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Unit4 Food

学案七年级英语 NO.

Unit4 Food Checkout
备课时间: 2008-12-11 上课时间: __________ 主备: 审核: 英语组 姓名: _________ 班级: _____

【点拨·导学】 一. 学习目标; 1.掌握本单元教授的语法和词汇 二. 学习重难点: 1.正确使用频率副词. 2.如何使用量词修饰不可数名词. 【探究·研讨】
1. 2.


讨论扩展有关事物和生活方式的句子,提高自己的听说读写能 【测试·反馈】
一. 根据汉语提示写单词。(2*10=20) 1. I get tired when I dance. I need a lot of energy (跳舞). It is (重要的) for a dance to be healthy. 2. Jim (改变) his diet and lifestyle. He is (更健康) now. 3. The girls like (吃) fruit, but the boys like (蔬菜). 4. Millie seldom (步行)to school and Daniel sometimes (去)to school by bike.. 5. Mary’s father (喝) some milk for breakfast, and her mother looks forwards to (喝) a cup of tea. 二. 选词填空:(3*10=30) have a hamburger, walk to school, chat with, get… from, need to buy, have good health, do sports activities, look healthy food, live in water, take…to do. 1. Amy is hungry, she wants to . 2. My brother every day. So he is very strong. 3. We can energy sweet snacks. 4. My school is near my house. I always . 5. Sandy likes her friends on the internet. 6. A kind of animal called fish. 7. It me half an hour my homework. 8. Jim’s father is 40 years old, but he . 9. Grand parents will come for dinner. We some vegetables. 10. My family wants to be healthier, my mother often . We like it very much. 三. 选择题(2*10=20) ( )1. -does Daniel swim? --Twice a week. A. How long B. How many C. How much D. How often ( )2. Would you like ? A.some breads B. some bread C. any breads D. a bread ( )3. What do you usually have breakfast? --Some fruit and a glass of milk.

学案七年级英语 NO.

A. at B. during C. for D. to ( )4. How many can you see in the kitchen? A. bottles of oranges B. bottles of orange C. bottle of oranges D. bottle of orange ( )5. Thank you very much for us the good news A. tell B. telling C. to tell D. tells ( )6. Daniel likes hamburgers doesn’t eat much. A. and B. so C. or D. but ( )7. There is “u” and “s” in the word “useful”. A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an D. a, a ( )8. I don’t like carrots, so I eat them A. usually B. always C. every day D. seldom ( )9. I want to buy . A. a kilo of meats C. two kilo of meat B. two kilos of meats D. two kilos of meat ( )10. It takes him one hour . A. cook B. cooking C. to cook D. cooks 完型填空(30 %) ___1__ and fish ___2___healthy food. __3____ and rice are also healthy food. Fruit and vegetables are healthy food, __4___ hamburgers and candy are ___5___food. Milk, water and juice are healthy ___6___, but my favourite drink is Coke. It isn’t __7__healthy drink. So to be( 为了) healthy, __8___ vegetables, fruit, rice, noodles, fish and meat. but __10__drink too much Coke. 1.A. Meats 2.A. are 3.A. Noodle 4.A. and 5.A. healthy 6.A. drinks 7.A. \ 8.A. drink 9.A. Coke 10.A. no B. Meat B. is B. Noodles B. or B. unhealthy B. drink B. an B. eat B. meat B. too C. Meet C. be D .meat D. have D. noodle D. with D. unhealth D .food D. some D. tea D. juices D. do some

Drink some water,__9__ and milk,

C. noodles C .but C. health C. foot C. a C. drinking C. juice C. don’t


学案七年级英语 NO.

( )11. I don’t like vegetables but they all it. A. good for B. good to C. bad for ( )12. Let’s teachers when we grow up. A. to be B. be C. are ( )13. Is there any in it. --No, there isn’t. A. photos B. potatoes C. water

D. bad to D. is

D. glasses of milk

( )14. –You never have coffee. , because I don’t think it’s good for our health. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I am. D. No, I am not.

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