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精 剖

Module 3 Body Language and Non-verbal


重 点


词 汇

Section Ⅱ Introduction & Reading and

业 分 层

巧 突

Vocabulary—Language Points


communicate vi.(用语言、信号等)传达信息;交流 (教材 P22)Although these are very important,we communicate with more than just spoken and written words. 尽管这些很重要,但我们并不只是通过口头和书面语言交流。 ①Parents and children should communicate to increase understanding each other. 家长和孩子应该交流以增加相互间的理解。

(1)communicate with sb. communicate sth.to sb. (2)communication n.

和某人进行交流 把……传递给某人 通信;交流

②They often communicate __w__i_th_ us by telephone. 他们经常通过电话与我们交流。 ③He asked me to communicate his wishes __to_ you. 他请我向你转达他对你的祝愿。 ④The lack of _c__o_m__m__u_n_i_c_a_t_i_on(communicate)between parents and children leads to the generation gap. 父母和孩子之间缺乏交流会导致代沟。

vary vi.变化 vt.改变 (教材 P22)...yet there is also “learned” body language,which varies from culture to culture. ……但也有“习得的”身势语,习得的身势语在不同的文化中各不相同。 ①Teachers should vary their lessons to make them more interesting. 为了增加趣味,教师应该使自己的课多样化。

(1)vary in...


vary from...


vary from...to...


(2)variety n.


a variety of/ varieties of 各种各样的

(3)various adj.


②The temperature in winter in this area varies __f_r_o_m__0 ℃_t_o_ 15 ℃. 这个地区冬天的气温在 0 度到 15 度之间变化。 ③They vary _i_n_ weight and height. 他们在体重和身高上不同。 ④When Christmas comes,cards of ___v_a_r_i_o_u_s(vary)shapes and sizes are sold in shops. 当圣诞节来临时,不同形状和大小的贺卡在商店里出售。
【导学号:98180013】 ⑤The store provides the customers with a great __v_a_r_i_e_t_y_ (vary)of goods every day. 这家商店每天为顾客提供各种各样的商品。

involve vt.包括;涉及 (教材 P22)Greetings in Asian countries do not involve touching the other person, but they always involve the hands. 亚洲人打招呼是不接触他人身体的,但经常会用到手。

(1)involve sb.in (doing)sth.使某人参与(干)某事,


involve doing sth.


(2)involved adj.



be / get involved in 被卷入;热衷于;专心于

be/get involved with 与……有关

①The school often involves the children in all kinds of after-school activities. 学校经常让孩子们参加各种各样的课外活动。 ②We each make decisions that involve __t_a_k_i_n_g__ (take)a chance. 我们每个人做出的决定包含碰运气的成分。 ③I ___w_a__s__in__v_o_l_v_e_d(involve)in the book that I didn't hear your knock. 我全神贯注地读书,没有听到你敲门。 ④__I_n_v_o__lv__ed(involve)in the car accident,the driver had no alternative but to stay and wait for the policeman. 由于出了车祸,司机只好停下来等警察来处理。

[名师点津] involved 作前置定语时,意为“复杂的”;作后置定语时,意为“涉及到 的”。 ⑤This is an involved project and all the people involved have been trained for it specially. 这是一个复杂的工程,所有涉及人员都受过专门的训练。

hold up 举起;阻挡;(使)停顿;支撑;延误 (教材 P22)One person then holds up his hand,palm outwards and five fingers spread. 然后一个人举起他的手,手掌向外,五指展开。
写出下列句中 hold up 的含义 ①It's reported that three men held up a jeweler's last night.________ ②This old tree is held up by a post.________ ③I missed meeting my boss at the airport because my car was held up in the traffic jam.________ ④She held up her arm and wiped her tears off.________ 【答案】 ①抢劫 ②支撑 ③延误 ④举起

hold back hold on hold on to hold out

阻止;抑制;隐瞒 坚持住;等一下(别挂断) 抓紧;保持;不放弃 伸出;维持;保持

⑤You shouldn't hold anything _b_a_c_k_from us;we want to know the whole story. 你不应有所隐瞒,我们要知道全部事实。 ⑥We can stay here for as long as our supplies hold __o_u_t__. 我们的供应品能维持多久,我们就能在这里待多久。

give away 泄露;赠送;分发(奖品) (教材 P22)People give away much more by their gestures than by their words. 人们通过姿势表达的意思要比通过话语表达得更多。
写出下列句中 give away 的含义 ①(2015·浙江高考)Body language can give away a lot about your mood,so standing with your arms folded can send out a signal that you are being defensive.________ ②He gave away most of his money to the homeless in the earthquake-stricken area.________ ③The headmaster gave away the prizes at the sports meeting.________ 【答案】 ①泄露 ②赠送 ③颁发

give in (to)


give back


give off


give out


give up


④He finally gave __u_p__the idea of going abroad.


⑤His strength gave __o_u__t_ after he ran that long distance.


Ⅰ.语境填词 1.We can ________ with people in every part of the world through the Internet.So in order to be well-informed,we should be in ________ with each other about what happens to us.( communicate) 2.There are a ________ of animals and plants in the world.They ________ in shape and size and exist in many parts of the world.But for ________ reasons,some of them are dying out.(vary)

3 . Walking on the street , I found an old man lying on the ground ________.When I was ________ that the old man was in danger,I called the emergency service.(conscious)
【答案】 1.communicate;communication 2.variety;vary;various 3.unconscious;conscious

Ⅱ.选词填空 on guard;give away;hold up;shake hands with sb.;make a deal 1.When we spend the Spring Festival happily every year,our soldiers are still ________ for our motherland. 2.We shake hands when we ________.It means,“We agree and we trust each other.” 3.—Have you got any good plans,Jack? —Let's go to the charity to ________ some money and old clothes.

4.When asked to make an apology,he ________ his head and said,“Apology? Why?”
5.They ________ each other and then sat down. 【答案】 1.on guard 2.make a deal 3.give away 4.held up 5.shook hands with

(教材 P22)Although these are very important,we communicate with_m__o__r_e__t_h_a__n__j_u_s_t___sp__o_k__e_n__a__n_d___w_r__it_t_e.n尽w管o这rd些s很重要, 但我们并不只是通过口头和书面语言交流。
【要点提炼】 本句“more than +名词”,意为“不止,不仅仅是”。

(1)more ...than ...
(2)no more than not more than

“与其说…… 倒不如说……” 仅仅 至多;不超过

①Both of us are more than classmates.We are also close friends. 我们俩不只是同学,我们还是密友。 ②Come to see me whenever you need help.I'll be __m__o_r_e__t_h_a_n_ pleased to help you. 你需要帮助可随时来找我。我很乐意帮助你。 ③I have known David for more than 20 years. 我认识戴维二十多年了。 ④Our English teacher is__m__o_r_e___a__f_r_ie_n__d__t_h_a_n___a__t_e【.ac导h学er号:98180014】 我们的英语老师与其说是一位老师倒不如说是一位朋友。

⑤Each team has __n__o__m__o_r_e__t_h_a_n8 members. 每个小组只有 8 个成员。 ⑥_N__o_t__m__o__re___t_h_an10 guests came to her birthday party. 来参加她的生日宴会的客人不超过十人。

(教材 P22)One person then holds up his hand,__p_a_l_m___o__u_t_w__a_r_d_s___a_n_d_ five ___f_i_n_g__e_r_s__s_p_r_e__a.d
然后一个人举起他的手,手掌向外,五指展开。 【要点提炼】 本句中两个独立主格结构 palm outwards 和 five fingers spread 作状语。独立主格结构主要起状语作用,相当于一个状语从句,多用来表 示行为、方式、伴随等情况,有时也可用来表示时间、原因、条件等情况。
独立主格常见的结构: ?1?名词/代词+现在分词/过去分词/动词不定式; ?2?名词/代词+形容词/副词/名词/介词短语。

①The meeting over,we all went home. 会议结束了,我们都回家了。 ②Two hundred people got together on the square,many of them children. 两百人聚集在广场上,其中有许多儿童。 ③He came out of the library,__b_o_o__k__i_n__h__a_n_d. 他手里拿着本书,走出了图书馆。 ④More time ___g_i_v_e_n__ (give),we should have done the job much better. 如果给我们更多的时间,我们应该就会把工作做得更好了。 ⑤An exam__t_o___b_e__h__e_ld(hold)tomorrow,I can't go to the cinema tonight. 明天有一场考试,我今晚不能去看电影了。

[名师点津] 聚焦“独立主格”的特点
①独立主格的主语与句子的主语不一致。 ②独立主格中若用分词时,要考虑动词与逻辑主语之间的关系。 ③独立主格结构前面加上 with 就变成了 with 复合结构。

完成句子 1.《中国日报》不仅仅是一种报纸,它还有助于提高我们的英语水平。 China Daily is ________ a newspaper.It helps to improve our English.
【导学号:98180015】 2. 不止一人提过这个建议。 ________ has made this suggestion. 3. 如果天气允许,我们明天去看你。 ________,we are going to visit you tomorrow. 【答案】 1.more than 2.More than one person 3.Weather permitting

We see examples of unconscious body language very often,yet there is also “learned” body language,which varies from culture to culture.
【分析】 We see examples of unconscious ...,和 yet there is also“learned”body language 为并列句;which varies from culture to culture 为非限制性定语从句,修饰 body language。
【翻译】 我__们___经__常___看__到___无__意___识___的__肢___体__语___言__的例子, 但___也__有___“__习___得__的___”__肢___体___语__言___,__在___不__同___的__文___化__中各不相同。

? 老师上课都有一定的思路,抓住老师的思路就能取得良好的学习效果。在上一小节中已经提及听课中要跟随老师的思路,这里再进一步论述听课时如何 抓住老师的思路。
? ① 根据课堂提问抓住老师的思路。老师在讲课过程中往往会提出一些问题,有的要求回答,有的则是自问自答。一般来说,老师在课堂上提出的问 题都是学习中的关键,若能抓住老师提出的问题深入思考,就可以抓住老师的思路。
? ② 根据自己预习时理解过的逻辑结构抓住老师的思路。老师讲课在多数情况下是根据教材本身的知识结构展开的,若把自己预习时所理解过的知识 逻辑结构与老师的讲解过程进行比较,便可以抓住老师的思路。
? ③ 根据老师的提示抓住老师的思路。老师在教学中经常有一些提示用语,如“请注意”、“我再重复一遍”、“这个问题的关键是····”等等,这些 用语往往体现了老师的思路。来自:学习方法网
? ④ 紧跟老师的推导过程抓住老师的思路。老师在课堂上讲解某一结论时,一般有一个推导过程,如数学问题的来龙去脉、物理概念的抽象归纳、语 文课的分析等。感悟和理解推导过程是一个投入思维、感悟方法的过程,这有助于理解记忆结论,也有助于提高分析问题和运用知识的能力。
? ⑤ 搁置问题抓住老师的思路。碰到自己还没有完全理解老师所讲内容的时候,最好是做个记号,姑且先把这个问题放在一边,继续听老师讲后面的 内容,以免顾此失彼。来自:学习方法网
? ⑥ 利用笔记抓住老师的思路。记笔记不仅有利于理解和记忆,而且有利于抓住老师的思路。










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