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Lesson 7
Are you a teacher?

一、 用am, is 和are填空。
1.Naoko ________ a Japanese girl. is 2.How old ________ you? I ________ ten. are am Are 3.________ you Mr.Wang? is 4.My name ________ Xiao Hui. What ______ your is name, please? 5. Sophie _________ not German. She is _________ French. is 6. My name __________ Robert. I __________ a is am student. I __________ Italian. am 7. Mr. Blake is my teacher. He is not French.

11.Who is there? It’s _____. 是谁啊?是我。 me 12._____is my brother. (他) He us 13.Her sister is helping _______(we). 14.John and I are in the same school. We (we) go to school together. 15._____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。 They it 16.This is _______(我的) book. my 17._______(他的) chair is blue. His 18._______(我们的) classroom is big. Our 19.I love ________(they)very much. them 20._____(她) is a student. Her (她) sister is a She student too.

Lesson 8What’s your job?
Fill in the missing words.填空。 Robert: I ______a new student. ______name's Robert. My am Sophie: Nice to ______you. ______ name's Sophie. meet My Are Robert: ______you French? Sophie: Yes, I ______. am too ______ you French, ______? Are Robert: No, I ______ not. I'm ______. am Italian What's ______job, Sophie? your Sophie: I'm a ______ ______. keyboard operator

Lesson 8What’s your job?
1. -What’s her job? Is she a keyboard operator? -Yes, she is. 2. - What’s his job? Is he an engineer? - Yes, he is.

1.a\an都用于可数名词的单数形式前,表示“一……” 。 2. an用于音标以元音开头的名词前。 3. 在26个英文字母中,a, e, i, o, f, h, l, m, n, r, s, x等 12个字母的读音是以元音开头的,其余字母则是以 辅音开头的。如: eg: a car, an English car. an orange car a one-eyed man , a European , a university . 其它加an的: egg、elephant、 apple , orange、 eight, eleven, hour ,ant, eraser, umbrella, island, answer, English、American、Italian、 engineer、 operator、air hostess、

一. 用 a 或 an 填空
1. Robert is an engineer. 2. This is a new book. 3. Sophie is a keyboard operator. 4. It is an American car. 5. My father is a postman. 6. He is a mechanic. 7. Sophie isn’t an English girl. 8. She is a policewoman. 9. Gilberto is an Italian taxi driver. 10. She’s an air hostess.

Lesson 8
1. What‘s your job? –I’m a student. 2. Are you a student? –Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. 3. –What is her job? –She is a keyboard operator. 4. -Is she a keyboard operator? -Yes, she is./ No, she is not. 5. - What’s his job? -- He’s an engineer. 6. - Is he an engineer? - Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.

1. What’s your job? 你的工作是什么? = What do you do ? 你是干什么的? = What are you? 你是干什么的? –I’m a student.

2. What is his / her job ?他/她的工作是什么?
= What does he / she do ?他/她是干什么的? = What is he/ she? 他/她是干什么的?

He/ She is a keyboard operator.

2. What is your father’s/mother’s job ? 你爸爸/妈妈的工作是什么? = What does your father/mother do ?

你爸爸/妈妈是干什么的? = What is your father/mother?
你爸爸/妈妈是干什么的? - He/ She is a keyboard operator.

1. What’s your name? - My name is Elva. / I’m Elva. /Elva.

2. What’s his/her name? -His name is Robert. /He is Robert. Robert. -Her name is Sophie. /She is Sophie. Sophie.

Who + Be(am, is, are) + S(I, you, he, she, they, we)? (某人是誰?) 1. A: Who is he?(他是谁?) B: He is Tom. He is my brother.(他是Tom, 我的哥 哥) 2. A: Who are they? B: They are my cousins, Tim and Peter.

询问某人是否为某种身份或职业 --“你(他, 她, 他们)是…吗?”
A:Be + S +职业或身份(teacher, student…or sister, aunt,…)?(你是老师/他哥哥吗?) B:Yes, S + Be. / No, S + Be + not. 1 A: Are you his brother? B: Yes, I am. (注意:肯定回答中,不可以缩写。) 2 A: Is he a movie star? B: No, he is not. = No, he’s not. = No, he isn’t. 3 A: Are you students? B: Yes, we are.

1. What’s your nationality? - I’m Italian. 2. Where are you from? - I’m from Italy. 3. Where do you come from? - I come from Italy.

1. What is his/her nationality? - He/She is Chinese. 2. Where is he/she from? - He/She is from China. 3. Where does he/she come from? - He/she comes from Italy.

I’m = I am He’s = He is You’re = You are She’s =She is We’re = We are They’re = They are Who’s = Who is What’s = What is isn’t = is not aren’t =are not 注意:1. Yes, I am肯定回答中,不可以缩写。 2. am not不可以缩写。

1. She is a TV reporter . (对划线部分提问)
What does she do ? 2. He teaches English . (对划线部分提问) What does he teach ? 3. He teaches English. (改为一般疑问句并作 肯定及否定回答) Does he teach English ?

-Yes, he does.

4. A:她是谁?B:她是我老师。

Who is she? She is my teacher.
5. A: 她们是谁?B: 她们是我姐姐。

Who are they? They are my sisters.
6.她们是警察吗?B: 不, 她们不是。

Are they policewomen? No, they aren’t.

7. A: 她是医生吗? B:是的,她是。
Is she a doctor? Yes, she is. 8. 对划线部分提问) What does he teach ? 9. He teaches Does he



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