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2014届高三英语大一轮复习讲义 教师用书 Book 4 Unit 4 Body language 新人教版

2014 届高三英语人教版大一轮复习讲义教师用书 Book 4 Unit 4 Body language
Ⅰ.联想记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇以及相关短语) 1.curious adj.好奇的→be curious_about 对??好奇 2.defend vt.保卫;保护→defend...against 捍卫??以(免受) 3.likely adj.可能的→be likely_to 很可能??;有希望?? 4.in general 总的来说;通常→generally_speaking 一般来说 5.ease n.安逸;舒适;vt.减轻(痛苦、忧虑)→at_ease 自由自在 6.approach vt. & vi.靠近;走近;n.方法;途径→draw near/be on the way/around the corner (时刻)马上来临 7.subjective adj.主观的→objective adj.客观的→neutral adj.中立的 Ⅱ.构词记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇及其派生词) 1.state vt.陈述→statement n.陈述 2.defend vt.保护;保卫→defense n.保卫 3.misunderstand vt.误解;误会→misunderstanding n.误解 4.face n.脸→facial adj.面部的 Ⅲ.语境填词(根据提示用适当的单词或短语填空) 1.I was greeted(迎接) by a girl representing(代表) the association(社团) and her pleasant smile really put me at_ease(舒适). 2 . In_general( 通 常 ), friends are_also_likely_to( 也 很 可 能 ??) have misunderstandings(误会), but we don’t use our fists(拳头) or turn_our_back_to(背 对) each other. 3.When crossing the forest, I felt something approaching(靠近).I picked up a stick to defend(保 护 ) myself.Luckily, it only smelled curiously(好 奇地 ) and then left.What a relief! 4.Sometimes,facial(面部的) expressions function(起作用) better than spoken(口 语的) language. 5.Suddenly, a girl student dashed(猛冲) into the canteen(食堂) and hugged(拥抱) the mother and kissed her on the cheek(面颊). Ⅳ.语境记忆(背诵语段,记忆单元词汇) Are you curious that adults never misunderstand their statements by gestures? They know what their major greetings represent,for example,in the dormitory or canteen.


Ⅴ.课文原句背诵 1.The_first_person_to_arrive was Tony Garcia from Columbia, closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain. 第一个到的是来自哥伦比亚的 Tony Garcia, 来自英国的朱丽叶史密斯紧随其后。 2.She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands,as_if_in_defence. 她向后退着,看上去很吃惊,举起双手好像在防御。 3.Not_all_cultures greet each other the same way,nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people. 各种文化背景下人们互致问候的方式不尽相同,身体接触和相互间距离的程度也并不一 样。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.The lecture, ________at 7∶00 pm last night, was followed by an observation of the (2012·湖南,31) A.starting C.to start 答案 A 解析 句意为:报告于昨晚七点开始,报告之后便是用望远镜观察月球。start 在此用作 不及物动词。lecture 与 start 之间为主动关系,故选 A。 (考查单元语法) 2.Sarah pretended to be cheerful,________ nothing about the argument. (2011·大纲全国Ⅱ,18) A.says C.to say 答案 D 解析 句意为:萨拉假装很开心,对那次争论只字未提。Sarah 和 say 之间是逻辑上的主 谓关系,故此处用现在分词形式。 (考查单元语法) 3.Tsinghua University,________in 1911,is home to a great number of outstanding figures. B.said D.saying B.being started D.to be started moon with telescopes.


(2011·福建, 23) A.found C.founded 答案 C 解析 句意为:清华大学,建于 1911 年,是许多杰出人物的母校。found 意指“建立, 创立”,与主语 Tsinghua University 构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故排除表主动关系的 B 项 founding,并且由时间状语 in 1911 可知,found 动作早已完成,可排除表将来动作的 D 项 to be founded,故用过去分词 founded 表示被动和完成,C 项正确。此题中过去分 词短语 founded in 1911 作后置定语,相当于非限制性定语从句 which was founded in 1911。 (考查单元语法) 4.________the city center, we saw a stone statue of about 10 meters in height. (2010·上海,35) A.Approaching C.To approach 答案 A 解析 本题考查非谓语动词。考查现在分词作状语,表示正在进行或主动的动作。此时分 词的逻辑主语就是主句的主语,因此要注意人称、时态和语态的一致性。 (教材原句: Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek! ) 5.People have always been________about exactly how life on earth began.(2010·天 津,5) A.curious 答案 A 解析 句意为:人们对于地球上人类的起源问题一直充满好奇。be curious about 对?? 感到好奇,符合题意。be excited about 因??而激动;be anxious about 为??而忧 虑;be careful about 当心??。 (教材原句:I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously.) Ⅱ.完形、阅读——英译汉 1. Burt’s Bees’s then?CEO, John Wolfgang, took a different approach. (2012·江苏·任务型阅读) Burt’s_Bees’s_那时的首席执行官 John_Wolfgang 采用了不同的方法。 2.As young as I was,that statement kept ringing in my ears. (2011·天 B.excited C.anxious D.careful B.Approached D.To be approached B.founding D.to be founded


津·完形) 尽管我当时那么年轻,那句话却一直萦绕在我耳边。 2. When it was first staged in 1949,the play was greeted with enthusiastic reviews. (2011·山东·阅读 A) 1949 年这部剧第一次搬上舞台便引起了热烈的响应。 Ⅲ.书面表达——汉译英

1. 第一幅图告诉我们要脚踏实地,小心不要被小小的成功冲昏了头脑。(represent) (2012·上海·书面表达) The first painting represents that we should remain grounded and be cautious of being carried away with temporary success. 2.随着教师节的临近,今年我们班决定换一种方式举行一场晚会来庆祝这个重要的节日。 (approach) 面表达) As Teachers’ Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day for a change this year. 历年高考热点:approach,curious,statement, greet,represent 等的用法。 2014 考点预测:represent,approach,major,defend,lose face,at ease,in general,turn one’s back to 等的用法。 (2012·陕西·书

1 represent 双语释义 v.代表(symbolize);表示;描绘(show);声称(claim) 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①He represented_himself_as_a_friend_to_the_workers,_but now we know the truth. 他自称是工人们的朋友,但现在我们知道真相了。 ②I’ll represent_to_him_the_risk_he_is_running. 我要向他指出他所面临的险境。 ③He represented that he_had_fought_in_the_Huai_Hai_Campaign. 他自称他参加过淮海战役。 ④She represented her_little_brother_as_a_fool.

她把她的弟弟描绘成一个傻瓜。 ⑤Let me represent my_ideas_to_you_in_another_way.让我用另一种方式向你说明我 的想法。 (2)The thirteen stars on the American flag________the thirteen colonies that announced independence. A.show C.represent 答案 C 解析 句意为:美国国旗上的十三颗星代表十三个宣布独立的州。represent 代表,符 B.sign D.explain

合题意。 归纳拓展 represent sb./sth. as/to be...宣称某人为??;把某事叙述为?? represent sth. to sb.向某人说明/传达某事 representative adj.典型的,有代表性的;n.代表 be representative of? =be typical of? 是??的代表,是??中典型的 stand for 代表;象征 on behalf of sb.=on sb.’s behalf 代表某人;为了某人;代替某人 2 approach 双语释义 vt. & vi.靠近,接近(draw near);走近;接洽;n.方法(means);接近;通道; 路径(path,road);接洽;建议 学情诊断 (1)用适当的介、副词填空 ①Did she approach you about/on the matter? ②At the approach of_ the cinema,I stopped and waited for my friend. ③I like his approach to the problem. (2)At the meeting they discussed three different________to the study of mathematics. A.approaches C.methods 答案 A 解析 句意为:在会议上他们讨论了三种不同的数学学习方法。approach 后常与 to 连 用;means 构成 by means of 短语;method 构成 with the method of 短语;way 常构成 in a/this/that way 短语。 归纳拓展 B.means D.ways


approach sb. on/about sth.与某人接洽、商量某事 at the approach of 在快到??的时候 make an approach to 向??提出建议 approach to... ??的方法;接近 approachable adj.可接近的;能达到的;和蔼可亲的 思考 你知道表示“??的方法”的搭配有哪些? in_this/that_way 用这种/那种方法;the_way_to_do/of_doing_sth.做某事的方法; with_a_method 用一种方法;the_method_of_doing_sth.做某事的方法;by_means_of 通 过??方法;the_means_of_doing_sth.做某事的方法。 易混辨析 method,way,approach,means

method 表示一套科学的、系统的方法,而且强调效率和准确性。其前常与介词 with 搭配。 way 指单一技巧或整套操作过程。普通用语,其前常与介词 in 搭配。 approach 是学习或研究问题的方法,其后常与 to 搭配。 means 手段,方法,工具。其前常与介词 by 搭配。 一言辨异 用 method,way,approach,means 填空 If he changes his (1)way of thinking, his teaching (2)method will present a new (3)approach to foreign language teaching and by this (4)means the students will make great progress. 写作句组 满分作文之佳句背诵

a.We make good use of it only when we have an appropriate approach to the Internet. b.On seeing him approach, I immediately turned my face to a shop. 3 major 双语释义 adj.较大的(large);主要的(important);n.少校;专业;主修科目(the main subject or course);v.主修,专攻(study...as your main subject) 学情诊断 (1)句型转换 When in university,he majored in English. →When in university,his major was English. (2)This treatment is not available in________of hospitals. A.most C.the most 答案 D 解析 句意为:大多数医院不采用这种治疗方法。the majority of hospitals = most B.majority D.the majority


of the hospitals。 归纳拓展 major in 主修?? in a/the majority 占大多数 have a majority over sb.战胜某人 by/with a majority of 以大多数??赢得?? 易错提示 (1)major 没有比较级和最高级形式。 (2)the majority 作主语时,谓语动词可用单数也可用复数。 图解助记

4 defend 双语释义 vt.防御;保护,保卫(protect);辩解;辩白;(为??)辩护(to say or write in support of) 学情诊断 (1)用 defend 的适当形式填空 ①We should defend our country against enemies. ②Humour is a more effective defence than violence. ③The newspaper defended her against the accusations(控告). (2)Put on a pair of glasses and it will________you from the sun. A.defend C.guard 答案 D 解析 句意为:戴上一副眼镜,它会保护你的眼睛不受太阳的照射。protect 指采取预 B.promise D.protect

防措施“保护”,符合语境。defend 强调抵抗,防御;promise 答应,许诺;guard 警 卫,保卫,强调警惕性。 归纳拓展 defend...from/against...保护??免受??伤害;保卫?? defend oneself 自卫;为自己辩解 defence n.防御;保卫;防护;辩护 in defence of 保卫??;为??辩护 易混辨析 defend,guard,protect

defend,guard,protect 都含有“保护”之意。

defend 指“保卫,防御”,应用范围很广,对象可以是具体的,也可以是抽象的。 guard 指“保卫,守卫”,指注意观察、戒备,以免出现可能的攻击或伤害。 protect 指“保护”,以免遭受危险或伤害等。 活学活用 用 defend,guard,protect 的适当形式填空 (1)The dog was guarding its owner’s luggage. (2)Each company is fighting to protect its own commercial interests. (3)Troops have been sent to defend the borders. 5 lose face 双语释义 丢脸(be less respected or look stupid) 学情诊断 (1)用适当的介、副词填空 ①She showed great courage in the face of danger. ②That was the first time I’d ever come face to face with Chairman Mao. ③You shouldn’t have said that to her face. ④It looks, on the face of it,like a minor change in the regulations. (2)In order not to ________,he spent the whole night preparing for the speech of the next day. A.lose courage C.lose face 答案 C 归纳拓展 save face 保全面子 face to face ? with sb./sth.? 面对面地 B.lose heart D.lose voice

in the face of 面对? 问题、困难或危险等? to one’s face 当着某人的面 on the face of it 从表面上看;乍看起来 be faced with 面临、面对? 6 at ease 双语释义 舒适;快活;自由自在(relaxed;not nervous or embarrassed) 学情诊断 (1)用适当的介、副词填空 ①I never feel completely at with him. ②I’m sure I can pass the exam with ease. 难题?


③A smile is a sign that you are happy,which helps put people at ease. (2)He sat back on the chair,listening to the MP5 and________. A.looking at ease C.being looked at ease 答案 A 解析 looking at ease 看起来很自在,与 listening to the MP5 并列,在句中作状语, 所以用现在分词。 归纳拓展 with ease 容易地;无困难地 put sb.at ? 7 in general 双语释义 总的来说;通常;一般(大体)来说(as a whole;usually) 学情诊断 (1)同义词语替换 ①In_general , German rare.Generally_speaking ②Jonathan says he generally gets in to work by 8∶00.usually (2)________,about 10% of the candidates are eventually offered positions. A.In a word C.In time 答案 B 解析 句意为:一般来说,大约 10%的求职者最终得到了职位。in general 一般来说; 通常,符合句意。in a word 总之;in time 及时;in total 总计,合计。 归纳拓展 generally 一般地;大体上;普遍地;通常 generally speaking 一般来说 ,in short/brief/sum 简而言之,总之 on the whole 总的来说 in conclusion 总而言之 all in all 总的来说 8 turn one’s back to 双语释义 背对;背弃(reject) 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 B.In general D.In total cars are very reliable and breakdowns are sb.’s? ease 使舒适;使自在 B.looked at ease D.to look at ease


①He went over to say hello to her,but she turned_her_back_to him. 他走过去向她问候,但是她不理睬他。 ②I take_back_what_I_just_said. 我收回刚说的话。 (2)You can borrow my car if you promise to ________ it ________ tomorrow. A.turn;back C.get;back 答案 B 解析 句意为:如果你答应明天归还,你能借我的车。bring...back 归还。 B.bring;back D.return;back

归纳拓展 turn back 往回走;折回 get back 恢复;取回 fight back 还击;还手 take back 收回 bring back 归还 look back 回头看

1. However,people from places like Spain, Italy or South American countries approach others closely and are more likely to touch them. 然而来自西班牙、意大利或者南美国家的人会站在离别人很近的地方,而且更可能接触对 方。 句型公式:be likely to do 学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①The harder you work,the_more_likely you are to succeed. 你工作越努力,你就越可能成功。 ②It_is_likely_that he will drop out of school. 很有可能他会中途退学。 (2)Who is________to go traveling with us? A.possible C.maybe B.likely D.perhaps

答案 B 解析 likely 可以用人作主语,且符合句意。 归纳拓展 ? 1? 英语中表示“非常可能”,可用 probable,possible 或 likely。likely 既是形容词 也是副词。 ? 2? probable 只能用在 It is probable that...的句型中, 而不能说 Sb. be probable

to do sth.; likely 既可用在 It is likely that...,也可用在 Sb. be likely to do sth. 的句型中。 ? 3? sb.? possible 的可能性小于 probable。possible 同样也只能用于 It is possible? to do sth.的句型中。 满分作文之佳句背诵 for


a.It’s probable that our own way to do things is the better one.(2009·北京) b . To make matters even worse , it might also have a bad influence on our health.(2009·江苏) c.Students should listen more to their classmates,thus they will help and learn from each other,and a friendship is likely to be formed. 2 She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands,as if in defence. 她向后退着,看上去很吃惊,举起双手好像在防御。 句型公式:as if从句 学情诊断 (1)He cleared his throat,as_if_to_speak. 他清了清嗓子,好像要说话。 (2)单项填空 ①He has just arrived, but he talks as if he________all about that. A.know C.known 答案 D 解析 此处 as if 引导的方式状语从句表示与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,故用一般过去 时。 ②The man opened his eyes and moved his lips as if________that he had something to tell the doctor. A.saying C.to say 答案 C B.having said D.to have said B.knows D.knew


解析 as if 后省略掉了 he was。 归纳拓展 ? 1? ? 2? 略 主语和系动词,这样 as if 后就只剩下名词、不定式、形容词? 短语? ? 3? 、介词短语或分词。 as if 可引导状语从句也可用在 look, seem 等系动词后引导表语从句。 as if 还可用于省略句中。如果 as if 引导的从句是“主语+系动词”结构,可省

as if 从句用陈述语气的情况。 当说话者认为句子所述的是真实的或极有可能发生

或存在的事实时。 ? 4? as if 从句用虚拟语气的情况。 当说话者认为句子所述的是不真实的或极少有可能

发生或存在的情况时。 3 单元语法:v.?ing作定语和状语 学情诊断 用?ing 形式改写下列句子 (1)The man who is speaking to the teacher is his father. →The man speaking_to the teacher is his father. (2)In the years that followed,he worked even harder. →In the following years,he worked even harder. (3)While he was waiting for the bus,he read a copy of China Daily. →While_waiting_for_the_bus,he read a copy of China Daily. (4)Her mother died in 1990,and left her with her younger brother. →Her mother died in 1990,leaving_her with her younger brother. (5)If you use your head,you will find a way. →Using_your_head,you will find a way.

Ⅰ.根据英文释义写出下列单词 1.dash:to run or travel somewhere in a great hurry 2.association:group of people organized for a special purpose 3.cheek:either side of the face below the eye 4.flight:the act of flying,especially scheduled on a plane 5.hug:to put your arms around sb. and hold them tightly Ⅱ.语境填词 represent,easy,function,approach,defend 1.The protesters represented only a small section of public opinion.

2.You have a right to defend yourself if you are being attacked. 3.The College Entrance Examinations are approaching.Let’s be ready for it. 4.Nurses do all they can to make patients feel at ease. 5.I couldn’t ring you because the phone wasn’t functioning. Ⅲ.词义猜测或句意理解题——用本单元词汇或句式替换划线部分 1 . I was crossing the street when I saw a truck coming_closer with great speed.approaching 2.Dark clouds are gathering.It may rain soon.is_likely_to 3.He put his hands over his head to_protect_his_head.in_defence 4.While she_was_cleaning her room, she received an unexpected call.cleaning 5.I went up to say_“hello”_to him, but he ignored me.greet Ⅳ.微写作(19) 写作素材 1.一般说来,不同文化的人们有着不同的打招呼的方式。 2.有的拥抱,有的握手。 3.有时有可能引起误会。 4.当我们身处异国,我们要记得我们代表着自己的国家,不要给国家丢脸。 5.在国内时,要尽可能让异国他乡的人感觉舒适。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) In general, people from different cultures have different ways to greet each other.Some hug and some shake hands.They are likely to have misunderstanding.So when abroad, we should know we are representing our country and try not to lose face;while at home, we should try to put foreigners at ease. Ⅴ.微语法(19)——非谓语动词作宾语 (课外拓展——一个单元突破一个语法点) 1.China recently tightened its waters controls near the Huangyan Island to prevent Chinese fishing boats from ________in the South China Sea.

(2012·福建,28) A.attacking C.being attacked 答案 C 解析 根据题干中出现的“prevent Chinese fishing boats from________”可知此处考 查 prevent sb./sth. from doing sth.结构。根据句意可判断渔船应该是“被攻击”, B.having attacked D.having been attacked


故应选择动名词的被动形式,从而排除表示主动形式的 A、B 两项;D 项 having been attacked 为动名词的完成被动式,表示动作已完成,而题干句意并未表明渔船已经受到 了攻击,故排除 D 项。正确答案为 C 项。 2.We’ve had a good start,but next,more work needs ________ to achieve the final success. (2012·湖南, 21) A.being done C.to be done 答案 C 解析 句意为: 我们已经有一个好的开始, 但是下一步更多的工作需要去做以取得最后的 成功。need 作实义动词后接动词作宾语有两种结构: need doing 意为“需要被做”,可 以用 need to be done 转换。 3.If he takes on this work,he will have no choice but ________ an even greater challenge. (2012·陕西, 22) A.meets 答案 D 解析 考查非谓语动词。所填词与前文构成固定句型 have no choice but to do sth., 故选 D 项。 4.—Is there any possibility of the film________in the festival? —Not in the least,because the audience generally think little of it. A.trying out C.to try out 答案 D 解析 考查非谓语动词。此处为动名词的复合结构作介词 of 的宾语。又根据句意可知, 介词 of 后的名词 the film 为 try out 的逻辑主语,且它们之间为动宾关系,故应用动名 词的被动式。 5.I’d like ________ the games with you but I had extra work to do. A.to enjoy C.to have enjoyed 答案 C 解析 考查非谓语动词的用法。表示“本想去做却没做”,用 would like to have done。 B.to be enjoyed D.to have been enjoyed B.tried out D.being tried out B.meeting C.meet D.to meet B.do D.to do





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