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闵行区八校联考第一学期高 三 (英语)试卷

I. Listening Comprehension Section A: 1. A. 46 B. 52 C. 40 D. 20 2. A. At the information desk. B. On the platform. C. On the train. D. Near the stairs. 3. A. The woman should get another job. B. The woman should be more patient. C. The woman congratulated the wrong person. D. The woman was waiting in the wrong place. 4. A. The transportation for the trip is free. B. The class don‘t enjoy going on the field trip. C. Some people may not go on the trip. D. All of the class members have paid the fee. 5. A. A driver. B. A passenger. C. A witness. D. A policeman 6. A. Very good. B. Very bad. C. Unique. D. Just Ok. 7. A. Compare her own papers to others. B. Watch out for the usual typing mistakes. C. Have someone else type her papers. D. Ask another person to check her papers. 8. A. Extremely long and boring. B. Hard to understand. C. Lacking a good clue. D. Not worth seeing twice. 9. A. Attending every lecture. B. Doing lots of homework. C. Reading very extensively. D. Using test-taking skills. 10. A. The digital TV system will offer different programs. B. He is eager to see what the new system is like. C. He thinks it unrealistic to have 500 channels. D. The new TV system may not provide anything better. Section B: Question 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. 11. A. Bad weather. B. Mistakes made by the traffic controllers. C. The loss of control of the airplane. D. The breach of duty of the pilot. 12. A. The pilot of the first plane made a big mistake. B. They avoided each other by turning in different directions. C. The narrowly escaped crashing into each other. D. One plane was suddenly out of control. 13. A. The role played by the air controllers. B. The importance of the pilots. C. Air travel is much safer than other means of traveling. D. The potential danger in air travel.





Question 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. 14. A. He is too young to get a credit card. B. He has no time to learn driving. C. He has very little spare time. D. He will soon lose his job. 15. A. He often goes out with his friends. B. He lives with his mother. C. He has a handsome income. D. He graduated with six O-levels. 16. A. He received lots of job offers. B. He was eager to help his mother. C. He lost interest in school studies. D. He wanted to earn his own living. Section C: Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer. Making a Phone Call From: To: Caller ‘s address: The problem with the washing machine: Request: The problem with the windows: Paul Smiley MIC House ___17___. ___18___ 2, 16 Rose Lane, Newton It‘s been ___19___ a little. It needs to be repaired straight away. There are no ___20___ on them.

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. How big is the number of copies of the local paper the man is working for? What are national papers like ―The Times‖ called? What is one of the biggest differences between local and national papers? Where was the same story in ―The Daily Telegraph‖? It‘s about ____21_____. They are called ___22___. They‘ll give you ___23___ to the news. It was on a ___24___.

II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A: 16% 25. I need a new pair of shoes since the old one ____. A. have worn out B. has worn out C. have been worn out D. has been worn out 26. She stopped and turned round ___ meters as she walked along. A. every few B. every a few C. every other D. every a little 27. The application of new scientific discoveries ______ industrial production methods usually increases efficiency. A. of B. for C. to D. in 28. Is this the reason _____ he explained at the meeting for his carelessness in his work?

A. / B. why C. how D. the onw 29. _____ you do the exercises, ________they will do you. A. The more……the more good B. The better…..the more C. The more….the more D. The better….the more good 30. _______, he won‘t give anybody anything. A. For he is rich B. As he is rich C. Rich as he is D. Even he is rich 31. On hearing a great noise, Mike looked forward ______ what was happening in the street through the window. A. to see B. to seeing C. seeing D. to have seen 32. _________not to be beaten, Phileas Fogg and Passeparout _______to the docks to find another ship to take them to Liverpool. A. Determining….were hurrying B. Determining…..were hurried C. Determined….hurried D. Determined….hurriedly gone 33. European countries, ______ crisis is at hand, are providing great encouragement for parents to create more babies in the 21st century. A. to realize B. realized C. have realized D. realizing 34. ― Come back at ten o‘clock ,‖ Mrs. Burgers said , ― The job _______by then.‖ A. will have been done B. will be doing C. has been done D. is being done 35. I have tried all possible means, but the door _______ open. A. can‘t B mustn‘t C. won‘t D. may not 36. You can fly to London this evening _____you don‘t mind _____planes in Paris. A. provided…changing B. except…to change C. unless…changing D. so far as… to change 37. ___ as much as one-fourth of the instruments in the labs are not used proved to be false. A. The estimate B. The estimate that C. They are estimated D. It is estimated that 38. It is the turning of the earth ____makes us feel ___the sun were moving across the sky. A. that; as if B. which; that C. that; if D. what; like 39. I was fascinated with the art _____I was introduced to it. A. the first time B. for the first time C. only if D. just as 40. Such a loud noise ____ that I couldn‘t go to sleep. A. in the room there was B. there is in the room C. was there in the room D. is there in the room Section B: 9% A. actually AC. strong B. develop AD. survey C. ease D guidance AB. increasingly BC. troubled BD under CD. worry

According to a survey conducted at the beginning of last year, the pressure to perform well in school and the uncertainty of employment are the top concerns of young people nowadays. The goal of the ____41____ is to determine how young people deal

with pressure and preserve their mental health. Young people often complain about their heavy study burdens. They are ____42____ great pressure to keep up with courses and get good grades. Apart from these external sources of pressure, middle school students are also ____43____ asking themselves tough questions about what sort of people they are and how they should behave. For college students, the question of how to ____44____ their careers after they graduate remains a serious ____45____. The employment situation is tough and the competition is fierce. Many college students have to start planning their futures in their year and they also have a ____46____ desire to help support their families. The survey also shows that many young people have turned to sports, chatting with friends, listening to music and playing online games, sleeping and shopping to ____47____ their pressure. Researchers said that young people should be given ____48____ so that they can develop a healthy lifestyle and positive outlooks. They also said social services should reach out to ____49___ young people on a case-by-case basis. III. Reading Comprehension Section A: When Sir Winston Churchill, the great British Prime Minister, reached his eightieth birthday in November, 1954, he was presented with his portrait by a well-known modem artist, Graham SutherlanD.The painting had been ordered and paid for to Grand Old Man of World WarⅡ. Sir Winston and Lady Churchill were deeply moved by this mark of respect and affection. private. 51 of them, of course, allowed the others to see how much they both 52 , which I am not!‖ protested Churchill in 54 modern art. 55 . 56 him in 1977.Shortly after her 57 , 53 , he only remarked that it was fine example of modern art. His friends disliked the portrait. ―It makes me look 50 the

smiled.It was known that Churchills didn't

Churchill was so unhappy about the portrait that finally his wife had it Churchill died at ninety in 1965.Lady Churchill

death, the public learned what had happened to the painting , and a heated argument broke out. The painter was understandably sad.The artist community, shocked and regretted the disappearance of a(n) have the 59 58 said that the destruction of the picture had been a crime . Historians said that they document. All agreed that Churchills didn't 60 him ―as he saw him‖. to do what they had done. 61 since the painter refused to show 63 .

Graham Sutherland had told Churchill that he would Churchill never had a chance to see the work in it to him. He found out only 62

he received his present that Sutherland had seen

him as a heavy, sick, tired old man. Since he hated old age, he was naturally

Who has the right to a work of art, the owner, the donor, or the artist who created it?

Was the portrait a good one, as many(including the painter) said? Or was it bad as others thought? None of these questions have been answered yet to everybody‘s 50. A.give 51. A.Neither 52. A.wise 53. A.Fortunately 54.A.care for 55. A.hidden 56. A.mourned 57. A.afraid 58. A.interesting 59. A.chance 60. A.help 61. A.progress 62. A.until 63. A.moved 64. A.surprise Section B: (A) Millions of women use cosmetics, often called ―make-up‖. The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest in the world. Most large stores sell cosmetics, and there are always shops at airports selling them cheaply. The word ―cosmetics‖ refers to anything that people put on their faces to make them look better. Lipstick, face powder and cream, and eye make-up are the most popular. Although more women than men use cosmetics, there are cosmetics for men as well as women. Some people even have cosmetic surgery to make their faces look different. They have the shape of their noses and eyes changed. The most widely used cosmetic is probably lipstick, as many women who do not wear any other make-up will often put on a little lipstick. Lipstick is made by mixing together different oils and colors. This mixture is then allowed to get hard and is cut into the shape of a small pencil. When a woman presses the lipstick to her lips, the end of it becomes soft, and some of it sticks to her lips, giving them extra color. Cosmetics were probably first used in India, but it was the Egyptians, six thousand years ago, who made the most use of them. Rich Egyptian women painted their eyes green and black. They used a red color to paint pretty designs on their fingernails, the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. Pictures of Cleopatra always show her wearing a lot of make-up. The Romans also used cosmetics. They liked to make their skin



B.regard B.Both B.gentle B.Obviously B.look like B.hung B.missed B.regretful B.colorful B.right B.obey B.place B.when B.worried B.disappointment

C.paint C.Either C.stupid C.Straight C.turn down C.destroyed C.followed C.curious C.expensive C.power C.paint C.need C.before C.tired C.delight

D.honour D.All D.happy D.Publicly D.make up D.returned D.buried D.angry D.historical D.courage D.show D.sight D.though D.hurt D.satisfaction

very white and to paint their eyes. They also used a kind of lipstick. In England at one time, very rich women had baths in milk to make their skin beautiful. They also used a lot of sweet-smelling powder to stop people smelling their bodies, which were often very dirty because they did not wash very often or change their clothes. At one time, some cosmetics were not safe. They were bad for the skin, and some of the lipsticks and powders that people used were even poisonous. Nowadays, people in the cosmetics industry take great care to make sure that everything they use is completely safe. 65. According to the passage people use cosmetics ________. A. only at airports B. only to color their feet C. to make themselves look better D. instead of surgery 66. From the passage we know that in earlier times ________. A. cosmetics were never used in milk baths B. cosmetics were never used on the eyes C. cosmetics were never used on the skin D. sometimes cosmetics were harmful to the skin 67. Which of the following statements is true? A. In order to make their faces look different some people even have cosmetic surgery. B. In England, women have baths in milk to make their skin beautiful. C. Cosmetics were probably first used by the Egyptians six thousand years ago. D. Not all cosmetics are safe so we should be careful to use them. (B) The question of what children learn, and how they should learn, is continually being debated and redebated. Nobody dares any longer to defend the old system, the learning of lessons parrot-fashion, the grammar-with-a-whip system, which was good enough for our grandparents. The theories of modem psychology have stepped in to argue that we must understand the need of children. Children are not just small adults; they are children who must be respected as much. Well, you may say, this is as it should be a good idea. But think further. What happens? "Education" becomes the responsibility not of teachers, but of psychologists. What happens then? Teachers worry too much about the psychological implications of their lessons, and forget about the subjects themselves. If a child dislikes a lesson, the teacher feels that it is his fault, not the child's. So teachers worry whether history is "relevant" to modern young children. And do they dare to recount stories about violence? Or will this make the children themselves violent? Can they tell their classes about children of different races, or will this encourage racial hatred? Why teach children to write grammatical sentences? Verbal expression is better. Sums? Arithmetic? No:

Real-life mathematical situations are more understandable. You see, you can go too far. Influenced by educational theorists, who have nothing better to do than to write books about their ideas, teachers leave their teacher-training colleges filled with grand, psychological ideas about children and their needs. They make elaborate, sophisticated ( 精致的,复杂的 ) preparations and try out their "modem methods" on the long-suffering children. Since one "modem method" rapidly replaces another, the poor kids will have had a good bellyful by the time they leave school. Frequently the modem methods are so sophisticated that they fail to be understood by the teachers, let alone the children; even more often, the relaxed discipline so essential for the "informal" feelings the class must have, prevents all but a handful of children from learning anything. 68. People do not dare defend the old system mainly because under the old system________. A. too much grammar was taught to children B. children were spoiled C. children were treated as grown-ups D. children were made to learn passively 69. What view do the modem psychologists hold? A. Children must be understood and respected. B. Children are small adults and know what they need. C. Children are better off without learning lessons. D. Education of children is the responsibility of psychologists. 70. What happens when teachers pay too much attention to the psychology of their lessons? A. They find that the children dislike the lessons. B. They tend to blame students for their failure. C. They do not pay enough attention to the actual lessons. D. They no longer want to teach children history. 71. According to the passage, the modern methods are understood by ________. A. neither teachers nor pupils B. only a handful of teachers and pupils C. the more sophisticated teachers D. everyone who enjoys the relaxed discipline of the informal classes (C) Most people in business have a strong sense that meetings are demanding more and more of their time. Fifty years ago meetings were barely necessary – the boss decided what was going to happen and told employees in a brief office memo. Now everything in business is discussed extensively in large meetings attended by anybody who has the remotest interest in the subject. The gradual erosion of formal

systems of authority has increased the appetite for face-to-face meetings. Consultation and discussion has taken the place of direct instruction. The amount of travel to get to these meetings is increasing. More than nine million people passed through Heathrow(希思罗机场) in 2005 on the way to internal company events. As a consequence, corporate travel is a growing part of UK carbon emissions(排 放). It would be easy to say we must reverse the trend towards more meetings to reduce the climate-change impact of modern business. Unfortunately, it is not going to be easy. Some interesting recent research shows that most of the attendees at corporate meetings do complain about the waste of time involved. But when they were questioned in private, the picture changed. Only 15 per cent of people rated their most recent meeting adversely. Though most attendees saw room for improvement, meetings were valuable both in helping build plans for action and in making employees feel part of the organization. But do these meetings have to be face-to-face? British Telecom recently presented some data on the success of its internal voice conferencing. In the most recent year, more than two million telephone conferences took place in the company. BT estimates a saving of over ? 200m from the use of this technology and a cut of almost 100,000 tonnes of CO2. Of course BT has a clear interest in telling us that phone meetings are a good substitute for wasteful corporate get-togethers. So far, such conferencing has struggled to take off as people have tended to prefer to travel. It is, after all, rather more difficult to understand the boss's body language over the phone. Nevertheless, BT's research on the considerable benefits of conferencing is reasonable. Rather than try to get rid of apparently unproductive meetings, we need to find ways to make telephone and video conferences ever better substitutes for those traditional meetings. 72. Why are there more and more meetings according to the passage? A. Because the formal systems of authority has been established. B. Because people prefer to solve problems through discussion. C. Because the organizations are getting more and more complex. D. Because modern transportation has been developing rapidly. 73. The word ― adversely‖ in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to ______. A. approvingly B. enthusiastically C. feasibly D. unfavourably 74. British Telecom presented the figures to prove that voice conferencing _______. A. stimulates the development of technology B. plays a vital role in large organizations C. may well replace conventional ones D. brings large profit to the company 75. What can we learn from the passage? A. Traditional face-to-face meetings bring more benefits than harm. B. Corporate travel contributes a lot to environmental problems. C. The idea of telephone conference is well accepted by employees.

D. Meetings should be abandoned because they are a waste of time. Section C: A. Don‘t expect your notes to be perfect B. Make your notes neat and clean C. Set aside time to process your notes D. Separate out your notes AB. Standardize your shorthand AC. Keep your notes with your books

When I‘m reading a book, I usually wind up taking quite a few notes. I keep track of ideas I want to follow up on, topics I want to read further about and even the occasional quote that seems just perfect for a project. Over the years, I‘ve found some tricks to make the process a lot smoother.

No matter what you‘re taking notes on, it should be easy to carry with your reading material. I prefer small notebooks that I can actually slide inside a book, but there are plenty of other options: * A notecard or other piece of paper that can double as a bookmark * Post-it notes * Writing directly in the book (unless the book does not belong to you)

In my experience, most notes can be divided between action items and details you want to retain. While reviewing your notes will come in handy when you‘re looking for a particular piece of information, it‘s not particularly useful to have to re-write your notes in order to sort out actions you need to take. Instead, it‘s more effective to clearly differentiate between the two from the start. The simplest approach is to just divide your notes in half: one side is for details and the other is for actions.

I can‘t even begin to count the amount of time I‘ve spent trying to translate some a bbreviated notes that I scribbled down with the assumption that I would still know what ?A.‘ stood for a month later. If you‘re considering using an acronym or abbreviation that isn‘t in common use, it may be worth reconsidering.


I‘ve been showing my mother some tricks to promote her website, and we‘ve fallen into a pattern: as we talk, she writes everything out on note cards. Her notebook is filled with beautiful handwriting — but it‘s also a very time-consuming approach. If you can read your notes and understand them, it‘s okay to have somewhat messy notes. After all, you‘re probably the only one who will ever see them.

Writing down all the next steps you want to take from all your reading is great, but they won‘t ever get done unless you can get them out of your notes and in to whatever to do list or task management system you rely on. And if you plan to do anything with the detail-oriented notes you‘ve taken, it‘s important to get those into a format you can work with. If, for instance, you were writing up a blog post, I‘d suggest typing up all the quotes that you plan to use from th e book in question before you even start writing the post. Section D: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS. From Buckingham Palace to Oxford, the UK is loaded with wonderful icons(标志) of past eras. But it has also modernized with confidence. It‘s now better known for vibrant(充满活力的 ) cities with great nightlife and attraction. Fashions, fine dining, clubbing, shopping — the UK is among the world‘s best. Most people have strong preconceptions about the British. But if you‘re one of these people, you‘d be wise to abandon those ideas. Visit a nightclub in one of the big cities, a football match, or a good local pub and you might more readily describe the English people as humorous and hospitable. It‘s certainly true that no other country in the world has more bird-watchers, sports supporters, pet owners and gardeners than the UK. Getting around England is pretty easy. Budget airlines like Easyjet and Rynnair fly domestically. Trains can deliver you very efficiently from one major city to another. Long distance express buses are called coaches. Where coaches and buses run on the same route, coaches are more expensive (though quicker) than buses. London‘s famous black cabs are excellent but expensive. Minicabs are cheaper competitors, with freelance ( 个体的) drivers. But usually you need to give a call first. London‘s underground is called the Tube. It‘s very convenient and can get you to almost any part of the city. The UK is not famous for its food. But you still need to know some of the traditional English foods. The most famous must be fish and chips. The fish and chips are deep fried in flour. English breakfast is something you need to try. It is fried bacon, with toast and a pot of tea. Other things like shepherd‘s pie and Yorkshire pudding are also well-known as a part of English food culture. Pubbing and Clubbing are the main forms of English nightlife, especially for the

young. Pubbing means going to a pub with friends, having drinks, and chatting. Clubbing is different from pubbing and includes going to a place of music, or a bar, or any other place to gather with friends. Clubbing can be found everywhere. Usually there is some kind of dress code for clubbing, such as no jeans, no sportswear, while pubbing is much more casual. 81. If you are involved in the real life of local residents, you may find them ____________________________. 82. How many kinds of transportation forms are mentioned in the third paragraph? Give examples (at least four). _____________________________________________________________. 83. When you go clubbing in the UK, you should not ______________________________. 84. What aspects are introduced about UK according to the passage? _____________________________________________________________.

第 II 卷 I. Translation: 1. 养成良好的饮食习惯对健康大有益处。(benefit) 2. 不可否认,责任感的缺失已经成为了一个严重的社会问题。(lack n.) 3. 直到二十世纪初,人类才开始探索太空。(Not until…) 4. 通过了驾驶考试并拿到了驾照,他感到如释重负。 (load) 5. 老实说,尽管阴雨绵绵,所有参加艺术节的同学无不为周到的安排、精彩的表演 所深深打动。 (impress) II. Writing: 现在很多中学生利用节假日深入到社区参加社会实践。有人认为这是浪费时间,而 有人则认为这是个很好的锻炼机会。请结合你的亲身经历谈谈你的看法和体会。




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