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2012 年下半年牛津版学英语报湖南高三版完型填空、阅读理解、阅读填空练习 2013 届长沙云麓长桥高考补习学校第十四次周训英语试题 夏星频 Michael Star

Section B (18 marks) Dad was a loyal, hardworking member of Parliament (议会) for over 20 years but he never reached the higher positions of political office. He didn’t seem to want that. What he 36 most in his life was to be close to his family. At 37 school I was chosen for the under nines’ rugby team. Well, to be more accurate, I was chosen to be the linesman, a kind of assistant referee and water boy, because I wasn’t good enough for the actual team. It was a bitterly cold winter’s day, and there were no 38 , which was uncommon. Normally at least a few boys or teachers would 39 to cheer the school matches. On this 40 day the sidelines were deserted, except for one lone figure: my dad, standing in the freezing rain and waving a silly flag. I hadn’t even made the team but he still came here to 41 me run up and down. It was my big moment when the halftime whistle blew — I ran to the pitch with a plate of oranges in my hands for the team. Lives are made in such 42 . Dad had great 43 and on holidays he could turn a hike into something bigger. We would 44 that the enemy held the high ground on top of a 150-foot cliff. We had to climb 45 and seize the fire position at the summit. In reality this was very difficult, but what a great way to 46 a day when you are aged eight. Dad was always hopeless at sports, yet he did well. That was good enough for me. I never minded risking 47 because I was never punished for failings. 36. A. desired B. regretted C. remembered D. believed 37. A. primary B. middle C. high D. senior 38. A. directors B. parents C. audiences D. visitors 39. A. give up B. give out C. come up D. come out 40. A. sunny B. rainy C. cloudy D. snowy 41. A. notice B. follow C. help D. watch 42. A. minutes B. moments C. seconds D. hours 43. A. satisfaction B. caution C. imagination D. intention 44. A. pretend B. complain C. consider D. realize 45. A. patiently B. silently C. bitterly D. accurately 46. A. cost B. waste C. take D. spend 47. A. success B. future C. failure D. health Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. What can the kids play with? Well, 48 you have a computer and an Internet connection there is a strong possibility for visiting many websites, and it is possible to find games that kids might sink their teeth 49 . There are many websites 50 are created just for kids who are just beginning to learn 51 interesting learning can be. On these sites 52 can find various games for children of different ages, such as brain twisters, adventure games, puzzles and many 53 games. Your child will be challenged while playing these games and he or she will find it easier to learn.

15-20 minutes 54 day may help improve your child’s educational standards over time. These kinds of games are helpful in developing positive and creative thinking in 55 minds. A Part IV Writing (45 marks)

Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Critical thinking is a learned skill in which the critical thinker is able to analyze, apply and evaluate information and use that information to solve a problem, find an answer, or come to a conclusion. It has been described as “reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do”. These kids with critical thinking can look at things in more than just one way and they are able to analyze information more critically. To develop your children’s critical thinking skills, you can have them read a book and then have them write a book review in which they state what they like or dislike and why. The “why” is the most important aspect, because it causes your children to think more critically about their views. In addition, you can assign your children a controversial (具争议性的) research paper. Have your children write why they’re for it, and then have them write another paper to argue why they’re against it. Once both of their papers are done, help your children to improve the — provide constructive criticisms and acknowledge the positives as well. Having your children analyze an important piece of art is also a good idea. Ask your children questions about it. Was the painting effective in presenting the desired point of view? Why or why not? Ensure that your children read the caption that goes along with the art piece or any other relevant information to gain a better understanding of the artist and his or her work. The purpose behind it is to get your children to interpret an image in a critical and new way. Title Definition of critical thinking (73)____ of critical thinking Developing your children’s (71)____ Critical thinking is a (72)____ skill described as “reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do”. ●Enabling kids to look at things in (74)____ ●Helping kids analyze information on a more critical basis Analyzing a book ●Having your children write a (75)____ ●Requiring your children to give a statement on their likes and (76)___ about the book ●Having your children write two papers to argue for and then against a controversial topic ●Helping improve your children’s two papers by (78)_____ and admitting the positives ●Using (79)_____ to cause your children to think critically about the art piece ●Getting your children to interpret an image in a (80)____ way


Reading controversial (77)____

Analyzing important pieces of art


Section B 36-40 AACDB 41-45 DBCAB 46-47 DC 作者通过两项体育活动,回忆了对不擅长体育的父亲的亲情。 36. A。根据上一句 He didn’t seem to want that 可知,此处表示的意义与 want 一致。 37. A。根据空后的 the under-9 rugby team 可知是小学。 38. C。根据下一句 Normally at least a few boys or teachers would 39 to cheer the school matches 可知,这场比赛没有观众。 39. D。根据本句可知:通常,至少会有些男生和老师为学校的比赛加油喝彩。他们来的话, 当然是“出来”。其他三项和题目不符。 40. B。根据本句 standing in the freezing rain 可知答案。 41. D。虽然我没被选进橄榄球队,只是一名巡边员,父亲仍旧来“观看”我的比赛。 42. B。注意上文中的 It was my big moment,这句话是对上文的承接。 43. C。根据空后“把远足变成一件了不起的事”,再根据下文,父亲是把远足想象成占领 敌人的山顶火力点,可见这需要丰富的想象。 44. A。根据上题。既然是“想象”,就只能“假装”。 45. B。根据常识,偷袭敌人的火力点应该是“悄悄地”。 46. D。表示“度过”一天。 47. C。根据空后 failings 可知。 Section C 48. if。考查连词。引导条件状语从句。 49. into。考查介词。sink one’s teeth into“全神贯注于” ,为固定短语。 50. which/that。考查关系代词。which/that 引导定语从句,并在从句中作主语。 51. how。考查副词。how 表程度。 52. you。考查人称代词。you 在句子中作主语,根据 48 空后获得提示。 53. other。考查形容词。other 意为“其他的” 、 “另外的” 。 54. a/per/each/every。表示“每天 15-20 分钟” 。 55. their。考查物主代词。their 表示 kids’。 71. critical thinking skills 整合信息题。全文主旨是关于“批判性思维技能的培养” 。 72. learned 直接信息题。第一段第一句。 73. Benefits 整合信息题。根据右栏内容可判断填空。 74. different/many ways 同义转化题。第一段最后一句。 75. book review 直接信息题。第二段第一句。 76. dislikes 词形转化题。第二段第一句。 77. research papers 同义转化题。第三段第一句。 78. providing constructive criticisms 词形转化题。第三段最后一句。 79. questions 直接信息题。最后一段第二句。 80. critical and new 直接信息题。最后一段最后一句。




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