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新译林版六年级英语上册 Unit2 What a day(第2课时)课件 译林版_图文

20th September Let’s chant: Go, go, went to the park . See, see, saw some cards. Jump, jump, jumped high. Fly, fly, flew kites high. What a day! dumplings honey a parrot show become 变成,变为 clouds cloudy (多云的) sun sunny(晴朗的) The weather became sunny. windy rainy The weather became rainy. Look and answer: 1. How was the weather? It was sunny. 2. Who were they? Su Hai, Mike,Liu Tao and Yang Ling. 3. Where did they go? And how? They went to the park by bike. 4. What did they see in the park? They saw a parrot show. It was sunny in the morning. Su Hai,Mike,Liu Tao and I went went to the park by bike. There was a parrot show in the park. We saw some interesting parrots. Read and tick: 1. What did the weather become? Learning tip: 轻声读下面的两段落,找出表示 过去式的词和新单词。 √ √ 2. What did they do in the sky? √ 3. What did they bring? bring (带来) brought √ √ √ √ Then, the weather became windy and cloudy. We flew kites high in the sky. It was time for lunch. We brought some dumpings, some bread and honey and some drinks. Lieten and choose: 1. What did they see on the bread and honey? ( A、C ) A. ants B. butterflies C. bees D. fireflies 2. How was the weather in the afternoon? ( A. cloudy B. rainy C. sunny D. windy B ) 3. How were they? A. hungry and thirsty ( C ) C. hungry and wet B. happy We saw some ants on the were bread and honey.There were some bees too. We could not eat our lunch. In the afternoon, there were black clouds in the sky. It rained rained. We were hungry and wet. Game:If you see a ,you say“Bomb”; if you see a picture, you say:“What a day!” ;if you see a sentence, please read it. hungry and wet weather became in windy the sky and cloudy a parrot show brought some dumplings We saw some interesting parrots. went flew to the park eat by out bike lunch kites high It rained. F T T T T Let’s retell: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ticking time: 1. 能语音准确地读出课文中的新单词及短语。 2. 能带有感情地熟练读出课文,并语音、语调准确。 3. 会正确使用brought、could、flew 等等。 Homework: Think and write What did you do with your family or friends last Sunday? Write about it in your diary.

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