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21. Whoever spits in public in Beijing will be fined up to 50 yuan in

effort to improve

citizens? behavior ahead of Olympics. A. the; the B. the; 不填 C. 不填; the D. an; the 22. ---Anything wrong? ---There was no objection on the part of ________ present. A. this B. those C. these D. who 23. --- It is weeks since he ________ ill. --- So it is. We?d better ask someone else to help us. A. fell B. was C. is D. has been 24. There is no of owning a car we have so good a public transport system. A. point; when B. point; although C. need; when D. need; although 25. He _______ work out in his spare time to keep fit, _______ he? A. need; needn?t B. needs to; doesn?t C. needs; doesn?t D. need; don?t 26. —What?s going on between you and Mike? —We had a fight. I thought of him as my trustworthy friend _____, to my shock, he gave me away. A. unless B. since C. for D. until 27. That was indeed a silly trap, but why were so many so-called smartest _______? A. taken on B. taken in C. taken off D. taken out 28. _______ his apologies for doing wrong to me, I later walked straight to him and beat him on the nose. A. Having not got B. Not to get C. Not having got D. Unable to have got 29. The government is now planning to locate a new school _______ low-income families are living. A. which B. in which C. where D. around which 30. ---I?ll thank you my affairs _______. ---I will. It?s none of my business. A. for leaving; out B. to leave; alone C. for leaving; alone D. to leave; out 31. In Britain today women 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work. A. hold up B. build up C. account for D. consist of 32. Every week we go to the theatre! Not once since we arrived here _______to the movies! A. we have gone B. we have been C. have we gone D. have we been 33. ---Did Jack take the doctor?s advice that he ________ in bed for a couple of days. --- If only he ________. A. lies; does B. lie; had C. must lie; would D. lay; did 34. --- Do you really mean to prepare your exam one year in advance? --- Sure. Anyway, _________. A. a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush. B. a fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. C. a good beginning is half done. D. the early bird catches the worm. 35. The boy wanted _______ at that time for he had problems _______ himself.

A. looking after; taking care of C. to be looked after; taken care of

B. being looked after; to take care of D. to look after; in taking care of

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Someone said that encouragement is simply reminding a person of the “shoulders” he?s standing on, the heritage he?s been given. That?s what happened 36 a young man, the son of a(n) 37 baseball player, was chosen by one of the minor league teams. Hard as he tried, his first season was 38 , and by midseason he expected to be removed 39 day. The coaches were 40 by his failure because he possessed all the characteristics of a superb athlete, but he seemed to have become 41 from his potential. His 42 seemed darkest one day when he had already struck out his first time at bat. Then he stepped up to the batter?s box again and quickly ran up two strikes. The catcher called a 43 and ran for a conference to discuss strategies. While they were busy, the 44 , standing behind him, spoke casually to the boy. Then play 45 , the next pitch was thrown and the young man knocked it out of the park. That was the turning 46 . From then on, he played the game with a new confidence and power that quickly 47 the attention of the parent team, and he was called 48 to the majors. On the day he was leaving for the city, one of his coaches asked him what had caused such a turnaround. The young man replied it was the 49 remark the judge had 50 that day when his baseball career had seemed 51 . “He told me I reminded him of all the times he had stood 52 my dad in the batter?s box,” the boy explained. “He said I was holding the bat just the way Dad had held it. 53 he told me, ?I can see his genes in you; you have your father?s 54 .? After that, whenever I swung the bat, I just 55 I was using Dad?s arms instead of my own.” 36. A. as B. since C. while D. when 37. A. star B. average C. amateur D. old 38. A. embarrassing B. disappointing C. satisfying D. rewarding 39. A. some B. a C. one D. any 40. A. amazed B. impressed C. puzzled D. ashamed 41. A. separated B. different C. inconsistent D. divided 42. A. hope B. future C. dream D. ambition 43. A. break B. rest C. pause D. stop 44. A. catcher B. coach C. batter D. judge 45. A. began B. lasted C. restarted D. moved 46. A. part B. point C. place D. spot 47. A. drew B. fixed C. focused D. took 48. A. in B. for C. up D. out 49. A. encouraging B. casual C. demanding D. wise 50. A. said B. made C. given D. pointed 51. A. hopeless B. useless C. endless D. helpless 52. A. on the right B. on the left C. before D. behind 53. A. And B. So C. Thus D. Therefore 54. A. strength B. arms C. body D. talent 55. A. supposed B. pretended C. imagined D. expected

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该 项涂黑。 A A baby can quickly damage a new mother?s well-laid plans for getting back to pre-pregnancy weight and shape. The constant demands, together with the exhausting effects of interrupted sleep, can make it hard to find the time and energy to exercise or prepare healthy meals. Here are some tips for common problems new moms face: Problem: No time to cook proper meals. When you?re caring for a baby, cooking proper meals seems like a luxury. Instead you rely on convenience meals and processed foods. Solution: Try to get more support. Friends, family members, and neighbors are often delighted to help, so don?t feel you have to do everything yourself. Use the extra time to prepare some healthy meals. Follow the basic rules of cutting down on fat and increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Problem: Sugary or high-fat snacks. Tiredness can leave you feeling sleepy, run-down, and in need of an immediate help from sweets and high-fat snacks. Solution: Turn snacking to your advantage. Eat high-fiber, low-fat, low-sugar snacks; these will fill you up without adding too many calories. For an energy boost, eat a banana, which is high in potassium -- a mineral essential for muscle and nerve function -- or try a handful of raisins, which are high in iron but low in fat. Problem: No time or energy to exercise. A baby is a constant demand on your time, so you?re too tired or busy to exercise. Solution: Increasing activity levels will help you obtain a net calorie loss, while toning exercises will tighten your muscles. Though you may feel too tired to do any exercise, it is worth persevering because in the long run your energy levels will increase. Involve your baby in your postnatal(产后) exercises; start by walking with the child in a carriage or sling. Swimming is another aerobic exercise that you can both enjoy by joining a mother and baby class. Many pools have childcare facilities, so you can swim a few laps on your own. Problem: Lack of sleep. The new baby interrupts your sleep, depleting your energy and leaving you tense and exhausted. Solution: Practice some relaxation techniques whenever you have a few free moments. Meditation, visualization, or yoga can help your body recover and give you more energy. 56. What?s the subject of the text? A. The influence of babies on their mother B. Weight-loss solutions for new moms C. The reasons of new moms? fatness D. How to exercise and prepare healthy meals 57. What?s the common problem that new moms don?t face? A. Living on convenience meals and processed foods. B. Having sweets to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness quickly. C. That new moms find it hard to have time and energy to exercise. D. Sleeping too long can make them fat. 58. The underlined word “depleting” in the passage means ________. A. consuming B. disturbing C. accumulating D. saving 59. Which of the following is true?

A. It?s impossible to do any exercise with your baby. B. You can?t swim alone in the pool with a baby. C. Meditation or yoga can make you refreshed. D. Low-fat and high- fiber snacks will add you too many calories. B The day after Thanksgiving is considered the first day of the holiday shopping season in the United States. It even has a name — “Black Friday.” The name comes from the idea that this is the day when store owners begin to show a profit for the year. In the past, before calculators and computers, workers recorded the profits and losses of American businesses in special books. They used red ink to record losses. They used black ink to record profits. They used the term “in the red” to mean losing money. “In the black” meant making a profit. So “Black Friday” was the day when the store owners moved from being “in the red” to “in the black.” Many people consider “Black Friday” to be the busiest shopping day of the year. But that is probably false. Researchers say it may be the day when the largest number of people go to stores. But it is not necessarily the day when shoppers spend the largest amount of money. Some experts say Americans just want to get out of the house the day after Thanksgiving. And many stores reduce some of their prices on “Black Friday.” However, experts say that many people wait until much closer to Christmas, December 25, hoping to find even lower prices. They say the busiest day of the year in terms of the amount of shoppers and sales is usually the Saturday before Christmas. A marketing services company carried out a public opinion study about shopping last month. It asked almost one thousand Americans about their gift buying plans. One-third said they plan to go to stores to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. The study found that these shoppers are mainly young people, probably because older people do not want to deal with huge crowds. In fact, business leaders say many older Americans are doing their shopping at home -- on the computer. They say the day most people shop online is the Monday after “Black Friday.” They even have a name for it -- “Cyber Monday.” 60. Which is the busiest shopping day of the year according to the text? A. Black Friday B. the day before Christmas C. the Saturday before Christmas D. Cyber Monday 61. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Businessmen prefer the term “in the red” to “in the black”. B. “Black Friday” means store owners begin to earn money. C. The largest amount of sales is made on “Black Friday”. D. The largest number of people go to stores on “Black Friday”. 62. Why don?t people spend money on “Black Friday”? A. They are not satisfied with the quality of the goods sold. B. Some shops secretly increase their prices on that day. C. Too many people in the store discourage their shopping desire. D. They are waiting for a more competitive price. 63. From the passage we can conclude that ________.

A. Stores failed to earn much money from older people on “Black Friday”. B. “Cyber Monday” has a larger amount of sales than “Black Friday”. C. All young people prefer going to stores on “Black Friday”. D. Older people like shopping on-line because of cheaper prices. C The Chinese government had arrested 774 people over the past two months as part of a nationwide action on the production and sale of bad-quality food, drugs and agricultural products. Government regulators plotted the arrests as a major step forward for food and drug safety, and said the suspects were locked up during nationwide inspections of thousands of restaurants, food and drug production facilities and wholesale food markets. Determined to stop producing and even exporting bad-quality goods, China promised earlier this year to improve its food and drug safety regulations and to close down illegal manufacturers and exporters. Last summer, the government even sentenced to death the former head of the nation?s food and drug administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, after he was accused of accepting bribes(贿赂)and failing to properly supervise food and drug companies, some of which had even sold fake drugs. But the government also acknowledged today that problems remain. In its announcement, it said that this month only 82 percent of the food tested in medium and large cities in China met food safety standards, and nearly 30 percent of the restaurants surveyed by regulators had failed food safety inspections. The announcement of the arrests, which was made over the weekend but was not posted on a government web site until today, offered few details about the nature and seriousness of the food and drug safety violations involved. The government said only that it had investigated 626 criminal cases. In fact, China acknowledged earlier this year that while it believes 99 percent of its food exports meet safety standards, only about 80 percent of the food sold domestically has passed inspections. The government also said this week that since July, inspectors working at Chinese ports have destroyed or recalled over 1,000 tons of fake products. China is also working with American and European regulators to cooperate on product safety and to put into place new methods to prevent harmful products. 64. Which of the following can be the best title of the passage? A. Arrests Made To Stop Fake Products B. Actions To Ensure Safe Products C. The Greatest Chinese Government D. Do Be Careful Of Fake Products 65. Which of the following is WRONG according to the passage? A. Safe food remains a problem despite measures taken. B. Almost all the food exports have passed inspections. C. How regulations were violated was announced clearly. D. China is taking new measures to prevent harmful products. 66. Why does the writer give the example of Zheng Xiaoyu in paragraph 4? A. To show Zheng Xiaoyu deserves the punishment. B. To show the government?s determination on safety of products.

C. To tell any regulation violation will not escape punishment. D. To warn people of the danger of using fake products. D What does it mean to say that we live in a world of persuasion? It means that we live among competing interests. Your roommate?s need to study for an exam may take priority(优先) over pizza. Your instructor may have good reasons not to change your grade. And the object of your romantic interest may, alas, have other choices. In such a world, persuasion is the art of getting others to give fair and favorable consideration to our point of view. When we persuade, we want to influence how others believe and behave. We may not always win---other points of view may be more persuasive, depending on the listener, the situation, and the merits(价值) of the case. But when we practice the art of persuasion, we try to ensure that our position receives the attention it deserves. Some people, however, object to the very idea of persuasion. They may regard it as an unwelcome intrusion(侵扰) into their lives or as a control or domination. In contrast, we believe that persuasion is unavoidable---to live is to persuade. Persuasion may be ethical(道德的) or unethical, selfless or selfish, inspiring or unpleasant. Persuaders may enlighten our minds or take advantage of our weakness. Ethical persuasion, however, calls on sound reasoning and is sensitive to the feelings and needs of listeners. Such persuasion can help us apply the wisdom of the past to the decisions we now must make. Therefore, an essential part of education is learning to resist the one kind of persuasion and to encourage and practice the other. Beyond its personal importance to us, persuasion is essential to society. The right to persuade and be persuaded is the foundation of the American political system, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution…… —Michael Osborn and Suzanne Osborn, Public Speaking, fifth edition, pp. 361-362 67. What is the main idea of this passage? A. We live among competing interests. B. When we persuade, we want to influence others. C. Persuasion is both good and bad, and it is all around us. D. Persuasion is essential to society and is built into our government. 68. Which of the following can be inferred in the passage? A. Persuasion is dangerous to the relationship. B. Persuasion is difficult to deal with. C. Persuasion is not always welcomed. D. Persuasion helps build a harmonious society. 69. The third paragraph intends to tell us that ________. A. to live is to persuade. B. we may not always win. C. we live among competing interests. D. persuasion can be ethical or unethical. 70. The author?s purpose in writing this passage is to________. A. tell an interesting story B. persuade the reader that a point of view is correct C. entertain the reader with many interesting examples D. appeal to the reader?s senses

第四部分 任务型阅读(共 10 题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每空格 1 个单词,不得用文章中的单词。 D. R. Gaul Middle School is in Union, Maine, a blueberry-farming town where the summer fair finds kids competing in pig scrambles and pie-eating contests. Gaul, with about 170 seventh- and eighth-graders, has its own history of lower level academic achievement. One likely reason: Education beyond the basic requirements hasn?t always been a top priority for families who?ve worked the same land for generations. Here, few adults have college degrees, and outsiders (teachers included) are often kept at a respectful distance. Since 2002, Gaul?s students have been divided into four classes, each of them taught almost every subject by two teachers. The goal: To find common threads across disciplines to help students create a big picture that gives fresh meaning and context to their classwork -- and sparks motivation for learning. Working within state guidelines, each team makes its individual schedules and lesson plans, incorporating non-textbook literature, hands-on lab work and field trips. If students are covering the Civil War in social studies, they?re reading The Red Badge of Courage or some other period literature in English class. In science, they study the viruses and bacteria that caused many deaths in the war. Team teaching isn?t unusual. About 77 percent of middle schools now employ some form of it, says John Lounsbury, consulting editor for the National Middle School Association. But most schools use four- or five-person teams, which Gaul tried before considering two-person teams more effective. Gaul supports the team concept by “looping” classes(跟班) so that the same two teachers stick with the same teens through seventh and eighth grades. Combining teams and looping creates an extremely strong bond between teacher and student. It also, says teacher Beth Ahlholm, “allows us to build an excellent relationship with parents.” Ahlholm and teammate Madelon Kelly are fully aware how many glazed looks they see in the classroom, but they know 72 percent of their eighth-graders met Maine?s reading standard last year -- double the statewide average. Only 31 percent met the math standard, still better than the state average (21 percent). Their students also beat the state average in writing and science. And in 2006, Gaul was one of 47 schools in the state to see testing gains of at least 20 percent in four of the previous five years, coinciding roughly with team teaching?s arrival. A Classroom With Context Being a farming town, it (1)_______ little in education before. Problems of the (2)_______ education is considered less important. school The community is relatively (3)_______ rather than open to the outsiders. The division of classes is made and students are well (4)_______. Ways of solving Individual schedules and lesson plans are (5)_______ by each team. A strong (6)_______ between teacher and student is established through the problems combining teams and looping. 72 percent of the eighth-graders (8)_______ Maine?s reading standard Signs of (9)_______ percent higher than the state average in maths (7)_______ the school beating the state average in writing and science four of the previous five years (10)_______ at least 20 percent test gains




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