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C:Good morning,Wang Ji. I wanna discuss the corporate culture with you. W:OK,what kind of company do you want discuss? C:How about google?It is a hugely successful company. W:Yes, I agree with you. I have a question to ask before we discuss the google.What is the corporate culture like? C:In my opinion, corporate culture used to define the unique personality or character of a particular company or organization W:What is the corporate culture contain? C:It contains core values , beliefs, corporate ethics, and rules of behavior. W:Oh, I see. According to these concept,we can conclude the google’s corporate culture C:Yes,do you think what types of organizational culture does the company have? W:It includes three types organizational culture,the surface culture is corporate environment mantle culture is liberate stuff’s personality and being kind to employees C:In fact,the most important culture—core culture is the correct values and morals W:What are strengths and weaknesses that can be identified in the corporate culture?

C:The strength is it drives innovation and creativity throughout the organization, the weaknesses is maybe there are some disputes in their team work. W:What changes should be made to the corporate culture so that the company’s performance can be further improved? C:Setting up the proper and distinctive culture , Cultivate entrepreneurs and improve their own culture constantly.

W:I agree. I learned a lot of things from this discussion. C:Thank you for you coming.



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