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120 分)

一、单项选择(20 分) 1.The ________ expression on her face suggested she was ________ when she heard the news. A. amazing;amazed B. amazed; amazing C. amazed; amazed D. amazing ; amazing 2.Americans eat vegetables per person today________as they did in 1910. A.more than twiceB.as twice as many C.twice as many D.more than twice as many 3.—It’s burning hot today,isn’t it? —Yes.________ yesterday. A.So was it B.So it was C.So it is D.So is it 4.They told me it would be cheap but________it cost me nearly $500. A. in a word B.at last C.in fact D.as a result 5.With some books badly needed________,she hurried to the bookstore. A.buying B.bought C.to buy D.buy 6.Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise._______ ,our minds are developed by learning. A.Probably B.Likely C.Similarly D.Generally 7.—Do you mind if I open the windows? —________ I feel a bit cold. A.Of course not. B.I’d rather you didn’t. C.Go ahead. D.Why not? 8.—How time flies !It’s already twelve o’clock. A.don’t realize B.didn’t realize —Oh,really?I ________ it at all. D.hadn’t realized C.haven’t realized

9.—Would you mind lending me a pen? —I’m very sorry,________I have none myself. A.and B.but C.so D.for 10.I was approaching ________ the garden when a dog ran out.A.to B.towardsC.for 11.In winter some rich people fly south to ________ cold weather in the north. A.get close to B.get away from C.get off D.get down to 12.The number of people invited ________ fifty ,but a number of them ________ absent for different reasons. A.were;was B.was ;was C.was ;were D.were;were 13.She wanted the man she was looking forward ________ stay with her. A.for to aged next week. A. joined; join in B. joined in; join C.joined; join D.joined in;join in 15.The cost of the hotel room doesn’t usually ________ the price of breakfast. A.hold village. B.contain A. C.share B, D.include whose C. of them D. with whom 16.Many children,______parents are away wroking in big cities ,are taken good care of in the their 17. Why not try your luck,Bob? That’s A. where B. what C. when _______the best jobs are . D whether B.to with C.to to D.with to 14.My sister _____ the League last month and she has decided to _____ the activity to help the D. /

18. I’d appreciate ______ if you can pass the books to me. A, that B. it C. / D.what 19.When we arrived at work in the morning and found the office ________into by someone during the night. A, broke B had broken C. had been broken D, has broken 20. To enjoy the_____, Tom climbed the top of the mountain . A . scene B. view C. scenery D sight. 二、完形填空(30 分)

One evening I was resting in a cafe. I 21 a pair of newly bought white leather shoes, which wererather expensive. Then a boy came to me. He was in a(n) 22 shirt, looking pale and about eleven. No sooner had I begun to speak than he opened the 23 i n his hand and took out the tools of shoe-polishing. He 24 down, took off my leather shoes, and began to shine them. He was busy doing his work 25 heavy rain began to pour down. People rushed to the caféfor 26 from the rain. More and more people crowded 27 and gradually separated the boy from me. Hours passed, and it turned 28 . I had no shoes on my feet and 29 where the boy had been. I thought he would not 30 my shoes, and I would have to go home on my bare feet.When it was near midnight the 31 ended, and there were fewer and fewer people in the café . The caféwas to be 32 . I had to move to the door, head 33. just as I went to the gate, I 34 found that a boy of about eleven, looking very familiar, was sleeping at the 35 with his head leaning against a box and his upper body being 36 . he held a package made of his shirt tightly in his arms. I shook him slightly and woke him up. He 37 up and rubbed his eyes for a while before her ecognized me. Then he opened the package 38, gave me my leather shoes, and apologized to me shyly. I 39 him and wrapped him with his unfit shirt, which had wrapped my leather shoes. On my way home, the 40 of the boy stayed in my mind. ( )21. A. took B. wore C. mended D. owned ( )22. A. old B. unfit C. small D. dirty ( )23. A. bag B. package C. box D. suitcase ( )24. A. seated B. bent C. put D. looked ( )25. A. when B. after C. because D. since ( )26A. protection B. rest C. hide D. preparation 27A. out B. away C. in D. off 28A. dark B. light C. dim D. bright 29A. thought B. wondered C. guessed D. imagined 30A. shine B. keep C. return D. carry 31A. rain B. coffee C. time D. work 32A. opened B. locked C. stopped D. closed 33A. lowered B. dropped C. raised D. held 34A. shortly B. surprisedly C. sadly D. immediately 35A. table B. door C. bed D. cafe 36A. wet B. bare C. pale D. cold 37A. stayed B. sa C. jumped D. got 38A. finally B. suddenly C. unfriendly D. hurriedly 39A. recognized B. forgave C. paid D. inspired 40 A. feature B. shirt C. image D. form 三、 阅读理解(40 分) (A ) Once there was a poor farmer and his farm belonged to( 属于) a rich man. One day he brought a basket of apples to the rich man’s house. On the doorsteps, he met two monkeys dressed like children. They jumped onto the basket to eat the apples and threw some on the ground. The farmer politely took off his hat and asked the monkeys to get off. They obeyed( 服从) and the farmer went into the house. He asked to see the rich man. A servant took him to the room where the rich man was sitting. "I have brought you the basket of apples you asked for," he said. "But why have you brought a half-empty basket?" the rich man asked. "I met your children outside, and they stole( 偷) some of the apples."

41Why did the farmer bring apples to the rich man? Because A. he was poor B. he liked the rich man C. his farm belonged to the rich man D. the rich man’s children liked apples 42What did the monkeys do when the farmer was on the doorsteps? A. They jumped and jumped. B. They played. C. They ran away. D. They ate some of the apples. 43The monkeys left the basket because A. they had thrown apples on the ground B. the farmer had politely asked them to get off C. they were afraid of the hatD. the farmer wa s angry wit h them 44How did the rich man feel when he saw the basket? He felt A. pleased B. unhappy C. excited D. moved ( B ) Everyone would like to be a millionaire , a person with a lot of money, but c an you imagine having over $30 million and only being 20 years old? Britney Spears from Kentwood, a small town in Louis iana, is only 20 years old. She is a world famous film star with not only $30 million but also a $2 million house in LA. At her young age, she can look after her family financially ( 经 济上) all her life. This year is a big year for Britney. She is now on a 31-day tour of the US and every concert is a sell-out. That means she plays in front of a crowd of around 18,000 people every time. It’s a tiring schedule but brings her a lot. When touring, she goes to bed around 1 a.m. and then has a lie-in until 1 p.m. the next day. Her philosophy ( 人生观) is to take care of the body and relax but always make sure you work hard and have fun. Spears is not pleased with only touring and selling nearly 40 million records so she decided to step into the movie business and try a bit of acting. She made an appearance in “Austin Power 3” this year and she is filming a teenage light play that will come out in March 2003. In this movie, she has a starring role. For Britney, acting is another way to express herself and she is enthusiastic ( 热心的) about it all. If her movies are successful, her money in the bank is sure to grow by another few million dollars but she does it for the love, not the money, as she herself tells the reporters . 45 We can infer ( 推断) from the text that most millionaires are __________. A. older than 20 B. around 20 C. in their 30s D. in their 40s 46The underlined word “you” in the first paragraph refers to __________. A. a person in general B. a special person C. Britney Spears D. a person interested in money 47Which of the following is not true according to the text? A. Though young, Britney can support her family now. B. While touring, Britney sleeps about 12 hours a day. C. The teenage comedy movie was based on Britney’s own story. D. Britney will be even richer with her movies successful. 48According to Britney Spears, she works __________. A. to be a great actress B. for the enjoyment C. for money D. to be more famous C “BANG!” the door caused a reverberation ( 回声). It was just standing there, with father standing on one side, and I on the other side. We were both in great anger. “Never set foot in this house again!” stormed father. With tears welling up in my eyes, I rushed out of the flat and ran along the street. The street lights were shining, causing rather sad-feeling. I wandered aimlessly. A young father who held a child in his arms walked past me. I felt as if I saw my childhood from another space: happy and carefree.

But now … I don’t know whether it is because I have grown up or because dad is getting old. We differ in our ways of thinking. He always put his opinions and codes of behavior on me. Whenever I do something wrong, he never admits it. We are just like two people coming from two different worlds. It feels like there is an iron door between us that can never be opened. I wandered the streets, without a destination in mind. My heart was frozen on this hot summer night. As I walked on there were fewer and fewer people on th e streets, until I had only the street lights to keep me company. When I finally reached the high-rise apartment block in which I lived ,I saw that the light was still on. I thought to myself: “Is father waiting for me, or is he still angry with me?” In fac t, it was nothing. Perhaps, dad was throwing away some of his old stamps. Perhaps he thought they were useles s. I never had the courage to tell him that I liked collecting stamps. I can’t stand his outrageous( 蛮横的)words: “I can’t throw you away, let alone these old papers?” All the lights were off except father’s. Dad was always like this. Maybe he didn’t know how to express himself. After shouting at me, he never showed any mercy or any moments of regret. After an argument he has the habit of creeping up in my sleep and then tucking me underneath the covers. This was how he always was . He has been a leader for so long that telling everyone else what to do has become his second nature. The light was still on. “Am I wrong?” I whispered, maybe… With the key in hand, I was as nervous as I had ever been. At last, I decided to open the door. As soon as I opened the door tears ran down my cheeks. I suddenly realized that the iron door that I had imagined between us did not exist at all. Love—it second to none. 49Decide which is the best order of the following according to what happened in the passage. a. I opened the door and entered the house. b. Sadly I ran out into the street. c. I reached the place where I lived and saw my house still brightly lit. d. I thought of my father’s kindness towards me. e. I walked about in the street without any aim. A. b, e, d, c, a B. b, e, c, d, a C. b, e, a, c, d D. b, e, c, a, d 50What made the writer think of his childhood ? A. The sight of the street lights. B. The sight of the empty street. C. The sight of a father with a child in his arms. D. The sight of light in his own house. 51Why do you think the father often shouts at his son? A. perhaps the father is getting older and older. B. perhaps the son has already grown up. C. perhaps they never agree with each other. D. perhaps the father has got used to doing that. 52What conclusion can you come to after reading the passage? A. The father treats his son in an unfair way. B. The father is actually kind to his son. C. The father is neither kind nor cruel to his son. D. The father is always finding fault with his son. D Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1904. He was famous because of the books he wrote for children. They combine funny words, pictures, and social opinion. Dr Seuss wrote his first book for children in 1937. It is called And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street. A number of publishers refused to publish it. They said it was too different. A friend finally published it. Soon other successful books followed. Over the years, he wrote more than forty children’s books. They were fun to read. Yet his books sometimes dealt with serious subjects. By the middle 1940s, Dr Seuss had become one of the best-loved and most successful writers of children’s books. He had a strong desire to help children. In 1954, Life magazine published a report about school children who could not read. The report said many children’s books weren’t interesting. Dr Seuss decided to write books that were interesting and easy to read.

In 1957, Dr Seuss wrote The Cat in the Hat. He used less than 225 words to write the book. This was about the number of words a six-year-old should be able to read. The story is about a cat who tries to entertain two children on a rainy day while their mother is away from home. The cat is not like normal cats. It talks. The book was an immediate success. It was an interesting story and was easy to read. Children loved it. Their parents loved it, too. Today many adults say it is still one of the stories they like best. 53What’s the best title for this passage? A. Some of Dr Seuss’ books for children. B. What are Dr Seuss’s books mainly about? C. Dr Seuss — a famous writer of children’s books.D. Why are Dr Seuss’ books different? 54What do we know about Dr Seus s’s first book for children? A. It was Dr Seuss’ worst book. B. It dealt with a very serious subject. C. Neither children nor adults like it. D. Many publishers didn’t take it seriously at first. 55How did Dr Seuss help children according to Paragraph 3? A. By asking others to help them in magazines. B. By writing interesting and simple books. C. By changing his old books into simpler ones.D. By giving them books for free. 56Adults most probably think that Dr Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is _________ A. interesting B. serious C. difficult D. boring E I have a neighbor we call “Happy”. I have never seen her angry at anything and never heard her say a harsh ( 苛刻) word to anyone or about anyone. Happy and her husband Ben, 70, have a huge garden. They spent many happy hours together working on it. Most of the neighbors watched interestingly as Ben doubled the size of their garden. As the cost of food climbed fast er than Ben’s beans, we all wished we also had such a large garden. As the rest of us spent our dollars at the market, Happy could be seen picking beans in her back yard. Last month, Happy and Ben invited most of the neighborhood over for an “all-day food fest”. We were told to bring gloves and arrive very early in the morning. We didn’t know what was about to take place. By 9:00 am, there were nine of us in the garden picking tomatoes, beans, okra, and squash. By 10:00 am, there was lots of laughter. We s hared a lot of stories. By five o’clock, everyone was a little drunk from the wine and beer. After dinner, we played games. As we were leaving, Happy and Ben handed each of us a shopping bag filled with the bounty (收成)of the day, already packaged and frozen. What a delightful gift! Well, the point wasn’t so much about the food. The true gift was a day of friends enjoying one another’s company. None of it would have happened if it had been for Happy and Ben’s garden. Now they have a blog about gardening in case we decided to plant a garden. And I am so proud of my tomato plants! 57We can infer that Happy and her husband Ben_______. A. don’t like spending time with others B. sometimes quarrel with each other C. live on the food they grow in their garden D. are a generous and warm-hearted couple 58According to paragraph 2, people wish they also had a garden so that_______. A. they didn’t have to spend so much money on food B. they could grow vegetables and sell at the market C. they could invite their neighbors and hold parties in it D. they could spend happy times together with their family in it 59For what purpose did Happy and Ben invite the neighbors to their garden? A. To ask them to attend a birthday partyB. To help them get to know each other. C. To let them enjoy what they grew in the garden. D. To ask them to share some interesting stories.

60What did the writer most probably think of the time he sp ent in the garden? A. It was too long B. It was wonderful. C. It was not as good as he thought. D. It was too terrible. 四、短文改错( 10 分) Dear Brown, Last summer I take a parttime job in the International Camp for children.I have been told one more worker will be needed in this year and I think you are fit to it.How about join us ? The camp is at the foot of a small hill close to a river.It is so a beautiful place! We can hear birds singing happy all around.Everybody sleeps in tents , that is very exciting.We usually work only five hours a day, so we will have plenty of spare time visit the area and have a fun.I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.If you have interests in it, reply to me soon. 五、书面表达(20 分)假设你是李华,你的英国笔友 Henry 最近来信,询问你高

考后的暑期安排。请你根据以下要点, 用英语回一封信, 说明你的计划, 并简述 理由。 1. 休息; 2. 读书; 3. 陪伴父母; 4. 参加社会活动; 注意:1. 词数 100 左右,信的开头和结尾已为你写好(不计入总词数);2. 可根 据内容要点适当增加细节,使行文连贯;3. 参考词汇:高考——college entrance examination / 社会活动——social activities Dear Henry, I’m glad to receive your letter. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________

Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua



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