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2016 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(新课标 I) 答案及解析
21. A 31.B 41.C 51.D 22. C 32.C 23. D 33.A 44.B 24.C 34.D 45.A 55.C 25. A 26.D 27.C 28.A 38.G 49.C 59.A 65. when 70. the 29.B 39.F 30. D 40.A 50.A 60.C 35.B 46.B 56.B 36.D 37.E 47.A 57.B 48.D 58.D 64. to

42.D 43.C

52.B 53.D 54.A

61. attraction 66. permitted 71. that →where 76. using →used

62. was allowed 67. introducing 72. but 去掉

63. officially 68. its

69. days

73. had →have 74. honest→ honesty 75. or→ and 78. the →a 79. our→ his 80. stead→steadily

77. becoming 前加 of

Dear Ms Jenkins, I am Li Hua, I am writing to tell you something about my plan for the coming summer vacation and I also want you to do me a favor. In order to get some practical experience, I am planning to take a part-time job in a foreign capital company. I have already finished my job application and personal resume. But this is the first time that I have written an application and the personals resume, so I don’t even know if there are something to pay attention to. So, I’m writing you the letter , hoping you can give me some help. I will be very grateful if you can help me. Looking forward to your reply. And I’d be really thankful. Yours, Li Hua



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2016年高考英语 新课标全国卷 I 试题和答案

2016高考英语 新课标全国卷 I 试题和答案_高考_高中教育_教育专区。绝密★启封前 2016 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(新课标 I) 英语 注意事项: 1.答题前,先...


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