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Unit1 How many do you want?

go —— went meet —— met come —— came buy —— bought run —— ran drop —— dropped


可数名词: banana apple pear orange egg noodle cake sweet
不可数名词: milk cheese juice meat fish rice

How many bananas do you want?
How much cheese do you want?
“how many”和“how much” 都是用来询问“多少” “how many”用来提问可数名词 的数量 “how much”用来提问不可数名 词的数量

? —How many__can you see? —I can see only one__. A.bird,bird B.birds,bird C.birds,birds
? — How much__do you want? —Two kilos. A.apples B.meat C.orange

1kg—one kilo 2kg---two kilos 3kg---three kilos 0.5kg—half a kilo
? two kilos of meat

How many bottles are there?
one bottle three bottles
Two boxes Two boxes of milk

Ask and answer.
? 1)Where are Ms Smart and Lingling? They are at the supermarket.
? 2)What do they need to buy? They need to buy food for their picnic.
? 3)How much cheese does Ms Smart want? Half a kilo.

Ms Smart wants Lingling likes

six apples six bananas
half a kilo of cheese a kilo of cheese
one kilo of noodles two kilos of noodles

bananas cheese

How many _a_p_p_l_e_s_ do you want? I want _t_h_re_e___ __a_p_p_le_s__.

How many b_a_n_a_n_a_s_ do you want? I want _f_iv_e____ _b_a_n_a_n_a_s_.

How much _j_u_ic_e___ do you want?
I want _o_n_e__b_o_tt_le___. I want _o_n_e__b_o_tt_le__ of ___ju_i_c_e__.

How much _m__il_k___ do you want?
I want _t_w_o__b_o_x_e_s__. I want __tw__o_b_o_x_e_s_ of ___m_i_lk___.

Shopping List
? cheese – 0.5 kilo ? bananas – 6 ? juice – 3 bottles ? apples – 7 ? milk – 4 bottles ? oranges – 5

Make a short dialogue using the sentences of activity 3.

How many bananas do you want ?
Six, please.
How much cheese do you want ?
one kilo ./one kilo of cheese.

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