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2018年秋九年级英语(上海教育版)-下册Module 1-Unit 1(课后作业)(共47张PPT)_图文

九年级 全一册 配上海教育版
课后作业 ●下册● Module 1 Explorations and exchanges
Unit 1 Great explorations

第1课时 Vocabulary


1. China is a country with fifty-six p eoples and they have different customs.

2. Please show me the American c ontinent on the map.

3. Their relationship has developed over a number of years.

4. I have never been to a foreign

country before.

5. The disease is spreading fast and the government is going to take action.

6. In my opinion, health is much more important than ____w_e_a_l_t_h____ (财富). 7. We ___r_e_m_e_m__b_e_r_(记住) Zheng He as a pioneer in developing relations with foreign countries. 8. There is ____n_o_w_h__e_re__ (无处) for you to sit in this room, so you'd better go to the next room. 9. Li Dazhao was a ___p_io_n__e_e_r _ (先锋) of the Chinese revolution. 10. She works in the foreign _t_ra_d_e_ (贸易) department in the company.


i. 从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选项中选出可以替换画线


( A )1. —The air pollution will lead to the rise of the

temperature. —And this will also cause sea level to rise.

A. cause

B. get

C. stop

( B )2. —In order to get there on time, we set off in the

early morning.

—Preparedness ensures success.

A. set free

B. set out

C. return

( C )3. —Tomorrow we will go on a trip to Guangzhou. —Wish you a good journey!

A. fly

B. open up

C. make a journey

( C )4. —Besides Kate, Linda also took part in the party. —Wow, that must be a wonderful party!

A. Instead of

B. Except for

C. In addition to

( B )5. —Tommy is known as the tallest boy in our school.

—He is born to be a basketball player.

A. wants to be B. is famous as C. used to be

( A )6. —This is the quickest route to school. —OK, let's take it. A. way B. part C. bus ( B )7. —I tried but I could find my schoolbag nowhere. —I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you can ask your classmates for help. A. could find my schoolbag anywhere B. couldn't find my schoolbag anywhere C. couldn't find my schoolbag somewhere ( C )8. —My travel plan is to go to a foreign country this summer. —But I'd like to travel around China first. A. go to a beautiful country B. go to a cheap country C. go abroad

ii. 根据句子意思,从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选项中选 出恰当的词语完成句子。

( A )9. A _______ means a long journey, especially by sea or in space.

A. voyage

B. flight

C. route

( C )10. When something ______, it gradually grows or becomes bigger or more stronger.

A. reduces

B. appears

C. develops

( B )11. —Does your father go out for a walk every day? —Yes, he goes out for a walk every day ___ when it rains.

A. besides

B. except

C. in addition to

( B )12. —It is said that Devin ______ to become the manager last week. —Congratulations to him!

A. rised

B. rose

C. raised

( C )13. —The twins are from _____. They are both ____. —They have been in China for many years, so they get used to the life in China. A. Africa; African B. African; Africa C. Africa; Africans

( A )14. —Do you think Japan is a ______ country? —No, it isn't. China is a _______ country. A. developing; developing B. developed; developed C. developed; developing ( C )15. —Mike, thank you for driving me home. —________. Have a nice day! A. That's right B. I'm afraid not C. You're welcome

三、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. I felt I'd made an incredible __d_i_s_c_o_v_e_ry___ (discover) last night. 2. Mr Brown ____ro__s_e (rise) to become managing director last month. 3. ___G_i_r_a_ff_e_s__ (giraffe) are usually found in Africa. 4. Sorry, sir. I didn't catch you. Could you please _r_e_p_e_a_t_ (repetition) it? 5. Both the UK and the US are __d_e_v_e_l_o_p_e_d___ (develop) countries.

6. Lu Xun ___is__k_n_o_w_n__ (know) as a great writer in China. 7. The heavy rain yesterday ____le_d_____ (lead) to the flood in the city. 8. The supermarket has _q_u_a_n__ti_ti_e_s_ (quantity) of goods though it is very small. 9. The bank has _____s_e_t___ (set) up three branches in Shenzhen. 10. When _c_o_m__p_a_r_e_d_ (compare) with Tom, Jim is more hard-working.

四、完形填空 Carnegie was born in 1888 to a poor farming family in
central United States. The boy didn't see a train 1 he was 12 years old. In his teens, he had to get up at 3 a.m. every day to 2 his family's cows. When Carnegie first entered college, he felt 3 because of his clothes and ordinary look. His mother 4 him, “Why not try to be better in other things instead of just clothes and good 5 ?”

Carnegie tried to be more active in college. He 6 the debate team. But one after another, he failed. The young man was very 7 in himself. He said later that he thought of killing himself after so many failures. 8 soon Carnegie was seen practising public speaking on the riverside. His hard work paid off at last. In 1906, Carnegie won a famous speech contest and became widely known.
The young man made his own words come true, “Believe that you will succeed, and you will.”

In order to 9 his success, Carnegie opened schools and wrote books. His best-sellers include How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. More than 50 million 10 of his books have been printed in 38 languages. They are still helping people on the road to success.

( C )1. A. when ( B )2. A. help ( A )3. A. hopeless ( C )4. A. replied ( B )5. A. goods ( A )6. A. joined ( C )7. A. interested ( C )8. A. Although ( B )9. A. achieve ( C )10. A. books

B. as

C. until

B. milk C. train

B. tired C. happy

B. cheered C. encouraged

B. looks C. families

B. visited C. organized

B. surprisedC. disappointed

B. Then C. But

B. share C. realize

B. ones C. copies

第2课时 Reading 一、 根据教材P3的课文内容及首字母提示,补全下面短文, 每空一词

Zheng He was born in Yunnan. He 1. rose to become

a trusted official of the Yongle Emperor. The emperor

2. ordered him to visit and explore the lands outside

China. His task was to 3. d evelop

relations and

4.s et up trade routes with 5.f oreign countries. In a few years, he built a great fleet of ships, the biggest in

the world at that time. The ships were 6.k nown as

treasure ships. They were big enough to carry 25,000 people as well as very large 7. q uantities of goods.
From 1405 to 1433, Zheng He went on seven 8.tripsand visited South-East Asia, the Middle East and even the east coast of Africa. It seemed that 9.n owhere was too far for him to visit. These 10.voyages allowed China to trade valuable goods like gold, silver and silk.

二、根据教材P3的课文内容,回答下列问题 1. Who was Zheng He? ___Z_h_e_n_g_H__e_w__a_s_a__fa_m__o_u_s_C__h_in_e_s_e__e_x_p_l_o_re_r_.______ 2. Where was Zheng He born? ___H_e_w__a_s_b_o_r_n__in__Y_u_n_n_a_n_.______________________ 3. When did Zheng He go on his trips? ___F_ro_m___1_4_0_5_t_o_1_4_3_3_.__________________________

4. What effects did his trips have on China and the world? _T__h_e_y_s_e_t_u_p__t_ra_d_e__ro__u_te_s__b_e_tw__e_e_n_C__h_in_a__a_n_d__o_th_e_r_ _c_o__u_n_tr_i_e_s_a_n_d__a_ls_o__e_n_c_o_u_r_a_g_e_d_t_h_e__e_x_c_h_a_n_g_e_o__f __ _c_u__lt_u_re_s__a_n_d__te_c_h_n_o__lo_g_i_e_s_. ____________________ 5. What do you think of the explorer Zheng He? __H__e_w__a_s_a__h_e_ro__. _____________________________

三、阅读理解 Here is some information about some of the
wonders of the world. I am sure you will be interested in them.
The Pyramids of Egypt There are about eighty pyramids known today. The most well-known was for Pharaoh(法老) Khufu. It is known as the “Great Pyramid”. It's also the largest one. Workers used about 2.3 million blocks of stone to build it. (A) 用了20年的时间才把它建成。

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The garden sat on a hill. It was a large and wonderful structure(建筑物). Many parts of the garden were high up on large columns(支柱). There were many big and green trees with lovely flowers. Although there are many different ideas about the garden, we are not sure whether this wonder ever existed(存在)! The Lighthouse of Alexandria The Lighthouse of Alexandria was designed about 2,000 years ago. It was in Egypt, too. It was one of the

ancient wonders of the world, about 135 metres high. It

was once the highest building in the world. Although it

doesn't exist now, many people come to see its relic

every year.

( C )1. The passage has talked about _____ wonder(s) of the world.

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four

( C )2. “_______” has the same meaning as the underlined sentence (A).

A. We built it for twenty years.

B. It spent twelve years building it.

C. It took twenty years to build it.

D. Workers took twelve years to build it.

( B )3. The underlined word in the last paragraph

means “_______” in Chinese.

A. 景观

B. 遗址

C. 建筑

D. 财富

( B )4. Which is NOT true? A. The Great Pyramid used many stones to build. B. Scientists can prove that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has ever existed. C. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was in Egypt. D. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was about 135 metres high.

第3课时 Grammar


( C )1. He told ______ funny jokes that everyone in the room laughed.

A. too

B. so

C. such

( B )2. I'm afraid I don't know him well enough ______ him for help.

A. ask

B. to ask

C. asking

( A )3. —Can I go to kindergarten this year, Mum? —No, you are still too young ______ do it.

A. to

B. to not

C. not to

( B )4. The comic book was written in _______ easy words that even primary school students could

understand it.

A. so

B. such

C. very

( A )5. Peter speaks _______ that we are unable to


A. so fast

B. such fast

C. so fastly

( B )6. My grandfather is not ______ to travel. A. enough young B. young enough C. so young

( C )7. Last night, I was ______ sleepy ______ do my


A. too; that

B. so; that

C. too; to

( C )8. —What do you think of the movie? —It is _____ exciting _____ I'd like to see it again.

A. too; to

B. such; that

C. so; that

( A )9. He left in ______ a hurry ______ he forgot to lock the door.

A. such; that B. so; that

C. such; as

( A )10. It was _____ a hundred people looked lost in


A. so large a room that

B. a such large room

C. such large a room

二、选词(组)填空 so such such a(n) enough too
1. Mark is ___s_o___ tall that he can pick the apples on the tree easily. 2. Mr Cooper lives in __s_u_c_h__ a noisy house that he can not sleep at night. 3. The famous movie Still Alice was __s_u_c_h__a__ sad film that it made me cry. 4. Mo Yan's novels are __s_o___ popular that many of my classmates have read them.

5. Jack is strong __e_n_o__u_g_h__ to be a basketball player. 6. Mr Smith spoke ___t_o_o_____ fast for us to catch him. 7. The hall in this building is large ___e_n_o_u_g_h__ to hold more than a hundred people. 8. There were ____s_o_____ many people sitting in front of the stage that the actor felt nervous. 9. Mary is 7 years old. She is old __e_n_o__u_g_h__ to go to school by herself. 10. This dress is nice, but it's ___to_o___ small for me to put on.

11. She is _s_u_c_h__a_n_ excellent teacher that we all like her. 12. The weather is ___s_o____ bad that we have to put off the sports meeting. 13. There is ___s_o___ little bread on the desk. Who ate it? 14. I was ___to_o___ busy to see my grandparents. 15. —Are you feeling better? —Yes, I'm well __e_n_o_u_g_h___ to go to school.

三、语法填空 Human beings are always full of the spirit of
discovery. Zhang Qian was an excellent official and explorer in Chinese history. He went on two 1.__tr_ip_s__(trip) to the Western regions. He opened up a very important route—the ancient Silk Road and 2. __b_r_o_u_g_h_t_(bring) back information. Besides, he introduced many things 3. __w_h_i_c_h_/t_h_a_t_were seen for the first time. Zhang played a very important role in taking China to the world of commercial(商业的) trade.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator(航海家). 4. __B_o_r_n_(bear) in the 15th century, he 5. _r_o_s_e__(rise) to become a great navigator. At that time, many 6. E_u__ro_p_e_a_n_ (Europe) countries became stronger and stronger. Their ships reached Africa and Asia. They got gold, silver, silk, tea and other things from the east. Columbus wanted to make another way to China and India. 3rd August, 1492, Columbus left Spain and began his 7. _fi_r_s_t _(one) voyage. After about two 8. __m__o_n_t_h_s_’_(month) hard sailing,

he and his fleet got to an island in the Bahamas. On 28th October, they reached Cuba and he thought it was Asia. They went back to Spain on 15th March, 1493. Although they didn't get to the Orient or bring back wealth, they found a new place—the American Continents, which is also known 9. ___a_s___ the New World. From 1492 10. ___to___1502, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. He reached most of the coast of South America and set up many colonies(殖民地).

第4课时 Listening and speaking
一、情景问答 1. 你希望了解更多关于你朋友Helen的旅行经历,请根据 以下提示向她提四个问题。 (1)你想知道她有没有什么特殊的旅行经历,你应问: ___D_o_y_o__u_h_a_v_e__a_n_y_s_p_e_c_i_a_l_tr_a_v_e_l_e_x_p_e_r_ie_n__c_e_s_?_____ (2)你想知道她在旅途中做了什么,你应问: __W__h_a_t_d_i_d_y_o_u__d_o__d_u_ri_n_g__y_o_u_r_t_ri_p_t_h_e_r_e_?__________

(3)你想了解她为什么总是和父母一起旅游,你应问: _W__h_y__d_o_y_o__u_a_l_w_a_y_s__tr_a_v_e_l _w_i_th__y_o_u_r_p_a_r_e_n_t_s_?______ (4)你想了解她最近想去中国哪个城市旅游,你应问: __W_h_i_c_h__c_it_y_i_n_C__h_in_a__d_o_y_o__u_w__a_n_t _to__v_is_i_t_r_e_c_e_n_tl_y_?__ 2. 你希望了解Helen的爱好,请根据以下提示向她提两个 问题。 (1)你想了解除了旅行,Helen平日还喜欢做什么,你应问: _B_e_s_i_d_e_s_t_r_a_v_e_ll_in_g_,_w__h_a_t_e_ls_e__d_o__y_o_u_l_ik_e__d_o_in__g_i_n___ _y_o_u_r_d_a_i_ly__li_f_e_?________________________________ (2)你想了解Helen上个暑假去了哪里,你应问: _W__h_e_re__d_id__y_o_u__g_o_l_a_s_t_s_u_m__m_e_r__v_a_c_a_ti_o_n_?__________

二、思维导图复述 There are many differences in table manners in
different cultures. It is really worth your time to learn about how to behave while eating in other countries. Don't make noises with your mouth. Close your mouth when eating. People make mouth noises because they eat without closing their mouths. Don't talk with your mouth full. If someone talks to you, wait until your mouth is empty before answering.

根据上文完成下面的思维导图,再根据思维导图,复述 该篇文章的内容。


eating Close

noises full

课文复述: _____T_h_e_r_e_a_r_e__m_a_n_y__d_if_f_e_re_n_c_e_s__in__ta_b__le__m_a_n_n_e_r_s__in__ _d__if_fe_r_e_n_t_c_u_l_tu_r_e_s_._I_t _is__re_a_l_ly__w_o_r_t_h_y_o_u_r__ti_m_e__to__l_e_a_rn_ _a_b__o_u_t _h_o_w__t_o_b_e_h_a_v_e__w_h_i_le__e_a_ti_n_g__in__o_th_e_r__c_o_u_n_t_ri_e_s_. _D__o_n_'t_m__a_k_e__n_o_is_e_s__w_i_th__y_o_u_r_m__o_u_t_h_. _C_lo__s_e_y_o_u_r_____ _m__o_u_t_h_w__h_e_n__ea_t_i_n_g_. _D_o_n_'_t _ta_l_k_w__it_h_y_o__u_r_m_o__u_th__fu__ll_. _

第5课时 Writing
一、翻译下列句子 1. 那个年轻的女孩擅长运动。她会打排球,也会打篮球。 (be good at;as well as) ___T_h_e_y_o_u_n__g_g_i_rl_i_s_g_o__o_d_a_t_s_p_o__rt_s_. _S_h_e__c_a_n_p_l_a_y____ ___v_o_ll_e_y_b_a_ll_a_s__w_e_l_l _a_s_b_a_s_k_e_t_b_a_ll_.________________ 2. 如果你现在不注意这些错误,它们总有一天会导致大问 题。(pay attention to;lead to) __I_f_y_o_u__d_o_n_'t_p_a_y__a_t_te_n_t_io_n__t_o_t_h_e_s_e_m__i_s_ta_k_e_s__n_o_w_,__ __t_h_e_y_w__il_l_le_a_d__t_o_b_i_g_p_r_o_b_l_e_m_s__o_n_e__d_a_y_. __________

3. 似乎每个人都同意周末去野餐。(it seems that;have a picnic) __I_t_s_e_e_m__s_t_h_a_t _e_v_e_r_y_o_n_e_a_g_r_e_e_s__to__h_a_v_e_a__p_ic_n_i_c_a_t__ __t_h_e__w_e_e_k_e_n_d_.________________________________ 4. 这个问题对于他来说太难了,以至于他无法回答。 (so … that …/too … to …) __T_h_e__q_u_e_s_ti_o_n__is__s_o_d_i_ff_i_c_u_lt_t_h_a_t_h_e__c_a_n_'t_a_n_s_w__e_r.___ __/T__h_e_q_u_e_s_t_io__n_i_s_t_o_o_d__if_fi_c_u_lt_f_o_r_h_i_m__t_o_a_n_s_w__e_r.____ 5. 你的年龄足够大了,可以照顾好自己。(enough to) __Y_o_u__a_r_e_o_l_d_e_n_o_u__g_h_t_o_l_o_o_k__a_ft_e_r_y_o_u_r_s_e_lf_w__e_ll_. ____

6. 老夫妇为了赶上早班车,一大清早就动身出发了。(in order to;set off) __T_h__e_o_l_d_c_o_u_p__le__s_e_t _o_ff_e_a_r_l_y_i_n_t_h_e_m__o_r_n_in_g__i_n_____ __o_r_d_e_r_t_o__c_a_tc_h__th__e_e_a_r_ly__b_u_s_.___________________ 7. 她似乎认识那里的每一个人。(seem to do) __S__h_e_s_e_e_m__e_d_t_o__k_n_o_w__e_v_e_ry_o_n_e__t_h_e_re_.____________ 8. 在周末,他的父母经常鼓励他阅读或者参加户外活动。 (encourage … to …;take part in) __O_n__w_e_e_k_e_n__d_s_h_e_r_p_a_r_e_n_t_s_o_f_t_e_n_e_n_c_o_u__ra_g_e__h_e_r_t_o__ __r_e_a_d_o_r__ta_k_e__p_a_r_t _in__s_o_m_e__o_u_t_d_o_o_r_a_c_t_iv_i_ti_e_s_.______

9. 他差点儿没搭上第一班公共汽车。(nearly;miss) __H_e_n__e_a_rl_y_m__is_s_e_d__t_h_e_f_ir_s_t_b_u_s_.__________________ 10. 你能做一个有关你夏令营经历的报告吗?(give a talk on;summer camp) _C__a_n_y_o_u__g_i_v_e_a__ta_l_k_o_n__y_o_u_r_e_x_p_e_r_i_e_n_c_e_s_a_t_t_h_e_____ _s_u__m_m__e_r_c_a_m_p__?_______________________________

二、书面表达 五四青年节那天,你参加了学校组织的志愿者活动。
你的英语老师要求你写一则英文日记,内容包括: 1. 时 间:2017年5月4日;2. 地点:深圳博物馆; 3. 活动:七 年级学生:当导游,带参观者到不同展馆; 八年级学生: 表演短剧,介绍深圳历史; 九年级学生:制作海报,帮 助人们了解深圳文化;4. 意义(活动对你个人和社会的意 义)。

要求:1. 词数:80词左右;

2. 文章必须包括所有提示内容,并适当发挥;

3. 条理清楚,语句通顺,意思连贯,书面规范。

Thursday, 4th May, 2017


Dear Diary,

I went to the Shenzhen Museum with my schoolmates

to do some voluntary work today.


d_i_ff_e_r_e_n_t _ro__le_s_._S_t_u_d_e_n_t_s_o_f_G__r_a_d_e_7__w_o_r_k_e_d_a_s__g_u_i_d_e_s__

_w_h_o__t_o_o_k_v_i_s_it_o_r_s_t_o_d_i_f_fe_r_e_n_t_d_i_s_p_la_y__ro__o_m_s_._A_n__d____ _th_o_s_e__o_f_G_r_a_d_e__8_p_l_a_y_e_d_a__s_h_o_r_t_o_p_e_r_a_, _in_t_r_o_d_u_c_i_n_g___ _S_h_e_n_z_h_e_n_'_s_h_i_s_to_r_y_t_o__to_u_r_i_s_ts_._A_s__f_o_r _s_tu__d_e_n_ts__o_f____ G__r_a_d_e_9_,_t_h_e_y_m__a_d_e_b__e_a_u_ti_fu_l_p__o_s_te_r_s_,_w_h_i_c_h__h_e_lp_e_d___ _p_e_o_p_le__k_n_o_w__S_h_e_n_z_h_e_n__C_u_l_tu__re__b_e_tt_e_r_. _____________ _____In__m_y__o_p_i_n_io_n_,_i_t _is__o_f_g_r_e_a_t_h_e_l_p_t_o_h_o__ld__s_u_c_h____ _a_c_ti_v_it_ie_s_._O__n_o_n_e__h_a_n_d_,_i_t_is__a_g_o__o_d_c_h_a_n_c_e__f_o_r _u_s_t_o__ _d_e_v_e_lo_p__a_s_e_n_s_e__o_f_r_e_s_p_o_n_s_i_b_il_it_y_a_s__w_e_l_l _a_s_o_u_r__w_o_r_k_ _a_b_il_it_y_. _O_n__th_e__o_t_h_e_r_h_a_n_d_,_t_h_e_h_i_s_to__ry__a_n_d_c_u__lt_u_re__c_a_n_ be passed on from one generation to another.


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