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2017人教版英语八上课时详案Unit 7教案

八年级英语·上 新目标【人】 Unit 7 Will people have robots? 话题 Topic 功能 Functions 语法 Grammar 未来的生活 Life in the future 能谈论对未来的预测 Make predictions 一、能正确使用一般将来时谈论对未来的预测。 二、能正确使用 more,less,fewer 表示数量。 1.能正确使用下列词汇 (按词性排列) n.paper,pollution,future,environment,planet,earth,part,peace,sea,sky, apartment,space,human,factory,Japan,shape,side,holiday,word v.pollute,plant,build,believe,disagree,agree,fall adj.dangerous,possible,impossible 词汇和常用表达 adv.already,even,probably 2.能正确使用下列常用表达 play a part,space station,over and over again,hundreds of,fall down,look for 3.能认读下列词汇 prediction,astronaut,rocket,servant 1.通过与一般现在时、一般过去时的对比学习一般将来时态。 2.学习使用归类的方法记忆单词。 3.在阅读中尝试概括段落大意,加强篇章的整体理解。 1.了解当今世界污染问题。 2.了解未来机器人的发展趋势。 1.能掌握以下单词: paper,pollution,future,pollute,environment,planet,earth,plant, part,peace,sea,build,sky,apartment,space,human,dangerous,alrea dy,factory,Japan,believe,disagree,even,agree,shape,fall,inside ,possible,impossible,side,probably,during,holiday,word 2.熟练掌握短语: play a part,live to be?years old,world peace,on the earth,be 知识与 技能 free,in great danger,in the future,space station,hundreds of,fall down,wake up,over and over again,be able to,look like,take a holiday 3.能掌握以下句型: Do you think there will be robots in people’s homes? They’ll study at home on computer. People will live to be 200 years old. —Will people use money in 100 years? —No,they won’t.Everything will be free. Words & expressions prep.inside,during 学习策略 Strategies 文化知识 Culture 三维目标 Three-dimensional target Today there are a


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