science. some people think that providing music and art education for high school students is not necessary. [agree] music and art should be other basic science. because, for my perspective, the students in high school should gain more chance to communicate with their classmates in order to learn more things from each other. music and art can provide more topics for example the history of musicians, the comparison between the classical music and pop music.second reason is that students need to balance their life and study. music and art can be a good way for them to get recharged so that they can be more energetic to study other science. [disagree] i think it's really a bad idea to add the music and art to basic science curriculum. because the students in the high school has limited time to study math, physics, chemicals and so on. what's more they are under too much pressure and they have numorous workload so they should concentrate on their basic science classes. the second reason is that learning music and art can be really disturbing. it will distract students from math problems and physics. cuz learning these classes seems easier than doing calculation. 5.what do you do in your spare time? i usually spend my spare time to play the violin on the blue beach in my hometown. the atmosphere is really peaceful and tranquil. so it always makes me relaxed and refreshed. i can enjoy myself in the classical music especially from the famous musician Mozart. i adore him so much. in this way i can get rid of the fierce competition from my companions, the criticizm from my boss and some aweful things for example the daily life errends.

6.some people think that it's necessary to prohibit people from using phone calls in some places. others believe that it's inconvenient if phone calls are forbidden in some places. for my perspective, it's really necessary to do so. one example, in hospital, we can not use our phone calls. because the radiation from phone calls can disturb some facilities and equipments in hospital. people's life depends on those facilities. so we can have a bad influnce(influence) on their health. another example, on airplane, we can not use it too. because radiation, again, one kind of interfering sources, may ruin the security of the airplane and cause a bad accident. of course, in some place we can do it. for my perspective, it's really a bad idea to prohibit the using of phone calls in some places. first of all, especially when emergency occurs, it will be extremely inconvenient if we can not call (for) the ambulence at the first time (as quickly as possible,这个的确比较 好). and it will cause a bad effect and maybe we just ruin one's life in this way.(on saving patients' lives) second reason is that without the phone calls, we have to talk to others face to face. it's really a time-consuming and costunefficient way to make communication and interaction.(多余) 点评:文末的理由很牵强,题目只是说某些地方禁止使用,并不是 全部。所以对朋友交流产生不了太大影响。 7.describe a celebration or moment which has made a deep impression on you. the most unforgettable moment must be the first meet between me and my boyfriend. it's a situmulating lovestory. we just met on the blue beach in my hometown. he followed me for several circles when i was going jogging which made me so afraid of him. and(but) he just came up later and then expressed his love to me. we just talked for several hours. and then , you know. we always spend our anniversaries on the same placego there on our anniversaries to remind us of the pleasant meet between us. 8.which of the following acts have more influence on you, newspaper, TV, or teachers?

teachers affect me the most. because, you know, i'm a student and i have attended hundreds of classes for over ten years. i spend most of my time in schools with my teachers. on the one hand, some teachers are really skillful and experienced so that they can teach us some useful skills and knowledge with their student-oriented methodology. on the other hand some teachers are really kind and active so that they can shape our characteristics at the same time. the ability and characteristic of teachers do really matter. 点评:on one hand……on the other hand characters 性格 品质; 9.describe a social or politics celebration event in your culture i'd like to introduce the national day in China. we celebrate our independence annually on the first day in October. the most exciting thing must be the 7-day vacation. we are able to be with our families, lovers, and friends for so long period so that(that) we can go somewhere far away from our hometown and get rid of daily grind to have fun. you know, it's a perfect time for workers like me to get recharged from huge workload and peer competition. (前面提到远离烦恼,这个从竞争中重获活力?) then the biggist military parade which is designed by our army will be presented in the Tian'an Men square to show our national power and prestige. everybody is excited and encouraged by the splendid picture.(scene) 点评:表达还不错,不过得时刻注意保持语言意思的连贯性,不能 东一句西一句的。 10.Whether the government should assist to build museum and theater? Give your opinion and include specific examples and details in your explanation for my perspective, the government should give a hand. because on the one hand, the government is responsible for civilization and cultivation of citizen. on the other hand, museums are representative of the culture of government. More attention and funds from it to build museums and theaters are necessities when it wants to promote prosperity. second reason is that except for government, companies and

individuals do not have enough financial power to support the establishment of a lots of cultural buildings. for my perspective, the government should stay away from this. first reason is that the government should concentrate on other vital aspects such as developing economy and improving the political state which are superior than(to) those buildins(buildings). another reason is that the museums and theaters can be commercial and beneficial so that there will be many donors and businessman who can make profits from the tickets of those buildings will take care of them(明显的语法问题!). so there is no need for government to take actions. 点评:存在的语法问题:superior本身就是具有比较意义,无比较 级,一般与to/in搭配。perfect、fairly、excellent、perfect等都没有 比较级或最高级。 句子里面不能出现两个谓语。 on the one hand……on the other hand 的用法:on the other hand 连接的是和前面相互对立的观点,并不是并列成分。这 是现在一个普遍的错误。 11.describe a place that you like the best in your city. the place i love the most in my hometown is the blue beach. people call it blue because it always shines with the blue light of ocean wave. i like it the most because it has a speacial (special) meaning for me. i met my boyfriend 6 years ago on the blue beach, so we always spend(celebrate) our anniversaries on the same place to remind us of the pleasant past time of ourselves. the second reason is that just sitting in front of the ocean and reading some stories for example the little price(prince) can make me relaxed and refreshed. so the beach helps me to get recharged. 点评:理由二那一段建议把最后一句概括性的话提前。 12.when you are together with your friends, which place would you like to go? when i'm with my friend, we always go to the blue beach in my hometown. people call it blue because it always shines with the blue light of ocean wave. we love there because the atmosphere

there is really tranquil and peaceful so that we can get rid of the daily life pressure and just get recharged. then sometimes we share our ideas and make communication and interaction more often there. in this way the gap between us is narrowed down and our friendship is stronger.部分倒装。 13.do you like to eat at home or at the restaurant?[home] i prefer eating at home. because you know, i'm a slothful people so it's inconvenient for me to go out of my home just for a meal. actually, staying at home and eating with my families will be a better choice for me. sometimes i can watch the TV program and listen to some classical music at the same time. no one will bother me. second reason is that staying at my home and being with my family together will be warmer than eating in the restaurants. we can talk about our life stories and change our ideas on the table to be more closer. [restaurant] i prefer eating at the restaurant. because you know, i'm not only a laze guy but also a bad cook. i can not even feed myself alone. so eating at the restaurant can be more convenient for me. because it can help me to get rid of the errands for example(such as) washing dishes, picking up some vegetables and so on. i'm really afraid of this. the second reason is that cooks in restaurants are more excellent. so we can enjoy some dishes we can not cook by ourselves expecially by myself. 14.describe a public area that you visit frequently. the place i visit frequently must be the blue beach in my hometown. people call it blue because it always shines the blue light of ocean wave. i love to go there because it always makes me relaxed and help me to get recharged. the atmosphere there is tranquil and peaceful so that i can just stay with myself and calm myself down. when i'm really upset, i always go there. the wind blows through my face and the sunlight brightens my mood. in this way i can get recharged soon.

15.some students prefer to choose universities located in big cities. others would like to study in universities located in small towns.[city] i prefer to study in big cities because there will be more oppotunities for us to find interships and part-time jobs to help us to be more sophisticated and familiar with society. and the excellent professors in universities can help us promote our education. second reason is that i'm from a small town, so studying in a big city means i have to go out of my hometown and staying with different people in an unfamiliar place. in this way i can be more mature and independent. [small town] i prefer to study in a small town. 1)the first reason is that the atmosphere there must be more tranquil and serene. so that i can focus on my studying and the promotion of my education. in this way, i can make more efficient communication and interaction between me and my professors. 2)the pressure in the big city is too much for me. so maybe in small town i can get rid of too fierce competition in big cities and remain my metally healthy. 16.usually, novels, magazines and poetry are considered the three majority forms of literature. which one do you prefer. i prefer novels because it's a more stimulating literature style than magazines and it's eazier to read than poetry. even when i was a little girl, i could read the little prince which is the novel without any misunderstanding. 2)the novels can enlarge our insights. for example the little prince gives me another possibility of life. so that i know what the outspace looks like and why the little prince is so famous and cute. 17.some students tend to live alone, while others may want to share their rooms with their roommates. living alone will be a better choice for me. because i can not choose who to live with. the school's arrangement has already decided that for me. so the roommates personality can sometimes be very different from me. there will be

more conflicts in this way. for example, i have lived with my roommates for several years and they always want to talk until mid-night while i want to sleep early to stay healthy. so they always drive me crazy because of this. i think living alone will be more tranquil and peaceful so that i can focus on my study. 18.the same as topic 13 19.some believe that computers have improved our lives . computers absolutely improve our lives. 1)it narrows down the gap between people. so it can help us to keep in touch with our old friends, families, relatives, and even oversea friends. in this way the global is getting smaller and closer than before. 2)we can search for some information on the internet. in this way the computer facilitates our process of working. we can exchange or share our ideas and opinions with the people from all over the world which makes us work easier. in this way 置于句首,句子部分倒装 20.describe the characteristics of a good teacher. for my perspective, a good teacher should be active and kind at the first place. in this way they can encourage us when we lose faith in ourselves and calm us down when we need to overcome some grave issues. (句子部分倒装) 2)they should be knowledgeable which means they have to read more books and have several-years experience.(,) so that they can use the student-oriented methodology rather than the testoriented methodology to teach us. in this way we can communicate freely and pleasantly.同上 21.Some people prefer to work in the offices. Others

would like to take the workto home.
i prefer to work in the office. because i'm a lazy people (people不 可数)with such a little self-displine(with little self-discipline). working in the office can be more regular.这句话调到drive boss

crazy 的后面 working at home, i think i will not follow any schedule and maybe get up late every morning so that i will not submit my report on time and drive my boss crazy. working in the office(用 it 替代) can limit the time to work which means i wouldn't work overtime regularly. in this way, i can balance my life and work. (in this way 置于句首,句子部分倒装) and then i just have time to get recharged. 22.Who is the person you admire the most? the people i admire most must be Leighton Mister who is the leading actress ofthe famous American series-Gossip Girl. The It girl she acted was named Blairwho is sometimes immoral and unkind to her friends. The personality ofLeighton is definitely opposite to Queen B. But her acting skill is soexcellent that I’m always confused by Blair and her. In real life, Leightonis an active and optimistic girl. Although she grew up in a poor family, shealways looks on the bright side of life. Every time I look her smile on screen,I smile too. The programs about real Leighton make me feel hopeful andenjoyable. 23.Some people believe that higher education is for all students. Other people believe that higher education is only suitable for certain students. i belive(believe) that higher education is only suitable for some students. 1)we need some basic science knowledge to lay the foundation of(for) higher education. if some students don't learn very well in their high school or middle school, maybe higher education is not a good choice for them. 2)a large amount of work don't really nead (need) higer(higher) education. for example, if you are going to sale some fruits or vegetables, you don't need to learn how to deal with calculus problems. 24. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Please give specific reasons for your opinion. Parents should restrict the TV programs that are watched by their kids instead of letting the kids watch TV programs freely. for my perspective, parents should not restrict the TV programs

that are watched by their kids. 1)let children choose the programs they like is a good way to improve their personalities. and kids will be more sophisticated and independent. if they can make the decision by themselves. 2)it's a good vehicle for parents to improve the understanding of their kids which means the gap between parents and kids will be narrowed down in this way. 25. Describe the most efficient transportation in your country. Please state your reason and include specific examples and details in your explanation. for my perspective, the most efficient transportation in my country is absolutely the high-speed railway which is a railway that could run as fast as 300km per hour. so you know, it's faster than the train, coach, subway and long-distance bus. unlike the airplane, you will never be delayed by the bad weather if you use the high-speed railway,(首先非限制性定语从句的逗号不 可省;其次是这句话说得过于绝对,高铁只是因天气而误点的几率 小很多,并不代表从不。) which means you will not have to wait for several hours in the station and get bad mood. 26. Describe one of the most important inventions in recent 100 years. 同 13 27. Some believe that in comparison with those never attended college, people attended college will be more successful in career. (lay the foundation for) for my perspective, people attended college will be more successful in career. they are more knowledgeable and skilled. they have laid the foundation of work in their college. and some colleges may attract big companies to provide the interships for students in college. so they may get experienced in college and promote quickly in future career. people attended college will know more famous people and excellent professors in lecture or classes so that they can get some help from those people.

28. Describe the characteristics of friends, use specific examples to support your statement. for my perspective, one of the most important characteristics of friends is active andoptimistic. Because being with that kind of people makes me relaxed andrefreshed. For example my bestfriend Amy. She always looks on the bright side of life. The future in hereyes is absolutely compelling and appealing. She often tells me someencouraging stories to give me courage to accomplish some achievements and be abetter me. Telling funny jock is her another way to help me get rid of pressureand brighten my mood. I can not imagine without her, how many time I will wasteto go out of bad mood in my life. 29. Someone suggests school to cut the Recycling. for my perspective, school should not cut the recycling. 1)recycling is a good vehicle for people to protect environment. because we can decrease combustion of rubbish so we can decrease the carbon dioxide and some gas to protect our globe. 2)it will be more cost-efficient if we recycle. because we can make full use of limited resources. for example, some cans and bottles can be reused so that we don't have to produce more. 30. To be a leader or a follower, which do you prefer? actually, i think to be a supporting member. because i'm so afraid to be a leader. you know, i can not help to think(thinking; can't help doing禁不住做……/can't help to do 不能 帮助做……) what if i make a false choice, what if everybody will come(comes) up with a better idea and then ruin my face(makes me lose face), and what if the outcome is bad. the pressure of being a leader is too much to bear for me. but as a team member, i can express my ideas and opinions about all events, then i just need to wait for a decision. without thinking about whether to take the responsibility, i can be more relaxed and free to give my leaders better solutions.

leader 1) whatever a leader does is really matters for a company. because leaders make decisions that's why they are so essential. i want to be someone indispensable and needed by others. being a leader means that i'm powerful and strong enough to help others.(help others??说理最好是顺着前文的逻辑来,这儿如何体现 help others?假如是总结上文,就更不必提前文没有提过的内容。) 2)being a supporting member can sometimes be(be sometimes) neglected when they come up with a good idea. but if you're the leader, when you start to speak, everybody will listen to you carefully and they always care about what you think and what you do. i like to be the core in a team. 点评:用会说的正确的语言表达,注意逻辑连贯。 41.choose one of your favorite methods to relax and explain why it's your favorite. go jogging on the blue beach in my home town. 1)atmosphere 2)special meaning 42.Is it important for students to attend class regularly or study by oneself? Explain why. attend school regularly 1)schooling will be a better choice when we are not familiar with how to study and what to learn. Teachers can give us a quite good methodology to prevent us from going astray. 2)we need to study with other people in order to be more selfdiscipline and acquire information from more resources 2.study by oneself 1)it's a perfect way for us to be more independent and thoughtful. Because we need to do some research and find resources to study by ourselves. 2)studying with other people when we attend the class can be really disturbing. We can not avoid noises from chewing or discussing. And some stupid questions from other students waste our learning time.

43.describe a most happy event in your childhood.the most happpy event must be that I played the violin on stage at the first time. i was a little girl who had learned it for only 1 year. the music from my violin was not that fluent or moving because the power of my hand and skill was not enough to make the music perfect. and I remembered i was so nervous about going on the stage. the sparkling light was so horrible that i even was afraid to open my eyes. but i attempted so hard to be brave an never gave up. when i went down the stage, my parents gave me a big hug and stormy applause rocked the hall. i even went crying because of their encouraging behavior. 44.describe a school that you have attended.i spent my 4-year life in my college which locates on the blue beach in my hometown. it is one of the most famous school in my country which has hundreds of excellent professors, a variety of unparalleled laboratories and splendid libraries for students to aquire knowledge. the atmosphere was peaceful and tranquil because everybody focuses on their own projects and chases their dreams. students could get recharged after studying for a whole day and go to the blue beach to have fun. playing volleball or sitting in front of the ocean wave can be a good way to get rid of pressure. the soft wind always blow through the college and the sun lifts our spirit. that was the happiest time in my life. 45.some universities provide physical education. for my perspective, universities should provide physical education. because students need scientific exercising guidance when they want to do something to improve their health condition. we are eager to do exercise but we don't know which way to try, what kind of sports we can choose, and how often we should exercise. those things should be advised by an insider. then it's also a good approach to strengthen students' awareness of doing exercise and keeping fit. students in universities are so lazy that they will not want to make them tired and perspire. physical education can help they work it out. 46.everyone has to leave home sometimes. what do you miss most when you are away from home?

when i'm away from my home, thing that i miss most is the blue beach. people call it blue because it always shines with the blue light of the ocean wave. i love there because i always go jogging, listen to soft music or sit in front of the ocean wave to lift my spirit. on the blue beach, i can get relaxed and refreshed and be full of energy to do something challenging. but if i leave my home to find a good job or advance my education, i will have no chance to find a place as tranquil and peaceful as the blue beach. in this way, i can not get recharged soon and be a little down. i can not even imagine my life without the blue beach. 47.some people believe that we should help those in an emergency. others think that we should first make clear of the situation, then decide whether to assist or not. 48.describe a special opportunity given to you. set up my own business when i was an undergraduate. 49.what kind of qualities should a good leader possess? 1)liberal 2)active good leaders should be liberal at the beginning. they lead so many group projects and discussion when they have to figure out something. if they are not liberal enough, their subordinates would not want to express their feelings or share their ideas. in this way, the profits of companies can be damaged. then good leaders should be active which means their personalities do really matter. if the supervisor can not win the respect of their subordinates, nobody will listen to him or her. being active can make the atmosphere of whole groups more stimulating and relaxing to improve their efficiency at work. 50.people should not always tell the truth. 1)truth sometimes can be hurtful. an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite) 2)we don't need to tell everybody the secrets or personal events to others.

it's unbelievable to tell everybody the truth too often. because sometimes, truth can be hurtful. we need to tell some unimportant lies especially when we have to be tactful or polite in order to protect others' feelings. if you lose one gift from your best friend, you would never tell her the truth right? then it's not a must or necessity to tell everybody the truth especially when people ask something about our secrets or personal events. you may never tell your real phone number when you meet a bothersome wooer. 51.describe an object which is very important to you and explain why. The Little Prince which is a gift from my best friend Amy is essential to me. She gave it as a souvenir for our friendship and wanted to encourage me to be with the enthusiasm and power as the little prince. The yellow cover always reminds me of happy past time I spent with her and the world value of little prince makes me feel more confident with the lovely world. you know, Amy studied aboard for 2 years, and i always feel lonely without her. the book replaced her is accompanied with me in my several tough time. so the book is an unparalleled reminder of our friendship. 52.some people tend to judge a person on the basis of first observation. some people believe it takes a long time to know a person well. which is better? the latter one is better. because when you are not familiar with someone, you may pretend yourself as a better people which is mysterious and harder for others to know. for example my best friend Amy. when i met her at the first time, she was reading her fiction on the corner quietly. but as time goes by, i find out that she is really active and curious about others. then the personality of one person is diversified. in different situations, the same person will behavior differently. so it's not wise to depend on the first meet if you want to know someone. 53.what kind of job would you like to choose?

i'd like to set up my own business maybe a coffee bar. because, in this way, i get a good chance to learn how to attract more customers to make more money, how to schedule myself with lots of work and how to develop my potential which make me powerful and more intelligent. then setting my own business is a good vehicle to get a sense of achievement. because it's not everybody who can work it out. when i keep trying and my effort is paid off, the unparalleled sense of accomplishment will make me recharged and more powerful. in this way, there will be more enjoyable things in my life to lift my spirit and brighten my mood. 54.if you unexpectedly receive a large amount of money, what will you do with it?1)set up my own business and make more money with own power and intellegence. 2)set up a foundation to protect endangered animals. the most essential is not a lot of money but what you can do with those money. i'd like to set up my own business for example opening a coffee bar which is my lifelong dream. of course the poor people can not work it out. i would keep trying and my effort would be paid off one day, the unparalleled sense of accomplishment would make me recharged and more powerful. that's the real meaning of life. then i'd like to use the rest to set up a foundation to protect endangered animals who are our friends. i don't want to live in a human-only globe but a variety of creatures. we can share our world together and communicate with each other kindly. the world must be more colorful if i could do that with a lot of money. 55. what do you think the students should do in their vacations? go somewhere far away from their hometown and parents to spend their vacations with friends. 1)be more sophisticated 2)get recharged. 56.describe an enjoyable event in your childhood. 同 43

57.when communicating with your friends and families, you can rely on letters, mails or telephone calls. which method of communicating do you think is better and why? E-mail will be a better choice for me. It's such a thoughtful and convenient way. I have many oversea friends. Telephone call can sometimes be really disturbing. My friend Amy in Paris called me last night on 11 o'clock At that time, I had already fell asleep for a long time so it made me crazy. e-mail can help me get rid of the limitation of time difference. The second reason is that we have much more time to think about what we will say before we send e-mail. So maybe we can transfer our strong emotion into a soft expression. 58. what is your best time in a year? the best time in a year, for me, must be my summer vacation. because i can go somewhere far away with my boyfriend to find passion and interest of our love. you know, we are separated in 2 cities, i mean the distance between us is more than 1000 kilometers. so, imagine that we can not be with each other when our lover is in need or lonely. the only way we can share our weekday or weekend is chatting online. but in summer vacation, we can gather together and travel to other cities to share our time and life. that's the happiest time in a whole year for me. 59.one should live a relaxed life instead of always hurrying. it depends i think. when i was a teenager, i was willing to live a hurry life. because there are so many things i want to do. you know, i wanted to acquire more knowledge, get more experience, do more exercise to keep fit, meet more people, and balance my life and work. so i didn't have much time to waste. i have to live hurry enough to achieve all my goals. when i'm getting older, i think living a relaxed life is a better choice. because at that time, i want to retire and relax to spend my rest time with my families and friends. at that time, maybe i can not do things as good as the young. it will be the new era of our next generation. it's their turn to live hurry just like i were young.

60. describe your favorite room. my bedroom must be my favorite chamber. it's almost 20 square meter which locates in the center of my house. the wall is light blue and the ceiling is yellow. you may say what a lovely room. i usually read or study around the only window in my bedroom. the sunlight from that window always lifts my spirit. i love there because the outer balcony can prevent my bedroom from noises and ashes. so the atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful. i remember when i was a little girl, my grandma played with me in the room. now she passed away, but her fragrant is left in the room which reminds me of her. 61.when traveling, some people prefer to reach the destination directly. some others prefer to stop and look around the scenery along the way. former one 1)time is limited. 2)when i travel by high-speed railway which can run more than 300 km / h, looking on the outside will make me dizzy. 62.when you choose to eat at the restaurant or cafe, what are the features that you care about most? atmosphere is the most important feature for a coffee bar. 1)you never want to enjoy a cup of coffee in a noisy cafe with the crowded. 2)have a rest. tranquil and peaceful surrounding is a must. 63.some believe that a city should keep its old buildings. others thinks some new buildings are needed to replace the old buildings. new buildings 1)space is limited. 2)with the development and civilization of our countries, some old buildings can not be harmonious with surroundings. they are too outdated to keep the pace with new cities and new buildings. if there are too many old things in a developed country, it makes a sense of incompatibility. 64.in case of problems, some prefer to get advice from family and friends. others prefer to learn through personal experience. get advise from family and friends.

1)my own wisdom is limited. i need to be helped by more experienced and sophisticated person. and they know me so much that they can figure it out in my way. 2)more people you ask means more sources of information you can get. actually, in modern society, the more information you can get, the more possibility you will success. 65.student should wear uniform in school? no 1)it's not a good way to shape different characteristics of different students. in this way, their imagination and creation will be damaged because they are even not free to choose what they like to wear. the more limitation school makes, the less satisfaction students get. 2)some uniform are not designed well so that students may suffer from allergies or get cough because of unsuitable uniform. i had a serious fever when i wore my uniform in kindergarten. because my uniform was to thin to keep me warm. 66.some students prefer the internet-based teaching. others prefer to study in traditional classrooms. i prefer the former one. 1)we can get internet-based teaching anywhere and anytime. there is enough freedom for us to attend our classes and computer is only one thing we need to have in order to keep in touch with the most advanced teaching methodology and learning materials. 2)traditional schooling means studying with other people which can be really disturbing. We can not avoid noises from chewing or discussing. And some stupid questions from other students waste our learning time. 67.subject which will lead to better job or subject which you are interested.which subject will you choose? 1)waste time 2)transfer my interest into my job. so that i can enjoy myself and make a living at the same time. 68.some think the college education is very important. others believe that college education is not of vital importance in one's life.

important 1)higher education means more knowledge and skills you can acquire so that you can get more chances to be successful. 2)studying in college can help people to be more independent and sophisticated so that they may be more mature to develop their future in society. and famous professors, more opportunities to get internship, more excellent classmates can remove the obstacle in their way. 69.describe a letter or poem or other piece of art that is important to you. why is so important to you? the little prince. a piece of art that is most essential to me is The LittlePrince which is a gift from my best friend Amy. She gave it as a souvenir for our friendship and wanted to encourage me to be with the enthusiasm and power as the little prince. The yellow cover always reminds me of happy past time I spent with her and the world value of little prince makes me feel more confident with the lovely world. In addition, the book makes me relax when I read it at night under the warm light of my lamp. The romantic plot of little prince and his rose moves me a lot. One day, maybe I will meet my own charming prince. 70.which place do you like to live, the forest, desert, or plain? i prefer to live in a plain. 1)because the plain must be someplace abundant with crops, fruits and vegetables so that the healthy diet is accessible to me with low price. i mean living in the plain can improve the living standard and keep yourselves stay in health. 2)almost every plain in the world is around big river or sea. i love water because the atmosphere around water is always tranquil and peaceful. i can listen to the wave of river or ocean and sit in front of it to listen to soft music and get refreshed. 71.describe an experience when you asked help from others. how did they help you? when i was an undergraduate, i got a perfect chance to set up my own business in the university- open a coffee bar. but you know, for a student, trying those things was really challenging. i asked my best friend Amy for help. she accompanied me when i felt upset and lost my faith. she helped me to figure out how to design

an appealing menu, how to attract more customers, how to negotiate with suppliers and how to make more money. when i graduated, the coffee bar became the most compelling place that students preferred to meet up there as well as have soft drinks. 72.if you have a chance to choose your job, would you like to choose a job with high salary or that can get personal satisfaction?why? i' like to choose the one that i am satisfied with. 1)i can not imagine to waste my whole life time to do something i really dislike. it's a kind of tragedy. 2)maybe i can transfer my interest into my job. in this way, i can enjoy my life and make a living at the same time. 73.some believe that students should do some part-time jobs or summer interns to determine their future careers. do you agree or disagree? i agree. 1)without enough experiences, we, college students, can not decide which aspects of future career we should stick to. maybe we will choose randomly when we graduate because of lack of experience. 2)doing part-time jobs or summer interns can help students be more independent and sophisticated. they will acquire the practical skills and knowledge about the career they are chasing. 3)they should figure out what kind of jobs they are interested in. this is the perfect opportunity for them to try. and there is nothing they have to pay.

74.describe some kind of skill that you'd like to learn most. why? i'd like to learn how to set up my own business. you know, maybe open a cafe. i want to figure out how to make more compelling menus, how to attract more customers, how to negotiate with suppliers and how to make more money. because it's the most stimulating thing that i can imagine. when i was a little girl, my parents gave me a lot of games about business. but now i can open a coffee bar by myself.

secondly, those things can make me independent and sophisticated cuz i have to get rid of my parents' protection and merge into the crowded to deal with grave issues. 75.some believe that students should take a one-year break before attending college. do you agree or disagree. agree 1)need to have a rest after they have studied for over ten years. 2)they need some time to be well-prepared to attend college. for example there is a must for them to get rid of the protection of their parents, learn how to do laundry by themselves, and be independent mentally. 76.describe some good news that made you happy and explain why. when i graduated from my university for 2 years, my friends told me that my coffee bar in the university became the most compelling place for students to go to have a rest as well as have soft drinks. That was the first time I set up a business. Developing customer base and finding cheaper goods were interesting but challenging. I had to figure out how to design an appealing menu, how to attract more customers, how to negotiate with suppliers and how to make more money. The small coffee bar had hollowed out my insight and energy and sometimes it could drive me crazy. but My effort was paid off in the end. that's an unparalleled sense of achievement. 77.some people believe that first-year college students should live in a dorm building that homes only freshmen. others may prefer the idea that first-year students must live together with students in second, third , or even fourth grade. i prefer the latter one. 1)peer competition can drive students crazy. they share their study time in classrooms and even in some academic seminars which is really enough to be hardworking and excellent. there is a must for them to find some place to get relaxed and recharged. 2)it's a good vehicle for school to manage and educate students better. you know, in the first year we go to college. there are so many fresh things that distract green men from their study. at this

time, the elder students who are more experienced and mature can prevent fresh men from going astray. 78.students will learn more when they have discussions. agree. actually discussing with other people is my tradition. i like to talk with my friends about how to deal with some extremely difficult math problems, how to set up a business and so on. 1)discussion means more sources of information and ideas. sharing our opinions and communicating with others will help us to develop some topics in depth and in width at the same time which can not be gained by studying alone. 2)sometimes others' presentation can broaden your horizon and then you may come up with a relative idea which is more sophisticated than your own idea. 79.do you agree or disagree with the opinion" the most important lesson cannot be learnt in class"? i agree. actually we study a lot of knowledge such as history, math, physics, and so on. those are essential for human beings to get hold of the world and build up their own values. but on contrast, those knowledge belong to others which means we always are educated to remember them and rephrase them. it's a fact that we can only keep in mind for a short time. second reason is that what we learn from our own experience can be life-time influential and practical experience always impress us deeply in our life. that's why it is more vital than theories on books. 80.should the university education be free? i don't think so. 1)universities need funds to function such as hiring professors, establishing(创立,创建,不和buildings连用) buildings, offering more books on the library(purchasing books), and sponsoring their laboratories in order to improve their educational power. money is a must for universities to survive, function(operate运作), and develop. 2)if the higher education is free, students who attempt so hard in order to attend college may not cherish the opportunity anymore. i mean when you get something for no charge(for free), you will treat it not precious as it should be. 排比举例时,最好能做到格式的一致,形成一个小排比。


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